Stone Benches

Wonderful in an area where the bench is going to sit for years and years, these weatherproof stone benches are lovely, and can be ordered in many custom options. Just remember, once they are put in place, they are really tough to move, because they are pretty heavy. Take a look through this collection and pick one out for your garden or home.

Best Products

Granite Garden Bench

Granite Garden Bench
Beautiful and simple, this garden bench is the true example of strength and durability with the amazing structure and the design that is an eye-catching accent to any setting. It will provide the extra seating to enjoy in your backyard.

Stone Garden Bench

Stone Garden Bench
Awaken your senses with this stone garden bench featuring sophisticated canthus design and a weather-resistant, faux French limestone finish. It is made of reinforced fiberglass resin to provide long-lasting durability.

Swan Stone Garden Bench

Swan Stone Garden Bench
Awaken your senses with this stone garden featuring sophisticated sturdy, acanthus-bedecked scroll feet, shell pediment top, paired arched winged swans and the graceful scroll work on the backrest. It looks like it came right from a fairytale.

Stone benches 32

Enchanting with its minimalistic design, this concrete bench is a good example of the contemporary style. Solid concrete blocks on each of the sides with an equally sturdy wooden seating provides safe and comfy sitting experience.

Stone benches 1

Made in stone benches is a beautiful composition that will perfectly work in the garden. The whole present itself phenomenally anywhere in the backyard, where it can serve as a common place for family gatherings.

Stone bench 4

Stone Bench

Fire pit benches 4

Set of furniture dedicated to your garden. It is composed of firepit made of stones, two armchairs and wooden, a corner bench with built-in flower-beds and lightening. This set is must-have during barbecue party in your garden.

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How to maintain a stone bench?

When considering maintenance for stone benches, you’ll just want to take a few common-sense precautions to ensure that your bench looks good for years to come. Stone is durable and weather-resistant, so maintenance should not be too much of an issue. However, you’ll want to avoid putting very hot objects directly on your stone, and a good cleaning with a non-abrasive cloth and non-acidic cleaner every now and then will keep your bench free of scum and mud.

How to fix a stone bench in its designated space?

To fix a stone bench in its designated space, first dig out holes for the bench’s pillars. Line the holes with gravel and cover the gravel with sand. The gravel and sand provide support and drainage so the bench will not list into the ground over time.

Next, carry the bench or its pieces to the designated location. Usually, stone benches will have three separate pieces-the top and two pillars. Whether a single unit or in separate pieces, a stone bench is heavy so you will need at least two people to carry each piece. Once on site, assemble and install the bench.

Make sure the pillars are well spaced to keep the top balanced. As long as the designated space is level and you have a solid base for the bench’s legs, you will not need any special tools for the installation.


See some great stone benches at the stonepost website

See some great stone benches at the Stonepost website

Stone benches 8

30 Impressive Patio Design Ideas.-- A less expensive idea - The benches can be made with concrete blocks and 2x4's. Then purchase cushions to go on top of them.

Stone benches

An amazing piece of outdoor furniture that will last you a lifetime. This garden bench comes with a sturdy seat crafted of weather-resistant hardwood, resting on a pair of extremely durable pedestals made of distressed cinder blocks.

Stone benches 31

Gabion Walls - What They Are And How To Use Them In Your Landscape

Natural stone bench

A hard-wearing bowlike fashionable garden bench and a round firepit built of size and shape-varied natural fieldstones in brownish and greyish tones. Both a bench seat and a firepit top edge are of smooth stone tiles.

Stone benches 7

The back needs to be a bit higher so you can lounge when you sitting for longer periods of time.

Stone benches 9

stone fire pit with stone bench | Sitting Benches . Benches provide a nice physical place to sit and ...

Bench back stone bench under japanese maple stone bench on

... bench back stone bench under japanese maple stone bench on boulders

Stone benches 17

Patio Fire Pit

Stone benches 2

Old Stone Bench

Stone benches 12

How to Build a Stone Garden Bench. Want to have this in my butterfly/hummingbird garden.

Stone benches 14

stone slab bench - small boulders - gravel - agaves - pepper tree - grasses

Stone bench 6

stone Bench

Stone benches 6

That's good proposition if you have a cinder blocks, which are not used no more. This stone cinder blocks with little mosaic on them will make a great bench to use outdoor. Very ecologic, very stylish.

Stone benches 11

Outdoor Decorative Seat Wall

Stone benches 2

Stone Benches

Granite bench 16 x60 for the second image

Granite Bench - 16"x60" for the second image.

Stone benches 29

In my country this's called taipa , a kind of wall con structed by indians circa 1700's and 18oo's

Stone benches 24

Dry stone bench

Stone benches 4

Minimalistic bench. R copper iris and stems of bark against white rendered walls looks just fantastic with its horizontal, slatted fence and trustone fellstyle light. Walls are made from grey riven stone. Decorated with truly green grass.

Stone benches pit1 png


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Stone benches 1

Stone Benches

Natural stone benches

This classic stone bench will be a marvelous addition to your patio. Choose the additions like cushions and seats and create a wonderful place to sit and rest. It's natural colors makes it perfect match to every style.

Natural stones 2

natural stones

Create a private getaway a bench shaded by a rose

Create a Private Getaway A bench shaded by a rose-covered pergola creates a fragrant destination on this hillside. A matching railing leads the way to the oasis and provides a more secure means to traverse the slope. A white lattice fence complements the

Stone bench 14

stone bench

Stone bench 12

stone bench

Stone benches granite benches pilatos artscape

Stone Benches | Granite Benches | Pilato's Artscape ...

Stone benches granite benches pilatos artscape 1

Stone Benches | Granite Benches | Pilato's Artscape ...

Provencal cast stone bench

Provencal Cast Stone Bench

Natural stone benches devine escapes

Natural Stone Benches - Devine Escapes

Stone benches granite benches pilatos artscape 2

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Japanese straight stone bench build a japanese garden uk

Japanese straight stone bench - Build a Japanese Garden UK

Personalised stone bench shark grey foras stone

Personalised Stone Bench - Shark Grey | Foras Stone

Pure modern single straight stone bench large garden benches

Pure Modern Single Straight Stone Bench - Large Garden Benches

Provencal curved cast stone bench

Provencal Curved Cast Stone Bench

3 legged contemporary stone bench grey green patina

3-Legged Contemporary Stone Bench – Grey-Green Patina

19th century english carved stone bench at 1stdibs

19th Century English Carved Stone Bench at 1stdibs

Stone benches granite benches pilatos artscape 3

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Custom made stone benches earthworks natural stone

Custom Made Stone Benches - Earthworks Natural Stone

Charcoal granite outdoor bench by stone age creations

Charcoal Granite Outdoor Bench by Stone Age Creations

Cast stone tables and benches artistic statuary

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