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If you love to fish and have your own dock at a lake house or near a pond, or even in the ocean, then you know having somewhere to sit is important. Dock benches give you somewhere to put your gear, and rest while waiting for that all important tug on the line. And sitting is the best way to properly load your line with hooks and weights. In many options, we have your dock bench waiting for you in this collection.

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Updated 10/02/2023
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Classic wooden pier bench

Classic wooden pier bench

Patriot Dock

Sturdy and solid, this bench for dock flaunts a high-quality cedar seat and backrest, supported by aluminum tubing for long-lasting use. It measures 4 feet long, offering ample room for two people to comfortably sit back and enjoy the view. 

Designer Advice:

You can never go wrong with a wooden dock bench when it comes to comfort and aesthetic appeal. As for durability, it all depends on the type of wood used. Cedar, in particular, is especially a great choice for humid climates since it’s naturally resistant to moisture, water, and other outdoor elements. Keep in mind, though, that wooden dock benches take longer to dry and require regular maintenance to prevent discoloration and fading. 

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Universal metal dock bench

Universal metal dock bench

Extreme Max

This dock bench is made entirely of anodized aluminum, featuring a textured seat and back along with a shiny silver finish that’s rust-resistant and completely maintenance-free. On top of that, it has an impressive weight capacity of 700 lbs when evenly distributed.

Designer Advice:

This metal bench is your go-to choice if you’re looking for a dock bench that doesn’t need much attention, aside from the occasional wiping. In addition, it is pretty versatile, considering that you can use it not only on your dock but also on your patio or in your backyard by the grill. If you do choose to use it solely as a dock bench, feel free to mount it to your dock frame for a more stable and secure installation. 

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Single dock bench seat

Single dock bench seat


Ideal for both decks and docks, this bench presents a compact silhouette crafted from resin in a sanded finish. Slats are included on the backrest, seat, and leg area for the rain to run through while giving the piece a laid-back look.

Designer Advice:

This bench is sold as an individual piece, which allows you to create your ideal bench size and shape. Besides, it’s fairly easy to assemble since the hardware needed (fasteners, hooks, and brackets) and easy-to-follow instructions are included in the pack. All you need to do is pick how many you need for your project and get to building.

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Dock Benches

Buying Guide

Dock benches have been given their name since they were traditionally installed and used around the docks and near bodies of water. However, you can use them for your garden, patio and many other outdoor areas. Here are some of the designs of dock benches that you will be able to buy for your space.

Wooden dock bench with storage underneath

This is a handy unit which will cost more than the simpler designs of dock bench but come with extra features. Since the seating piece can be lifted to reveal a large amount of storage space, it's almost like buying a separate bench and then a storage chest too. This wooden bench has a natural look and will seat 3-4 people comfortably. On either end, there is an armrest for extra comfort, and the sturdy back pieces complete the bench look.

Dock bench for one

If you only need some seating space for yourself, or you have existing furniture and are looking for something extra to add to your patio, a dock bench for one is a good solution to consider. The natural wooden look may be varnished or unvarnished – if it is unvarnished then you will have the ability to change the color by purchasing some wood paint. Apart from a small backrest, there is also a small footrest on this bench.

Built-in bench

A good way to maximize the space that you have outdoors, a bench which is built into a wall in your garden will save important space while being practical and comfortable. You don't need to keep your brick wall as a backrest – instead, you can attached wooden planks to the wall to create the backrest. Lining up cushions and blankets will make the area more comfortable, and you can choose either a wooden ottoman storage style bench or a regular wooden bench with no storage.

Chunky wooden dock bench

Rather than the typical bench design, this chunk wooden bench is one solid rectangular unit. Often made from shipping pallets or other wooden crates, you may find a hollow space on one side on which you can place a plant pot or other colorful accessory. Some designs of this style will have a mechanism and hinge to lift up the seat and store some of your outdoor items.

Dock bench with shelter and cushions

If you want to create a very comfortable space in your garden for you, your family and your guests to enjoy, this could be the ultimate option. The frame is wooden, and almost looks like a gazebo, but has wooden planks which are installed to create the seating part of the dock bench. A padded cushion is then positioned onto the bench, while single cushions along the back provide some extra comfort. A wooden ceiling along the top means that you can use this dock bench in many kinds of weather, including when the sun is too severe and when there is some light rain. There is enough space for two people to lie on this style of bench.

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Our dock benches are perfect for enjoying those summer sunsets

Our dock benches are perfect for enjoying those summer sunsets.

Dock benches

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Boat docks

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