Concrete Garden Benches

Make a statement that will last forever. Install a few concrete garden benches in your favorite part of the garden area, or in a special place, and maybe even dedicate one to a favorite charity or a fallen loved one. Concrete garden benches will definitely withstand the tests of time. Take a look in this collection and pick you concrete garden bench.

Best Products

Concrete block seating

Durable and comfortable bench with horizontal wooden slats. This element of outdoor furniture stands on two durable concrete slabs. It looks very simple and matches any type of outdoor stylization and architecture.

Concrete garden benches

This built-in corner bench is a quite nice idea for an outdoor sitting, surrounded by blooming flowers and luscious greenery. The bench lies on the concrete blocks, and is constructed from sturdy wood, resistant to weather conditions.

Concrete garden bench

Furnish your garden with the concrete garden benches with topiary, and subtle floral the maintenance free way. They are fantastic for spending free time with friends and family.

Concrete garden benches 1

A simplistic design and massive construction are the main aspect of this garden bench. The entire bench is made of concrete, and can be used not only in gardens, but also park alleys, backyards, cemeteries, etc.

Concrete garden benches

A stylish and interesting construction of a backless garden bench. It includes the base in the form of precast concrete blocks and its seat is made of pine planks. The whole construction is simple and provides support to its users.

How to make a cinder block bench 1

Add comfort, beauty and style to your garden with this concrete garden timber bench. It will be excellent with the large tree next to it. Imagine your free time on it!

Australian garden 1

Australian Garden
If you have spacious, looked-after garden, you want spend there a lot of time, especially during spring and summer and you need comfortable seat. This curved bench will play its role perfectly, on top of that it looks so awesome!

Our advice Buying Guide

Ideal for almost everything, from cozy chats in the summer to jolly barbecues or quiet nights alone, garden benches come with many uses. They can be costly, however, and time-consuming to shop around for the ideal bench and finally get it into your garden. Here are some of the things you should consider before purchasing a bench for your garden.

What are the benefits of concrete garden benches?

One of the benefits of concrete benches is that they are incredibly durable, and unlike other materials such as wood which tends to rot in bad weather, you'll find that concrete is almost never damaged. If you don't like the appearance of an all-concrete bench in your garden, you can opt for a style which is a combination of concrete and another material. For example, you can buy garden benches which have a concrete frame and then are covered with a wooden seat or other material. Likewise, you can also find wooden frames which have a concrete top.

How to customize a concrete garden bench?

If splashing out on a luxury garden bench just isn't an option for you at the moment, buy a plain concrete bench and use your own creativity and initiative to make it into your perfect piece of furniture. Looking at the existing furniture in your garden is a good way to decide what colors and themes you wish to choose for the bench.  

Do you want a stand-alone or built-in concrete bench?

While you can have a stand alone concrete bench in the garden if you wish, you can also choose to build the benches into your garden. This means that you can create one or more areas around your garden for you and other people to sit down. This is ideal if you don't have a patio area on which to place a furniture set, but you still want some outdoor seating.

When choosing where to place the concrete benches, choose areas that are well-lit but which won't hinder the sun from reaching any plants. Take exact measurements of the area you wish to install a concrete bench, as you will likely want it to extend all along one side, so you'll need to order a bench which is the exact size.

Are concrete garden benches all plain grey?

You might want a concrete bench for its durability and other benefits, yet you're not so keen on the idea of plain grey garden furniture. Even if you don't want to add cushions and covers to the bench, it's possible to buy painted or patterned concrete benches. This is a great way to add the splash of color that you want to the furniture, particularly if your garden lacks colorful flowers and other plants. Many people are put off the idea of concrete benches just by hearing about it, but some of the variations available on the market are the perfect bright addition to your garden that you're looking for.


Garden bench stone concrete

There is no doubt - that concrete has become extremely popular in arranging a modern patio. Today, it can be used to create a concrete garden bench, joined with natural wood, or a square garden fire. Where the flame emanates from the concrete surroundings.

Curved Granite Garden Bench

Curved Granite Garden Bench
Designed for outdoor areas, this Curved Garden Bench is crafted of sturdy granite with hand chiseled edges and legs. The design is simple yet eye-catchy, ensuring this piece is going to last you a lifetime.

Have you been looking for a concrete garden bench there

have you been looking for a concrete garden bench there are many to ...

Pit along with cement garden bench and grey stone outdoor

... Pit Along With Cement Garden Bench And Grey Stone Outdoor Flooring

Cement block bench

Concrete has already made a good appearance in our interiors. We can also say hello to it on our patio, or in the public space where subtly begins to combine with natural wood, even in the form of concrete garden benches. Modern shapes and good quality.

Swilken bench for outdoor use by acronym designs

Swilken Bench for outdoor use by Acronym Designs

Concrete garden table and benches

Why not go for some backyard built-in seating that will make those summer evenings much more comfortable. It offers the combination of concrete and wood and part of its comes with the added back for more convenience and support.

Cinder block furniture backyard

These modern or industrial concrete garden bench looks fab with the black dining table. It brings the comfort, solidity and beauty to porch, garden or yard. Trust me, everyone will tell you how cool it looks at the outdoor.

Hello daly mini patio project cinder block bench 1

~- Hello Daly -~: Mini Patio Project - Cinder Block Bench

Modern outdoor benches by douglas thayer

Modern Outdoor Benches by Douglas Thayer

Cinder block bench diy

An original and creative idea for an outdoor application. This garden bench features a solid concrete construction finished in white color. It includes some attractive carvings and its sitting space includes some multicolor decorations.

Diy concrete bench

Contemporary design for a modern outdoor garden bench with two built-in planters. The bench is made out of concrete with the seating crafted out of cherry wood with a red tint, providing a sophisticated finish to the piece.

Cinderblock bench

The main element of this outdoor stylization is an L-shaped garden bench with concrete arms and solid horizontal wooden slats that serve as seats. This backless construction is resistant to large weight and bad weather.

Inspirations garden bench cool outdoor concrete bench plans design

... Inspirations > Garden Bench > Cool Outdoor Concrete Bench Plans Design

58 x w 13 x h 17 3400 wood bench

... 58" x W 13" x H 17" $3400 #wood #bench #concrete #furniture

Cinder block bench

This is quite a unique coffee table, designed for outdoor areas. Assembled from concrete cinder blocks, the table is very heavy, and can last you for many years. Besides, the holes in those blocks can also be used as small storage compartments.

Cement garden bench

This concrete garden bench will be a perfect proposition for winter or fall evenings. Adorned with a rope-shaped pattern, it enchants with its ornate form and solid finishing.

Concrete garden bench

concrete garden bench

Its not work its gardening bench project 2 build it

It's Not Work, It's Gardening!: Bench project #2: build it! The new bench I built for my garden. Still need to find a permanent spot for it though.

How to build a concrete bench seat

Garden bench fitted with concrete flower pot. Seat consists of wooden strips. It is resistant to rust and harmful weather conditions. Great solution for the garden, patio and others outdoor places according to taste and need.

Diy cinder block bench 1

This garden bench looks very nice among wooden outdoor elements. It features a durable concrete frame, but its seat is based on solid horizontal wooden slats. This bench also looks nice with green plants.

Homemade modern diy outdoor concrete bench options

HomeMade Modern DIY Outdoor Concrete Bench Options

One of a kind mosaic garden bench custom 1

One Of A Kind Mosaic Garden Bench Custom

Cinder block outdoor bench

Set of garden furniture consisting of bench and rectangular table. Construction is made of wood and concrete. Top is fitted with wide pot. It is resistant to rust and harmful weather conditions.

How to build a cinder block bench

Contemporary setup for a cozy and elegant outdoor conversational area with a gorgeous set of concrete garden planters with floating benches made out of cedar wood finished off with a few white-ceramic planter bowls.

Project kung yus studio seksan design landscape architecture and planning

Project: Kung Yu's Studio | SEKSAN DESIGN - Landscape Architecture and Planning

Cinder block bench plans

Simplicity opens the space of undisturbed relaxation in the park. All thanks to a simple rectangular concrete garden bench. It will serve as a chat in the park, it has unwavering strong proportions and gray color.

Diy patio bench planter

Diy patio bench/ planter

Cement garden benches

I could do a mix of tall planters and benches to create a barrier around our patio to prevent our furniture from blowing everywhere.

Concrete wood planter bench 1

Concrete Wood Planter Bench

Concrete seating bench

This simple, DIY construction is a nice garden bench, made from concrete blocks and a headboard. Two blocks on each side and a headboard, placed inclined for more comfort. An exquisitely solid proposition, that will surely withstand any test of time.

Mooi een heerlijke loungeplek in de tuin 1

Mooi! Een heerlijke loungeplek in de tuin!

Wood and stone stools im not sure how long my

wood and stone stools. I'm not sure how long my bum could handle sitting on these, but they are beautiful in their simplicity.

Concrete patio bench

We may go one block higher in back and plant with colorful succulents instead.--make from cinder blocks

Tree seat design garden inspiration

Tree Seat Design / garden inspiration

Framed Print of Local man resting on a park bench with Iglesia del Carmen in background

Having your holidays's photos in frames is the best way to personalize your apartment. Putting the photos in the simple frames will look cohesively on the wall, but also will show you the good memories.

Concrete and wood bench

Concrete Blocks and Wood Outdoor Benches

Benches in a church

Rustic, distressed take on a wide bed headboard on wheels for ease of moving and storing, made to resemble an antique church bench with a sawed-off seat which makes for a unique, one-of-a-kind nightstand.

Wood and concrete bench

An aesthetic sturdy rustic style garden bench of stone blocks in beige, cream and grey shades and concrete. Blocks are usually rectangular. Arms with woody tops and a pillowed backrest are full and upright. A rectangular wooden seat is cushioned.

got church-bench? - 14oz Silver Travel Mug

This personalized silver metal travel mug constitutes a great idea for a gift. Made from silver stainless steel, it ensures solidness and quality of finishing, becoming your travel companion for many trips.

cst_52142_3 Jos Fauxtographee Realistic - The Inside Benches At a Catholic Church With a Big Picture of Mary on The Far Wall Posturized - Coasters - set of 4 Ceramic Tile Coasters

With this set of four ceramic tile coasters you will get a beautiful both a functional addition to the setting and a stylish one, especially with the high gloss finish and charming design with the Catholic Church on the front.