Outdoor Furniture Cushion Storage


Don't let the sun destroy your outdoor cushions. Put them away when not in use. Outdoor furniture cushion storage is the best way to preserve the quality and longevity of your outdoor cushions. This storage will increase their life by a huge margin, keep them free of the sun's harmful rays, and keep the elements at bay so they don't get moldy after a big rain.

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Our Picks

Lockable brown faux wicker outdoor storage chest

Lockable brown faux wicker outdoor storage chest


What we like: It is lockable

What we don’t like: Only good for a big space!

If you are looking for outdoor cushion storage ideas, this is it. This extra large outdoor storage container is made to keep your space clutter-free. It holds up to 230 gallons- perfect for big families!

No matter what you are storing (bulky garden tools, cushions, pool toys), this extra large storage box has got your covered. It also has a soft-close lid that locks which means it is extremely kid friendly.

If you have a small space, this might not be the solution you are looking for. However, if you want a natural-looking rattan that is also weather-resistant and fits everything in one place, you’ve found the perfect box! 


Dark Brown Lockable Deck Box

Dark Brown Lockable Deck Box

What we like: It locks and is weather-resistant

What we don’t like: Simple design - not a design feature by itself like some other furniture pieces

For a cushion storage box that tucks away neatly, this lockable deck box is a great option. It is rust, water and UV resistant, making it a great longer-term investment for your outdoor space. Although it is advertised as a multi-function furniture piece (as a bench or side table), it would only suit minimal, modern spaces with it’s plain design.

We love that it is lockable, easy to clean, and ready for any weather that comes your way. It is also ventilated, so your cushions won’t get musty if you store them for longer periods of time. That’s outdoor furniture storage 101! 

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Plastic Outdoor Cushion Storage Bench

Plastic Outdoor Cushion Storage Bench


What we like: It doubles as a beautiful furniture piece

What we don’t like: It is better as a standalone piece, won’t match other outdoor seating

Looking for creative outdoor cushion storage? You’ve found it! This Suncast cushion storage bench is the ultimate in outdoor living. It is functional, but it would also fit into any modern patio, backyard, or pool area. That kind of multi-use is every designer’s dream, especially if you have a small space.

This storage bench is made from UV and water-resistant plastic. Although it ticks a lot of boxes, if you already have outdoor seating, you will probably want a different cushion storage solution that matches. This one is perfect by itself and will fit plenty of gear with it’s 50 gallon capacity. 


Solid wood outdoor cabinet with lockable door

Solid wood outdoor cabinet with lockable door

Sand & Stable™

What we like: Natural wooden look

What we don’t like: Open slats on the front

We love furniture that brings an indoor vibe to your outside space. This stunning solid wood outdoor cabinet is a beautiful way to store your outdoor cushions and gardening supplies in a functional but aesthetic way.

The slatted design and louvered door panels give this cabinet a coastal farmhouse flair. However, it may make your cushions more susceptible to the elements, so this cabinet is probably better suited to somewhere covered.

The lockable doors add security, and it has plenty of space with adjustable shelves no matter what you need to store. 


Black Wicker Couch With Storage Underneath

Black Wicker Couch With Storage Underneath


What we like: Eco-friendly, weather-resistant design

What we don’t like: Wicker/Rattan material might have faster wear and tear

We love when function meets style, so this outdoor couch ticks all the right boxes for us! This wicker bench has a generous 70-gallon storage container built into the seat. Not only that, but it is comfortable too! Perfect for curling up with a book in the sun or entertaining friends into the night.

We give this bench extra bonus points for being eco-friendly, however, the rattan design might not last as long as sturdier plastic storage benches. This is an ideal solution for safeguarding seat cushions, firewood, charcoal, dining accessories, garden supplies, grilling equipment, swimming pool toys- anything you need to keep out of the elements! 

$219.95 $399.95

Outdoor L Shaped Couch With Storage Box

Outdoor L Shaped Couch With Storage Box

What we like: The luxurious indoor-outdoor vibe

What we don’t like: Can’t be put away like other outdoor cushion storage boxes

Get ready to spend all day and all night in your backyard! This couch is the epitome of comfort and functionality- everything we look for in outdoor storage.

Modular couches will probably always be in style, and this one has a large storage box in the corner where the couch ends meet. It includes the two seats, storage box and a coffee table so we give it the value for money vote. The cushions themselves are extra comfortable with a 3.15" thick pad, and the whole couch is light enough to move around easily.

If you are looking for a cushion storage box that can be tucked away, this won’t be quite right. However, if you want the whole package, you won’t do much better.

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Two Seater Outdoor Couch With Storage Coffee Table

Two Seater Outdoor Couch With Storage Coffee Table

What we like: Sturdy, stylish and well-made and adjustable height

What we don’t like: Comfort is sacrificed for compact size

This is the ultimate in outdoor furniture. It is another gorgeous example of multi-use cushion storage, with the container built right into the coffee table. Customers who have bought this have praised how compact the set is, so it would be perfect for a small entertainment space.

The ottoman is perfect for storing the cushions when you are not using them or for storing anything else that needs protection from the rain. Due to its size, it is not rated as the most comfortable couch. However, we love that you can adjust the storage ottoman height for extra seating or to tuck it under the couch out of the way.

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Grey Weather Resistant Cushion Storage Bag

Grey Weather Resistant Cushion Storage Bag

Arlmont & Co.

What we like: Durable, easy to carry and put away

What we don’t like: Not a solid frame like other storage boxes, so can’t be used as seating for example

Looking for a super simple idea to store outdoor cushions? This cushion storage bag might suit you better than a big box. Unlike many other outdoor storage solutions, this can be folded away when you’re not using it. We love anything that saves space and reduces clutter!

It has convenient handles, is made from durable, weather-resistant polyester fabric, and is perfect for quickly getting cushions and other outdoor gear out of the way. It would also be perfect for camping trips when you need to put the gear away for the night. We love this cushion storage bag because it is simple, although that means it won’t suit outdoor spaces that aren’t relaxed. 


Wooden Outdoor Storage Box with Wheels

Wooden Outdoor Storage Box with Wheels


What we like: Wheels for easy moving

What we don’t like: Solid wood but not 100% weather resistant

Wondering where to store patio cushions? With this trunk, you can store them anywhere. We love that this outdoor storage box has wheels that make it easy to move it around when you need to!

It is sturdy enough to double as extra seating and big enough to fit just about anything in it. It would be best suited for a covered patio area as it is not 100% weather resistant, but the solid wood materials make up for it. This particular design comes in three different colors (grey, white and natural wood) to suit any outdoor space. 

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Black Ornamental Outdoor Storage Box

Black Ornamental Outdoor Storage Box

Red Barrel Studio®

What we like: Could blend into the background almost like a piece of art

What we don’t like: On the smaller side for outdoor cushion storage

If you want an outdoor furniture cushion storage solution that is a little more discreet, you’ve found it. Although this is smaller than a lot of other storage boxes (45 gallons), we absolutely love the design. It is tall instead of wide and has details on it that make it look like a design feature instead of just a storage container.

As well as storage space for things like cushions, animal feed, tools and toys, it has hooks that you could hang a garbage bag in as well. It is weather-resistant, easy to clean, and the perfect addition to any patio. 

$133.39 $177

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Outdoor Furniture Cushion Storage

Buying Guide

Durability, comfort, and style are always features to look for, irrespective of whether you are buying indoor or outdoor furniture. However, the outdoor furniture has to be a little more robust since it has to withstand the outside elements.

And while there is no 100% weatherproof material, there are huge differences based on the materials used.

For outdoor furniture cushion storage, materials need to retain structural integrity through a variety of weather conditions, and so polypropylene is the best materials for outdoor cushion storage. It is highly durable, resistant to weather conditions and chemical degradation.

So ultimately, any outdoor cushion storage options you choose should be resistant to the weather elements, rust, corrosion, mold, mildew as well as moisture.

If they’re made of weather-resistant materials, technically you can leave outdoor cushions outside during winter. However, this might compromise their longevity, and you could still incur in unpleasant problems like mildew, especially if your furniture isn’t protected by a roof.

That’s why the best option is to invest in some outdoor furniture cushion storage to keep them dry and warm whenever you’re not using them, helping them last throughout many more winters.

The three most common ways to store outdoor furniture cushions are in airtight containers, under tarps or blankets, or fabric storage bags. Airtight containers are the perfect option if you don’t plan on storing your outdoor cushions for long periods. They allow the fabric to breathe; however, they also ensure that moths, bugs, and pests don’t get to the material and destroy it. Before you put your cushions away in the airtight container, ensure they are not damp as the material could collect mold and produce an unpleasant smell.

Tarps and blankets can be used as outdoor furniture cushion storage by simply wrapping them together after using and storing them away in a garage or shed inaccessible to rodents or insects—the extra fabric and coverage act as a barrier to protect the cushions. If your area has high humidity levels, ensure you use fabric sheets that allow the air to circulate better than a plastic tarp.

Best Ideas

Chatham mahogany platform daybed storage

Chatham mahogany platform daybed storage

Outdoor platform bed with some storage, squat wooden construction, removable rattan baskets on bottom and cream mattress on top. A nice piece, looks functional, however the beach view pictured here is far more amazing!

Chatham mahogany storage bench cushion

Chatham mahogany storage bench cushion

A wooden outdoor storage bench with a rustic look and coated in brown paint with a smooth finish. Would make for a great addition to a backyard pool, making a handy storage place for towels and blankets.

Outdoor furniture cushion storage

A practical wheeled storage box intended for protection outdoor seating cushions. It has a cuboidal metal frame encased with a cover of durable weatherproof off-white synthetic fabric. The cover has handles on sides, meshy vents, a zippered lid.

Outdoor furniture cushion storage 2

The pillows, blankets, textiles we need on the patio should have a safe place to protect them from the rain. The wicker outdoor furniture cushion storage is a place to store them in good style. Hand-woven in natural color, with wicker cover.

Outdoor cushion storage with cover

Outdoor Cushion Storage with Cover

Outdoor furniture cushion storage 21

Beautiful and highly weather-resistant outdoor storage bin for your patio cushions and pillows. Striking a neat rectangular silhouette, the storage is built from durable rattan for long-lasting service. It also doubles up as a patio table or extra seat if needed.

Outdoor furniture cushion storage 25

Outdoor bench fitted with capacious compartment for storing garden accessories and others needed items. Construction is made of wood. It is resistant to rust and harmful weather conditions. Great addition to the garden, porch, patio and more.

Outdoor furniture cushion storage 15

Beautifully constructed outdoor three-seater bench that comes fitted with plenty of storage too. The bench has a slightly raised backrest and features two extra-large cushions for comfort. You also get two large pull out drawers below for your patio cushions and pillows too.

Outdoor furniture cushion storage 34

Outdoor storage unit constructed from wood and finished in a sleek white shade for immense beauty. The storage bin is perfect for patio supplies including cushions and pillows. It also comes fitted with a sturdy wooden lid that provides additional seating space for your guests.

Outdoor furniture cushion storage 29

Finished in stunning hunters’ green and constructed from superb weather-resistant fabrics, this state-of-the-art outdoor storage bin should be perfect for patio cushions and pillows. It also has two strong carrying handles and a zipped top to ensure your stuff is protected from the elements.

Outdoor furniture cushion storage 10

Organize your patio cushions and pillows with ease in this large storage bin. The storage is neatly woven using rattan and comes with a slightly raised design. It also has a cover at the top to secure your cushions against the elements. The bin should double up as a table or footrest on your patio.

Outdoor furniture cushion storage 20

Pinamar Storage Chest

Garden storage box

Garden Storage Box

Outdoor furniture cushion storage 8

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