Outdoor Garden Stool

Have you seen those cute ceramic garden stools? They are fabulous accent pieces and come in a ton of great colors. Once you get an outdoor garden stool like that, you’ll keep looking for occasions to bring it indoors – they’re so adorable! Feel tempted enough? The collection below features this and a lot more.

Stools and tables

If you simply can't wait for those long, summer days and would just love to sit comfortably in your garden with a friend or family member then create a charming atmosphere there by adding those mushroom shaped table and chairs set in vibrant colors.

Mushroom garden stool

These beautiful concrete stools delight with their details. Each of them comprises a different leaf print. If you like industrial or rustic design, they can be a great addition to your garden or patio.

Toadstool garden seat

A great proposition for those, who like to spend time outdoors with their family or friends. Ingeuinely crafted, these wooden blocks have a smooth grabber hand to relocate them any time you want.

Toadstool seats for garden

Decorative backyard elements that look very attractive at day and night. These log stools look very natural and their round tops are painted with glow in the dark paint. They are suitable for fire pit use.

Outdoor garden stool 6

Not only do these Tree Stump Lights provide cool outdoor lighting, but they would also make great outdoor stools or tables.

Concrete mushroom table and chairs

Who said a stool for your garden has to look boring or simple? This piece sports the beautiful design of the seat with a charming leaf pattern and brings a strong, durable concrete structure to ensure years of use.

Wooden garden chairs 7

wood and stone stools. I'm not sure how long my bum could handle sitting on these, but they are beautiful in their simplicity.

Diy garden stool

These Adorable “Toadstools” | 29 Insanely Cool Backyard Furniture DIYs

Sitting stools

Cool wooden stools - super easy and super cheap. Super, easy & cheap all in the same sentence scare me but these are way cute. I love this cool idea of how to DIY these amazing outdoor garden stools, nicely decorated with tiny cushions.

Patio ottomans 12

The outdoor cafeteria with many flowers. There is trend nowadays to create the café terrace's style like the furniture was bought on the flea market. The raw plank benches or leather pouffes are in style, which is liked by the hipsters.

Outdoor garden stool

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Outdoor garden stool

Repurposed tires. Paint the tire bright and use black string?

Cheap outdoor benches

tire-chairs. Okay these are not pretty but if wrapped in rope they might get a bit of a wickeresk feel??? Maybe...

Love this concept just a little worried i wont be

love this concept, just a little worried I won't be able to do this process. hmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Folding bar stools

This unusual combination of table and four stools in one neat piece of furniture that is the perfect solution for the terrace or garden. Solid wooden construction, simple design and a combination of two shades of wood captivate.

Home furniture ceramic garden stools blue

home furniture ceramic garden stools blue

Drape fabric or inexpensive curtains ikea is great from the

Drape fabric or inexpensive curtains (IKEA is great!) from the poles of a tent to create an exotic feel. Extra points for the use of pouffs, outdoor rugs and stools to keep it casual and fun.

Teak Corner Stool

Stools and tables 1

10 Garden mosaic projects - in general lots of ideas & tutorials! These are so darned cute. You can have them in your garden or backyard, super fancy and practical while your kid's bithday party! Very colorful top.

Outdoor mushroom seats

#Upcycling Using Tyres as seats - make them super colourful for the kids to have as garden seats :) even make the tops so they lift off and can store things in

Kids wood chair

How much good nature gives us is unquestionable. To be close to her, you can sit at such a small, small table with a trunk of wood. It's perfect for children, they can play"5 o'clock tea"sitting on wooden chairs. Raw wood trunks, are suitable for any garden.

Garden seats made out of pallets

Those small benches can be used outdoors as well as indoors. Made of durable wood, each of the benches is covered with distressed color, looking a bit weathered to keep their "rough" appearance. It is also an amazing addition for kids, to play with.

Hottest backyard trends

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Ceramic Garden Stool

Ceramic Garden Stool
It is a ceramic garden stool that has got an orange finish and is an attractive addition to your outdoor area. If you looking for perfect garden stool you need to choose this one.

Large decorative bowls

DIY mosaic mushrooms, some PVC, a large bowl, glass tiles, and cement!

Pretty green garden stool with cut out pattern free shipping

Ceramic stool for outdoor use. This element of garden furniture looks very attractive thanks to its decorative themes on green background. Material of this stool is also resistant to negative weather factors.

Garden toadstools seats

DIY outdoor seating with a tire and rope

Vintage garden stool handmade vintage ceramic garden stool with intricate

Ceramic garden stool in attractive green color with original pattern and some decorative carvings. This stool provides some display and storage space on its durable square top. The whole construction is stylish and resistant to wear.

Gold garden stool

Outdoor Concrete Stool or Table DIY | BHG Style Spotters

Loving this mushroom garden stool on zulily want a whole

Unique garden decoration in shape of mushroom. This figurine is brown and turquoise - it looks like verdigris agaric. You should buy a whole set of them, in the different mushroom styles - they are made of wood and looks very natural!

Classic ceramic green crackle garden stool

An attractive classic garden stool crafted of glazed ceramic in green shades with a crackle pattern. It has a barrel-shaped body adorned with small round bulges and cutout simple geometric motifs on a top and sides.

Pretty green and white ceramic garden stool with vine design

A lovely white ceramic garden stool that sports fancy flowery theme that will make it stand out with style and visual appeal, while its vibrant color of the paint finish makes it look more fun and immensely pretty.

Chinese garden stool 2

Brings some Chinese flavors into your outdoor areas, with those eye-catching, ceramic garden stools, glazed for extra looks. You can browse through various shapes, colors, and designs, looking for the one that is going to accentuate your garden, deck, patio, or backyard.

Green garden stool garden stool ideas chinese garden stools ceramic

This green Ceramic stool from porcelain constitutes a great addition to one's garden or patio. Resembling the Chinese crafting, it provides not only beautiful design, but also functionality.

Safavieh Castle Gardens Collection Oriental Garden Ceramic Stool, Green and Red

Oriental garden table decorated with oriental motifs. It can be used both outside and inside. It can be used as a stool or table, as well as a pedestal for your favorite trinkets. Crafted of fine ceramic.

Lacey Garden Stool

Lacey Garden Stool
Stunning latter-day stool which can serve as a coffee table. It's made of quality ceramic with a lovely shiny gold finish. It's in a shape of a barrel and features a geometric openwork small holes and cross-like elements with rounded corners design.

Ming Garden Stool

Ming Garden Stool
This is a very clever and highly practical table for the garden. It can play in the various functions. It can be a decorative element and practical one. On the stool you can put flower pots, and you can also treat it as a table. This is very decorative.

Stella Nail Head Garden Stool

Stella Nail Head Garden Stool
Durable ceramic garden stool in oriental style. Openwork decoration give it a unique character. It can also be used as a garden table decoration or as living room end table. On top, a sign of happiness is crafted.

Ceramic stools cheap

Richly colored, glazed ceramic garden stool with traditional, maybe a bit Orient inspired floral pattern. For those searching for traditional, highly decorative garden seats. Works as side table or pot stand.

Orange ceramic garden stool 2

Beautiful tiny garden stools with a plethora of designs! Cute, pretty and bound to fit your backyard, whatever its style may be. So many colours to choose from and all of them are amazing!

Outdoor bar height table 1

Make sure your porch looks unique and charming with some help from this stunning red umbrellas with lanterns that hang beautifully from them and the structure that will shield you from the sun rays.

Garden seats ceramic 26

These large ceramic garden seats look like enormous pebbles - this way, they effortlessly blend into the garden decor. For those who'd like to avoid style clashes that often come with using plastic garden furtniture.

Ceramic garden seats 1

This garden seat delights with its vibrant hot pink finish and high-quality Asian ceramic. Hand-crafted with an impressive attention to details, it will embellish your garden space for many years.

Ceramic patio table

What a collection full of splendor. Garden outdoor tables in a variety of forms-and traditional Chinese design. Perfect on the patio. Many of these can also be used as seats or table base. Made of ceramics. They have bold colors and are bringing Asia to us.

Garden seats ceramic 22

Ceramic garden seat with a very attractive young boy figurine. This base is not only very attractive, but also very solid. The seat features an armless and backless construction, but it assures good level of comfort.

Ceramic seat

A vintage set of retro garden seats made out of painted ceramic. The unique shape of the garden seats gives them a one-of-a-kind look, nicely complemented by the subtle coat of pastel white and green paint.

Garden seats ceramic 34

Garden stool that shows a very attractive fish theme. It is made of durable ceramic materials finished in light blue color. This backless and armless seat provides good support. It also improves overall garden aesthetics.

Best outdoor furniture 20

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Flower Garden Party Special

Garden seats ceramic 20

Coastal approach to a ceramic garden seat, made in a unique, one-of-a-kind fashion that resembles cutwork. The stool is painted in a turquoise, aqua coat of paint which gives it a fresh, nautical appearance.