Outdoor Wood Burning Fireplaces

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During the winter months, if you don't want to be cooped up inside all the time but also don't want to be cold, consider getting yourself one of our extensive collection of outdoor wood burning fireplaces. They are quite fetching and the perfect outdoor peace to add a little bit of romance to your backyard. And they come in many styles. See collection for more.

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Updated 08/04/2021
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Gas Bottle Wood Log Burner Chiminea Camping Fishing Yurt Fire Pit

Gas Bottle Wood Log Burner Chiminea Camping Fishing Yurt Fire Pit

This set of beautiful wooden burning places are a great example of one's DIY project. Carefully crafted from recycled gas bottles guarantes solidness, without any fear about buckling or cracking warps.

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Allen and roth outdoor fireplace

Wood burning fireplace for outdoor and indoor applications. This element is made of durable materials resistant to heat and different products of burning. Neutral black color of this stove completes any stylization.

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Outdoor wood burning fireplaces

If you have some free space in your backyard or garden, why not put a nice wood burning stove somewhere in there? Makes for a great place to relax and unwind during cold, winter evenings!

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Corner wood stove ideas

Outdoor fireplace made of metal. Includes compartment for storing wood. Great addition to the garden, patio and others outdoor places according to taste and need.

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Outdoor steel fireplace

Designed for outdoor use, only. This wood-burning fireplace is a great way to create intimate atmosphere in you garden or backyard. All is made of durable steel in a bronze finish, including a log grate, a protective cover and doors with wire lattice panels.

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Gorgeous fireplaces indoors and outdoors

gorgeous fireplaces (indoors and outdoors)

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Outdoor wood burning fireplaces 15

Elegant design for an outdoor fireplace, providing a fitting centerpiece for a patio. The fireplace is made out of hardened clay and has a traditional shape and a grill inside of it, great to provide light and some warmth.

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Outdoor Wood Burning Fireplace

Outdoor Wood Burning Fireplace

This type of product is a fireplace deisgned for use outdoors. Its construction is resistant to wear and damage caused by different outdoor conditions. The product is designed for burining wood. It works in a very effective way.

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Outdoor wood burning fireplaces 20

outdoor wood burning fireplace

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Bronze Outdoor Wood Burning Fire Pit with Lattice

Bronze Outdoor Wood Burning Fire Pit with Lattice

Designed exclusively for outdoor areas, this Fire Pit in Bronze Finish is characterized by sturdy steel construction, also providing gorgeous cutouts around the whole piece. Includes 1 ring handle, log grate, and lighter/match ignition.

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Outdoor Wood Burning Fireplaces

Buying Guide

Yes, outdoor wood burning fireplaces definitely give off heat! While this changes a lot depending on several factors such as type of model and location, outdoor wood burning fireplaces usually range between 30,000 and 100,000 BTUs.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that you can stay in your garden 24/7 without getting cold, but they’ll certainly make an afternoon or evening gathering a lot cozier.

An outdoor fireplace generally needs to be placed 10’ to 20’ away from the house. This is the recommended minimum distance from any structure or flammable material and the accepted practice for all fuel types, including outdoor wood burning fireplaces.

Ultimately, an outdoor fireplace needs to be as far away from the house as local regulations and fire codes require. Contact your local government for the specific burning rules in your region. Laws differ between jurisdictions, so confirming the guidelines where you live prevents you from getting fined.

Another factor to consider is your homeowner’s insurance policy. Check if there are requirements or recommendations for how far away your outdoor fireplace needs to be from the structure. While the recommended minimum distance should be adequate, checking guidelines ensures you’re not denied coverage if a fire spreads to your home.

If an awning or porch extends from your house, consider this when measuring distance for your outdoor fireplace as well.

Choosing the right type of wood for your outdoor fireplace is essential as different types of wood give off varying levels of smoke and heat. Most people shop for economically priced firewood, and often the cheapest types of wood get scooped up first.

However, certain types of wood and, in some cases, the cheap kind is not available in some areas, so we recommend that you keep an eye out for the following types of wood. They are cost-effect and readily available in almost all areas.

Ashwood is great for maximum heat with low levels of smoke and an aroma that is tolerable. Pine doesn't provide as much heat as ash and gives off medium smoke levels, so it is a reasonable option if ash is not available.

Oak and elm are also popular choices for outdoor firewood, but the best recommendation is maple. Not only does it produce high heat like ash, but it also gives off low smoke levels and has a pleasant aroma.

Best Ideas

Pleasant Hearth Chesterfield Outdoor Fireplace

Gypsy caravan stove boat heater campervan rv wood charcoal burner

Gypsy Caravan Stove Boat Heater Campervan RV Wood Charcoal Burner | eBay Tiny wood burning stove

Patio Pagoda Fireplace

Patio Pagoda Fireplace

Outdoor wood burning fireplaces 23

This Darth Vader Gas Bottle Log Burner will immediately make you swelter. A real bargain for all Star Wars fans, but not only, this fabulous outdoor fireplace will simply catch the attention of everyone around.

Stoneage manufacturing wood burning fireplace kit

StoneAge Manufacturing Wood Burning Fireplace Kit

Garden Lights Savannah Wood Burning Fire Pit

Garden Lights Savannah Wood Burning Fire Pit

Designed exclusively for outdoor areas, this Fire Pit in Black Finish is characterized by sturdy steel construction, also providing gorgeous cutouts around the whole bowl. Includes 2 ring handles, sculpted legs, large spark screen, and 1 poker.

Outdoor wood burning fireplaces 35

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Petite Malibu Outdoor Fire Pit

Petite Malibu Outdoor Fire Pit

Outdoor wood burning fireplaces 31

outdoor fireplace designs | Outdoor Fireplaces | Expert Design & Construction Sacramento, CA

Char-Broil Trentino Outdoor Fireplace

Outdoor wood burning fireplaces 1

Outdoor Wood & Brick Oven...we are making one as soon as we move into the house! (well, after I plant my garden, paint the house, put new floors, new bathroom...) :)

Outdoor wood burning fireplaces 12

Outdoor fireplace suitable for outdoor kitchen arrangements. Upper area includes a burning compartment and the lower one features a compartment for wood. This outdoor fireplace is useful and looks aesthetic.

Outdoor wood burning fireplaces 27

Sweet and simply wood burning Oven Design for my artisan rustic breads, pizza and just about anything else.

Outdoor wood burning fireplaces 7

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