Corner Electric Fireplace Insert


Turn a lonely, dull corner of your home into a focal point by opting for a mantel or frame with a corner electric fireplace insert. Equipped with modern technology, these corner electric fireplace options will warm up the space without the need for a chimney or vent. Featuring various aesthetics, you can easily match these electric fireplaces to your interior style. From compact pieces to ones with storage functions and smart technology integration, here are our designers’ choices that will make you want to go electric.

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Our Picks

Contemporary Classic Fireplace

Contemporary Classic Fireplace

What we like: Clean and classic look, multi-color adjustable flames

What we don’t like: Noticeable blower sound

Perfect for: Compact spaces

Not so great for: Large rooms and high-ceiling interiors

With its clean and timeless aesthetic, this corner electric fireplace will bring a dominant statement into your living spaces. It uses infrared technology and can be controlled through streamlined buttons to give off a fire-like multi-color glow. Made of solid wood and comes in espresso, dark walnut, and white wood finishes.

Easy to assemble with adjustable flame color and brightness. The blower does have a noticeable sound but it’s not loud that it gets in the way of your relaxing moments. At the same time, due to its size, it has challenges in warming up a large room. We recommend installing this in a small to average-sized room or apartments.

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Fireplace with Alexa Enabled Tech

Fireplace with Alexa Enabled Tech

What we like: Equipped with smart technology

What we don’t like: Above-average price point

Perfect for: Techies

Not so great for: People who need a basic electronic fireplace

This modern corner electric fireplace will not only warm up your home but is also integrated with smart technology. Brick-like surround material adds visual appeal while the side cabinets and upper shelves increase the unit’s functionality. You can easily control it from across the room with its voice-enabled firebox. Meanwhile, its flames can be adjusted according to color and temperature.

While it is priced higher than other corner fireplaces in the market, this piece is filled with various features that you will love. The side shelves and the surrounding faux masonry materials are also lit with LED light, giving the entire piece a warm, cozy vibe.

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Carved Corner Fireplace

Carved Corner Fireplace

What we like: Classic moldings and faux masonry surround

What we don’t like: Some screws are incompatible with the connection

Perfect for: Traditional and Shaker-style interiors

Not so great for: Modern and contemporary interiors

Create a grand scenery and get some corner electric fireplace ideas with this piece. Crafted from solid and manufactured wood, it features attractive inset panels and carved capital moldings. A brick-like veneer fireplace surround adds to the warm traditional appeal of this unit. Offered in dark oak and white colors.

While the installation hardware is part of the set, the front-to-top connection might require longer screws. We recommend preparing these before assembly so that you can completely secure these parts. This piece can be used not just for a corner nook but can also be flushed to the wall. 

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Fireplace with Fluted Sides

Fireplace with Fluted Sides

What we like: Realistic appearance

What we don’t like: Frequency interference with other remote-controlled devices

Perfect for: Rooms 1000sqft and below

Not so great for: Using as a TV mantel

Large and perfectly realistic, this corner fireplace with electric stove is a great addition to your home. Made of solid and manufactured wood, it features artificial logs that give it a convincing representation. It can heat a space of up to 1000sqft, while its mantle can hold up to 30lbs of décor.

Since it can be controlled with a remote, some users have observed that the fireplace’s remote interferes with the TV remote. Because of this, there is a possibility that the heating will turn on and off when you’re switching channels. One way to solve this is by turning off the sensor and using the front buttons for the fireplace. Another solution is by placing the TV somewhere else and not on the mantel to prevent overlapping frequencies.

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Fireplace with Media Shelf

Fireplace with Media Shelf

What we like: Hidden storage

What we don’t like: Small heating capacity

Perfect for: Compact spaces

Not so great for: Large rooms

Crafted from solid and manufactured wood, this electric corner fireplace lends warmth in both aesthetics and function. Its carved frame is finished in a dark ebony color while its fireplace surround features masonry work in faux river stone. The mantel apron can be flipped down to reveal a media shelf.

Perfect for placing in a den or a compact living room as this piece can only heat up to 400 sqft of space. Complete the look of your ensemble by decorating its mantel with books, vases, and other ornaments. With its weight capacity of 85lbs, you can use this to create a focal point in your interior. 

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Charming Fireplace Cabinet

Charming Fireplace Cabinet

What we like: Electric fireplace and cabinet in one

What we don’t like: High price point

Perfect for: Its space-saving features

Not so great for: People who need a standard electric fireplace

If you’re looking for a multi-functional electric fireplace for your corner, then this piece is your best bet. At its center is an adjustable hearth that can heat up to 1000 sqft of space. On both sides are elegantly-designed cabinet doors with mullion latticework. Meanwhile, the top of the fireplace also features a small media shelf for your devices.

Perfect for farmhouse, cottage, and transitional interior. It does cost higher compared to standard electric fireplaces. However, with its additional storage functions, this piece can double as a practice TV console. It also sits lower than other fireplaces, making it the perfect spot for placing your television in a compact space.

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Corner Electric Fireplace Insert

Buying Guide

To find the best corner electric fireplace insert for your specific setting, here’s what we recommend keeping in mind:

  • They aren’t a one-size-fits-all solution, so you must measure the width, depth, and height of your existing fireplace to be sure that your new insert will be a perfect match
  • If the heating side of things is just as important as the ambiance element, consider the size of your room: for example, in smaller ones (around 400 sq feet) you can easily use a forced fan insert, whereas infrared quarts units are a wiser choice in larger rooms (1,000 sq feet)
  • Still, keep in mind that a corner electric fireplace insert won’t usually be able to warm up a much bigger setting (over 1,500 sq feet)
  • Finally, consider its aesthetic value by choosing a model with the right effect for your preference (e.g. fake flames, warm or blue colors, etc.)

Yes, an electric fireplace insert can be placed in an existing fireplace as long as there’s a source of electricity close by. If there happens to be no power outlet next to your fireplace, you can always install one inside your firebox.

If you are considering investing in a corner electric fireplace insert, you're probably wondering how long it lasts? Well, electric fireplaces can last anywhere between 10 to 20 years, depending on how frequently they are used. For this reason, manufacturers offer warranties that range from one up to 10 years, depending on the model.

Some tips to ensure the longevity of your electric fireplace insert is to clean it regularly. While it doesn't acquire the intense type of training that a chimney fireplace would, you can still use a soft cloth to remove dust and other types of debris that may create fire hazards.

Best Ideas

Two sided modern corner fireplaces design ideas

Two Sided Modern Corner Fireplaces Design Ideas

Corner electric fireplace

This beautiful corner electric fireplace will play its role both in traditional, as well as modern interiors. It's simple, minimal design masks a lot of charming elegance and gentleness. Definitely recommended for all those, who deal with tiny spaces.

Decoration modern corner fireplace electric gas models built in white

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Corner electric fireplace insert 12

An interesting innovative electric corner fireplace. It has a rectilinear frame of metal with a creamy coating, a side wall and 2 front door panels of clear heatproof glass. It's remote controlled and equipped with flame effects.

Wessex Corner Curio Electric Fireplace

Wessex Corner Curio Electric Fireplace

Magnificent piece for living rooms, this Corner Curio Electric Fireplace ensures soothing light that warmly illuminates the entire interior. The fireplace is consisted of a safety thermal cut off, on/off switch for flames, flame intensity control, a mantle, an electric insert, and TV stand able to hold up to 100lbs.

Corner fireplace 1

Ultra-modern corner fireplace with a fireproof glass and stylish construction. The piece will transform your living room thanks to its modern flair and cozy charm. Its unique geometric shape should also be a great addition to your spaces.

Petty Corner Convertible Electric Fireplace

Petty Corner Convertible Electric Fireplace

It is a pretty corner convertible electric fireplace that adds style and warm to any living room area. It is classic and fits to any style and décor. Everyone will tell you how fantastic this fireplace is.

Corner electric fireplace insert 9

Monessen PL20PV Parlor Series 20-Inch Propane Vent-Free Fireplace System With Millivolt On/Off And Variable Flame Control - 20000 BTU : Gas Log

Beige electric fireplace

Have one of these---Amish Corner Electric Fireplace Mantel with Insert --- mine needs a make over. To do list.

Corner electric fireplace insert

Modern electric fireplace insert featuring a compact design and a mysterious black finish. The inserts also come with fire-resistant glass enclosures on the front. They are super modern and should be easy to install too. Perfect for large living rooms with a little modern flair.

Deerhurst Electric Fireplace

Deerhurst Electric Fireplace

Corner electric fireplace insert 27

Would love this in the corner of the family room

Corner electric fireplace insert 2

32" multi fire firebox It won a prestigious Vesta award at this years Hearth industry trade show. The fireplace is called the "Multi-Fire" electric fireplace. It is made by a company called Dimplex

Unique electric fireplace design concept with some ornament on corner

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Corner electric fireplace insert

Fireplace with gel fuel. This element of design features clean lines and classic shape that is suitable for different types of interior design. This corner fireplace offers a real flame, so it decorates indoors and provides warmth.

Corner electric fireplace insert

Vintage, antique take on a multi-function media cabinet with integrated wire management system and a cozy, electric fireplace on the bottom. The cabinet is made out of fashionable cherry wood, which gives the piece a red tint.

Corner fireplace mantels

This kind of product is a stylish fireplace that is made of metal and glass. These materials are resistant to large temperatures and other negative factors. It is an element that is equipped with a LED lighting system.

Corner electric fireplace insert 4

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