Corner Ventless Gas Fireplace


Your walls are already occupied, but you have a free corner. Perfect place for a corner ventless gas fireplace. Warm the room, add some romantic charm, and give your home the gift of firelight, all while not needing a chimney. Ventless fireplaces are carbon neutral, don't produce smoke, and still effectively heat an area. There is no downside to installing one of these in your home.

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Corner ventless gas fireplace 1

Bring some romantic ambiance into your living room, with this stunning, gel fireplace. This corner fireplace is ventless, crafted of solid wood and veneer, and covered by a white finish. It generates up to 9,000 BTUs, lasting up to 3 hours.

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Corner ventless fireplace 1

This corner ventless gas fireplace has got the cedar finish, thermostat, and it measures 42 inches of wide. It brings the solidity and beauty to any family room or living zone.

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Gas Fireplace

Gas Fireplace

This ventless gas fireplace is an aesthetic and economic solution for different indoors. It features a simple construction suitable for corner placement. Its fire area includes glass, so this construction looks very aesthetic.

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Fireplace small gas fireplace for corner

fireplace: small gas fireplace for corner

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Propane corner fireplace

The rustic corner ventless gas fireplace is a decoration of many houses and restaurants. It is often made of wood, such as cherry, just like this one. Clean carved lines make it gaining an elegant character - perfect for the corner.

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Corner gas fireplace 3

Fireplace suitable for corner placement. This element of design features a durable and very attractive construction based on stones. Its fireplace insert is based on a durable frame finished in black color.

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Direct vent corner gas fireplace

Corner fireplace made of wood and finished with carefully made carvings. Adds freshness and modernity to any interior according to taste and need.

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Corner ventless gas fireplace

Outside the window can be turmoil, but the fireplace will make the cold won't enter. It's best to equip yourself with a corner ventless gas fireplace. Which, like this one can traditionally be built into a white segment,and the doors are extra built of iron.

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Corner ventless natural gas fireplaces

corner ventless natural gas fireplaces

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An efficient vent free vent free firebox is chow daddy

an efficient vent free vent free firebox is chow daddy

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Corner Ventless Gas Fireplace

Buying Guide

Corner ventless gas fireplaces can lend atmosphere to your home and can serve as an emergency heat source when the electricity goes off. With that said, there are some things of which you should be aware when running a ventless gas fireplace.

Perhaps you might recall a few years ago people becoming ill or being asphyxiated when running emergency gas or kerosene heaters in their homes during blackouts. Even though similar heaters have been used in homes since shortly after 1854, houses were not as airtight in those days as they are now. Ventless kerosene and gas heaters are still used by groups such as the Amish who do not accept getting connected to the grid, but modern homes with their airtight windows and doors and super-insulated walls do not breath like older homes.

If you are running any kind of heater, including your corner ventless gas fireplace, be sure to provide a source of fresh air. This can be a moderately open window or a common stove vent. While it might seem counter-intuitive to run a heater while introducing cold air, it is far better for your health.

Never run a ventless heater – including that corner fireplace – while you are sleeping. Someone should always be awake to monitor the flame. For any type of flame heat, vented or unvented, it is a good idea to invest in a carbon monoxide detector – just to be sure. Most modern ventless heaters have a built-in oxygen depletion sensor that will shut the heater off if ambient oxygen drops too low.

When directions are correctly followed, your ventless corner gas fireplace can provide emergency warmth, and it can create general ambiance for your home. Several different looks are available, ranging from an imitation black stove from Lowes Lumber Company to a sophisticated corner flame that burns bio-ethanol for a minimal gaseous output. In between these two extremes are traditional fireplaces where the flame is framed by stone or wood, with a mantel above. Or you might favor a southwestern USA style, with a shallow fire pit and high, arched opening. You can even get ventless fireplaces that are part of a corner cabinet, with the flame two or three feet above the floor. This might be a good choice for a family with small children or pets.

Many modern ventless fireplaces use bio-fuel ethanol rather than propane or kerosene. While burning ethanol will still deplete the oxygen in a room, it puts off far fewer ambient gases. Commercial bio-ethanol has a bittering agent added to deter accidental ingestion. When directions are followed, bio-fuel ethanol is by far the safest fuel for unvented heaters in the home. It is also used as fuel for TIKI torches and chaffing dishes, as well as Zippo lighters.

A corner ventless gas fireplace can be an enjoyable addition to your home and can provide emergency heat in the event of a blackout. Always read your user’s manual before operating, always open a window for air exchange, and use only the manufacturer’s recommended fuel.

Best Ideas

Corner ventless fireplace

This versatile design is a nice combination of a fireplace combined with a corner cupboard. Its lower part includes a compartment with double doors and the upper area includes a safe fireplace that provides heat and aesthetics.

Gas fireplace corner

Wood slamming in the fireplace, the mesmerizing dance of flames and pleasant heat coming out of the hearth - you need it for long evenings in your home. The whole corner ventless gas fireplace's structure is made of heat-resistant glass.

Small corner gas fireplace

An attractive corner fireplace with a metal frame finished in brown with cherry-red tones. It features a pentagonal top, a showy moulding base, corner semi-columns. It's gas and wood fueled, has 2 burners and a thermostat, a black metal front panel.

Corner gas fireplace 2

corner gas fireplace

Corner ventless propane fireplace

This practical element is a fireplace made of solid materials and finished in black color. It is suitable for corner placement. This ventless gas fireplace provides safety and it is a very economic solution.

Corner propane fireplace

This ventless gas corner fireplace will create a charming spot in any house decor, providing a warm ambiance in the whole room. Designed in the traditional style, with beige paint and wooden finish.

Gas fireplaces natural gas fireplace high end gas fireplaces


Ventless gas fireplace

Ventless Gas Fireplace

Corner vent free gas fireplace

Enjoy all the original solution! Let your eletric fireplace be visible in the corner, from every perspective - encased in white wood, combined with shelves and a decorative top with mantel, on which you can also place decorations.

Gas corner fireplace

Corner fireplace in modern form. It's covered with high quality stone. Contemporary design for the living room and others interiors according to taste and need.

Ventless corner fireplace

This decorative fireplace features a solid construction. Its insert finished in black color provides warmth and stylish appearance in different indoors. This is a gas fireplace that is cheap and very safe in use.



Corner direct vent gas fireplace

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Corner fire places

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Corner Ventless Gas Fireplace

Questions & Answers

Vent-free or no-vent gas fireplaces come equipped with an oxygen-depletion sensor, which shuts off the gas when it senses that the oxygen level drops below a pre-set level. Additionally, these fireplaces produce very low amounts of carbon monoxide.

Ventless fireplaces have very high efficiency ratings because they recirculate all the heat into the room they are installed in. Also, keep in mind that the product directions usually indicate that a window should be left slightly open when using the fireplace.

Not really, that’s all aesthetics. Just pick something that fits the rest of your interior design.

Of course, as long as you follow the product directions. Also, it’s always good to install a combination of smoke and carbon monoxide detector, just to be extra safe!

The heat capacity of gas fireplaces is measured in BTUs – per – hour. BTU stands for British thermal unit and is the amount of heat required to heat up a pound of water by 1 degree Fahrenheit. Check the BTU output of the fireplace you’re interested in to get the idea of the actual heat production.

Of course it is. Especially the corner gas fireplaces work great in smaller rooms, as they don’t take up much space at all. Plus, because they run on gas, you don’t need any additional storage for wood!

Not these days – gas fireplaces have come a long way, and now are produced with many aspects in mind, and ease of use is one of them. Of course, every gas fireplace comes with user’s manual attached, so nobody should have problems using one.

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