Fake Wall Fireplaces

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Just for decoration and not an actual fire, these fake wall fireplaces are a elegant, if not less-than-functional idea for home decor. They look like they would be at home in a manor. With ornate craftsmanship, plenty of places to put candles or pictures, and an easy installation, your wall could profit from this lovely idea. Take a look in this collection to see what we mean.

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Updated 20/03/2023
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Best Modern Fireplace
Understated False Fireplace

Understated False Fireplace

Real Flame

Perfect For: Minimalist rooms

What We Like: Contrasting inner and outer colors

What We Don’t Like: Only one finish option

Featuring a simple yet chic design, this fireplace is a brilliant option for modern spaces because of its clean-lined look. It includes a remote control, an adjustable thermostat, and a generous mantel at the top that’s ideal for decorating. The flame can be used without the heat option being activated.

$1012.5 $1350

Designer Advice:

As this fireplace is white, it will look best with either neutrals like taupe and beige or brighter, bolder colors such as teal blue. The two-tone contrast will also bring texture and depth to a neutral space. However, the fact it only comes in white could be a downside if you prefer darker color schemes. 

What Users Say:

Obsessed. Really added a focal point to what started off as a boring little living room. Easy to assemble and good quality.

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Best for Budget
Paneled Fake Fire Place

Paneled Fake Fire Place

Alcott Hill®

Perfect For: Small rooms

What We Like: Design full of character

Available in an ebony/gray mix or just white, this fireplace is ideal if you’re sticking to a budget. It won’t break the bank but is still stylish and practical. As well as a remote control and adjustable thermostat, this fireplace comes with a child safety lock to protect little ones. The flame can also be used without heat.

Designer Advice:

This fireplace is a great option if you only have a small living room, as it will enhance the cozy aspect of a room instantly. The white finish would be the best choice for most homes, as the ebony color runs the risk of darkening a room.

What Users Say:

Really lovely in my little apartment. I’m so happy with the look and function of this fireplace. The size fits perfectly in my space and it really elevates the room.

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Allsop 69 3” W Surface Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace

Allsop 69 3” W Surface Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace

Charlton Home®

What we like: Elegant design with carved columns and wainscotting

What we don’t: Assembly can be difficult

Made from manufactured wood, this false fireplace combines a bookcase and mantelpiece with an electric heater to warm your living room, bedroom, or office. Featuring side shelves for storing books, you can also place framed family photos or other decorative keepsakes on the heat-resistant top surface. 

The remote-controlled electric heater provides both warmth and has a fake flame display to add authenticity. This fake fireplace is available in either black or white, so you’ll be able to find the model that best suits your home’s décor.

$519.99 $1030

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Copper Grove Horse Mountain White Stone Electric Fireplace   White

Copper Grove Horse Mountain White Stone Electric Fireplace White

What we like: Realistic stone-like accents and dynamic display

What we don’t: High price tag for engineered wood

Exquisitely styled and encased in wood, stone-like accents, and metal, this electric fireplace offers the chic appearance of a built-in fireplace without the need for remodeling.

Using the included remote control, adjust the artificial flames and thermostat to find the perfect balance between warmth and ambiance during the colder months. The artificial flames and burning logs with embers offer the same cozy atmosphere as a real crackling fire. The unit is made from MDF, poplar, veneer, and resin. The brick accents, although not real, are textured for a realistic look and feel. 

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Northwest Wall mounted 54 inch Electric Fireplace with Remote

Northwest Wall mounted 54 inch Electric Fireplace with Remote

What we like: Modern look and decorative LED flame display

What we don’t: Challenging to install without some DIY knowledge

Rather than a floor-based unit, this fake fireplace mounts directly to the wall and resembles a flat-screen monitor. The tempered-glass screen provides a decorative LED flame display, while the remote control allows you to conveniently adjust the visual effects and heater settings of the electric heater to suit your preferred room temperature. 

While other designs attempt to evoke a classic or mid-century motif, this design is designed to appeal to those seeking a modern, contemporary look with a sleek black steel frame and glass front. 

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40” Freeing Electric Fireplace with Stone Mantel

40” Freeing Electric Fireplace with Stone Mantel

What we like: Rustic wood mantel and MGO stone face combine 

What we don’t like: Expensive for synthetic stone

If you are looking for a false fireplace with a stunning contemporary artificial stone finish, look no further than this gorgeous unit with a digital flame display. The freestanding unit is made from MGO, magnesium oxide, also known as magnesia. This building material is strong and environmentally friendly, ensuring a long life for your fireplace. 

In addition to the stone-like face, the fireplace has a rustic mantel. You can adjust the temperature and flame display of the electric heater using a remote control or a button on the unit. You don’t need to assemble this imitation fireplace — it’s ready to use as soon as it is delivered. 

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Terrence 47 38” W Electric Fireplace

Terrence 47 38” W Electric Fireplace

Laurel Foundry Modern Farmhouse®

What we like: Farmhouse or cottage aesthetic

What we don’t: Only one heat setting

If you’re interested in more rustic-style fake fireplace ideas, this manufactured-wood electric fireplace is designed to appeal to homeowners with a farmhouse or cottage aesthetic. But this mock fireplace isn’t limited to looks. It also uses an eco-friendly and energy-efficient 1,400W, 11.7A electric heater to warm your home. 

For year-round ambiance, you can turn the heater off and keep the display on. You can also change between the log set and ember bed and fire glass media, as the system contains both options. A cool-touch glass fronted system encases the realistic flames, so it’s safe to use around children. 

$299.99 $729.99

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Prejean 44 75” W Electric Fireplace

Prejean 44 75” W Electric Fireplace

Winston Porter

What we like: Classic carvings and a neutral finish 

What we don’t like: LED bulb is non-replaceable 

If you’re looking for faux fireplace ideas, this freestanding electric fireplace blends seamlessly with a variety of home décor.

Made from manufactured wood, the traditional carving detail is elegant and evokes a classic charm. This system can heat up to 400 ft², so it’s suitable for smaller enclosed rooms rather than open-plan living spaces. 

The flickering flame display can be used with or without the heater. The included anti-tipping hardware ensures the unit is securely attached to the wall. 

$619 $790

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Clairevale 36” W Surface Wall Mounted Fireplace

Clairevale 36” W Surface Wall Mounted Fireplace

Wrought Studio™

What we like: Beautiful stainless steel and black glass for a modern look

What we don’t: Limited space for the rocks

Enjoy this stunning fake fireplace wall panel that is simple to install and has a beautiful stainless-steel finish with a modern, clean design. The black glass complements the sleek, contemporary aesthetic. 

The artificial flame is adjustable, and you can choose from two different heating options. The high setting operates at 1,500W; the low setting cuts that in half at just 750W. The decorative white pebbles on the flame bed contribute to the stylish display. 

$209.99 $499.99

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Lauderhill 50 375” W Electric Fireplace

Lauderhill 50 375” W Electric Fireplace

Zipcode Design™

What we like: White, glossy finish and simple design

What we don’t like: No mantelpiece

This rectangular white electric fireplace features a glossy finish with adjustable, flickering LED flames to complement its more than 5,000 BTUs of heating output. This fireplace mounts directly to the wall and doesn’t require hardwiring — simply plug it into a wall outlet.

In addition to the remote-controlled heating, the fireplace also provides thermal overload protection for your safety and a timer. Unfortunately, there is no mantel, so you’ll need to supplement the fireplace with a separate floating shelf if you need the surface space for storing items. 

$279.99 $329

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Laurent 22 44” W Electric Fireplace

Laurent 22 44” W Electric Fireplace

Orren Ellis

What we like: Unique design adds to your home’s décor

What we don’t like: Can only heat 150 ft²

This wall-mounted electric fireplace is made from metal, tempered glass, and acrylic; this wall-mounted electric fireplace features a unique, circular design and a red finish. In addition to its decorative qualities, the fireplace also provides multiple remote-controlled heat settings so that you can warm up your bedroom or office.

If you don’t want to use the heater, you can still keep the flames on to add ambiance to your space. This compact unit is lightweight and easy to install. However, it can only produce enough heat to warm up a 150 ft² room, so it is only suitable as a supplemental heat source or for small rooms, like a bedroom or home office. 

$319.99 $899

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Best for Style
Traditional Fake Fireplace Wall

Traditional Fake Fireplace Wall

Darby Home Co

Perfect For: Larger rooms

What We Like: Storage included

Not So Good For: Small spaces

This fake fireplace comes in five finishes – mahogany, pine, espresso, ivory, and dark oak. It has a quietly luxurious look despite the lower price. As well as the center fireplace section, this fireplace has two shelving units with three shelves each on either side. It will bring a sophisticated and elegant look to any room due to the crown molding and floral motif detail.

$810 $880

Designer Advice:

This fireplace has antique vibes written all over it. A perfect option for a vintage-inspired sitting room, the mahogany and espresso brown options would look stunning paired with a deep burgundy rug or an ochre armchair nearby.

What Users Say:

I love my fireplace. It was easy to put together. I placed this in my bedroom’s sitting room. It’s very cozy on cold winter nights. It warms up the room. 

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Valmont Media Dark Mahogany Electric Fireplace

Valmont Media Dark Mahogany Electric Fireplace

What we like: The traditional mahogany finish adds a sense of luxury to your space

What we don’t: Only has 100 lbs. weight capacity 

A combination TV stand and electric fireplace is ideal for curling up and enjoying flickering faux flames while bingeing on your favorite shows. The attractive mahogany finish complements four adjustable open shelves. It also has lots of mantel space for showcasing your mementos.  

The VividFlame electric firebox allows you to adjust the color of the digital flame and the thermostat temperature using a remote control. The thermostat automatically shuts off when you achieve the temperature you desire.  

The fireplace can be used without the heat function so that you can enjoy a cozy living space all year round. You can also set the mood and change the color of the flames between orange, red, white, and blue. This artificial fireplace produces 1,500W and 12.5A and can heat up to 1,000 ft². 

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Fake Wall Fireplaces

Buying Guide

There are many reasons why to get a fake wall fireplace. Since not everyone is lucky enough to have a charming fireplace in their home, a lot of people opt for fake wall fireplaces instead. Besides, fake fireplaces are just as attractive as real fireplaces, sometimes even more.

They come at affordable prices, are safe since there’s nothing burning, and are fairly easy to adorn with candles, picture frames, and other decorative items. You might even want to mount your TV above your fake fireplace for added visual interest. Also, there is no need for venting, complicated installations, frequent maintenance, and other hassles that come with owning a real fireplace. All you have to do is pick from a wide array of designs available and you’ll have an eye-catching focal point in no time.

To style a fake wall fireplace, focus on decorating the mantle and adding an eye-catching focal point inside the firebox.

These artificial fireplaces make stunning additions to any living room and, when styled artfully, can still add a cozy atmosphere to your space despite the lack of flames. In a contemporary home with clean lines and high contrast black and white designs, consider arranging several tall candles on the hearth to add warmth to an otherwise sleek space. If your house has a rustic farmhouse aesthetic, opt for placing wrought-iron lanterns of varying sizes on the hearth instead.

If you don’t want to light anything inside the artificial fireplace, create an arrangement of three multi-size floor vases and add some colorful florals to make them pop.

Atop the mantle, place a mirror with an ornate frame to add depth to the wall above the fake fireplace. If you’ve chosen not to light candles inside the hearth, add some candles to the mantle on either side of the mirror. If you’re lighting candles on the hearth, then use your mantle for small vases full of flowers or valuable heirlooms like a clock.

The weight capacity of a fake wall fireplace depends on the material it's made from and the design. The maximum load you can place on a 60" mantel is about 150 lbs. For a 72" mantel, 180 lbs. is roughly the most weight the fireplace can hold.  

The material matters as well. A metal with textured stone faux fireplace could hold decorative items up to 85 lbs. An oak mantel with 3" thickness and a 60" length could comfortably hold up to 150 lbs.

The weight capacity of a fake fireplace wall depends on the installation too. For your mantel to hold as much weight as possible, reinforce with lag screws or install the mantel onto a backboard.

Best Ideas

How to build a built in entertainment center

A unique way to enhance your living room. This entertainment center has a built-in, fake fireplace with a lighting system. And it can not only be a nice focal point, but also a great idea to acquire several shelves for decorations and a well-balanced shelf for your flat screen TV.

Home is where the hearth is faux fireplace

Home is Where the HEARTH is (Faux Fireplace)

Fake mantle

first project Mark and I made for the shop - a custom fireplace, finished with Vermont Slate and gilding

Dimplex DFI2309 Electric Fireplace Insert

It's about time to creat a romantic mood in your living room while using this electric fireplace. The 1375 W electric fireplace insert comes with a patented flame technology and remote control, and it plugs into standard household outlet.

Builder Box Contemporary Electric Fireplace

Builder Box Contemporary Electric Fireplace

Faux fireplace plans

Nobody doubts that the fireplace emphasizes family warmth. If we do not have the opportunity to have true - we can create an fake fireplace. It can take the form like here, in white with construcion white white brick wallpaper and bright, large candles.

Fake fireplace

Fake fireplace

Fireplace bookshelf

The coziness of the interior is an important aspect, so an electric fireplace with bookshelves can be a great idea. Wall decoration in the form of a fireplace allows you to introduce a warm climate to the decor, and at the same time, it is very effective.

I love this i want one but i can just

I love this! I want one! But I can just see the preliminary conversation now... "Honey, I want to build a fake fireplace in our family room" "A What?" "A fake fireplace" "Why?" "So I can put fake lanterns in it" "Ummm... ok but only if I can have a new co

Fake wall fireplace 12

Faux fireplace! I like the concept, not that specific design. I would also probably put candles underneath.

Crawford Electric Fireplace

Crawford Electric Fireplace

Need lou to build this faux fireplace for xmas so

Need Lou to build this faux fireplace for Xmas so we can have a mantel to hang the stockings from!

Fake firplace

White tooled columns flank fake stone facades supporting a wide, white mantle. A set of tooled iron fire dogs in the shape of trees with birds holds back the flame of two bright candles. Just like a real fireplace with less mess.

Fake wall fireplace 3

A chic stylish wall-mounted imitation of a fireplace. It's made of material with a worn white finish. It has decorative side pillars with carvings under a thick moulding mantelpiece. An arched central panel is adorned with floral motifs.

White fake fireplace

Faux Fireplace and Mantel in White. A Shabby Chic style faux fireplace and mantel in gorgeous antique white. This is a new architectural inspired piece perfect for displaying home décor and bringing warmth to a cold room. Beautiful Victorian style moldi

Ashmead Wall Mount Fireplace

Ashmead Wall Mount Fireplace

Feature fireplace kids bedroom ideas childrens room furniture decorating houseandgarden

Feature Fireplace - Kids' Bedroom Ideas - Childrens Room, Furniture, Decorating (houseandgarden.co.uk)

Colombus Wall-Mounted Fireplace

Colombus Wall-Mounted Fireplace

Fake wall fireplace 5

Shabby chic,you could make a fake fire place this way..would make a great wall treatment for a large space or bedroom..

Faux mantle we have a fire place but no mantle

faux mantle... we have a fire place but no mantle in out new apartment. Want to try one of these!

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