Fake Wall Fireplace

Just for decoration and not an actual fire, these fake wall fireplaces are a elegant, if not less-than-functional idea for home decor. They look like they would be at home in a manor. With ornate craftsmanship, plenty of places to put candles or pictures, and an easy installation, your wall could profit from this lovely idea. Take a look in this collection to see what we mean.

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Wall Mount Electric Fireplace

Wall Mount Electric Fireplace
This Electric Fireplace in Black & Gray Finish provides 300 square feet of space heating capacity. Includes flickering flame effect, remote control, adjustable flame, programmable thermostat, safety shut-off, 2 heat setting options, and power cord.

Faux fireplace plans

Nobody doubts that the fireplace emphasizes family warmth. If we do not have the opportunity to have true - we can create an fake fireplace. It can take the form like here, in white with construcion white white brick wallpaper and bright, large candles.

Fake wall fireplace 3

A chic stylish wall-mounted imitation of a fireplace. It's made of material with a worn white finish. It has decorative side pillars with carvings under a thick moulding mantelpiece. An arched central panel is adorned with floral motifs.

Fake wall fireplace 11

Give some holiday flair to a simple, white fake fireplace with a rustic box filled with cut sticks and seasonal greenery. Matching decorations are placed across the wide mantle. Add a scented room deodorant cone for verisimilitude and added charm.

How to build a built in entertainment center

A unique way to enhance your living room. This entertainment center has a built-in, fake fireplace with a lighting system. And it can not only be a nice focal point, but also a great idea to acquire several shelves for decorations and a well-balanced shelf for your flat screen TV.

Fake fireplace 1

A façade of molded “rock” creates a floor to ceiling eye-catching surround for an existing fake fireplace or a place to install one. A fake wall fireplace can provide the perfect place for a digitally generated fire (with or without heater).

Fake wall ideas

Give your living room an aura of cozy elegance with this outstanding fake fireplace. Designed to look exactly like the real thing, the fireplace comes with neat candles drawn in it and a beautiful wooden exterior that should brighten up any room.

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Why get a fake wall fireplace?

There are many reasons why to get a fake wall fireplace. Since not everyone is lucky enough to have a charming fireplace in their home, a lot of people opt for fake wall fireplaces instead. Besides, fake fireplaces are just as attractive as real fireplaces, sometimes even more.

They come at affordable prices, are safe since there’s nothing burning, and are fairly easy to adorn with candles, picture frames, and other decorative items. You might even want to mount your TV above your fake fireplace for added visual interest. Also, there is no need for venting, complicated installations, frequent maintenance, and other hassles that come with owning a real fireplace. All you have to do is pick from a wide array of designs available and you’ll have an eye-catching focal point in no time.

How to style a fake wall fireplace?

To style a fake wall fireplace, focus on decorating the mantle and adding an eye-catching focal point inside the firebox.

These artificial fireplaces make stunning additions to any living room and, when styled artfully, can still add a cozy atmosphere to your space despite the lack of flames. In a contemporary home with clean lines and high contrast black and white designs, consider arranging several tall candles on the hearth to add warmth to an otherwise sleek space. If your house has a rustic farmhouse aesthetic, opt for placing wrought-iron lanterns of varying sizes on the hearth instead.

If you don’t want to light anything inside the artificial fireplace, create an arrangement of three multi-size floor vases and add some colorful florals to make them pop.

Atop the mantle, place a mirror with an ornate frame to add depth to the wall above the fake fireplace. If you’ve chosen not to light candles inside the hearth, add some candles to the mantle on either side of the mirror. If you’re lighting candles on the hearth, then use your mantle for small vases full of flowers or valuable heirlooms like a clock.

What is the weight capacity of a fake wall fireplace?

The weight capacity of a fake wall fireplace depends on the material it's made from and the design. The maximum load you can place on a 60" mantel is about 150 lbs. For a 72" mantel, 180 lbs. is roughly the most weight the fireplace can hold.  

The material matters as well. A metal with textured stone faux fireplace could hold decorative items up to 85 lbs. An oak mantel with 3" thickness and a 60" length could comfortably hold up to 150 lbs.

The weight capacity of a fake fireplace wall depends on the installation too. For your mantel to hold as much weight as possible, reinforce with lag screws or install the mantel onto a backboard.


How to build a fake fireplace

A fireplace provides a focal point for any home but is no longer primary furnishing for most homes. A decorative fireplace façade can provide a backdrop for scented candles, however. Or it can be a safe place for a digitally generated fire video.

Fake firplace

White tooled columns flank fake stone facades supporting a wide, white mantle. A set of tooled iron fire dogs in the shape of trees with birds holds back the flame of two bright candles. Just like a real fireplace with less mess.

Fake white fireplace

Give your home a cozy feel with this beautiful fake fireplace mantel. The piece is made from wood and features a neutral white finish. It also has a countertop for your family pictures and other stuff you may want to place there.

Fake wall fireplace 2

You can easily transform you living room by an imaginative wall arrangement. Use the decorative, fake stone tiles in the earthy hues and you will create a welcoming and rustic atmosphere in your house.

Builder Box Contemporary Electric Fireplace

Builder Box Contemporary Electric Fireplace

Home is where the hearth is faux fireplace

Home is Where the HEARTH is (Faux Fireplace)

I love this i want one but i can just

I love this! I want one! But I can just see the preliminary conversation now... "Honey, I want to build a fake fireplace in our family room" "A What?" "A fake fireplace" "Why?" "So I can put fake lanterns in it" "Ummm... ok but only if I can have a new co

Fake fireplace

Fake fireplace

Fake wall fireplace 12

Faux fireplace! I like the concept, not that specific design. I would also probably put candles underneath.

Fake wall fireplace 4

The big family fireplace decorated with the tiles imitating bricks. On the flue case there is placed the TV set, so it is your choice if you would like to look on fire or the newest TV series. There is also a shelf for some bric-à-brac.

Fake mantle

first project Mark and I made for the shop - a custom fireplace, finished with Vermont Slate and gilding

Fake wall fireplace 9

I have done this in a condo. Had a beautiful fireplace in my home with the painting, antique screen, and mantle decorations. Bought a victorian mantle out of a home in Vicksburg and put the fireplace screen in front of it and decorated it like it was re

Need lou to build this faux fireplace for xmas so

Need Lou to build this faux fireplace for Xmas so we can have a mantel to hang the stockings from!

Fake wall fireplace 14

None can tell it's FAUX Stone. Fireplace With Faux Stone traditional family room.

How to make a fake fireplace

DIY: How To Build A Fireplace Surround - this handy homeowner shows how she built this unbelievable surround mantle.

White fake fireplace

Faux Fireplace and Mantel in White. A Shabby Chic style faux fireplace and mantel in gorgeous antique white. This is a new architectural inspired piece perfect for displaying home décor and bringing warmth to a cold room. Beautiful Victorian style moldi

Ashmead Wall Mount Fireplace

Ashmead Wall Mount Fireplace

Make fake fireplace


Fake wall fireplace

fake wall fireplace

Inside the apartment of one of nycs coolest ladies

Inside the apartment of one of NYC's coolest ladies!

How to make a faux mantel faux fireplace with candles

How to make a faux mantel. Faux fireplace with candles (ACultivatedNest.Com)

If the house has a fireplace be sure to find

if the house has a fireplace be sure to find out whether it's gas or wood, how old it is, whether or not it works, is in good repair, whether or not it's drafty or has a good working flue hatch. If the hatch is warped or doesn't seal properly you'll be de

Electric fireplace with bookshelves

A fireplace with a painting of fire and with bookshelves on a side. It's all white and its design is very simple and elegant. On the top of it you can put all kind of decorative elements as well as a TV. On its sides there are 6 shelves for books.

Feature fireplace kids bedroom ideas childrens room furniture decorating houseandgarden

Feature Fireplace - Kids' Bedroom Ideas - Childrens Room, Furniture, Decorating (houseandgarden.co.uk)

Colombus Wall-Mounted Fireplace

Colombus Wall-Mounted Fireplace

How to install a manufactured stone fireplace

How to Install a Manufactured Stone Fireplace

Dimplex DFI2309 Electric Fireplace Insert

It's about time to creat a romantic mood in your living room while using this electric fireplace. The 1375 W electric fireplace insert comes with a patented flame technology and remote control, and it plugs into standard household outlet.

Fireplace bookshelf

The coziness of the interior is an important aspect, so an electric fireplace with bookshelves can be a great idea. Wall decoration in the form of a fireplace allows you to introduce a warm climate to the decor, and at the same time, it is very effective.

Fake wall fireplace 6

Golden Boys and Me: Our Faux Fireplace - love this

Wall mounted fake fireplace

before and after rock fireplace makeover...rock white washed and dark grout painted light.

Faux hearth

This wooden frame serves as construction basis for fake wall fireplace. Before you construct the fireplace, you need to build a fake wall first. The fake wall on wooden frame must be properly attached to the regular wall.

Fake wall fireplace 15

How to make a faux fireplace

Ossington Wall Mount Fireplace

Ossington Wall Mount Fireplace

Faux rock wall panels in earth

Faux Rock Wall Panels in Earth

Fake wall fireplace 5

Shabby chic,you could make a fake fire place this way..would make a great wall treatment for a large space or bedroom..

Fake wall fireplace 10

Creating A Faux Brick Fire Box With Drywall Joint Compound- I just love the faux brick technique ~KR~

Fireplace between the master bedroom tub i dont like those

Fireplace between the master bedroom & tub. I don't like those fake flowers/ decor but I like this idea

Fake fireplace ideas

Fake wall fireplaces are a great addition to modern houses with a rustic twist. You don't have any troubles that come with real fireplaces, like dust and smoke, but still keep the charming design and traditional appeal.

BuyFauxStone Stacked Stone Wall Panel

Fake fireplace wall

whitewashing icky brick instead of using opaque paint. Would love to use this technique on my fake river rock fireplace and two story fake river rock chimney.

Faux mantle we have a fire place but no mantle

faux mantle... we have a fire place but no mantle in out new apartment. Want to try one of these!

Crawford Electric Fireplace

Crawford Electric Fireplace

Hippo head more great fake taxidermy

Hippo head. more great fake taxidermy.