Birch Cabinets


Some like oak. Some prefer pine. But if you are one of those special people that are big fans of birch, then have we got the cabinets for you. This handsome collection of birch cabinets will suit all your cabinetry needs, be it the kitchen, the bathroom, or even the garage. Find your perfect birch cabinet set in this impressive collection. They are fantastic.

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Durable, practical and stylish contemporary kitchen cabinets made of wood. These simple elements feature practical drawers and compartments with decorative and solid frames. They look nice with gray marble top.

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Birch Kitchen Cabinets

Birch Kitchen Cabinets

Find your personal kitchen style - inspiring even by this birch kitchen. Classic eat-in kitchen design, with subway tile backsplash, a farmhouse sink, wooden-front birch cabinets and marble dark kitchen countertops.

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Birch cabinets kitchen

Pretty contemporary kitchen units of wooden materials finished in light browns. Floor units have recessed toe-kicks, drawers with metal C-handles, door cabinets with round knobs, creamy countertops. Hanging door cabinets have round knobs.

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Natural birch kitchen cabinets

Nice birch kitchen cabinets. Love their light warmth. Made from solid light wood look really spacious, so you've got a feeling like the room is much bigger than it actually is. Adorable chandelier right upon the tiny isle.

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What goes with wood cabinets

What goes with wood cabinets

Grey counters always work and mix well with any type of interior decor, from the more natural looking to the comteporary styled and minimalistic black and white one. This gray-green glass tile will also offer immense durability.

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Birch cabinets 2

In Love with this Kitchen! Love the shelving units! Long rows of open shelving for dishes, light woods and beaded cabinet doors give this progressive kitchen a decidedly upscale Scandinavian feel.

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Light birch kitchen cabinets

This beautiful birch kitchen constitutes a great example of the IKEA design. Stylish and practical, the project enchants with warm, creamy beige colours. It constitutes a smooth transition between the classic elegance and contemporary freshness.

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Red birch kitchen cabinets

birch cabinets white appliances white subway tile backsplash

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Red Birch Cabinets

Red Birch Cabinets

The kitchen cabinets made of the red birch. This type of wood is more charming than its classic sister white birch. This stylization is a beautiful marriage between the modern equipment and tasteful cabinets.

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Refaced cabinets click images to enlarge

Refaced Cabinets (click images to enlarge)

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Birch Cabinets

Buying Guide

The best color granite to go with birch cabinets is white, creating an organic and airy look that draws you in. The two colors complement each other and, together, brighten your kitchen or bathroom. Together these colors create a more minimalistic design, without either shade overpowering the space.

The lighter color of birch cabinets with white granite countertops can make a smaller kitchen look and feel roomier and larger than it is. You can add white granite with prominent veining, such as Azurite if solid colors aren’t your preference.

However, for a more dramatic look, black granite offers a high-contrast to the light appearance of natural birch cabinets, giving your space modern appeal. Black granite also typically has less veining than its lighter-colored counterparts, offering a subtle sparkle when the sunlight hits it.

Black granite is also an excellent option if you have dark-stained birch cabinets, such as garnet, sorrel, or toffee birch. The combination of dark shades gives your kitchen, laundry, or bathroom a refined aesthetic ideal for traditional or transitional homes.

Birch cabinets work particularly well in the kitchen because they’re hard to scratch, they look good, and they hold up well even amid heat and high levels of humidity. Birch is a medium-dense wood, which means that it won’t be too heavy to deal with (important when you think about the number of kitchen cabinet doors you open each day!). However, it’s also strong enough to stand up to repeated levels of heavy use.

Hiring a professional to install your new birch cabinets is usually the smartest option. When taking on the project without the help of a trained professional, be aware that the process can be pretty complicated. It requires several tools and a lot of physical strength. You should ensure you are entirely confident in the installation process before you take on the project.

Installing cabinets can be an intricate process and requires various steps before completion. This is why many birch cabinet manufacturing companies will have a professional in-house to install your cabinets after you order them. If not, they will typically recommend a skilled tradesperson they frequently work with who can safely perform the installation.

Best Ideas

Our adel birch doors with white countertop

Our Adel birch doors with white countertop

Love this gorgeous country kitchen farmhouse sink and of course

love this gorgeous country kitchen, farmhouse sink and of course the birch cabinets...

Birch kitchen cabinet door

Birch Kitchen cabinet door

Coastal Birch China Cabinet

Coastal Birch China Cabinet

A perfect decoration for displaying decorations. This China Cabinet in Antique White is crafted from solid wood, beautified by its mirrored back. The cabinet features storage drawers, glass doors, open storage section, wood shelves, and bun feet.

Birch cabinets 17

Stunning kitchen cabinets designed from birch wood and finished in superb natural wood grain. The cabinets also come with excellent metal hardware, each coated with black for accents. You also get both wall-mounted and floor standing options to choose from.

Birch cabinets 19

Transform your kitchen with excellent class thanks to these stunning cabinets. Made from birch wood, the cabinets are sealed in a slightly glossed stain and come with well-fitted metal accents. They also combine drawers and closed cabinets, some of which feature stunning stained-glass doors.

Birch cabinets 20

Birchwood kitchen cabinets designed for durability and style. The cabinets come in superb natural wood grain. They are also fitted with stunning metal pulls for accent and ease of use. They are great for large modern kitchens.

Birch cabinets 8

Light wood cabinets

Birch cabinets 15

Original birch kitchen cabinets in a 1925 bungalow – American Bungalow, issue 79

Maple cabinets 12

Contemporary kitchen with all-wood cabinetry - even the microwave was fitted into a wooden cabinet. These are Adele cabinets in birch. All cabinets were customized to fit the small space with no cost to functionality.

Red birch cabinets kitchen

This sublime bar stool sport a high design that allows for maximum comfort while using the minimum amount of space. It sports the dark, rich brown finish and offers ample support from the thickly padded seat and back.

Birch cabinets 12

This is more contemporary, but I would also be totally ok with light wood cabinets (birch/maple/bamboo) and something sustainable like cork floors and concrete countertops

Natural birch cabinets 1

natural birch cabinets

This is what ikea could do for my kitchen just

This is what IKEA could do for my kitchen. Just picture my refrigerator on the right next to the dishwasher.