Work Tables With Storage

These tables are perfect for all your projects. Work tables with storage can be exactly what you want them to be. Are you a woodworker, a hobbyist, or just love to build plastic, model airplanes? It is good for all of those. And so. so much more. And they are sturdy, made out of the best wood for constant, high-impact work. Your hobby needs this work table.

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47" W x 22" D Work Table

47" W x 22" D Work Table
Are you dreaming about a perfect workplace? This awesome and stylish work table is gonna be the perfect solution for you! Check it out and enjoy the endless comfort together with an extraordinary design.

Annexe 53.25" W x 31.5" D Work Table

Annexe 53.25" W x 31.5" D Work Table
This amazing work table is gonna completely change the quality of your work. Check it out and enjoy the brand new design in your office together with an extraordinary functionality and the highest quality.

Work table with storage

The large worktable with a lot of storage space. Each plain of this innovative piece of furniture is developed with shelves with baskets to put your tools there. The perfect workspace for tailor or jewelry designer.

Desks with drawers

Home office working space that provides ergonomy. These two desks offer large rectangular working tops and they are also equipped with many drawers that provide storage space for important items. Their wooden frames are finished in neutral white color.

Work tables with storage 1

Ideal for a workshop or some studio, this Quilters table with storage on wheels is built from 2 IKEA expedit (2x4) bookcases and 2 sheets of plywood. A homemade construction, which enchants with its natural character.

Kitchen cutting table

A large working table for companies that cut fabric and perform other similiar works. This table includes eight shelves for storage of different items, raw materials and other important product that are useful in the work.

The size works for you it s an interesting idea

the size works for you it s an interesting idea

Our advice Buying Guide

No matter if you're running a business from home, need a worktable in the kitchen, or are looking for extra space for working in the garage or basement, work tables with storage serve multiple purposes. Their advantage is their immense storage capacities in conjunction with expansive table tops. With a myriad of styles, features, and materials to choose from, we're putting together a guide to help you sort through your options.

What are the most durable materials for work tables?

It’s possible to find work tables and storage featuring construction from any material you can imagine. Therefore, think about the durability you want it to have as well as its function. If you're going to use the table for heavy-duty projects in the garage, then you’ll need something featuring solid construction. These materials could include steel leg supports and a hardwood top. Here are some other material examples:

  • Work tables with storage for crafters or designers: these tables contain multiple shelves and storage areas. They're optimal for tucking away baskets, tools, and other essentials necessary for working. The entire unit has a hardwood construction.
  • Laminate work tables: for those who need a work table with storage drawers and prefer a sleek design, the laminate is easy to clean and durable.
  • Aluminum tables: these work tables are waterproof and are ideal for those who need to have work tables with storage outdoors.

What different designs of work tables with storage are there?

Just as there are many uses for work tables with storage, there are many designs for them as well. Therefore, you’ll need to look at the space you’re using them in to determine which will work best. Here are some examples:

  • Boho or Shabby Chic: you'll find hints of fine detailing including scalloped edging, finials, cornices, and neutral paint tones on these work tables with storage.
  • Modern or Contemporary: minimalist and clean lines featuring whether white, black or a bold color are what make these pieces bring a contemporary space come to life.
  • Industrial: when form and function are what it's all about, you'll find these pieces of furniture showcasing the strength and durability with solid wood construction and metal supports.

What are the standard dimensions of work tables?

Some work tables featuring storage are substantial in size while others are the same size as a standard home office desk. Here is an opportunity for you to think about the desk’s use, how many people will be working at it, and the amount of space that’s available for it in the room. On most tables, the working surface is somewhere between 33" and 36" high.

You’ll find that some work tables have seating that pushes directly into the table, whereas others have no space for chairs. Under some circumstances, it’s optimal to have work tables with storage custom made for the area in which you’re working. That way, you know it will fit optimally. Otherwise, before falling in love with a table, be sure it will fit in the space, through the doors, and down the hallways.


Drafting tables

Practical and functional, this basic work station can make your job easier and more satisfying. Includes several open storage compartments, a canvas and sketchpad storage, and a large top with adjustable, smaller panel.

Work tables with storage

Classic metal plumbing pipes create the legs and supports for a two-inch thick wood plank tabletop. Above it, L brackets hold up tongue and groove board shelving units. The combination makes a neat workspace for anyone. Add matching stools.

Large craft table with storage

In the large tailor's workshop needs to have the appropriate cutting table. This one is big enough for a team of several people. The additional storage behind the countertop allows keeping the rolls of fabric at hand.

Work tables with storage 10

Extra functional work table featuring sturdy wooden construction, a neat brown top, a neutral white finish, and dozens of drawers for storage. The piece also offers a counter-height design, making it a perfect choice for the kitchen island in your house.

Work tables with storage 11

Large craft room for busy hard-working individuals. Work tables with storage comprise the core of this contemporary interior. Walls are lined with white shelves. Rattan baskets expand the storage opportunities even more.

Work tables with storage 6

Practical work table that delivers plenty of storage. The piece is made from wood and comes in a stunning white finish for that modern look. It also gives you an extra-large workspace and several open shelves on the sides for all your office supplies.

Drafting tables 1

An innovative art studio table with a frame and lots of open dividers finished in pale pink. Drawers have dark fronts and metal handles. A beige top with a side wing with holes for containers for accessories and a flip up drafting table are beige.

Work tables with storage 13

Great idea! If you're not using that work bench in your garage frequently, build the table top on hinges to fold it flush with the wall and save space in the garage

Work tables with storage

Imagine turning this into a craft storage space! Would be great for the Vardo kitchen as well

Work tables with storage 1

Though being a workstation, this interior oozes coziness thanks to warm vanilla tones applied everywhere. Natural wood wheeled table provides plenty of working space. Dark brown saddle stools bring another warm tone.

Flat file work table

Flat File Work Table

Art storage furniture desk and work tables have art storage

Art storage furniture, desk and work tables have art storage drawers ...

Work tables with storage 2

2 bookshelves+ a piece of plywood = a desk or work table with storage (future craft table)

Art studio work table

Perfectly organized scrapbook room!!

Table top storage 3

Minimalistic yet stylish approach to a DIY project for a self-made dining table with some additional storage. The top surface of the table is made out of a slab of oak wood, paired six compartments inside of each leg.

Work tables with storage

Two small bookshelves plus a thick board (painted white) put glass top on for stamping and easy clean up of crafting – desk, island, craft table @ Home DIY Remodeling

Work tables with storage 1

To create such a unconventional pice of work table with storage were used - two of these 9-cube shelf thing easy to find. Everything in white color. And additionaly a square large top, made of playwood. White elements puted together create nice work place.

Use three or four closetmaid 9 cub organizers to make

Use three (or four) ClosetMaid 9-Cub organizers to make this work table. Very simple, all that needs to be installed are some L brackets to connect the units together for stability and add a piece of wood to the top. Voila ... instant workspace.

Work tables with storage

Awesome multipurpose space. Sewing room, office and guest room with Murphy Bed!

Table top storage

IKEA Expedit shelves in the 2x2 configuration to use as end cases via Erics's Doing Something Else

Unfinished basement turned craft studio this basement looks like ours

Unfinished basement turned craft studio | ~ This basement looks like ours too!

Work tables with storage 9

This beautiful work table with storage constitutes a perfect proposition for a stylishly designed workshop or office space. Its warm boho or shabby chic appeal will help you ignite your cretivity.

Work tables with storage 7

I love to see other artist's studios and how they are organized. AND, how they deal with unusual shaped spaces.

Work tables with storage 1

i love this craft studio with a super long rustic table.

Kindergarten school age writing center table with laminate top storage

Kindergarten/School Age Writing Center Table with laminate top storage ...

Massive outdoor work table is 13 5 ft long by

Massive outdoor work table is 13.5 ft. long by 4 ft. wide. Behind ...

Kids art desk with storage

Make sure your children can have a lot of fun and play by decorating their playroom with a stunning kids art table and chairs that make for a really colorful addition to the place and keep it practical.

Workbench Shop Top

Workbench Shop Top

Work table with storage

work table with storage

Work tables with storage

Great position of the chair (power position), the wall behind gives a sense of support! Love the clean table with a tray of a few decorative items and the lamp in the abundance corner of the table!

Work tables with storage

Folding And Storage Ottoman Your House Management Software

Table top storage 4

I want this for my sewing room!! DIY Furniture Plan from Cubby bookshelves are so popular because they enable you to further sort and organize your belongings. No longer do you need bookends and even baskets and bins become optional. This c

Wood Potting Bench Garden Outdoor Work Bench Table Planting Bench

This practical bench is a great choice for all pot plant lovers. Designed of solid fir wood in a natural wood finish, the bench includes an upper work station, side drawer, lower shelf, and side hooks for hanging tools.

Work tables with storage 14

Make Your Own Custom Craft Table.... this is a sweet craft table.... perfect for scrapbooking! My home is going to be littered with those Ikea bookshelves.

Kitchen with bar table

To get a fresh look of your kitchen or dining room thanks to Scandinavian designers, get a kitchen island that has a white base, abounding with shelves and crevices for a neat storage, and a natural wood top.

Land of nod art table

Develop instant storage by installing a metal towel rack then hanging plastic or metal buckets from it. You can easily create a theme by painting or ornamenting the containers. A quick and inexpensive way to organize any work or play space.

Art table for kids with storage

For crafting, office space, kid's study area, game room, etc. The list goes on. Exciting improvement with a budget.

Table top storage 10

Affordable Craft Room Ideas...for my scrapbooking stuff!!! - Using Ikea Kids Storage and Re-Store Counter Tops

Pallet bench with storage

This bench is a solid product made of wood. It offers a backrest and a seat with vertical slats. Lower part of this bench also includes a durable construction based on vertical slats of different size.

Wood garden work table


Fold flat table

Feast your eyes on this expandable table made of quality wood, perfect for smaller spaces. The table is equipped with a handy storage consisting of several capacious drawers with cut-out holes instead of traditional handles.

Craft table drop leaf shelves storage bins sewing cabinets work

Craft Table Drop Leaf Shelves Storage Bins Sewing Cabinets Work Space ...

Art table with storage

The smart solution for the little artists. The long table mounted on the wall with the storage shelfs for the toys. It had been adjusted to the users height. The big, wide countertop is a perfect place for creating real art.