Kids Activity Table With Storage

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Give your kids countless hours of fun and imagination with a kid’s activity table with storage. These usually come with dual-sided table panels to accommodate their various needs. Whether it’s an arts and crafts project or creating Lego constructions, these activity tables will surely keep them busy. Most importantly, they come with drawers or storage bins so you can easily hide their toys once they’re done playing. With our designers’ picks, you’ll surely find one or a couple that will excite your young ones.

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Updated 11/06/2022
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Two Seater Activity Table

Two Seater Activity Table

What We Like: Under-table storage

What We Don’t Like: Drawers bump on legs (for taller kids)

Perfect for: Young kids

Not so great for: Older, taller kids

Perfect for two kids, this activity table with storage is ideal for toddlers and older. It features a double-sided play surface that can be flipped around depending on their activity. On one side is a construction panel while the other is a smooth table. Below are two drawers for easy decluttering and organization after the kids are done playing. Comes with two chairs.

This table’s construction panel is compatible with standard-size blocks such as Legos. With its height and under-table storage, it’s best to check if this is ideal for your kid’s height. Otherwise, you might need to remove the drawers during their activity to make the table more comfortable to use. 

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Activity Table Set with Multiple Storage

Activity Table Set with Multiple Storage

What We Like: Multiple storage options for table and chair

What We Don’t Like: Fabric drawers

Perfect for: Ages three and up

Not so great for: Those who prefer colorful activity tables

With two Playboard surfaces, this kids’ activity table with storage provides tons of opportunities for fun and organization. The table comes with three drawers that are positioned in the central base. It also includes sectional baskets to accommodate smaller items. Aside from that, the chairs each have their own baskets.

Due to the multiple parts and storage components that come with the set, prepare to spend a few hours on assembly. One thing to note is that the storage bins are made of fabric, instead of the material used for the table and seat construction. 

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Two Drawer Activity Table

Two Drawer Activity Table

What We Like: Two-toned finish

What We Don’t Like: Harsh smell

Perfect for: Younger kids

Not so great for: Multiple parts that need assembly

Ideal for toddlers, this kids’ table with storage comes with two low-height seats to keep them comfortable while playing and learning. Crafted in premium wood, it has a two-toned finish that is versatile and can adapt to different playroom aesthetics. The center base is installed with two fabric bins so you can easily stow toys and other activities away once the kids are done.

Sturdy and modern. However, its paint finish has a strong chemical smell that might be off-putting for some. We recommend airing it out for a few days before placing it in your kids’ room. The table is easy to assemble, but you might need a few hours for the chairs.

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Round Activity Table

Round Activity Table

What We Like: Playful configuration and space-saving features

What We Don’t Like: Tabletop material tends to chip if wet

Perfect for: Dry activities

Not so great for: Wet activities

Attractive and playful, this kids’ activity table has a trendy round shape that can accommodate four kids. The stools that come with the set can be easily stowed under the table. They are also equipped with open storage compartments for convenient organization and access. The entire piece’s glossy finish makes it easy to clean.

This is a great space-saving activity table. One thing to note is that the tabletop is made of particle board construction, which makes it less sturdy after a long time. We recommend avoiding doing any water-related activities to prevent it from getting soaked and damaged. 

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Activity Table with Boxed Partitions

Activity Table with Boxed Partitions

What We Like: Open and enclosed storage

What We Don’t Like: No stools included

Perfect for: Older kids

Not so great for: Younger kids

A kids’ play table with storage that can accommodate different ages. It has an adjustable height through the use of four extender blocks. The tabletop is reversible to accommodate different activities. Beside the Playboard are three open boxes and under the board is a larger storage box. Crafted in hardwood and comes in a natural finish.

Easy to assemble and has a timeless, versatile appeal. We recommend adding chairs or stools to make your kids comfortable especially for longer play hours. The open base also provides enough room for additional storage boxes if you need to store more toys in the play area.

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Activity Table with Blocks Set

Activity Table with Blocks Set

What We Like: Rounded, safety corners

What We Don’t Like: Plates keep on lifting

Perfect for: Toddlers and small kids

Not so great for: Older, taller kids

Made especially for younger kids, this toddler activity table with storage has a fun and youthful look. Made of wood, it features rounded corners to ensure your child’s safety. It also comes with a reversible surface for different types of activities. Underneath the tabletop is a large storage compartment where you can hide their toys away. Comes with 195 building bricks for endless fun.

The Lego plates installed on one side of the panel tend to lift off from the edge. We recommend applying glue to prevent them from coming off. You can make it more comfortable for your toddler by placing a floor pillow that they can sit on while playing.

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Kids Activity Table With Storage

Buying Guide

When choosing a kids activity table with storage, here are the main things that you should look for and consider:

  • A safe and reliable surface that won’t be threatened by your children’s unpredictable painting and coloring experiments (for example, whiteboards or coated wooden models)
  • The right height for their age or, if you’re planning on letting it grow with them, a model with adjustable height
  • The right amount of storage for their needs: this can include drawers, open shelves, or a combination of the two

When sourcing a kids activity table with storage, it’s best to look for sealed wood with rounded corners for inside tables or solid, durable plastic for outside tables. These materials will present the best safety and longevity for your child—and you’ll also enjoy ease of maintenance, because each of these materials are relatively easy to clean. Either one will come in bright colors, too, which can be fun when decorating a kid’s space.

Ready, steady… create! An activity table is a multi-functional key element in any classroom or learning environment. From giving each kid enough personal space to allowing them to form different groups whenever needed, activity tables are versatile tools on their educational journey.

That's only if you pick the right ones for them, though! Here's what you should consider in order to choose activity tables that match your young students' needs.

Kids activity tables come in a large variety of colors: whether you're striving for a vibrant, stimulating environment or a calming space that helps them focus, it won't be hard to find the perfect hue. However, the most important thing is actually to find tables whose layout matches the right activity and scenario:

  • If your students are very young, need frequent assistance and are required to draw on the spot or write ideas to share with others, whiteboard tables will be a pivotal learning tool: they encourage quick-thinking, brainstorming, teacher demonstrations and collaboration;
  • Do your students engage in activities that require the same tools, such as drawing or painting? Then a storage table would be the most practical choice: whether you opt for drawers, shelves or compartments, you'll spare your little learners from always having to carry their stuff back and forth;
  • If the tables usually stay in the same spot, normal legs will do; however, if you often encourage your students to form new groups and collaborate with different friends, tables with wheels will unlock a whole new level of flexibility.

  • Rectangular, trapezoid and round tables are extremely versatile and particularly useful for older kids, as they can be used for group lessons as well as meetings and events; they're more suitable if your students usually work on their own or in the same groups rather than forming new ones every time;
  • When creating different groups to work on a project, tables with the same or complementary shapes will result in a practical and wider work surface;
  • For the youngest kids, we recommend kidney or horseshoe shapes: they let the teacher be in the middle and retain their attention more easily;
  • Space-optimizing flower-shaped or octagonal tables allow each kid to have their own little section while also encouraging group collaboration.

Consider the number of kids and the dimensions of the classroom, but don't forget to leave enough room to pull out the chairs and walk around them!

For a kid to sit comfortably, allow them around 18-20 inches (in width) of personal space, 60" between tables, and 48" of aisle room.

For example:

  • To sit 2 kids, you could look at an 18x48" rectangular table, or a 20-24" square or round design;
  • To sit 4, a 18x96" rectangular table, or 36" if square or round;
  • For 6-8, square tables start to be a bit cumbersome: opt for a 36x60" rectangular or a 60" round table; flower-shaped and octagonal shapes would definitely optimize your classroom's space better when sitting lots of kids at the same table.

As for height, you've got two options:

  • Choose the right height for their age: 10-18" for toddlers; 18-26" for elementary school; and 26-32" for a standard-height table;
  • Invest in height-adjustable tables: they're usually more expensive, but they'll save you money in the long run, either because they'll allow you to accommodate different age-groups in the same classroom or because they'll grow with your students, so you won't need to replace them after a few years.

As for table tops, laminate, plastic and whiteboard are the best materials: they're durable, waterproof and easy to clean. Plastic, especially, is very lightweight, making these frames more suitable for the youngest kids.

  • Metal is a popular and sturdy frame material, and it often allows height-regulating options.
  • Wood can help you achieve a traditional, old-style feel, but, because it can be easily stained and might even result in splinters if not looked after properly, we only recommend it for older kids or activities that don't involve wet, messy materials.

Yes! Your new activity tables should help you create a safe space, not bring a new hazard into the classroom. Stay clear of tables with particularly pointy and hard edges, as well as unsanded wood which could result in splinters.

If your students are very young, make sure that their tables have thick legs and are quite short and sturdy: this will reduce the risk of them pulling the tables onto themselves when standing up, and prevent them from hurting themselves if they manage to do so.

We know, that was a lot to take in all at once. However, now that you know exactly what to look for, it'll be much easier to choose activity tables that match your specific requirements! Here are the most important things to remember:

  • Features like whiteboard-tops, storage tables or wheels should be considered for specific activities and needs
  • Rectangular, trapezoid and round table are the most versatile, whereas kidney or horseshoe shapes are more suitable for teacher-centered lessons for the youngest kids; flower or octagonal tables are more space-saving
  • As for size, consider both the number of kids and the class's dimensions, leaving them 18-20 inches each, 60" for chair room, and 48" of aisle space
  • You can either choose the right size for a specific age-group or go for height-adjustable tables that will grow with them
  • Laminate, whiteboard and plastic are the best materials for your table top; the last one is particularly handy for toddlers
  • Keep safety in mind! Avoid sharp pointy edges or unsanded wood, and make sure that toddlers have short lightweight tables with thicker legs.

Best Ideas

Kids activity table with storage 4

Kid’s activity table with large storage drawer, and storage spaces beneath the table for flat supplies. A groove around the edge of the table helps keep crayons or pencils on the table, where they will be convenient for young artists.

Storit Kids Activity Table with Toy Box on Wheels

Storit Kids Activity Table with Toy Box on Wheels

This is a perfect piece of furniture to furnish any kids room - it's activity table with a toy box on wheels. It can be open two sides and it's made of highest quality materials, safe to use by children.

Fantastic table with storage

fantastic table with storage!

Land of nod activity table with storage storage solutions for

land of nod activity table with storage - Storage solutions for kids on

Lego table kids play table lots of

Lego table kids play table lots of

A fabulous activity table that boys will absolutely love. It features a simple, wooden construction with a large Lego top, which is surrounded by plenty of removable storage cases for toys or other stuff.

Kids play tables with storage

A wide table that is just waist high on most kindergarten children is made even better by housing two wide storage bins are the perfect addition to a child’s room or even to a classroom. It is attractive and practical.

Kids play table kids white play table with side bin

Kids' Play Table: Kids White Play Table with Side Bin in Play Tables for playroom

Kids activity table with storage 1

Activity table for kids. This element of furniture features clean lines and simple design. Wooden construction finished in brown color includes a rectangular top and four shelves for the storage of toys and other items.

Kids 2-in-1 Plastic Building Blocks Compatible 3 Piece Circle Activity Table & 18" H Chair Set

Kids 2-in-1 Plastic Building Blocks Compatible 3 Piece Circle Activity Table & 18" H Chair Set

This kid’s table and chair set is an eye-catching proposition due to the bright colors. The set is easily a suitable spot for kid’s fun learning and daytime play. Made from high-quality plastic, it is compatible with Duplo blocks and other popular building blocks. Assembling is a breeze due to its snap-together components. The set includes 100 building blocks, a table, two chairs, and four removable storage bins. The corners are round for a safe playing environment.

3 Piece Square Activity Table & 10.5" Chair Set

3 Piece Square Activity Table & 10.5" Chair Set

With adjustable legs on the chairs, this is a perfect set if you are worried about not choosing the right table height. The set includes two visually appealing chairs. The soft curves on the chairs are an excellent aesthetic feature and one that makes the kid’s environment safer. The table is square-shaped to give the kids plenty of room for doing their favorite activities. The set is colored blue and it’s easy to fit in any kid’s room or play area.

Infant-Toddler 36" Four Cutout Kids Writing Table

Infant-Toddler 36" Four Cutout Kids Writing Table

This table is ideal for toddlers and older infants. The innovative part of this table is the cutout, which makes it safer as you can better secure the seating of your little one. The table is height-adjustable, so you don’t need to buy a new table as your child grows. On top of that, you can expect easy storage as the table is collapsible. Keep in mind that this set does not include chairs.

Table toys lego play table

Kids Maple Wood Activity Table with Two Stools | Shopping - Big Discounts on Altra Kids' Table & Chair Sets

Table toys play table lego

Kids Play Tables: Kids White Adjustable Activity Table in Play Tables. We so need a table with a paper roller!

Child activity table with storage

Three Sizes Fits All activity table (grows from 15" to 23" to 30" with set of legs). Pair w/ one-seater bean bag for low table, play chair, then desk chair. Super neat concept (and a good investment, right?)!

With its low to the ground design sized just right

With its low-to-the-ground design – sized just right for the pint-sized crowd – and plentiful built-in storage, this sturdy wood table is perfect for playing games and creating masterpieces.

Boys activity table

Activity table with 6 bins

Kids activity table with storage 5

Lego idea. Top platform with wall to wall Lego base and small pieces and parts below in the drawer.

Melissa & Doug Deluxe Wooden Multi-Activity Table

This multi-activity table is made of solid wood panels, so your little ones could play for a very long time. Includes a removable double-sided play board, a pull-out drawer, and an eco-friendly design.

Kids activity table with storage 11

Have to have it. Classic Playtime Double Sided Activity Table with Optional Chairs - Espresso - $169.98 @hayneedle

LEGO Education Three Seat Playtable, Solid Hardwood 6099591

Storage activity table

RiverRidge Kids - Activity Table and Chair Set with Storage Bins -

Kids activity table with storage 8

cute low table and ottoman, wish we could add an exposed brick wall in our basement!

Wooden lego compatible play table for lego yenny shop

Wooden LEGO Compatible Play Table for LEGO, Yenny shop ...

Playtime toys trains and train tables

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