Kids Activity Table With Storage


To keep your kids busy, but not ruin your nice, clean dining table, we give you kids activity tables with storage. These versatile and very durable tables are perfect for your little one to do their art projects, science experiments, or whatever, without fear they might damage or even destroy that expensive dining table. And they have plenty of convenient storage for art supplies.

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Our Picks

Lego table kids play table lots of

Lego table kids play table lots of

A fabulous activity table that boys will absolutely love. It features a simple, wooden construction with a large Lego top, which is surrounded by plenty of removable storage cases for toys or other stuff.

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Storit Kids Activity Table with Toy Box on Wheels

Storit Kids Activity Table with Toy Box on Wheels

This is a perfect piece of furniture to furnish any kids room - it's activity table with a toy box on wheels. It can be open two sides and it's made of highest quality materials, safe to use by children.

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Kids activity table with storage 4

Kid’s activity table with large storage drawer, and storage spaces beneath the table for flat supplies. A groove around the edge of the table helps keep crayons or pencils on the table, where they will be convenient for young artists.

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Land of nod activity table with storage storage solutions for

land of nod activity table with storage - Storage solutions for kids on

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Kids play tables with storage

A wide table that is just waist high on most kindergarten children is made even better by housing two wide storage bins are the perfect addition to a child’s room or even to a classroom. It is attractive and practical.

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Fantastic table with storage

fantastic table with storage!

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Play table with storage underneath

Skillfully using the space and taking care of the fun and learning of a child-one could pay attention to the kids activity long table on wheels with storage,large countertop and spacious shelves below it. All toys will fit. Made of wood and white veneer.

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Activity table with drawers

A child’s storage table, pre-marked with roads, makes a good place for youngsters to engage in constructive or imaginative play. Plastic tubs, placed on the shelves beneath the table, are ideal storage for toys with small parts such as blocks.

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Lego activity table with storage drawer

This kids activity table has storage and it has a reversible top. On one side, the top is a chalkboard, on the other side it is a smooth surface for drawing or writing. Large, pull-out drawers provide storage space.

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Kids activity table with storage 1

Activity table for kids. This element of furniture features clean lines and simple design. Wooden construction finished in brown color includes a rectangular top and four shelves for the storage of toys and other items.

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Kids Activity Table With Storage

Buying Guide

When choosing a kids activity table with storage, here are the main things that you should look for and consider:

  • A safe and reliable surface that won’t be threatened by your children’s unpredictable painting and coloring experiments (for example, whiteboards or coated wooden models)
  • The right height for their age or, if you’re planning on letting it grow with them, a model with adjustable height
  • The right amount of storage for their needs: this can include drawers, open shelves, or a combination of the two

When sourcing a kids activity table with storage, it’s best to look for sealed wood with rounded corners for inside tables or solid, durable plastic for outside tables. These materials will present the best safety and longevity for your child—and you’ll also enjoy ease of maintenance, because each of these materials are relatively easy to clean. Either one will come in bright colors, too, which can be fun when decorating a kid’s space.

Best Ideas

Kids play table kids white play table with side bin

Kids' Play Table: Kids White Play Table with Side Bin in Play Tables for playroom

Oscar activity arts and craft play table pink

OSCAR Activity Arts and Craft Play Table - Pink

Table toys play table lego

Kids Play Tables: Kids White Adjustable Activity Table in Play Tables. We so need a table with a paper roller!

South Shore Kids Activity Table with Toy Box on Wheels, Pure White

Child activity table with storage

Three Sizes Fits All activity table (grows from 15" to 23" to 30" with set of legs). Pair w/ one-seater bean bag for low table, play chair, then desk chair. Super neat concept (and a good investment, right?)!

Oscar activity arts and craft play table white 1

OSCAR Activity Arts and Craft Play Table - White

With its low to the ground design sized just right

With its low-to-the-ground design – sized just right for the pint-sized crowd – and plentiful built-in storage, this sturdy wood table is perfect for playing games and creating masterpieces.

Activity table with storage

Do your kids have more LEGO than you know what to do with? How about upcycling an old set of drawers which’ll work as storage & a work bench! Check out these other ideas too:

Kids activity table with storage 4

So simple and easy access for to everything.

Toy table with storage

Eco friendly kids project table with storage... just what every kid (parent) needs!

Kids activity table with storage 10

I like the hole in the middle to make it easier to play. ANd the storage.

Kids activity table with storage

Small table for kids activities. This element of furniture finished in neutral white color matches any interior design. It stands on four durable legs and offers some storage space for small accessories or toys.

Kids activity table with storage 9

The Drew playtime activity table is designed for the 3-7 year old, their playmates and young at heart parents. The surfaces are finished with a multi-step process and a wood frame and legs will stand up to all types of kids activity and use.

Kids play table storage

DIY projects are always so creative and useful, and most importantly- cheap and easy to do yourself. Just look at this little play table for your kids, with a plenty of handy storage compartments for their toys!