Toilet Tank Storage

Have you wanted a simple way to store things above your toilet tank without fear that the items will fall into the open toilet. Then you want toilet tank storage. These are very sturdy and can support plenty of items. They come in a lot of styles and are very easy to put into place. Take a look at this collection and see if we have the toilet tank storage you need.

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23.25" x 66.5" Over the Toilet Cabinet I

23.25" x 66.5" Over the Toilet Cabinet I
Practical piece of furniture, suitable for most bathroom decors. This Over the Toilet Cabinet in White Finish can easily be mounted behind the toilet, adding more storage space and improving organization in the whole room.

Adjustable Bathroom Storage Rack

Adjustable Bathroom Storage Rack
Add this bathroom storage rack with the adjustable design to ensure a significant boost of space for your cosmetics and important accessories for your shower. It uses the space perfectly and doesn't take too much of it.

34" x 38.5" Over the Toilet Cabinet

34" x 38.5" Over the Toilet Cabinet
Cabinet designed for over toilet. Contains 2 holders for toilet paper and 3 storage lockers. The construction is made of wood. It saves space and increases the functionality of the bathroom.

Toilet tank storage 3

Beautiful free standing toilet tank storage designed to offer you a large countertop for all your essential bathroom supplies. Constructed from wood, the storage sits on four raised legs for excellent support. It’s touched up in a great white finish that should easily match up to the colors in your bathroom.

Toilet tank storage 1

Outstanding toilet tank storage neatly carved out from wood and finished in a breathtaking light brown stain. In addition to the large countertop, the storage also features one large drawer and a bottom shelf to give you all the storage you need.

Toilet tank storage

A small table placed over the toilet tank is an uncommon, though ingenious solution. It creates another surface for storage and let you save a lot of floor space. Apart from its practicality, it simply adds elegance and class.

Toilet tank storage

Stylish and very functional over toilet tank storage is an excellent performance and charming interior accents. Small display cabinets allow you to take advantage of the space and are very practical.

Our advice Buying Guide

As much as we love to live clutter-free, it’s no mean feat organizing our stuff without enough storage spaces. A reality that homeowners living in micro apartments have to deal with every day. That’s precisely why places that are not meant to be used for storage, end up being used for it anyway. Like the toilet tank. If you are guilty of storing your bathroom accessories on the toilet tank (we all are), then you’d love the toilet tank storage.

What are the benefits of toilet tank storage?

These smartly designed shelves utilize the vertical space above toilet tanks. You can store your shampoos, paper rolls, towels and other knick-knacks without the risk of knocking them straight into the toilet. More importantly, these shelves are available in many beautiful designs that will fit any bathroom style.

How much space can you allot for toilet tank storage?

Unless you have a toilet flush integrated into the wall, toilet tank storage shelves can extend from right under the tank to the ceiling. However, consider the size of the bathroom before you buy a ground-to-ceiling shelf. An oversized shelf is an eyesore in a small bathroom. Also, you might not need all those shelves anyway.

Make a list of the things that you will store in the shelves. Consider the depth of the shelves. Most designs will only be as deep as the tank itself so that it doesn’t jut outwards. Now narrow down on the number of shelves you need to accommodate the stuff. Pick a toilet tank storage that’s a close match to the size and capacity.

What are the available types of toilet tank storage?

From completely enclosed shelves with clear glass panels to illuminated open shelves, to rustic industrial pipe shelves, there’s no dearth of choices. It all boils down to the existing bathroom décor.

Metallic open shelves mix well with contemporary styled bathrooms, whereas creative, rustic options like hanging baskets or an industrial pipe shelf can go with any décor.

Wooden storage matches any type of décor. You can just pick a stain or a finish that compliments the toilet or other bathroom accessories. And it doesn’t always have to be a conventional cupboard styled one either. You can just install three floating shelves above the tank.

Tip: Integrate narrow, concealed drawers into the floating shelves for even more storage space.

From a decorative standpoint, you can always mix and match things up as long as it doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb.

What's the alternative to a toilet tank storage shelf?

If a full-sized storage shelf is overkill for your bathroom, then even an above-the-tank tray might suffice. These trays are placed on the tank itself. But they usually have a non-slip surface that prevents your stuff from being knocked over accidentally. Alternatively, you can use an adhesive or tape to stick them to the tank.

There are ample ways to decorate using these trays as well. Source an antique reclaimed wood box and use it as a tray. Or a wicker, rattan basket. Rustic chic is trending again. Just ensure that you check the dimensions of the tray before you order one.


Toilet tank storage 2

Reclaim the vertical space atop your toilet tank with this beautifully crafted basket. Featuring a wall-mounted design, the basket is designed to hold all the important toilet supplies. It’s finished in a neutral dark grey palette to ensure it rhymes up with the rest of the bathroom.

Kaboodle storage

A simple basket which will be a perfect solution for small bathrooms. It can be used for storing towels, tissues, or cosmetics. It's lightweight as it's made of wicker and it features three pigeonholes.

Air Freshener Holder

Practical toilet tank storage designed to hold small toilet supplies like the air freshener and others. The storage can be mounted on either side of the toilet tank. The pieces are constructed from plastic and come in a beautiful white finish to match up with the rest of your bathroom.

Toilet tank storage 2

Leverage the vertical space above your toilet tank with this minimalist and well-built storage rack. The piece comes with a superb chrome-plated metal design and beautifully curved edges. It’s also quite large, giving you enough space to fully organize your toiletries with ease.

Toilet tank storage 26

Stunning toilet tank storage rack perfectly suited for small towels and other toilet supplies. Designed using a sturdy metal frame and finished in a matching white color, the rack won’t only add storage but will compliment your plain toilet tank for that elegant look.

Toilet caddy 3 in 1 organizer

Toilet Caddy- 3 in 1 Organizer

Scroll over the toilet tank bathroom storage shelf rack spacesaver


Trays for tank storage others trays tank storage

Trays For Tank Storage others Trays Tank Storage

Toilet tank top organizer 1

Toilet Tank Top Organizer

Toilet tank storage 3

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Bath toilet accessories toilet paper storage toilet tank topper

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Hide that clutter tips you can use today

Hide that clutter! Tips you can use today.

Toilet tank storage 9

Guest Bathroom, love the basket

Potterybarn classic over the toilet storage 1


Toilet tank storage 1

It you have not a flush built in the wall, the space under it always is not in use. The question why, because it disturb no one. Installing there a shelf gives you the additional place to put the bathroom accessories and cosmetics.

97" H x 24.37" W Wall Mounted Cabinet

97" H x 24.37" W Wall Mounted Cabinet

Toilet tank storage 4

floating shelves... my toilet area is just like this. it makes it look more open and prettier

Toilet tank storage 15

bathroom - a Tool Box! neat~

Toilet tank storage 19

Primitive bathroom. (This decor would be so cute - on a much smaller scale - in a powder room!) Maybe even add one of those toilets with the water tank that hangs above the toilet with the pull chain!

Toilet tank basket

A set of simple contemporary bathroom decors. Thick rectangular floating shelves and an elongated oval bowl are finished in black. A dark brown plate with simple white flowers and a brown vase with creamy floral designs are of ceramic.

Toilet tank topper storage

Wooden toilet tank storage. Build a simple custom shelf over the top of the toilet to give the bathroom users more counter space. Looks amazing with white and light pastel colors. Ideal for small toilets where more storage spase is needed.

Cantos e encantos

Cantos e Encantos

InterDesign Forma Magazine Holder, Bronze

Toilet tank storage

Balsams, shampoos and creams - somewhere must find their place in the bathroom. Most often unused space is above the toilet. Here we have fashionable wooden shelves - which will provide the needed space, because of its form of open rectangles.

Over the tank storage

It's never enough space in bathroom, but you can make it with this lovely stylish organizers. Made from wood, perfectly match in most rooms decor and gives you a decorative place to keep your things.

Toilet tank storage 25

Traditional Bathroom Powder Room

Toilet tank decor

Pots hung over the toilet can constitute a clever way to store toilet stuff. This DIY project is a great example of upcycling, turning the unnecessary pots into convenient storage space. Covered in white, it fits well with the modern design of the bathroom.

Toilet tank storage 18

Shelves over toilet with lighting - To connect with us, and our community of people from Australia and around the world, learning how to live large in small places, visit us at or at

Toilet tank storage 14

Sink on top of the toilet. CAROMA Profile Smart Toilet Tank

Zenith Products 9401W Drop Door Spacesaver, White

It is a drop door bathroom space saver that has got an espresso finish and two door cabinet. It is perfect for small spaces in your bathroom. Everyone will tell you how great it looks in your bathroom.

Taymor Oil Rubbed Bronze Large Vanity Tray

The fret work cut-out design makes this vanity tray a perfect fit for the top of your toilet tank or bedroom dresser. With this tray you can easily classify bathroom accessories and maintain order. Easy to clean, just use a damp cloth.

34" x 38.5" Over the Toilet Cabinet

34" x 38.5" Over the Toilet Cabinet

Toilet tank storage 10

You may wonder how a a toilet takes up such little space. The answer is simple: put the tank in the wall! Before now, there wasn't a system that would allow this to happen with 2x4 studs, but now there is. If square footage is important to you, checkout t

Toilet tank basket with lid

Dress up knickknacks with trays. It is inevitable that bathrooms get taken up with knickknacks, everything from perfume bottles containers of cotton swabs. Dress up the ordinary placing these items on a tray, which you can even put on top of a toilet. R

Toilet tank shelf

A small shelf with a towel rack over the toilet is a clever idea for a small bathroom. The space features beautiful mosaic tiles in the color of turquoise sea. A distressed cabinet with a sink top adds some character here.

Tiny ass apartment topping off the tank shelving above the

Tiny-Ass Apartment: Topping off the tank: Shelving above the toilet

Toilet tank storage 7

great ideas and other tips for creating balance in your home

24" x 68" Over the Toilet Cabinet

24" x 68" Over the Toilet Cabinet

24" x 68" Mirrored Over the Toilet Cabinet

24" x 68" Mirrored Over the Toilet Cabinet

Toilet tank topper

Sometimes traces of cosmetics in a bath, resembling traces of wars. Good to have functional makeup storage. For our favorite cosmetics, a hand-made darling tray - in colorful decorations, will order our space in the bathroom.

Toilet tank storage 22

storage above toilet for bathrooms | ... gives this bathroom a shabby chic sensibility. From Grace Brooke

Toilet top storage

For sure you fill find some plastic milk jugs somewhere in your house. They are very useful as it's quite easy to reshape them so that they will get some new functions. For example, you can use them as a water saver, a houseplant tray, or a seed starter.

Spacesaver cabinet over toilet storage shelf tank topper white wood

... -Spacesaver-Cabinet-Over-Toilet-Storage-Shelf-Tank-Topper-White-Wood