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Totes can be big, and heavy. And since they are often made of thin plastic, carrying a fully loaded tote by yourself can lead to dropping it as the plastic flexes with the contents shifting inside. A tote on wheels fixes that problem. You can load the tote up fully, then roll it away. A great idea if you are moving, or donating items to charity, and doing it largely by yourself.

Convenient rolling tote with handle

Convenient rolling tote with handle

$37.99 $47.99

Convenient rolling tote with handle

WFX Utility™

$37.99 $47.99

Perfect For: Grocery shopping trips

What We Like: Folds away for storage

Constructed from high durability plastic and measuring 38” high and 17” wide, this wheeled tote makes transporting a variety of items much easier. The cart is suitable for a various uses, such as transporting groceries, tools, or other items, making it an excellent choice for anyone looking for a practical and convenient way to move items from one location to another. The smooth-rolling wheels make it easy to move around, and the handle is designed for a comfortable grip.

Designer Advice:

This rolling tote is a versatile tool that can be used in various spaces around the home. It can be used as a mobile storage solution for a home office or craft room, as a laundry cart, or even as a gardening tool carrier. The cart's compact size and folding feature make it easy to store in small spaces when not in use.

What Users Say:

Just what I needed to haul in cases of water and other bags too heavy to carry. Lightweight and conveniently folds for good storage.

Rollies Taj Mahal Rolling 14 inch Laptop Travel Tote

Rollies Taj Mahal Rolling 14 inch Laptop Travel Tote

Rollies Taj Mahal Rolling 14 inch Laptop Travel Tote

What we like: Decorative graphic prints and 14” internal laptop compartment

What we don’t: Not as durably constructed as some other products

This combination travel tote and laptop bag features a decorative and eye-catching graphic print in your choice of either blue or pink. The retractable handle and rolling wheels allow you to conveniently transport this tote, while the feet and top handles protect the bag. 

This tote bag with wheels is suitable for carrying your laptop, tablet, and other personal and work electronics. There are two interior pockets, including the 14” laptop compartment and one exterior pocket. 

Made from polyester, microfiber, canvas, and synthetic leather, the soft-sided tote is supported by durable aluminum. 

Siamod ‘Novembre’ Women’s Leather Detachable Wheeled Laptop Case

Siamod ‘Novembre’ Women’s Leather Detachable Wheeled Laptop Case

Siamod ‘Novembre’ Women’s Leather Detachable Wheeled Laptop Case

What we like: Elegant design, adjustable handle, and compact design

What we don’t: Some may want more interior space

This tote on wheels combines stylish Italian Crocco leather with a compact design suitable for navigating densely populated airports and bus and train stations. The 42” telescoping handle is adjustable, so you can set it to the height that suits your body and supports your posture. You can use this tote to protect your 15” laptop and its accessories, such as charging cables. 

However, the main compartment with laptop bay can also be used for other purposes. You can also store documents in the back pocket and small items in the interior organizer and zipper pocket. A flap lets you secure the bag’s contents for long journeys, and the Smart Attachment Strap lets you attach the tote to other luggage. 

Perry Ellis Excess 16 inch Under the Seat Rolling Tote Bag

Perry Ellis Excess 16 inch Under the Seat Rolling Tote Bag

Perry Ellis Excess 16 inch Under the Seat Rolling Tote Bag

What we like: Durable, compact, and affordable

What we don’t: Space in the side pockets is limited

If you’re looking for a compact tote with wheels that you can use as a carry-on bag or a work tote, this model is lightweight, durable, and provides you with several pockets for keeping your belongings organized and secure. 

The internal compartment is highly spacious, and the zipper pockets with plastic windows are suitable for various items, such as pens and markers that contain ink. There are also side pockets for carrying additional items. This is a soft-sided bag, so you’ll need to take into account impact when storing valuable or delicate items. 

The durable polyester construction is resistant to water and fading, and the bag is small enough to fit under most airplane seats.

Pacific Coast Underseat 15 5 inch Rolling Carry On Tote Bag

Pacific Coast Underseat 15 5 inch Rolling Carry On Tote Bag

Pacific Coast Underseat 15 5 inch Rolling Carry On Tote Bag

What we like: Relatively inexpensive

What we don’t: Telescoping handle may weaken from rough handling

Available in either black or purple, this tote bag on wheels has several pockets for storing and organizing documents, a change of clothes, and other small items. A telescoping handle and a set of rolling wheels allow you to conveniently transport the tote bag, and its compact design lets you stow it under airplane seats. 

This is an excellent choice for teachers, office workers, or travelers who need something simple, inexpensive, and practical. 

This lightweight rolling tote bag is easy to transport and carry, whether through airports, office hallways, or school corridors. 

Spacious tote bag with wheels

Spacious tote bag with wheels

Spacious tote bag with wheels


Perfect For: Picnics and beach trips

What We Like: Large capacity size

This steel-framed rolling tote is a sturdy and versatile transportation tool suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. The folding design allows it to collapse relatively flat for space-saving storage when not in use, and when in use the 29” long and 18” wide tote can carry up to 150 pounds of weight. The heavy-duty construction and durable wheels make it suitable for daily use across a variety of terrains when you need to move gardening supplies, bags of groceries, picnic supplies, and more.

Designer Advice:

This wheeled tote is ideal for outdoor use and is the perfect option for carrying groceries, gardening supplies, or for use when camping or taking a beach trip. Consider using this cart to transport items to and from a nearby farmers market or for storing and transporting tools for DIY projects around the home, office, or other location.

What Users Say:

Apartment hack!! Exactly what I needed to get my trash and recycling to the dumpster. Also great for moving laundry to and from the laundry room.

American Green Travel Carry On 17 inch Laptop Spinner Briefcase

American Green Travel Carry On 17 inch Laptop Spinner Briefcase

American Green Travel Carry On 17 inch Laptop Spinner Briefcase

What we like: Lightweight multi-purpose tote bag

What we don’t: May become unstable when fully loaded

This 17” lightweight carry-on bag, laptop case, and tote bag also serves as a compact briefcase, featuring three-layer compartments and zipper pockets in the front. Store your computer, a change of clothes, and documents conveniently for either air travel or generally commuting. 

The two-layer portfolio divider is perfect for teachers and professors who need extra organization, and there are also tie-down straps for clothing. 

You’ll find three zipper pockets on the outside, ideal for storing frequently used items like your phone or keys. This model is the perfect rolling briefcase for teachers because it doesn’t take up much space and can sit neatly under a desk. 

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Best Totes On Wheels

Buying Guide

The humble tote on wheels, chum to a million travelers, the protean carryall, the throw-it-all dumpster. Grab the handles and carry it from the boardroom to the beach, throw it across the shoulders for an impromptu trip to the mall or extend the telescopic handle and roll it along the cobblestone pathway.

You can never run out of ways to describe it and the place it finds in our lives.

Yet, when it comes to shopping for one, most people are shortsighted or get swayed by flashy brand names, fancy aesthetics or a cheap price tag. Your tote deserves more love (and thought). Here’s some help.

Most manufacturers mention the capacity of a tote on wheels in liters. But that’s a tricky way to gauge its capacity and you might end up buying a smaller one than what you’d actually need.

For example, 20 liters sounds like a lot. But in reality, it’s a very low capacity bag. Instead, check the maximum weight capacity of the tote. If it’s rated to carry 40 kilograms of luggage, you get a clear idea of the amount of luggage you can stuff in it.

It’s a given that your tote will be forced to gulp more than it can swallow. So, always plan for extra room for the things that you might carry irrespective of whether you need it or not. The caveat is that higher capacity totes are not airline travel compatible. If your travel plans include stowing the tote in overhead bins or under the seat, then ensure that they comply with rules set by the carrier you frequently patronize.

The biggest draw of the tote is the number of ways in which it can be carried.

If you love grabbing the handles, then look for thick, sturdy handles that don’t chafe your skin. It can be detachable or snapped together if need be. It can be short or wide. It all boils down to your preferences.

If you go cross body more often, then look for totes with detachable shoulder straps. Not all totes have shoulder straps like messenger bags mind you.

In many cases, long handles double up as shoulder straps. In this case, check for extra padded, adjustable handles.

Totes on wheels usually have telescopic handles that can be extended when it gets too heavy to carry. But ask the manufacturer if you are unsure about this.

A good quality tote on wheels should be able to tackle all types of surfaces from a boardwalk to a jungle trail. How well it performs on uneven terrain depends largely on the wheels on the base.

Look for Polyurethane inline skate wheels (spinners) with heavy duty ball bearings. Full corner protection for the wheels and screws in place of rivets ensure that the occasional bump doesn’t send it crashing.

When it comes to materials, canvas has always been the infallible choice. It’s rugged and can take a pounding without fraying. However, it’s not the most aesthetic option.

If you have deep pockets, you might consider leather. But it’s not the most practical choice for everyday use.

Other synthetic materials like nylon, polypropylene, and neoprene are equally good and low on maintenance.

Some people prefer a barebones tote with one single compartment whilst others like to have a hundred different pockets. Once again, it's subjective. But if you are looking to store your smartphone, tablet, or other costly details, then look for secure storage pockets with some protective lining inside.

Best Ideas

Tote on wheels 3

Tote on wheels

Tote on wheels 3

Upgrade your briefcase for style on wheels! This Anna Griffin mobile masterpiece is the ideal tote for the jet-setter or working girl on the go. Available in nine gorgeous styles and includes a padded laptop sleeve.

Burgundy, Red, Wine Tassel Alligator Computer iPad, Laptop Tablet Rolling Tote Bag Briefcase Carryall or Weekender Rolling Bag

Tote on wheels 2

A practical and capacious briefcase that is very easy to carry, thanks to its tiny yet functional caster wheels. Designed of durable materials, the briefcase comes with several compartments, convenient carry handles and leather accents.

Teacher bags on wheels

Being an exquisitely stylish proposition for distinguished women, this tote on wheels is made from black quilted denim. Ideal for a business journey or a weekend trip.

Tote_on_wheels_p_4b38f2b4cd26a 1 4 jpg


Polka Dot 19" Rolling Shopping Tote Bag

Polka Dot 19" Rolling Shopping Tote Bag

Useful shopping bag with lots of capacious pockets, covered with black polyester featuring white polka dots print. It is mobile thanks to lockable wheels and it features a convenient adjustable handle.

Black leopard business tote on wheels for 17 3 laptop

Black Leopard Business Tote on Wheels for 17.3" Laptop by Tracker

JKM & COMPANY USA Python Snake & Alligator Computer, iPad, Laptop Tablet Rolling Tote Bag Briefcase Carryall Rolling Bag

Flower leopard skin

Flower Leopard Skin

Olympia Luggage Cosmopolitan Rolling Shopper Tote

Rolling bags for teachers

This easy-to-use tote on wheels has a unconvential paris look for fashion lovers. Or fashion victims?The combination of cow patterns - white and black, with the pink, fuchsizing color of the straps and the handle - is all the rage!

Rolling teacher bag

Shopping bag mounted on wheels and fitted with telescopic handle. It is made of fabric and decorated with floral theme. Perfect for weekend getaway. Received many positive recommendations from clients.

Teacher tote on wheels pictured ecr4kids memorystor universal rolling

Teacher tote on wheels pictured: ECR4Kids MemoryStor Universal Rolling ...

Teacher rolling bag

Awesome carry-on bag for women (or men who like the pink colour!). It’s capacious, nice in touch and soft on the eyes, and the best part is, it comes equipped with wheels to make your travels even better.

Plastic totes with wheels

Travelon Black Wheeled Underseat Carry-on with Back-up Bag

Details about murval faux leather laptop tote on wheels black

Details about Murval Faux Leather Laptop Tote on Wheels - black

Rolling totes for teachers

A functional and convenient way to carry your heavy luggage. This tote on wheels is capacious, designed of quality material, and equipped with several zippered pockets. Also includes 2 strong fabric carry handles and 1 adjustable black metal handle.

Cosmopolitan City Rolling Shopping Tote

Cosmopolitan City Rolling Shopping Tote

Rolling teacher tote

Whether you are going to Paris or a different part of the world - you can take with you such an elegant tote on wheels inspired by French chic, with a finish in dark chocolate skin and nailheads. Bright base, longitudinal shape, and stable metal handle.

Happy Paisley Rollie Tote (Foldable)

Travelon Wheeled Underseat Carry On With Back Up Bag

Travelon Wheeled Underseat Carry On With Back Up Bag

Travel with class, preferably with a black-and-white under-seat carry-on bag. It will fit comfortably under your chair while traveling.Has lots of pockets also for your favorite drink.A solid handle allows you to run through airports. Elegant and lightweight.

Briggs riley baseline companion tote on wheels

Briggs riley baseline companion tote on wheels

Traveling is pleasant, but it can also be tiring if it is not well organized. Such a green bag - the tote on wheels, in a shade of dark olive - will help in this. Based on wheels, with a long metal handle, it has many useful pockets and a compact size.

Rolling carry on wheeled tote maroon travelpro luggage wheels

... Rolling Carry-on Wheeled Tote “Maroon” | travelpro luggage wheels