Personal Shopping Cart With Wheels

Have you wondered how much bacteria is on a shopping cart at the grocery store? If not, you probably are now. Why don't we allay those suspicions and offer you are personal shopping carts with wheels? Now you have control over the condition of your shopping cart and can take it home when you are done. See collection for more details and styles.

Best Products

Deluxe 40.12" Rolling Shopping Cart

Deluxe 40.12" Rolling Shopping Cart
This robust metal rolling shopping cart is the perfect solution for many occasions. The metal structure and plastic wheel well on a daily basis. Roomy shopping basket fits easily and comfortably you get them home.

33" Lightweight Rolling Shopping Cart

33" Lightweight Rolling Shopping Cart
This lightweight and very practical rolling shopping cart is the perfect solution for all types of interior. Robust design with durable metal wheels and roomy shopping bag form a coherent whole.

Narita Deluxe Hooded Carrier Liner

Narita Deluxe Hooded Carrier Liner
If your shopping cart needs to have its liner changed, this one may be the one you are looking for. It features carrying straps and a hood, and has water-proof qualities. You can attach it to frame with Velcro-like fasteners.

Narita Jumbo Shopping Cart Plus

Narita Jumbo Shopping Cart Plus
This practical and super-lightweight shopping cart is the perfect solution during daily activities. Capacious basket, solid wheels and handle what it has, is that Facilitate transportation. The whole is maintained in modern design. It has an added pocket.

Animal Print Rolling Shopping Cart

Animal Print Rolling Shopping Cart
Funny animal pattern (paws print) makes this shopping cart distinctive among others. It is equipped with two tough rolling casters that are made of rubber, so they move softly. The handle has a rubber grip.

Deluxe Utility Cart in Black

Deluxe Utility Cart in Black
This shopping cart is of an excellent quality. Its frame is made of epoxy-coated steel. The wheels are heavy duty and stand for better movements. You can fold it up for easy storage - it won't take a lot of space.

Patterned Rolling Shopping Tote

Patterned Rolling Shopping Tote
This curiously made a rolling shopping tote in cute pattern is a practical way on everyday purchases. Roomy bag made of durable polyester is functional. Wheels and retractable handle makes the whole thing is extremely versatile.

Our advice Buying Guide

A personal shopping cart with wheels can help make your life a bit more comfortable. It can help you carry the stuff that you have bought, so it's very beneficial during grocery runs. While it may be named as a personal shopping cart, it can help you carry items for just any purpose. With these reasons, it makes sense why every home should have at least one.

When shopping for a personal shopping cart, you'll quickly realize that there are plenty of choices on the market. For most shoppers, the variety of types, shapes, style, and color can be dizzying. To help you narrow down your options, this article is going to be a personal shopping cart with wheels buying guide.

What types of personal shopping carts with wheels are there?

There are two basic varieties when it comes to the personal shopping cart with wheels. There's the metal frame, and there's the "bag-on-wheel."

  • The metal frame is easily identifiable as it will come with metal grills. It's the type that is commonly provided by grocery shops. The advantage of this type is it's very durable. Also, it can hold plenty of weight. On the downside, it can be a very bulky setup.
  • As the name suggests, the "bag-on-wheels" comes with a setup that is a fusion between a large bag and wheels. The advantage of this type is it's more lightweight compared to the metal shopping carts. It's also cheaper. However, don't expect it to hold a lot of weight.

What are the best types of wheels for a personal shopping cart?

Most of the time, shoppers spend too much time on the design and color of the shopping cart and neglect the wheels. This is a big mistake. Remember, if the wheels break down, the entire thing becomes next to useless. Often, the primary material of wheels will be made from either metal or plastic.

  • The metal has the advantage of being durable. Hence, if your grocery runs typically include a heavy load, metal wheels are a good option. Also, metal wheels are heavier, which help in stabilizing the shopping cart.
  • Plastic wheels are drastically cheaper compared to metal wheels. Hence, if you're budget doesn't give you plenty of room to work with, plastic wheels is often a good choice. On the other hand, plastic wheels are less durable than metal wheels. Having said that, just as long as you follow the prescribed weight capacity of the shopping cart, it should be okay.

How big a shopping cart should you get?

It's tempting to go for the biggest shopping cart you can afford. There's nothing wrong with this idea as long as you have room for it. In most cases, you have to ensure that your car can accommodate the size of the cart. Generally speaking, a cart that measures 24 W x 45.5 H x 11 inches when folded offers roughly 250-pound weight capacity.


Rolling Shopping Cart

Rolling Shopping Cart
This rolling shopping cart is great for toting groceries, laundry, cleaning supplies or picnic gear. It has a four wheels, two large and two small one for more comfortable steering. Basked is made of durable steel wire.

Rolling Shopping Tote

Rolling Shopping Tote
This rolling shopping tote is created both for men and women. It is very light - it weighs only 3.5lbs. The liner can be removed and washed if it is needed (it has been made of polyester). There is a strap, so you can easily attach it to the cart.

Narita Jumbo Shopping Cart

Narita Jumbo Shopping Cart
Functional and convenient design of this Jumbo Shopping Cart in Black Finish makes it a perfect choice for easy carrying of your groceries. The cart is foldable, equipped in 4 wheels for easy transport, and able to hold up to 100lbs of load.

42" Shopping Cart with Rounded Handle

42" Shopping Cart with Rounded Handle
Practical and super lightweight shopping cart is the perfect solution during daily activities. Capacious basket, fits shopping, and more, plus a solid wheels and handle are to facilitate transportation. The whole is maintained in pleasant colors.

Color Pop Rolling Shopping Tote

Color Pop Rolling Shopping Tote
This rolling shoping tote is a really must have for all of those who like to do big shopping. It has adjustable handle made of solid, lightweight aliminium and a bad is made of durable, waterproof polyester.

Multi Purpose Wheel Utility Cart

Multi Purpose Wheel Utility Cart
This utility cart will serve its purpose beautifully with the amazing structure that will easily hold huge weight capacity, while the wheels make for a more functional piece, and one that offers better mobility.

Polka Dot Rolling Shopping Cart

Polka Dot Rolling Shopping Cart
Cute baby pink dots on white blue make this shopping cart look like a dessert! Apart from attractive appearance, the cart is fuctional thanks to big rubber wheels and convenient handle. The frame is made of metal.

On The Go Rolling Shopping Tote

On The Go Rolling Shopping Tote
If you feel the lack of a perfect shopping bag, you should check out this amazing shopping tote bag. It's gonna not only make your shopping much easier, but also give you a universal and functional design.

Mini Shopping Cart

Mini Shopping Cart
It is a mini shopping cart that is a nicely finished and high quality product. It has got a silver color, four wheels and solid construction. If you looking for a shopping cart, you need to choose this one.

Narita Mitey-A Shopping Cart

Narita Mitey-A Shopping Cart
Practical and super showy shopping cart is a great way to avoid carrying heavy objects. Practical handle and wheels allow you to comfortably carry shopping, and more. Made of solid stalijest very durable.

3 Compartments Portable Shopping Tote

3 Compartments Portable Shopping Tote
This shopping tote can handle up to 25lbs. The bag can be detached if you want to store or wash it. A foam grip handle guarantees the comfort of its use. It is your must-have if you go shopping without a car. It is easy to assemble.

Personal shopping cart with wheels 3

The collapsible shopping cart in a dark blue color is an ideal solution for those, who don't want to carry their heavy shopping. The rubber wheels allows to conquer all the high curbstones you meet on your way.

Personal shopping cart with wheels 2

This wheeled shopping cart comes extremely handy when you're doing daily activities, i.e. laundry or grocery store. Although it's made from lightweight materials, it can hold up to 40 pounds of weight.

Polder STO-3022-92 Superlight Shopping Cart, Aluminum

A handy contemporary flat-foldable shopping cart manufactured of durable lightweight aluminium. It's equipped with a black plastic padded handle and 4 wheels. Two smaller front wheels rotate 360 degrees.

Personal shopping cart with wheels

A functional shopping cart that will make your shopping easier and faster. It features an adjustable handle and a one hand braking system. It has a large bag that provides a lot of storage space with several points of entry.

Roadrunner Folding Grocery Shopping Cart 2 Wheel Version

This Folding Grocery Shopping Cart with 2 Wheels is characterized by a rolling design that also features a large zippered front pocket, an easy to fold metal frame, and a removable bag. A perfect choice for carrying groceries.

Rolling shopping cart walmart

Place two baskets securely on a well-balanced column topped with a comfort handle for easy, comfortable shopping. Chubby pneumatic tires make the cart maneuverable over a variety of terrain. Easy to store both baskets and support column between shopping trips.

Serving carts on wheels walmart

Shopping baskets are a great solution for transporting your purchases home from the store. But what about those stairs? Enter the revolving, triple rear wheel that can easily walk up the stair.

Shopping cart with swivel wheels

Personal sized wire shopping baskets make your shopping adventure an easy one. Or, if you have a small store, they are the perfect size to fit down narrow aisles for your customers to make their selections from your stock.

Personal grocery carts

Walking to the grocery store is good exercise and the perfect excuse for getting out into the air. This wire shopping basket has two large wheels behind, and two pairs of small wheels in front easing your walk back.

2 wheel shopping trolley with adjustable handles

Shopping Cart Trolley Replacement 6" Rubber Metal Antislip Wheel

Swivel wheel folding cart adjustable height handle

Swivel-Wheel Folding Cart (Adjustable-height handle)

Personal shopping basket

Sturdy Portable Shopping Cart with Wheels:

Shopping carts 10

Shopping Carts

Swivel wheel cart folds like baby stroller

Swivel-Wheel Cart (Folds like Baby Stroller)

Koala personal cart by luan mateus dal savio

Koala Personal Cart by Luan Mateus Dal Savio

Personal grocery cart

A clever shopping cart that allows you to do carry more of your shopping without much effort. It's a simple structure with wheels and two units for shopping baskets. Equipped in a functional handle, it will make your shopping a pleasant experience.

Personal shopping carts 3

Personal Carts with Wheels

Hook and Go Personal Grocery Shopping Cart

Practical retro style shopping cart on 2 rubbery wheels. It's frame is made of black-coated metal. It has 8 hooks for hanging bags, a support to keep it upright and a T-shaped handle. A cart is foldable to easy storage.

Wire world shopping cart folding rolling wheels grocery bag trolley

Wire World Shopping Cart Folding Rolling Wheels Grocery Bag Trolley ...

Jumbo extra large rolling personal shopping cart with swivel wheels

Jumbo Extra-Large, Rolling Personal Shopping Cart with Swivel Wheels ...

Stair Climbing Rolling Folding Shopping Grocery Laundry Utility Cart

Utility cart makes your shopping easier. Rolling casters base together with tall handle provides maneuverability, and chocolate brown cover with flowers application here and there makes this accessory fashionable.

Personal shopping cart

You are doing a lot of shopping and usually you are not satisfied with the shopping carts. You can have your own personal shopping cart with wheels. In addition, it has a beautiful red color - and is deep enough and large enough for the biggest shopaholics.

Stair climbing cart with wheels

Stair~Climbing Cart with Wheels

Personal shopping carts

Spacious shopping cart with wheels will help you carry bought products. The bag is made from high resistance material and is attached to the stroller by straps, so it's easy to take it off for washing.

Folding Shopping Cart - Versacart Utility Cart - Transport Up to 120 Pounds (Water-Resistant Heavy Duty Canvas)

Folding shopping cart. Ideal for people with motoric problems and the elderly who want to remain independent in terms of shopping. The cart is lined with durable material, so it can carry even heavy objects.

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Cart with wheels furniture incredibly convenient thing to personal

Cart with Wheels . Furniture incredibly convenient thing to personal ...

Extra Large heavy-duty folding Cart with matching Liner -Basket Cart -Jumbo size

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Personal shopping carts folding

... Personal Supermarket Shopping Trolleys Basket Cart With 4 Wheels

Polder folding shopping cart 63 55 crate barrel

Polder folding shopping cart , $63.55, Crate & Barrel

Carts on wheels

Just like Mom's, but in the right size for kids, this metal shopping cart maneuvers well at home or store with four pivoting wheels. Navigate those aisles in style and safety with this sweet ride that can be personalized with a special little shopper's na