Retractable Drying Racks


Strong and durable, retractable drying racks fold or collapse to save space when not in use. This makes them an excellent addition to condos, apartments, and studios with compact laundry rooms. If you want a way of drying clothing in the sun, you can also find retractable clotheslines that retract, keeping the backyard free of clutter. In addition, retractable drying racks and clotheslines are energy efficient compared with tumble dryers, significantly reducing your power consumption. Explore the top five best retractable drying racks and the features that make them stand out.

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Our Picks

Wall Mounted Folding Drying Rack
Wall-Mounted Folding Drying Rack
Wall-Mounted Folding Drying Rack
Wall-Mounted Folding Drying Rack
Wall-Mounted Folding Drying Rack
Wall-Mounted Folding Drying Rack

Wall Mounted Folding Drying Rack


What we like: Simple, low-profile, and lightweight design

What we don’t like: Must be installed on smooth wall surfaces

Not so great for: People who find DIY assembly difficult

Perfect for: Multi-purpose drying and storage

This wall-mounted retractable drying rack is made from water-resistant stainless steel, so you can hang wet clothes without worrying about the rack rusting. It’s also suitable for use in highly humid environments, such as bathrooms and laundry rooms. The design is stable when extended due to the triangular structure, and the rack is simple to install. The frame is neither bulky nor heavy, so you can easily attach it to any vertical surface.

This rack also acts as a shelf for towels or other laundry/bathroom products when fully collapsed.

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Retractable Clothesline
Wall-Mounted Drying Rack
Wall-Mounted Drying Rack
Wall-Mounted Drying Rack
Wall-Mounted Drying Rack

Retractable Clothesline


What we like: Four separately tensioned clotheslines; secure locking

What we don’t like: Wall-mounting hardware and clothespins included

Not so great for: Rooms where no opposite walls are available

Perfect for: Outdoor use

If you’re looking to save space, especially in your backyard, you can buy a retractable clothesline unit that is wall mountable. When you need to hang clothes or towels to dry, simply pull the clotheslines out and ensure you have a post or other surface to which you can attach the opposite ends.

There are four separately tensioned clothesline spools, allowing you to hang several articles of clothing in your bathroom or laundry room. You can also drape bed sheets or linens over the four lines. The locking mechanism ensures that the clotheslines remain taut and in position. 

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Folding and Retractable Clothes Rack
Wall-Mounted Drying Rack
Wall-Mounted Drying Rack
Wall-Mounted Drying Rack

Folding and Retractable Clothes Rack


What we like: Folding and retractable design; numerous hanging options

What we don’t like: Tools required for installation

Not so great for: Rooms where space is limited for full extension

Perfect for: Drying clothing in a room with limited floor space

This retractable clothes drying rack provides six movable hanging hooks for shirts, jackets, and blouses. The rack also has nine hooks that are both rotatable and windproof. Since it’s suitable for outdoor use and is made from aluminum, it’s also resistant to corrosion, making it ideal for outdoor drying.

To save space, the rack can fold horizontally on a heavy-duty hinge when not in use. As a result, it lays flat against the wall it’s mounted to. Simply unfold the rack and extend it outward when you need to dry clothing.

In addition to its use as a drying rack, when folded, the rack is a closet organizer and can support up to twelve clothes hangers.

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Retractable Accordion Drying Rack

Retractable Accordion Drying Rack

What we like: Accordion-style rack with top shelf and hooks

What we don’t like: Heavier than other similar options

Not so great for: Walls without studs for mounting hardware

Perfect for: Adding laundry room storage space

This retractable drying rack uses an accordion-like design combined with a wall-mounted shelf. One of the primary purposes of a retractable drying rack is to save space. The inclusion of a top shelf provides an additional surface for folded towels and cleaning products. This can be especially useful for dryer sheet boxes or detergent bottles in the laundry room. Alternatively, you can place a potted plant, flowers, or other items on the shelf to enhance the décor in your space.

There are also five hooks for hanging towels, shirts, coats, or other clothing items. 

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Flat Pull Out Clothes Drying Rack

Flat Pull Out Clothes Drying Rack

What we like: Durable mesh net promotes airflow for fast drying

What we don’t like: Limited weight capacity

Not so great for: Heavy laundry loads

Perfect for: Drying flat, delicate clothes

For drying flat items and delicate articles of clothing, this pull out drying rack is a perfect choice. As long as you can extend it to another wall for support, you can place this rack practically anywhere in your home, and the manufacturer supplies useful instructions for installation.

Consisting of a mesh net, the rack will not damage delicate clothing items and promotes air circulation for efficient and fast drying. 

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Retractable Drying Racks

Buying Guide

Retractable drying racks utilize vertical wall space and disappear into oblivion when not in use. They are a great way to air dry clothes, which improves the longevity and prevents colors from fading prematurely.

And they are a space saving alternative to full sized drying racks that look ungainly and eat up on precious space in small apartments. Some of the newer designs are versatile and can be used both indoors and outdoors.

If you are thinking of getting one for your home, then here are a few variables to consider.

The term ‘retractable’ is generally used to describe wall mounted drying racks that fold flat when not in use. But if you wish to avoid wall installations for some reason, then you might want to consider the good old, X-frame rack. This collapsible design still finds takers. When not in use, it can be folded flat and tucked behind the door or under the bed. Y-frame racks offer more drying space. But need more horizontal space when expanded. Not the best of solutions for small rooms.

Retractable wall mounted drying racks are available in a variety of designs. Look for products that have the features that you are looking for. Do you need hooks? Hanger bars? How many bars or clothes lines do you need?

There’s a wall-drop styled rack which folds into a sleek cabinet when not in use. Then there’s the retractable rack with a pull out clothes line that can be installed in between two walls. A knob allows you to adjust the tension of the line and when not in use, the line retracts into the wall mounted mechanism.

Different styles of drying racks offer different drying space. If you need a lot of space to dry larger loads, then look for the X-frame or Y-frame racks. They can offer up to 135 feet of drying space and can be a great alternative for a full sized clothes line.

The smaller retractable versions are better suited for small clothing items like lingerie or towels.

Metallic clothes racks are extremely durable and have much higher weight bearing capacities. But they tend to be more expensive than other materials. And there’s always the risk of rusting, if the coating were to peel or flake after a while.

You are no longer limited by metal though. There are retractable racks made of wood, wicker, bamboo, rattan and plastic. Rattan and bamboo are eco-friendly, tough and durable choices. Wood scores over the rest in aesthetics. But water and wood don’t make for a very long lasting combination.

Always check the load bearing capacity of the drying rack before you buy one. A few wet towels might not seem like much. But your sopping load can quickly add up and you don’t want the drying line to snap or the frame to come crashing down, do you?

Last but not least, retractable racks have to be easy to install and use. It sort of negates the purpose if you have to spend hours to figure out how to install it. Or if you end up pulling the entire line out when you don’t need it.

Best Ideas

Pull out clothes airer

Ceiling-mounted, retractable drying rack, to be used when needed. Metal, minimalistic design makes this rack appropriate for modern and contemporary houses. Stable construction ensures durability.

Wall Mount Outdoor Indoor Clothes Laundry Dryer Rack New Fast Shipping

Wall Mount Outdoor Indoor Clothes Laundry Dryer Rack New Fast Shipping

A space-saving and functional, this retractable drying rack is great for indoor use, especially, in case of smaller interiors. You can easily mount it on a wall and quickly fold, when not in use. Works as a charm.

Accordion drying rack wall mount

A cool space-saving wall-mounted drying rack for laundry. It's made of wood with a creamy finish. It has a rectangular frame. Two small lower racks and 2 large ladder-like ones up are retractable up. A white back has a vertically slatted design.

Retractable drying rack 1

Constructed of stainless steel, this wall-mounted, retractable cloth hanger is going to keep your clothes in place, and save your space when not in use. Its steel bars are very sturdy, able to easily withstand the load.

Fold Away Bamboo Clothes Rack

Fold Away Bamboo Clothes Rack

This retractable drying rack for clothes constitutes not only a practical but also a stylish addition to one's interiors. Densely grained bamboo wood enchants with its natural character.

Retractable Clothes Dryer

Retractable Clothes Dryer

This super practical retractable clothes dryer is a great solution for your home. Easy to install ideally suited to the bathroom or drying. Solidly constructed is the perfect solution for any home.

Pull out drying rack

A retractable drying rack, perfect for people who don’t have enough space for a permanent rack. Just install it when you need it, and remove afterwards. Green colour keeps them from being boring.

Mccumber Lane Lewis Center Traditional Laundry Room Other Metro

Mccumber Lane Lewis Center Traditional Laundry Room Other Metro

This retractable dying rack can be a good solution not only for the laundry but basically for any tight-spaced interiors. It will help you dry your clothes and quickly fold in, when you need your space back.

Ft x 7 bars retractable drying rack wall mounted cloth

ft x 7 bars Retractable Drying Rack Wall Mounted Cloth Hanger LG4847

Drying rack ideas for laundry room

A useful helper while hanging your laundry, this retractable drying rack gives you plenty space for wet clothes. Made of white-finished wood, it can be pressed against the wall, if not in use, for saving space.

Portis drying rack wall ikea simple to fold down and

PORTIS Drying rack, wall IKEA Simple to fold down and secure in the ...

Wooden wall mounted laundry drying rack

Lowe's Creative Ideas Fold Away Drying Rack

Wall accordion drying rack

Folded and fastened to the wall retractable drying rack is a great way to ease your daily duties. Elegant construction with telescopic folding is easy to use and very functional. Perfect for every home.

Retractable drying rack 5

An effective combination of a retractable hangup on clothes and coat hooks is an excellent way to a very functional hallway or laundry facility. Beautiful design allows to hang wet things, and the whole made of wood is durable.

Laundry rack walmart

Retractable drying rack made of metal. Includes screw holes for easy mounting on the wall. Functional design for the bathroom and others interiors as needed.

Lowes clothes drying rack

If you perhaps don't have that much space for your laundry to dry and wouldn't want to overclutter your home then this hanging drying rack will surely help, letting you close it and fold it when not used and simply hang it over your washing machine.

Lowes drying rack

bad weather outside? dry them inside and humidify your home at the same time!

Laundry room wall drying rack

With its 5-line system offering 170 feet of drying space, extending to 34 feet, this retractable dryer will smoothly dry your clothes and linens. It can be used either indoors or outdoors.

Retractable clothes dryer rack

Check the retractable drying rack. Regal Residency Laundry Room - transitional - laundry room - toronto - by Square Footage Custom Kitchens & Bath Inc

Retractable drying racks 2

retractable drying racks

Retractable clothes hanger

Allowing to save space, this retractable drying rack is a cleverly designed, wall mounted item, allowing to quickly prepare a spot to dry your clothes. It is a DIY project, which shall inspire all fans of tinkering.

Retractable drying rack

Save space in your laundry room or bathroom, thanks to this retractable drying rack with wood craftsmanship and white finish. Aside of capacious rack, the unit also has 5 double metal coat racks for drying even more clothes.

Supafold folding frame drying racks and notice the benefits it

... supafold folding frame drying racks and notice the benefits it can

Retractable drying rack 5

Retractable Drying Rack