Floating Glass Shelves For Bathroom

Floating shelves are amazing. And make those shelves glass, and the whole thing seems like a magic trick. For an interesting and eclectic item in your bathroom, we recommend adding a few floating shelves to hold all your bathroom items,. such as soaps, extra wash cloths, or even decorations if that is your sort of thing. View collection for more ideas.

Best Products

Floating Shelf (Set of 2)

Floating Shelf (Set of 2)
Pretty-looking contemporary shelves suitable for almost all interiors. They're rectangular and made of clear tempered glass with polished edges. Screwed clip holders are of chromed metal. Each shelf can hold up to 22 pounds.

Floating Shelf

Floating Shelf
This simple and functional floating shelf would be the perfect solution for every kind of bathroom. Check it out, bring a dose of convenience to your house and enjoy its amazing design, no matter what is your preferred style.

Levit8 Modern Shelf (Set of 2)

Levit8 Modern Shelf (Set of 2)
These glass wall shelves depict modern approach to design. Made from glass, with its seamless, floating line, constitute a universal addition to almost any room in your houses, from living room, ending on bathroom.

Floating glass shelves for bathroom 1

Make sure you always have more than enough space in your bathroom with these amazing, floating glass shelves. They sport a spacious and durable design that will hold a lot of weight and are a nice way to avoid a cluttered look.

Floating glass shelves for bathroom

If you like contemporary design, this set of floating glass shelves shall find its place in your bathroom. Adding freshness and brightness to the bathroom, it also resembles style and elegance.

Glass shelving option for bathroom

glass shelving option for bathroom

Floating glass shelves for bathroom 5

Contemporary bathroom, all in tiny white tiles and sleek clear glass, but with simple wooden floating shelves as for an interesting visual contrast pursued by mixing the textures. For backsplash, wet area panelling was used.

Our advice Buying Guide

Are floating glass shelves a safe solution for a bathroom?

Yes, floating glass shelves are a safe solution for a bathroom when the glass is toughened and the brackets used are specifically designed to support shelves made of glass.

Tempered glass is a remarkably safe and durable option. It’s strong enough to hold various bathroom products and won’t suddenly crack and fall off one day. Make sure you properly install the floating glass shelves and you’ll have stable and aesthetically pleasing bathroom shelves in no time.

How many floating glass shelves to get for a bathroom?

The number of floating glass shelves to add in your bathroom really depends on how many items you’re planning on storing on them and the layout of the actual room:

  • For the first part, start by running an inventory of everything that you need to store tidily, from additional towels to creams, and, if you want, decorative items
  • As for your bathroom’s layout, consider how much wall space you have left: if it’s rather wide, it might be easier to only introduce a couple of longer shelves; however, if it’s fairly narrow, consider smaller or corner shelves that you can pile up vertically

What type of glass is best for floating shelves for bathroom?

It is always best to opt for tempered glass if you plan on storing heavy items on the floating shelves. This type of glass is much more resilient, shatters into small pieces if broken, and is overall the strongest option out there.

However, not all bathroom shelves need to be toughened. If you’re shopping for bathroom shelves on a tight budget, consider annealed glass instead. Unlike tempered glass, annealed glass never breaks spontaneously. Moreover, it can be safely used for display shelves that hold light objects such as towels, picture frames, and perfume bottles. The main downside of this glass is the way it cracks into large, sharp shards when broken. For more durability and peace of mind, make sure the annealed glass shelves are at least 1/2″ thick.


Floating glass shelves for bathroom 20

Simple, but practical bathroom shelves made of glass. These small elements are suitable for corner placement. They look very good in any bathroom design. They provide space for cosmetics and other bathroom accessories.

Shower niche glass shelf

Floating glass shelves can help make the most of the frequently limited bathroom space. Wall mounted, they add storage for utility or decorative items, do not take up floor space, and are visually unobtrusive. They create a lovely display place.

Floating glass shelves for bathroom 2

Expand storage in your bathroom by reclaiming most of the vertical spaces in there with these practical and useful floating shelves. The shelves are wall-mounted. They are constructed using wood and finished in a dark black tone that should easily complement the bright colored tiling or walls in your bathroom.

Floating glass shelves for bathroom 16

With excellent loadbearing, easy mounting hardware, and sturdy tempered glass construction, these state-of-the-art floating shelves will go a long way in reclaiming additional storage space in your bathroom. They are extremely modern too with a touch of unique contemporary flair.

Floating glass shelves for bathroom 14

Compact and easy to install floating shelves designed for your bathroom. The pieces are made from wood and come in a dark finish for that incredible contrast in visual appeal. They are perfect for bathroom supplies or for displaying collectibles and other décor accessories, including plant pots.

Tile decorative inserts

Floating glass shelves can be tucked almost anywhere in a bathroom providing a solution to that ever-present question of what to do with the shampoo bottle. Tuck them into a tile-lined niche between studs and enjoy the effect of built-in shelving.

Floating glass shelves for bathroom

The set of two floating glass shelves for the classic bathroom. Perfect when you would like to store some cosmetics, but you don't have enough place inside the bathroom cabinet. The glass surface is easy to clean.

Led glass floating shelf 16 decorating ideas

led glass floating shelf 16 decorating ideas

Shower niche with glass shelf

False Creek Condo - contemporary - bathroom - vancouver - Nigel Walker and Associates Inc (We love the mini subway tile mosaic pattern used on the right wall. Considering something like it for the shower/tub area in the hall bathroom.)

Gatco 5287 Franciscan Glass Shelf, Chrome

Floating glass shelves for bathroom 10

A set of two floating, wall-mounted shelves with a contrasting design – one is made with light-coloured wood and the other one is coated with white paint. Both shelves have a sliding, matte-glass doors, making them great for bathroom use.

Floating glass shelves

I am loving blue this season so I updated our bathroom for Christmas using blue + a bluetooth fan that streams music - Four Generations One Roof

Great idea for an inset glass shelf in tile grout

great idea for an inset - glass shelf in tile grout, like the mosaic tile color too Danville Remodel - contemporary - bathroom - san francisco - Fiorella Design

Floating glass shelves for bathroom 24

Cute storage shelf (whimsical)

Floating glass shelves for bathroom 3

Simple Bathroom Ideas For Small Bathrooms With Shower And Laundry Room

Curved glass shelves rounded floating shelves for wall corners

Curved Glass Shelves | Rounded, Floating Shelves for Wall Corners

Bathroom glass floating shelf feat stylish modern semi frameless

Bathroom, Glass Floating Shelf Feat Stylish Modern Semi Frameless ...