Shelves Above Toilet

Nothing says convenient access and aesthetic charm in the bathroom , like putting shelves above the toilet. Store tissues or an extra roll of toilet paper, amidst pictures or scented candles, and fill that void of wall space with something that is not just decorative, but useful. Models include individual bracketed shelving, and shelves attached to a metal frame that goes overtop the toilet's tank.

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Bernardston 34.5" W x 48" H x 9" D Solid Wood Free-Standing Over-the-Toilet Storage

Bernardston 34.5" W x 48" H x 9" D Solid Wood Free-Standing Over-the-Toilet Storage
With a total of eight shelves, this 71.9'' H freestanding unit provides maximum storage without wasting valuable space. Crafted from solid birch wood and available in four elegant finishes, the open design allows you to display your favorite decorative items, making this piece a stunning bathroom feature.

Bathroom Shelves Above Toilet

Bathroom Shelves Above Toilet
An aesthetic traditional wall-mounted bathroom unit. It's made of wood with a bit worn white finish. It has a rectangular moulding top, a cabinet with a shelf and 2 glazed doors, an open front shelf and 2 drawers. Knobs are round and dark.

Shelves above toilet 2

These shelves are an awesome and functional solution for small toilet space. Mount them above the toilet, and enjoy the solidity and functionality. The wooden structure brings a rustic touch.

Shelf above toilet

Bathed in white, this contemporary toilet looks larger in spite of restricted space. Shelving above the toilet centers the design, creating a focal point with a bevy of artwork, candle holders and collectibles.

Shelves above toilet

Made in the climate of seaside shelves above the toilet is a perfect combination of functionality and superb design. The place above the toilet becomes a well-developed space, which additionally brings a cozy seaside touch to the decor.

Shelves above toilet

Being an example of practical space organization, this set of DIY bathroom shelves creates new storage space for your stuff and accessories. White finish embodies the simplistic, contemporary design.

Floating shelves above toilet

With those beautiful shelves, your bathroom will be better organized, and sparkling with elegant charm. Each shelf is made of sturdy wood in a cherry finish, and is embedded between two metal fastenings.

Our advice Buying Guide

When working with small bathrooms, shelves above toilet are useful as they allow us to take advantage of every single square inch available. Shelves above toilets create a storage space that's needed in any bathroom. They are convenient places to store spare toilet paper rolls and other necessities.

What's more, they make excellent storage boxes to keep cleaning supplies in. A shelf above toilet that's inside a small powder room can also be particularly useful as the need for storage is addressed. The challenge, however, is choosing the best shelves. In this article, we will take a closer look at the factors that need to be considered when making a selection.

How thick should toilet shelves be?

Your material choice, the length, and the thickness of the shelves will determine whether they will bend or stand up. If you try using flimsy wood from your old kitchen cabinet and expect it to hold anything that has a substantial weight, you'll be very disappointed as you're destined for failure.

The key to choosing the right shelves is to match the length and thickness of the shelves to all the items you plan on storing on them. Toiletries, as well as bits and pieces, can be stored in a ¾" laminate that's over multi-density fiberboards.

Do you want your shelves to be fashionable, functional or both?

Have you ever imagined shelves to be fashionable? Well, if you haven’t, just picture Khloe Kardashian's glamourous display of shelves. The lighting is simply perfect and the shelves look like they're from company showrooms.

You can also consider the minimalist and sleek floating shelves, which are fashion personified. They will be great as shelves above the toilet. If you just want something that’s functional with a space-efficient design rather than one that's a work of art, then that's alright as well. Just decide on whether you want fashion or function.

How deep should shelves above toilet be?

Big-box stores will give you shelves that are 12" deep, but they'll make your bathroom look disorganized. So, why should you accept shelving that's too shallow? Get shelving that'll make your bathroom look neat and efficient. What we suggest are 14" deep shelves. By getting deeper shelving, your things won't look as if they're hanging at the edge, which they will be if you choose 12-inchers. If you want more glamourous shelves, then choose 19- or 24-inchers.

Remember: you shouldn't accept shelves that don't live well for their purpose.

How to make sure the shelves above toilet are safe?

If you are like most homeowners, then you haven't thought about the safety concern regarding shelves. Shelves above toilet rest on pins. That means they can easily be pulled by children with the content toppling onto them.

If what you want are adjustable shelves, the solution would be notched shelves. They are more expensive compared to standard shelves, but they'll be worth it as they will take your worries away.

Small bathrooms, as we said, require the smart utilization of every square inch. The best you can do to add more use to the available space is by adding shelves above toilets. Follow the tips we gave you when choosing shelving for your bathroom, and you'll be able to select the best systems. Good luck!


Shelves above toilet 1

A set of stylish, floating shelves that will save space in your smaller bathroom and help you to organize your necessities. The shelves are crafted of hardwood and covered in a white finish. Easy to mount.

Shelves above toilet 6

346 Living: Absolutely beautiful bathroom with gray walls framing white floating shelves filled with ...

Shelves above toilet 12

This bathroom decor proves that shelving above the toilet can be not a practical, but also a stylish accent. Sleek, simplistic silhouettes match well the overall, contemporary appeal, providing a convenient storage spot for one's bath accessories.

Shelves above toilet 1

Refreshing a boring toilet very small space - is always a good idea. When it is a refreshing with floating simple wooden shelves above a toilet, all in white - this is also a very good conception. You can get the additional space for towels or toilet paper.

Shelves above toilet 10

This is usually done in small guest toilets, where the toilet seat is located opposite the entrance. We try to make the wall in front of the door look attractive. Simple wooden shelves above toilet have a dark brown finish - and will be very practical.

Shelves above toilet 13

Pistachio green walls juxtaposed with dark brown wooden shelves not only provide a nice look, but most of all some functional spot, allowing to save precious floor space. Ideal for dispensers or toilet paper rolls.

Shelves above toilet

Kinda what I'm thinking for either breadboard or chair rail in the bathroom with the shelves above toilet except I will have window where picture is

Above toilet shelf

Set of 2 shelves designed for mounting on the wall. It is made of wood and reinforced with metal supports. Tasteful accent for the bathroom to store towels, toiletries and more.

Shelves above toilet

This set of shelves above the toilet constitutes a smooth, practical idea of how to subtly add some storage space into your bathroom. It can be used to store linens, toilet paper rolls or some accessories.

Hill country homebody going backwards bedroom and bath before and

Hill Country Homebody: Going Backwards: Bedroom and Bath Before and After

Shelves above toilet 7

These small shelves will go perfectly above your toilet and will let you either add some decorative objects around your bathroom or simply organize your accessories a bit better to make it cleaner and more functional.

Storage above toilet ideas

Simple white shelves over the toilet are the perfect solution for adding functionality to any interior design. Neutral, simple white construction is perfect for storing cosmetics and other bathroom accessories.

Rustic over the toilet storage

Transform your home into a country cottage, using this sturdy set of 3 floating shelves that can be easily mounted on a kitchen / bathroom wall. They are made of thick pieces of wood and covered with a layer of protective lacquer.

Shelves above toilet

Smoothly built-in within the walls, this bathroom shelving above the toilet constitutes a great way to store things without the fear of losing precious floor space. Functionality and style in one.

Kilim beige sherwin williams sw 6106 for the basement stairs

Kilim Beige Sherwin Williams SW 6106 for the basement stairs, hallway and rec room.

Shelf that goes over toilet

These functional items are suitable for bathroom use. Each shelf of this type features a wall-mounting design. These shelves are durable, wooden and finished in neutral white color that suits any bathroom.

Shelves above toilet

Nothing simpler - to develop a narrow space above the toilet, which we really see at the entrance. Strong and thick floating shelves above toilet made of wood, finished with dark-brown varnish - they not only add functionality, but also fill the empty space.

Floating shelves over toilet

Well-considered design can easily provide user-friendly storage of all bathroom tools. White color combined with glass gives cleanness and freshness sensation. The reasonable arrangement of the shelves makes room convenient and attractive.

Shelving above toilet

Transform your bathroom into a country cottage, thanks to those two massive shelves that can be mounted right above your toilet. Each shelf is made of thick wood, giving you a long-lasting piece for storing your necessities.

Shelves above toilet

So, this links out to another pin board, but, I really like the over the toilet storage idea shown in the above picture.

Newport wall cabinet pottery barn bathroom storage above toilet

Newport Wall Cabinet | Pottery Barn bathroom storage above toilet

Cottage bathroom storage cabinet

Cottage Bathroom Storage Cabinet

Shelves above toilet

Wall Color #730-C "Castle Path" by Behr This might be the color!!

I like the little white shelf in the bathroom acutally

I like the little white shelf in the bathroom. Acutally I think what I really like is the jar holding the q-tips. Wonder if I could add one to my bathroom without my husband banging his head into it.

Wall jewelry storage

Practical white over the toilet storage cabinet with drawers. It includes practical storage shelves and two mirrored doors. Solid wooden construction is finished in attractive and neutral white color.

The yellow cape cod powder room i absolutely love the

The Yellow Cape Cod Powder Room I absolutely LOVE the color scheme in this room! The dark gray with white & red are beautiful & the red could easily be changed to other colors. Now where to use it, hmm.....

Shelves above toilet 5

I need the shelves above the toilet in the master bath. You can buy the brackets at ikea online now.

Shelves above toilet 4

A great option for your toilet - this sublime shelf will let you add some nice decorative objects to your interior or simply organize your towels without losing the needed space and overcluttering your space thanks to the dark finish and simple structure.

Splendid white wooden floating shelves over toilet and sweet simple

Splendid White Wooden Floating Shelves Over Toilet And Sweet Simple ...

Over the toilet shelving 1

Over the toilet shelving .

Corbel wall shelf 16

Knockoff Ballard Cafe Shelves ~ $15 DIY ~ Would look great in the bathroom above the toilet

Shelf above bathroom door

Classic shelves made of wood. Designed for mounting on the wall. Provides space saving in all kinds of interiors. Received many very good opinions. Functionality and neutral design for each place as needed.

Niches in wall above toilet wall hung toilet no shower

Niches in wall above toilet, wall hung toilet; no shower curtain, simply glass. Small space but ideas for any size bath

32 best over the toilet storage ideas and designs for

32 Best Over the Toilet Storage Ideas and Designs for 2020

Sunshine n teacups bows light and airy bathroom

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Bathroom shelves over toilet

bathroom shelves over toilet

Space saver over toilet shelf storables

Space Saver Over Toilet Shelf | Storables

Over the toilet bathroom space saver rustic gray toilet

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Household essentials 3 shelf over the toilet storage rack

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17 stories eckles 25 w x 64 h over the

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Over the toilet storage bathroom space saver cubby

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