Wall Mounted Wood Shelves

Take a look at these wall mounted shelves and see if this is something for you. They vary when it comes to their design, shape, colour and size. That is why all of them will be suitable for different customers and you can become one of them. Can you see your favourite one?

Best Products

Retail wall fixture

Retail wall fixture
These display shelves are wall mounted and construct of solid wood. The industrial and rustic design fits perfectly to the brick wall, just like this one. They add enough display space for your books and favorite accent pieces.

Plum wood shelves natural edge wall

Plum wood shelves natural edge wall
The hand-made, wall-mounted plum wooden shelves are an interesting option, if you are a fan of natural pieces of furniture. The natural finish is suitable with classic and beige style and decor.

Reclaimed Scaffolding Boards And Steel

Reclaimed Scaffolding Boards And Steel
Wall-mounted decorative shelves are an excellent combination of functionality and attractive appearance. Robust wooden shelves based on a solid steel base fascinate the details. Great place for your favorite books.

Rustic wood box shelf

Rustic wood box shelf
A blank wall around? Need to lend a slight rustic vibe to it? Simple wooden frames with a nice collection of stylish vases or earthenware does the job surprisingly well. Must try to transform some wood box into wall mounted shelves.

The Simple Wood Wall Shelf

The Simple Wood Wall Shelf
Wall shelf featuring brown finish and strong as well as durable construction. Additionally, the shelf has three tiers and two shelves. The latter are perfect for storing smaller items such as threads.

Wall Mounted Corner Shelf Retro

Wall Mounted Corner Shelf Retro
A geaometric design of this shelf makes it a perfect addition for a living room's corner. It's wall mounted and made of natural-finished wood. Features 4 square shelves (8'' x 8'') for decorated them with your knick-knacks.

New york metal wood shelf clothes rack

New york metal wood shelf clothes rack
This high quality piece of equipment is playing a functional and decorative role. Its wrought iron supports provide the best solidity and attractive appearance. The most important feature of this element is its durability and resistance to damage and overweight.

Our advice Buying Guide

How much weight can wall mounted wood shelves hold?

A standard floating shelf can hold approximately 30 to 75 pounds depending on a number of factors such as the material it is made of, how deep the shelf is, and how many studs are used.

If built correctly, wall-mounted wood shelves can hold up to 300 pounds. Multiply the number of brackets by the safe load to determine the safe load capacity for the entire shelf. For example, for a shelf that has three brackets rated 250 pounds, 62.5 pounds is actually the safe load, while the load capacity of the shelf as a whole is 187.5 pounds.

What are the different types of wall mounted wood shelves and which one to choose?

When it comes to choosing wall-mounted wood shelves, it might seem like choosing a needle in a haystack since there is a multitude of options out there. Wall-mounted wood shelves are available as horizontal shelves, vertical shelves, labyrinth shelves, and even wavy shelves in terms of design.

There are shelves for books, bathroom essentials, kitchen items, decor, and everything else under the sun. But what are the most common types of wood shelves, and which one should you choose?

Woods like African padauk, mahogany, and koa are considered the strongest types of wood for shelves, especially those holding heavyweight. The type of wall shelves you choose will also be determined by the intended purpose.

However, the strength and reliability of your shelves ultimately depend on their choice of mounting. The most durable and highly recommended type of mounting is rigid fixation which attaches the shelves to the wall using special fittings.


Wall mounted wood shelves

A great solution for accommodate your wall with a practical and durable piece of furniture. Those wall-mounted shalves are made of hardwood and firmly attahced to a powder-coated metal frame. There's 6 open shelves in total.

Floating shelf with drawer

Open shelf with drawer designed for mounting on the wall. It is completely made of wood. Great for storing books, display decorations and more. Traditional form and neutral design.

Wall mounted wood shelves

Add your living room decor a cool, urban style. This set of wall mounted will create a cool, contemporary composition for i.e. industrial spaces, like lofts or other modern apartments.

Shelves wall mounted wood

An original stylization of wall-mounted wooden shelves based on a solid metal frame in black color. These wooden shelves are of different size, so they provide space for many items like books, speakers, decorations, etc.

Wall mounted wood shelves

Easy to assemble, this glossy, white floating bookshelf is placed on a wooden chassis, traditionally mounted to the wall. Its sleek surface will bring a smooth, contemporary appeal to the pace.

Diy wall mounted shelves

With such a lovely table you can have a nice place to put your magazines or snacks, while saving space in your room. Wood craftsmanship makes it very durable, while the glass shade lamp mounted on top, produces warm light, making your room cozier and more intimate.

Wall mounted wood shelves 1

Properly brushed and sanded, this wall mounted set of shelves enchants with its cool and clean design, fitting well into contemporary interiors. Every angle is supported by a cantilever.

Wall mounted wood shelves

If you love modern design, this set of furniture intended to living room will be perfect for you. It is composed of bright sofa with chaise lounge and elements made of oriental wood - cabinet, shelf in fancy shave and coffee table with glazed desktop.

Wall mounted nightstand shelf

Wall mounted coat racks are perfect for a room or hallway. Robust wood base provides structural strength, and retractable hooks blend well together. Handy shelves give extra storage space for trinkets.

Plywood wall shelves

Constructed of durable plywood, this modular shelf unit is characterized by a truly intricate structure of open boxes, supported by powder-coated metal hardware. The whole thing rests on heavy wood blocks for stability.

Wall mounted box shelves a trendy variation on open shelves

Wall-Mounted Box Shelves – A Trendy Variation On Open Shelves

Rustic wooden wall shelves

Simple and sturdy wall shelves made of stark quite wide thick and long rectangular wooden planks with a natural finish. A shelf has 2 or 3 robust wall-mounted brackets of black-coated profiled metal angles.

This diy storage shelf is exactly what we need in

This DIY storage shelf is exactly what we need in our house. Click on picture for instructions.

White wall mount shelves 1

If you like modular wall shelves, this minimalist bookcase shall definitely appeal to you. Resembling a labyrinth, it intermingles open shelves with characteristic boxes, creating a smooth contemporary decor.

Wall mounted wood shelves

This kitchen grey cabinets with brass pulls and wall mounted shelves to match will surely become the best solution when it comes to style in your household. It allows you to actually elevate the look of your interior and provides more than enough space to keep it organized.

Original design shelf wall mounted in wood il pezzo 5

Original design shelf / wall-mounted / in wood IL PEZZO 5 Il Pezzo ...

Wall mounted decorative shelves

A charming, DIY shelving unit in a minimalist design. It features several dark, wooden planks and metal posts mounted to a wall. It will accommodate a lot of books or decorations and with an old-fashioned chest it gives the room a nice, rustic flair.

Wall mounted bar shelves

A stark but cool wall-mounted shelf handmade of driftwood with a natural finish. It has a flat rectangularish top with smooth edges and features 2 pieces of quite thick broken curling and cracked branches fixed to the top underneath.

Wall mounted shelving units wood

wall mounted shelving units wood

Decorative wooden shelves for the wall 11

Cool ingenious though simple wall cabinets with open fronts created from casual plywood crates painted in vivid warm colours. Cabinets have backs lined with wallpaper with various designs and can be mounted vertically or horizontally.

Diy wall mounted nightstand

Take some old wooden boards and metal brackets and combine these two to make a brand new rustic creation of DIY shelves. Though simple, they prove to be very decorous, especially in industrial interiors.

Decorative wood wall shelves 1

A stunning setup for a rustic wall décor – an excellent idea if you’re looking for an idea for a spare wall in your living room. The vintage details give this one a unique look, and the dark colours make this one cosy and homely.

Low cabinet

Modernize the drawing room, entertainment center or family zone with the low TV cabinet, which is wall mounted and has a lot of storage spaces. It fits perfectly to contemporary style and decor.

Black bathroom furniture 18

Great Etsy shop for Industrialized and Rustic Furniture - there are lots of really cool ideas for creating all sorts of DIY things with wood paneling and piping.

43 extremely creative small kitchen design ideas

43 Extremely creative small kitchen design ideas

Wall mounted shelves diy

A nice way to raise practicality of your small kitchen, and not losing too much space in the process. This wall-mount breakfast bar is made of thick and sturdy hardwood in lacquered, light oak finish.

How to make wall mounted shelves

It's easy to recognize suspended wall mounted wood shelves in this project - Scandinavian clear and simple style. Folded, form a panel on a wall of wood in white. The modular set has 3 fold-out shelves.

Shelving wall storage shelves garage organizer wooden shelves designs

... shelving-wall-storage-shelves-garage-organizer-wooden-shelves-designs

Driftwood wall shelves

Thanks to this creative set of open shelves, you can now display your knick-knacks in style. Made of wood, the set itself is a beautiful decoration, boasting of intricate design, drowned in multiple colors.

Wall shelves as gifts

Wall Shelves as Gifts?!?

White wall mount shelves

Small Space Secrets: Swap Your Bookcases for Wall Mounted Shelving Storage boxes on the floor for blankets?

Pallet shelves in this boy bedroom makeover gray walls picture

Pallet Shelves in this Boy Bedroom {MAKEOVER} - Gray walls, picture frame wallpaper, pops of orange & blue. The perfect space for a young boy to teen. You won't w...

Simple wall mounted shelves

If you love to spend the lovely time in your kitchen, this wall mounted oak bar is perfect for you. It consumes a few space, but could be used in many ways: as a small office, place to eat or a drinking bar.

Wall mounted wood shelves

Cute idea for cat playroom! Wall mounted wood shelves in different bright colors create lots of opportunities for your fluffy pets to climb, jump and relax. I especially like the stairs shelf. Cool design!

Modern living room sets 3

Welcome to the black side of power-watching Star Wars on your modern TV stand,always remember that!The longitudinal modern living room set with two drawers and the is made of hardwood and finished with a black wooden veneer,completed with wall mounted shelves.

Wall mounted wood shelves 1

Put your tv on a rustic shelf for a unique look! (and way cheaper than an expensive wall mount)

Decorative wooden shelves for the wall 6

Wall mounted shelves for storing books, display decorations and more. It is made of recycled crates. Neutral and functional design for all kinds of interiors according to taste and need.

How to build wall mounted shelves

With its inimitable, A-letter design, this wall mounted set of wooden shelves can be a designer bookcase or a display cabinet for your collections. An easy to assemble, DIY project, based on MDF boards.

Wall units wall mounted shelves wood

Wall units - wall mounted shelves wood

Kitchen designs pictures of kitchen designs and decorating ideas country

Kitchen Designs - Pictures of Kitchen Designs and Decorating Ideas - Country Living - what is a good alternative to the cupboard...color?? Suggestions! Like the gray white and yellow!

Decorative metal shelves wall mount

Wall mounted rack consisting of metal wires. Includes screw holes for easy assembly. It has 9 square shelves. Application in all kinds of interiors as needed.

Wall mounted wooden crates

Media Shelves - Free Woodworking Plans from

Mygift rustic wood wall mounted organizer shelves best

MyGift Rustic Wood Wall Mounted Organizer Shelves Best ...