Wooden Towel Racks

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A wooden towel rack is the perfect combination of functional and aesthetic. A good towel rail will blend seamlessly into your bathroom and make the most of the space. Depending on where you put it, you will need to consider whether your wooden towel rack is freestanding, how it is attached, and how much space you can use up. No matter your style and space requirements, we’ve got you covered!

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Updated 12/04/2023
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Space Saving Wall Mounted Wooden Shelf With Towel Rail

Space Saving Wall Mounted Wooden Shelf With Towel Rail


What we like: Wood and Metal Combination, Space Saving

What we don’t like: Mounting hardware not included

If you have a small bathroom space but still need it to be functional, we have the solution. This towel rack includes a metal bar for hanging towels, as well as a top shelf for storing supplies and accessories. It is a two in one that would work well in a guest bathroom, powder room, or space conscious apartment.

We love the combination of wood and metal, with the torched wood finish that would look great in most modern bathrooms. It does not specify that mounting hardware is included, but this is a great storage solution for a smaller bathroom. 

$38.99 $42.99

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Wooden Bathroom Shelf With Towel Rack to Reduce the Clutter

Wooden Bathroom Shelf With Towel Rack to Reduce the Clutter

Bay Isle Home™

What we like: 2-in-1 shelf with towel rack, sleek wood finish

What we don’t like: Assembly required, weight limit

Do you hate clutter as much as we do? Problem solved! This wooden shelf with a towel rail will fit right into a guest bathroom to store extra towels or in the master bathroom for extra toiletries. It is crafted from carbonized bamboo with a warm, caramel finish, and its open slat design easily holds soaps and accent decor.

It comes with hardware ready for installation, however it will still require some assembly before you put it up and is probably ill-suited to heavier objects. 

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Spa Style Wooden Towel Rack For A Touch of Luxury

Spa Style Wooden Towel Rack For A Touch of Luxury

Teak Smith

What we like: Teak wood finish, luxurious, sustainable materials

What we don’t like: Freestanding

Create a touch of luxury in your own bathroom! This wooden towel holder showcases a distinctive "X" design that mimics those found in upscale spas. Made with 100% sustainably harvested teak and constructed by hand, it will hold plenty of plush towels to make every day feel like a staycation.

This is a free standing towel rack so it is made for bathrooms with a bit more space. It is also designed for holding towels rather than drying them so it is definitely more aesthetic than functional! 

$249.07 $288.69

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Triple Wood Towel Rack That Folds Away for Small Spaces

Triple Wood Towel Rack That Folds Away for Small Spaces

Alfi Brand

What we like: Three-In-One Towel Rail, Folds Away

What we don’t like: Not suitable for rentals

Whether you have multiple people hanging up towels or simply want to spread towels out to dry faster, this nifty little towel rail will work in any modern bathroom. The round wooden dowels can fold away to save space or hold three towels simultaneously. We love the creative use of space.

Due to the screw-mounted design this may not be suitable for rental homes, but all hardware is included for quick installation in homes where it is allowed. This towel rack definitely makes our favorite list.

$79 $145

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Wooden Ladder Towel Rail With Shelf for Unique Storage Solution

Wooden Ladder Towel Rail With Shelf for Unique Storage Solution


What we like: Extra storage shelf, Rustic style

What we don’t like: Not attached to the wall

You’ve probably seen wooden towel ladders, but this is one of our favorites. As well as space to hang your towels, it has a shelf at the base for extra storage or decor. This wall leaning ladder is an excellent way to add charming rustic style and spacious storage to your bathroom, kitchen, laundry room, living room, or any other area around your home.

We probably wouldn’t recommend this towel rack if you have kids that might knock it over or if you need a towel rack behind a door simply because it is freestanding. This is a perfect addition for a rustic or farm style aesthetic.

$49.99 $64.99

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Modern FarmHouse Bathroom Towel Rail With Hooks

Modern FarmHouse Bathroom Towel Rail With Hooks


What we like: Clever shape, faux-distressed wood for farmhouse vibe

What we don’t like: Hooks instead of rails

Bring functional organization and distinctive decoration to your home with this multi-colored distressed wood towel rack. It has cleverly used the word TOWELS cut out of wood for a farmhouse style bathroom or modern home with a twist.

The five dual hooks attached to the top piece mean that this is perfect for a family with lots of people using towels, though hooks mean towels won’t dry as well as rails. It is mounted using flush-mount keyhole brackets for easy installation and ensures secure mounting on most wall surfaces.

$36.99 $39.99

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Best Towel Storage For Small Spaces
Bamboo Bathroom Shelf with Towel Bar

Bamboo Bathroom Shelf with Towel Bar

Bay Isle Home™

Perfect for: Drying big and thick towels.

What We Like: Adds practical yet aesthetic storage to small bathrooms.

What We Don’t: The hardware that comes with it is of subpar quality.

Made of high-quality bamboo wood with a varnished surface, this wall-mounted towel rack is waterproof, wear-resistant, and equipped to keep moisture, mold, and mildew at bay. It is perfect for steamy bathrooms. It also has a large and sturdy rack on top, so you can organize your toiletries in compact bathrooms and still retain its aesthetic appeal. 

Designer Advice:

This wooden towel shelf with towel bar offers state-of-the-art hygroscopicity and heat absorptivity. So, while it will be a great asset to any bathroom, we can’t deny its moisture-absorption benefits in the spa and sauna room. It gives you maximum bang for your buck — without bulking up your bathroom.

What Users Say:

Tried to create a spa feeling in the bathroom, this works! 

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Classic Freestanding Wooden Towel Rail For Every Bathroom

Classic Freestanding Wooden Towel Rail For Every Bathroom


What we like: Multiple color choices, bottom shelf

What we don’t like: Not heavily weighted in the bottom

Nothing is worse than having wet towels or clothes on the floor of the bathroom. This towel rack solves both those problems. Now you can hang your clothes ready to go when you are finished showering and then hang your wet towel ready to use next time. There is also space at the bottom for shoes and other items you want to keep off the wet ground.

Although this has three rails, the bottom is not extremely heavily weighted so won’t be good behind a door where it might get knocked around. We love that there are multiple colors to choose from and it is super easy to assemble!

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Best Country-Themed Rack
Freestanding Wooden Towel Rack for Bathroom

Freestanding Wooden Towel Rack for Bathroom


Perfect for: Getting all the storage you need — without the wall.

What We Like: Has three well-spaced bars for hanging and air-drying towels with a bottom rack for storing slippers.

What We Don’t: Not suitable for bathrooms with limited floor space.

This freestanding burnt wood towel rack has 3 well-spaced bars, adding functional hanging space for all your washcloths, hand towels, bath towels, and robes, although you can also use it for air drying and displaying your clothing and blankets. It also features a slatted bottom shelf for extra storage, helping you keep things organized in the bathroom. Factor in clean construction and industrial black metal pipe handles, and it’s easy to notice the blend of rustic yet modern charm.  

Designer Advice:

This dark brown wood towel rack adds a gorgeous rustic, contemporary touch to your toilet space. It’s waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about humidity! Plus, it’s easy to move, so you can have it in the laundry room or by the poolside to hang your lounge essentials while you take a refreshing dip.  

What Users Say:

Great to hang wet towels or laundry that’s still damp. Looks good just by itself. Well made.

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Rustic Wooden Towel Rail For The Ultimate Log Cabin Aesthetic

Rustic Wooden Towel Rail For The Ultimate Log Cabin Aesthetic

Loon Peak®

What we like: Rough Edges, Cabin Aesthetic,

What we don’t like: Relatively expensive

For the modern cottage or log cabin aesthetic, you can’t go past this stunning little log towel rail from Loon Peak. Loon Peak “live edge” lumber is carefully handled to retain the shape of the tree's natural edge and the bark is left intact so that a rustic, unique piece emerges every time.

It is wall mounted, lacquered for durability, and although it is relatively expensive for a single towel rail, it will be the finishing flourish on your neutral bathroom. 

$115.99 $199

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Best Minimalistic Rack
Wall Mounted Wooden Towel Hanger

Wall Mounted Wooden Towel Hanger


Perfect for: Warming up the bathroom with a smooth, nautical look.

What We Like: Good quality for the price.

What We Don’t: The color can be a little lighter than what appears in the pictures.

This towel hanger is made with 100% solid teak, one of the most durable woods. It’s also resistant to extreme temperatures and high in natural oils, which prevent rotting or warping, making it an asset to bathrooms and other steamy spaces like kitchens. Mount it on the wall to save floor space, and watch how quickly it adds an element of nautical glam to your bathroom. 

$37 $32.99

Designer Advice:

This towel bar is a bathroom essential that looks great installed on the side of a kitchen cabinet — give stars for being multipurpose. It elevates the look of any space, but it looks especially divine mounted on a rough wood wall. 

What Users Say:

The fact that it is teak should mean that it won’t fade because of the moisture from the towels and wash clothes that will hang from it. Pros: Stout.

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Freestanding Triple Wooden Towel Rack For Family Homes

Freestanding Triple Wooden Towel Rack For Family Homes


What we like: Triple Rail, Good for bathroom or bedroom, extra shelf on bottom

What we don’t like: Takes up space

If you don’t want screws in the walls, this freestanding wooden towel rack is the answer. Big enough for multiple towels and made with a modern bamboo finish, this towel rail makes great use of vertical space and has an extra shelf on the bottom for easy-access toiletries.

This towel rack is great for hanging towels without damaging walls. However, this does mean that it will take up more room so this wouldn’t be great for a small apartment or single bathroom. No matter your style, we think this would look great in any bathroom or bedroom for reducing clutter and wet towels on the floor. 

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Wooden Towel Racks

Buying Guide

When you’re choosing between standing and hanging towel racks, there’s one main consideration to think about: How much floor space you have. Unless you live in a very large home, you’ll tend to have more wall space than floor space, so consider that first; it’s typically the limiting factor.

If you don’t have a lot of floor space specifically next to your bathtub or shower, it’s a good idea to use a hanging wooden towel rack. This will add less visual clutter to your bathroom area, and will also allow you to have the towel at any height that would be preferable for your use.

The best type of wood for a wooden towel rack would be one that is moisture resistant. White oak and teak wood are popular choices for wooden towel racks due to their ability to resist warping, cracking, decay and twisting.

Since they are dense woods, they also do not need much maintenance and naturally repel against wood rot and moisture.

Best Ideas

Wooden Bathroom Towel Rack

Wooden Bathroom Towel Rack

Good with everything but a sleek rack to store bathroom towels? Try a solution that promotes floor space saving. These dark wood racks, sold individually, are wall mounted. Each one accommodates 3 towels.

Dalton 30" Wall Mounted Towel Bar

Dalton 30" Wall Mounted Towel Bar

Suitable for hanging medium to larger sized towels, this towel rack is constructed of solid Oak wood, boasting of smooth lines and a warm aesthetic. It comes with a standard mount with exposed screws and wooden plugs.

Country Rustic Wall Mounted Wooden 5 Swivel Coat Hooks / Hats Garment Clothing Hanger / Towel Holder Rack

This wall mounted coat hanger creates a great proposition for all, who look for functional, yet stylish solutions to their space. A must-have for all country and rustic styles enthusiasts.

Towel rack wooden

The towel rack is one that immediately catches the attention. It’s made of wood all through and has a glossy brown look. It consists of five racks which are cylindrical in shape with rounded heads. The base is also made of wood and is designed with well-crafted curves and edges.

Pedlars wooden roller towel holder

Pedlars Wooden Roller Towel Holder

Wooden towel stand 5

wooden towel stand

Wooden towel racks 2

recycled wood creations - from marie claire idees - Photo: Patrice de Grandry; Réalisation : Camille Soulayrol, Anne Ventura , Virginie Rousset

Bathroom towel ladder wood

Rack made of wood and metal. Designed for mounting on the wall. It contains 3 shelves arranged vertically and rod for towel. Great for storing cosmetics, toiletries and more. Neutral and functional addition for any bathroom.

Wooden towel racks 3

This wooden towel rack constitutes a stylish example of the Victorian age design. It delights with rich adornments, surmounted the whole construction. Its back is lovely embellished with floral patterns.

Wooden towel

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Homemade towel rack

Someone had a nice sense of humour here! This wooden towel rack has been crafted artfully from a natural twig, and someone couldn't refrain him- or herself from adding a tiny bird shaped decoration on it.

Free Standing Cross Towel Rack

Free Standing Cross Towel Rack

Wooden ladder towel rack

Towel rack in the form of ladder. It is completely made of wood. Application in every bathroom according to taste and need.

Wooden towel ladder

Simple and functional bathroom item. This towel rack features a durable wooden construction with straight and simple lines. Its horizontal slats provide space for towels and other bathroom textile materials.

Towel rack ii 4 bars ga565 accents range

Towel Rack II (4 bars) [GA565] - Accents range

Wood towel racks

Wooden pallet towel hanger for pool... Or you could use ready made fence pieces from hardware store - I need this!!

Free shipping wood towel rack shelf ledge shelves

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Painting designer cognac towel rack

Painting Designer Cognac Towel Rack

Handmade towel rack bath decor wood shabby cottage

Handmade Towel Rack Bath Decor Wood Shabby Cottage

Walnut wooden 15 inch bathroom towel bar luxury bathroom

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Wooden towel stand australia

Wooden Towel Stand Australia

Wood mounted towel rack magnolia chip joanna gaines

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Handmade wooden rustic coat rack towel holder

Handmade wooden rustic coat rack / towel holder