Wood Wall Spice Rack

If you have ever had to hunt for a spice while cooking and had a hard to impossible time locating it, then you will definitely want one or more of these wood wall spice racks. In many styles, you are sure to find one that fits into your decor with minimal effort. Take a look at this extensive collection and never hunt for a spice while cooking ever again.

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Midland Premium Wall Mounted Spice Rack

Midland Premium Wall Mounted Spice Rack
Get your collection of spices neatly organized and easily accessible with this functional spice rack. The rack is designed from wood and comes with a light brown natural wood grain that will transform your walls. You also get up to six tiers of storage to accommodate all your stuff.

Midland Premium Wall Mounted Spice Rack

Midland Premium Wall Mounted Spice Rack
This intriguing and practical wall mounted spice rack would be a perfect solution for every kind of kitchen, no matter what is your preferred style. Check it out and enjoy the highest functionality in your house!

Midland Premium Wall Mounted Spice Rack

Midland Premium Wall Mounted Spice Rack
If you're looking for stylish and convenient way to store all of your spices, this amazing and simple spice rack might be a perfect solution! Check it out and enjoy the highest functionality in your kitchen.

Reclaimed wood spice rack

Reclaimed wood spice rack
Add this reclaimed wood spice rack to your interior and enjoy the beautiful combination of metal and wood in a distressed finish. It will surely let you spice things up in the kitchen and is a handmade piece full of original appeal.

Reclaimed pallet wood rustic wine rack

Reclaimed pallet wood rustic wine rack
Attractive, hand-made wine glass holder shelf for wall mounting. Its solid reclaimed wood construction is based on simple lines, so it looks good in both classic and modern interior designs. This shelf is also resistant to wear.

Corvallis rustic wall mount wine rack

Corvallis rustic wall mount wine rack
A pretty rustic wall-mounted rack crafted of wood stained in warm browns. It has a rectangular top-shelf, thick curved sides and a bottom with slots for hanging 4 goblets. An open niche for 6 bottles has a wide front security rail.

Wall mounted wooden spice rack

Rustic design for a handy spice rack for a kitchen, made out of solid oak wood with a natural, unfinished look. The spice rack has five sizable shelves, providing a lot of space for storing jars with herbs and spices.

Our advice Buying Guide

What is the best way to store spices?

One of the best ways to store spices is a wood wall spice rack. This is the perfect solution for stylishly storing your spices in plain sight, especially when you’re tight on cupboard space.

A rack that makes all your spices easily visible can save you time and energy in the kitchen when you’re hunting for ingredients while cooking. By organizing your spices where they’re accessible, and the labels are readable, you can avoid undue frustration and speed up your cooking or baking process.

A wooden wall spice rack is an aesthetically pleasing organization system that can be incorporated into a rustic home with a cottage or farmhouse style. To modernize it, choose a darker, sophisticated wood finish, or try DIY painting the wooden rack in matte white or gray.

Use matching jars with labels on the front and the lid. Depending on where your spice rack is mounted, you may need to opt for dark glass jars as some spices and herbs lose their flavor when exposed to sunlight.

Ground spices tend to reduce in intensity, so where possible, store whole spices, such as peppercorns, cinnamon sticks, and nutmeg, and grind them as needed.

What spices to store in a spice rack?

When you’re putting together a wood wall spice rack, stock it with basic spices that will allow you to create dishes you’ll enjoy eating. Pepper, salt, sea salt, rosemary, garlic, and oregano are staple spices that will help you build many different types of dishes.

If you enjoy cuisines from around the world, it might be a good idea to stock your spice rack with selections such as turmeric, cumin, mustard, marjoram, dill, cinnamon, and more. We always like stocking cocoa as well to add earthiness to dishes or to brew a delicious hot beverage on its own.

Are wall spice racks better than freestanding ones?

Wall spice racks are not necessarily better than freestanding ones. Each type of spice rack comes with pros and cons. Wall racks are typically screwed into a wall or other surface while free-standing ones sit on the countertop or other suitable kitchen space.

Wall spice racks are a good choice in kitchens that do not have much space to spare in their drawers and cabinets, or on countertops. You can not only mount them on a wall but the inside of kitchen cabinet doors too.

On the downside, wall spice racks must be installed. This is not just time-consuming but could cost you if you have to hire a contractor to do it. Also, wall racks are difficult to move once they have been fixed in their position.

Free standing spice racks come in diverse sizes, shapes and materials. They are not restricted by space to the same degree as wall racks. You can move them with ease as and when you need to.

The main disadvantage is they may not work in small kitchens that do not have the adequate counter space. Free standing racks sometimes come with their own jars and might not fit your existing containers. In that case, you would have to transfer your flours, grains and other kitchen materials to the rack’s jars.


Spice rack wood

This wooden wall with spice rack constitutes a well-designed pantry. Offering nearly endless amount of space, it will smoothly comprise all your herbs, spices, as well as stores of flour or sugar.

Wood wall spice rack

Spice wood wall cabinet, found its use in the kitchen. Previously used to flavore wine. Grounded wood has a beautiful warm shade of oak. Five long shelves - are a great place for jar spices. Well presented with a wooden elements of kitchen.

Wood wall spice rack

A cool wall-mounted kitchen rack blending rustic and modern styles. It's intended for containers with spices. It has a rectangular backplate of stark uneven reclaimed wooden planks and 5 elegant metal shelves with front rails and slanted sides.

Incredible wood spice rack wall

Incredible Wood Spice Rack Wall

Wall mounted 3 tier spice rack choose

Wall Mounted 3 Tier Spice Rack (Choose)

Spice rack wooden wall mount

Wood wall spice rack makes things easy, all your spice in one place. This rectangular beauty has seven shelves of varying lengths to allow spices of different sizes to fit and at the same time save space.

2 Piece On the Wall Spice Rack II Set

2 Piece On the Wall Spice Rack II Set

Wood wall mount spice rack

Wall Mounted Spice Rack Farmhouse

Spice rack from brushed nickel on corner wall mount cabinet

... Spice Rack from Brushed Nickel on Corner Wall Mount Cabinet of Kitchen

Wood wall spice rack

I want this Spice Rack to hang in my kitchen. :)

Kitchen utensil hanger

Wall mounted rack for different kitchen utensils is an excellent way to operate a kitchen appliance. Simple wooden construction allows for comfortable and pleasant style for decor. The perfect solution for contemporary interiors.

Wooden spice rack shelf

Featuring three small shelves for jars and one tall for the bottles, this beautiful wooden spice rack will help you create a perfect storage space for your ingredients, providing a cosy, down-home ambience in the space.

Wooden spice rack

Love this rack made from wood pallets. It gives you some space to keep jars and bottles with your favourite spices and herbs.. Three storeys, very solid and stable finish. Ideal to keep it over your cooker.

Wood spice rack

Wall rack in neutral form. It consists of 2 drawers and 3 open shelves arranged vertically. Perfect for storing spices or display decorations. Functional accent for each room according to taste and need.

Wooden wall spice rack

Oh, I love this! Very organized for my kitchen! Distressed Curio Shelf Spice Rack with Beadboard Back

On the Wall Spice Rack 3.5" Deep Size: 60"

Wall mount spice rack

A custom barn door that emerge from nowhere, from walls just behind you. They hide the pantries. Perfect space-saver and place for all spices and preparations - behind wooden, carved doors. That is tipical mediterranean cabinets and doors style.

Spice rack wooden

Handmade by goazcards...we could have these on the blank wall in our kitchen for our hundreds of spice jars!

Wall spice rack wood

6 Cute Ways to Have Fun With Test Tubes - clever to make for someone with limited space in their home

Rev-A-Shelf - 4ASR-15 - (S) Adjustable Door Mount Spice Rack

Wood wall spice rack 1

want this but in different color...and distressed

Rustic wooden spice rack

Would be so cute on a counter or on a kitchen or dining room table!

Wooden wall hanging spice rack

I have pinned this kitchen alot! one of my favs...now I found out the source & she home schools her 7 kids and her house/farm is awesome.

Frontier Gourmet Organic Spices with Two Tier Bamboo Spice Rack

Spice rack wall mount wood

Constructed from pallets, this stylish spice rack will be a good way to introduce some cool vintage vibe into your decors. It can work out perfectly well as a display for your vases favourite photos.

Wooden spice rack wall mount

Rustic cabinet Reclaimed wood shelf Chicken wire decor Bathroom wall storage Wooden spice rack

Craft paint storage love her wall shelves so cute and

craft paint storage - love her wall shelves - so cute and mostly (or all?) thrifted, and painted to match. Everything in its place, and visible and within easy reach. And so colorful! What more can you ask for? I want to remember this, in case I ever get

Rustic reclaimed wood wall shelf spice rack with towel bar

Rustic Reclaimed Wood Wall Shelf Spice Rack with Towel Bar / Pot Rack ...

Kitchen shelf of repurposed wood with phrases one the front

kitchen shelf of repurposed wood with phrases one the front.

Dark wood wine rack 11

Solid wooden cabinets for kitchen use. These elements of furniture are finished in neutral black color. The central kitchen island features a wine rack and storage shelves with glass doors. This stylization looks good in any kitchen.

Rustic spice rack

looking to do a spice rack on the wall where my giant standing one is....hmmm this but many more shelves lol

Wood metal wall decor

A proposition for all industrial or rustic design enthusiasts. Combining some lovely, green painted distressed wood with intricately crafted metal elements, gave a very intriguing effect that can embellish almost every wall.

Diy wall spice rack

Recycling Wood Pallets for Handmade Furniture, 15 DIY Projects

Wood spice racks

Reclaimed wood wine rack Pallet Wall Wine by LittleFencesStudio, $65.00 I will make a his (hard liquors) and her (wines etc) rack A spice rack may come out of this as well

Wooden spice racks for walls

Me and Madeline: Wood Pallet Bookshelf - a mini tutorial

Bar with wine fridge

This contemporary cabinet is a charming example of a wet bar, with a new sink, faucet, and wine refrigerator. On top of that, the bar also features two cabinets with plenty of storage space, and 2 drawers for smaller appliances.

Wine rack buffet table 2

52-inches wide, dark brown wooden sideboard, featuring wine racks option, constitutes a stylish and convenient living room decor option. Finished with silver drawer pulls, it has 3 drawers and 2 side doors.

Brand New 22.4" x 14.24" x 38.6"H Dark Espresso Wood Finish Wine Rack

Premium quality wine rack offering three capacious slatted shelves and two storage drawers with round, silvery metal pull handles. The rack is engineered of sturdy wood. Dark espresso finish completes the compact, classic style.

Wall Mount Spice Rack in Cherry

Wall Mount Spice Rack in Cherry

Wall mount spice rack wood

How to make your own diy pallet shelf with burlap and chicken wire - Debbiedoo's

Decorative metal shelves wall mount 2

Natura Yogurt bottles + oversized corks = way nicer spice rack than mine #kitchen #diy #inspiration

Diy wood spice rack

Our Home Away From Home: Vignettes

Wooden wall mounted spice rack

How to Attach the BEKVAM Spice Rack to a Wall