Glass Kitchen Canister Sets

And now for something you'll really like. You want kitchen canisters, but you want to see the contents within and use them as part of your decorative scheme. Then you are in luck. We just happen to have a set of glass kitchen canisters that are not only very sturdy and nearly shatter resistant, they will allow you to use your sugar or flour to accent your kitchen. Great for bakers.

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Pure rustics 3 piece forleo canister set

Pure rustics 3 piece forleo canister set
A beautiful embellishemnt for contemporary kitchens, in shape of three lovely canisters - each made of smoked glass, with hammered texture. The set consists 1 small, 1 medium and 1 large cannister, all covered by stylish lids.

Teal glass canisters vintage kitchen

Teal glass canisters vintage kitchen
These beautiful glass containers are a beautiful way to decorate your kitchen or living room. Nice decorative details in vintage style captivate, and soothing turquoise shade adds freshness and crispness to the interior.

Old Depression Glass Dark Green Ribbed Hoosier Pantry Jars Canister Set

Old Depression Glass Dark Green Ribbed Hoosier Pantry Jars Canister Set
A useful set of glass kitchen canisters. A lot of sizes included to ensure that you have a proper jar for every kind of ingredient. The green glass used to make this is cheerful and light.

Caswell Canisters (Set of 3)

Caswell Canisters (Set of 3)
Sugar, coffee, tea...and you can have your soiree even today. These lovable canisters come in a set of three. They have that rustic feel - they look very classic and a bit old, even if they will arrive in a fresh condition - it is their charm.

Cobalt blue canisters

Containers for salt, sugar and coffee storage must be sealed, with thick glass, preferably decorative ones. This is a great field to show off. Beautiful cobalt, pleated - made of glass kitchen canister set to store loose products-contain all these qualities.

Vintage glass canister sets

Glass is one of the noblest materials that will find use in any kitchen - in the form of simple glass kitchen canister sets for flour, sugar or cookies, in an elegant form of red, in a shade of dark red wine, glass with pleats in the texture.

Our advice Buying Guide

Glass kitchen canister sets bring back fond memories of a bygone era when kitchen shelves and racks were not crammed with cheap plastic bottles. Clearly, there’s no better choice irrespective of whether you are looking for safe, voluminous storage or are looking to create a strong style statement.

Go with clear glass and you have a functional and practical choice that allows you to keep track of the supplies. Go with frosted glass and you have an aesthetic option to match the rest of the fixtures or stand out from the rest.

More importantly, glass does not get stained or absorb odors, nor does it leech toxic chemicals into your food supplies. If you still haven’t switched to glass kitchen canister sets, then the time is now. And here are some tips to help you with your shopping.

How to pick the right size of glass kitchen canisters?

Glass is pricier than plastic, porcelain and PE. So, prioritize on what you wish to store in it. Glass canister sets usually contain jars in multiple sizes ranging from 2 C to 22 Quartz.

Often, you might have to make do with canisters that are smaller than what you need or bigger than what you expected. So, check the sizes before you shop.

Do you love to show off your baking skills? Chances are that you need a set with large-sized containers that can accommodate large quantities of flour and sugar.

Is it an empty-nesters apartment? Even a standard canister set with canisters in varying sizes might work for you. Check the size of the canisters with the available storage space in the kitchen rack.

What shape of glass kitchen canisters should you choose?

Believe it or not, the shape of the container can determine the storage capacity and how soon or fast it cools down in the hot kitchen environment.

  • Square glass containers can store more food and take up less space in the shelves. They can be neatly stacked next to each other.
  • Round containers, on the other hand, look beautiful and allow better air circulation, particularly around the edges. But they take up more room than square ones.

If there’s limited space in your storage racks, opt for square containers by all means. Else, go for round ones.

What are the benefits of different glass canister designs?

  • Glass canisters are nostalgic. And you can stroke this further by adding a set of retro-inspired designs with ornate carvings and etchings.
  • Smoked and colored vintage glass canisters in particular, look absolutely stunning and command prime position in your curio cabinets.
  • Canisters with metallic lids look rustic and as a plus, keep the contents sealed.
  • Glass lids with decorative handles and lids, on the other hand, rev up the aesthetics. They do take up more vertical space in the storage shelf though.
  • If you prefer a grab-and-go kitchen shelf, but do not want to sacrifice the charm that colored glass bottles have, then look for labeled containers. Else, you can just add labeled ribbons to them.

Last but not least, always check the quality of the glass before you shop. Tempered glass or strengthened glass might be a better choice for a busy kitchen since it reduces the risk of shattering.


Glass kitchen canister sets

A gorgeous set for improving kitchens with a flair of vintage elegance and detailed craftsmanship. Those lovely canisters are characterized by a plump silhouette - with royal blue glass jars and silver-finished metal lids.

Glass kitchen canister sets

Gorgeous glass containers for kitchen items are a perfect and very stylish design element. The striking details of the antique base and finish of the jar lid captivate and bring to the decor a chic and refined atmosphere.

Green depression glass canister set

The unique glass kitchen canister set is a great combination of elegance and beautiful cobalt color. The whole is functional when it comes to storage, and at the same time, it is visually present in the kitchen or dining room.

Vintage glass canister

Casual collection of kitchen canisters, all in clear glass. Small, medium and large jar, all canisters with lids, adorned with ornamental details and decorative handles on top. The canisters are transparent.

Vintage glass canisters kitchen

Interesting interpretation of the American rooster theme for #kitchen. So, these clear glass canisters are willingly there to store your cookies and cereals. But don't miss the dome lids! Intricately carved rooster motif enhances the general decorativeness. <3

Canisters artland cobalt blue glass 3 piece canister set with

... Canisters >> Artland Cobalt Blue Glass 3 Piece Canister Set with

Kitchen dining storage organization kitchen storage organization sets

... kitchen dining storage organization kitchen storage organization sets

Ribbed glass canister set

Top quality kitchen canisters constructed from stained glass. The canisters offer the perfect way to organize your stuff and come in multiple sizes to give you extra versatility. You also get well-crafted designs that should add immense décor value to your kitchen.

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Green glass canisters

Beautiful, of various sizes - made of strong stylized glass, transparent, surrounded by a metal base. The stands have a rustic look and dark brown color. Great kitchen storage canister set for coffee, sugar or pasta.

Dragonfly canisters i actually have these

Dragonfly canisters - I actually have these .

Silverado glass star canister set 3 piece kitchenware home decor

Silverado Glass Star Canister Set - 3 Piece :: Kitchenware :: Home Decor :: Fort Western Online

Glass kitchen canister sets 1

Set of 3 kitchen canisters in various sizes. It is made of glass and metal. Includes metal stand finished with sophisticated ornamentation. Handy gadget for each kitchen. Suitable for storing food and others needed items.

Vintage green glassware

Vintage Green Glassware

Blue glass kitchen canisters

A fashionable decoration for spicing up modern and contemporary kitchens. This lovely set of 4 barrel canisters is designed of clear glass, offering easy to clean pieces - each covered with a matching round lid with stylish handle.

Cobalt blue kitchen canisters

3 Piece Allgood Canister Set $68 sale $31

Fat chef kitchen canister set of 4 3

Fat Chef Kitchen Canister Set of 4

Lime green kitchen canister sets

Salt + Pepper shakers

Green glass canister set

Oh my god, this is a kind of glass canisters I would always like to have. Many sizes allows you to fit it to each kind of product. The content is highly visible what could play the decorational role, but also simplifies finding the proper box.

More canisters

More canisters

Red glass canister sets

Artland 3 Piece Ruby Glass Canister Set with Rooster Lids

Kitchen canister sets liven up your kitchen decor 1

Kitchen Canister Sets Liven Up Your Kitchen Decor

Blue glass canister set

25 Inspiring Organized Pantries

Vintage green glass daisy button kitchen counter canister jars set

Vintage green glass daisy & button kitchen counter canister jars set

Cobalt blue glass canisters

Vintage Owens Illinois Glass Canister Hoosier Set with Red Lids and Labels | eBay

Glass kitchen canister sets tjtflzw

Glass Kitchen Canister Sets Tjtflzw

Green canisters kitchen

According to you, the devil is in the details? So you will like ceramic,richly decorated large kitchen canister set. Biscuit color, does not mean that you have to put biscuits into them. But they will also accommodate them, thanks to their large dimensions.

Cobalt blue glass canister set

A decorative set for kitchens, dining rooms, and restaurants. Those 3 canisters are characterized by various sizes, a lovely shape, and an orange glass design that comes with stylish matching lids - equipped with round handles.

Airtight glass containers from world market the medium ones are

airtight glass containers from World Market. The medium ones are 47oz and a set of 2 is $7.98. The large ones are 54oz. and a set of 2 is only $9.98! Saw these in the local store - cute. Want these for organizing my pantry staples.

Fire king jadite canister set


Antique glass canisters

A lovely set of canisters for decorating kitchens, and dining rooms. Consisted of 5 clear glass canisters (flour, sugar, brown sugar, powdered sugar, salt), the set also comes with stylish round lids with matching handles. Easy to clean.

Glass kitchen cannisters

Vintage Cobalt Blue Glass Canisters 5 Piece Set by OneDecember, $55.00 @Michele Morales Iljazi

Designer Clear Glass Apothecary Jars (3 Piece Set) Decorative Weddings Candy Buffet - MyGift®

This lovely set of three beautifully made grain is a great solution for your kitchen, living room or dining room.It brings out the beauty of the various products or ornaments. Made very carefully they are a beautiful addition.

Leighton Canisters (Set of 3)

Leighton Canisters (Set of 3)

Circleware kitchen canister set 3pc glass jar set reviews

Circleware Kitchen Canister Set - 3pc. Glass Jar Set Reviews!

Vintage green canister set

Indiana Glass Harvest Grape Lime Green Carnival Canister Biscuit Jar Set of 3 - Does it come in amber? LOVE!

4 Piece Wavy Square Canister Set

4 Piece Wavy Square Canister Set

Cook N Home Stainless Steel Canister and Spice Jar Set, 8-Piece

Tramontina 80204/522 Gourmet 18/10 Stainless Steel 8-Piece Canister and Scoops Set with Glass Lids

Anchor Hocking Callista 4 Piece Glass Canister Set with Stainless Steel Lids

Cobalt blue canister set

Boasting of a beautiful design and old-fashioned font, this set of 3 canisters will be like a cherry on top for your contemporary kitchen. Each canister is capacious, made of clear glass, and destined for holding flour, coffee, or sugar.

Anchor Hocking 4-Piece Round Glass Canister Set with Ball Lid

Practical set of four glass storage jars for kitchen applications. Glass is resistant to the change of colors. It also retains smells and allows contents of jars to be seen without removing the lid. They can complement any kitchen decor.