Wine Glass Display Case


For the wine connoisseur having the right wine glass for the vintage is important. And your wine glass collection is just as important as the vintages you have in your cellar. So why not display them with the respect they deserve in one of these incredibly gorgeous wine glass display cases. They come in many styles and sizes and will showcase your wine glasses with pride.

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Shot glass display case hobby lobby

Welcome to the Mediterranean home of wine lovers. Although we are on the old continent, this wine rack display case has a very modern shape. Aligns hundreds of bottles of our favorite wine - which will be easily visible by glazed construction.

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Wine glass display case

This beautiful glass case constitutes a modern example of wine cabinet. High-quality stained glass represents style and sustainability. You can present your proud collection in an impressive way, adding freshness and prestige to your interiors.

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Wine glass display case

A phenomenal wine cabinet that is placed in the centre of the room, which is a fab idea. It's a from-floor-to-ceiling type of unit and it features wonderful glass doors so that your wines are well displayed.

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Wall mounted wine rack and glass candle

Wall mounted wine rack and glass candle

The gorgeous minibar made by using two fancy shaped shelves. The space below the shelf could be used as a wine rack for ten bottles. Under the shelves using the special metal frame the glass could be presented like in the real bar.

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Wine display case

Bar cabinet in elegant style. It consists of a lot of drawers and cabinets for display bottles. Suitable for residential and commercial premises. Great solution for bar, restaurant and more.

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Wine glass display case 24

Extra high wine display case made from wood and featuring outstanding crown moldings at the bottom and at the top. The piece offers dozens of open shelves and comes with a large glass door to ensure all your wine glasses are in clear full view.

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Wine glass display case 2

A narrow wine glass case is perfect for displaying collectibles of all sorts, or even to use as a spice cabinet. This narrow cabinet can be mounted on a wall in an area where a regular set of shelves cannot fit.

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Small curio cabinet with glass doors

If you have got a lot of accent pieces, you need the antique curio for display them. This one can be used as a bar area too. It features the wooden construction and glass doors for elegance and solidity.

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Wine display cases

A wonderful case, which will let you store and display your wines and wine glasses. One side of the unit features standard shelves while the other side is a special shelf where you can pile up the wine bottles. A very practical and elegant piece.

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Glass and wood specimen case l gardenista

glass and wood specimen case l Gardenista

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Best Ideas

White industrial barrister bookcase

White industrial barrister bookcase

The uniqueness of this cabinet lays in its universality. It can be adapted to a bookcase or an alcohol glass display case. Its rustic, industrial style will appeal to all vintage, retro enthusiasts.

Howard Miller Kingsport Curio/Display Cabinet

Wine glass display

Wine glass display case. Using glass cloches in your decor could really change the look and style of your interior. Clear, high glass tube could be used for whine bottles storage or it could either be filled with your personal decoration.

Wine bottle display case

A stunning cabinet to display wine and glasses. It's a huge, impressive shelving unit with glass doors and wooden frame. It looks really great with old-fashioned chandeliers and a bar with wonderful bar stools.

Howard Miller Luke Curio/Display Cabinet

Display all your beautiful wine glasses in this stunning free standing case. Made from a wooden frame finished in dark walnut, the case also comes with a tempered glass exterior for impeccable modern elegance. You also get up to six glass shelves and LED lighting as well.

Wine glass display case

A clear, acrylic protective case is the perfect place to keep your commemorative special wine bottle, or some other tall, narrow collectible. The case keeps off dirt and dust while adding a preventative layer to help prevent accidental breakage.

Wine glass display case 3

DIY display case by jum jum

Wine glass display case 6


Wine glass display case 18

KLINGSBO Glass-door cabinet, black, clear glass $139.00 I think this may be replacing our BILLY cabinet we've had for years :)

Wine glass display case 8

Mini Liquor Bottle Display Case Cabinet, Solid wood, Wall Mountable

Wine glass display case 22

Great way to recycle! Could use for workout bands and jump ropes! Smart idea

Wine glass display box

A cool ingenious display rack of empty bottles and reclaimed wooden planks. It's composed of modules. A module is built of 4 bottles and 2 shelves with live edges. Bottlenecks are put in holes drilled in planks tightened with hook and eye strainers.

Wine glass display case 10

Ideal stemware hutch. Not sure if I'm brave enough to build it. Here's the DIY plan just in case...

Glass shelving units living room 4

billy bookcase painted teal inside- did this in my bookshelves and used a darker blue from sw called riverway. LOVE IT