Beverage Tubs With Stand


You cannot have a party without a beverage tub. But nobody wants to bend over to grab a beer if they do not have to. Instead we give you beverage tubs with stands. these are fantastic for parties, barbecues, and even kids’ birthdays as long as they're only stocked with soda and water. They come in logo options or plain, and we have plenty to choose from in our extensive collection.

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Our Picks

Galvanized tub home depot

This round beverage tub with stand is a totally fab piece to interior and exterior use. It brings the style, elegance, beauty and the solidity into any apartment.

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From wine to microbrews our estate copper beverage tub and

From wine to microbrews, our Estate Copper Beverage Tub and Stand chills enough to satisfy a crowd’s thirst. Replace all of your plastic coolers with this impressively scaled, durably-made beverage tub that’s sure to be an eye-catching focal point at

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Entertainment Steel Beverage Tub

Entertainment Steel Beverage Tub

Beverage tub finished with copper, sitting on a black steel frame/cart. Two handles for easy carrying and lifting. May be used outdoors or indoors, looks great aside a table and works well for any decor.

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Copper beverage tub with tray 3

Copper Beverage Tub with Tray

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Beverage stands

... 18.5" Stainless Steel Double Wall Insulated Beverage Tub and Stand

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Beverage tubs with stand 2

Oval tube made of metal and fitted with stand. Includes additional shelf for storing needed stuff. Great solution for cooling bottles. Suitable for residential and commercial use.

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Copper beverage tub with tray

Copper Beverage Tub with Tray.

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Double galvanized wash tub with stand

Stylish, slim and highly efficient beverage tub with stand is a solid metal construction that is extremely robust and functional. The lower shelf will check for glasses and glasses. A comfortable bowl will hold many drinks.

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Galvanized wash tub with stand

An elegant way to cool your beverages and, at the same time, improving your home decor. This fabulous tub is capacious, made of well-polished metal and equipped with a pair of ring handles. It rests on a matching stand with a round top and slender pole.

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Telford Rattan Ice Bucket
Frohna Rattan Ice Bucket
Frohna Rattan Ice Bucket

Telford Rattan Ice Bucket

Take a trip to the tropics with this brown rattan ice holder. At 10.5'' H x 8'' W x 8'' D, it can accommodate 2.5 quarts of ice.

The insulated pail comes with a matching set of tongs and a convenient loop holder on the side so they will never get lost.

Suitable for indoor and outdoor use, round out your pool bar tiki décor with this matching lid and stand.

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Beverage Tubs With Stand

Buying Guide

No matter if you're throwing an outdoor party or looking for a unique idea for a container garden, using beverage tubs with stands provides a variety of solutions. With a broad range of styles, features, and details, these beverage tubs are a stylish addition to indoor and outdoor spaces. Creative uses of beverage tubs with stand have a large number of applications, so we've put together this buying guide to inspire your decisions.

One of the first things you’re going to notice about beverage tubs with stand is the wide variety of materials from which they’re made. In addition to being made from traditional tin, you can also find them constructed from:

  • copper
  • stainless steel
  • stamped metal
  • cast iron
  • chrome
  • galvanized steel

The most common materials for the stand is wrought iron and steel. These materials are durable enough to handle hot and cold elements. Therefore, you can put ice in them to keep beverages cold or coals inside to heat warm drinks or snacks.

Due to the myriad of materials from which these beverage tubs are made, it’s possible to incorporate them into any décor seamlessly. For example:

  • Contemporary and Modern: chrome and stamped metal designs work beautifully in interior or exterior spaces featuring minimalist, clean design, and white or bright color combinations.
  • Rustic: copper, tin, and cast iron beverage tubs with stand are an excellent addition to these areas featuring weathered wood, cool colors, and distressed paint finishes.
  • Vintage: galvanized steel, stamped metal, and copper beverage tubs are ideal for these spaces as they lend themselves well for a casual, antique, and warm atmosphere.

The most common height is approximately 30 inches tall. You can find these beverage tubs in square, circular, and rectangular shapes. The shape you select is dependent on its use. For example, if you’re throwing an extravagant outdoor party, you may need two or three rectangular beverage tubs. On the other hand, if you’re decorating an outdoor space and would like to have something in your grill area, a smaller round or square beverage tub may be more appropriate.

There are many creative uses for beverage tubs with stand. For example, some who have limited space on their properties or are renters opt to use them as container gardens. When bringing them inside, some decorators use them:

  • In the corner of the bathroom to hold rolled up towels
  • As a firewood caddy next to the hearth
  • To hold flip-flops and other sandals in the corner of the mudroom
  • For keeping magazine collections in the corner of the living room
  • As a creative way of storing ready to serve wine bottles

Keeping beverage tubs is a straightforward process. If you’re using it to hold ice and beverages, empty it immediately following its use and dry it thoroughly. For those who opt to keep it outside, be sure to rinse it regularly to prevent dirt and grime from collecting. Turn it upside down during inclement weather or bring it inside.

Ice buckets and wine chillers are a convenient addition to any social gathering or meal. You can take them along to different gatherings. Or you can keep them at home and use them to keep wine out in the open when guests are over. They can even help you out if you're staying in and your refrigerator is full.

However, even an ice bucket can come in a wide variety of styles and materials. Below we'll take a look at the main types of ice buckets & wine chillers. We'll also help you decide which one is right for your home and situation.

Ice buckets and wine chillers can be made of the following materials:


Most ice buckets are some kind of metal. They might be copper, galvanized steel or stainless steel, as a few examples. Many have some kind of coating, such as lacquer, to prevent tarnishing. Metal often gives an upscale look, so choose this material if you want a classy addition to your décor style.


If you want more of a classic country look, you can also find woven textures, such as a rattan design. These may also be lacquered to prevent water damage from the ice.

Plastic and vinyl

You may also find buckets made of plastic and vinyl. The best products of this variety will be designed so that condensation does not form on the outside. These often come in contemporary styles and work well in sleek, modern or casual spaces.


More rarely, you might also see ie buckets and wine chillers made out of stone, like a marble design. Stone pieces are great for regal and high-class styles. Lighter shades of stone also do well in bright, contemporary spaces.  

Glass & Crystal

Ice buckets made of glass are perhaps the most versatile options as they can also be used as flower vases, candle holders or even candy jars. Their transparent nature helps them blend with the environment, making them an ideal choice for all decorating schemes.

If clear glass is too ordinary for you, the timeless beauty of crystal is another great option to consider. With its characteristic cross-hatch patterns and vintage look at its best, a crystal ice bucket is a classic that will instantly raise your bar and add a touch of elegance every cocktail party.

You have many different styles to choose from when you're looking for an ice bucket.  However, they can be categorized by a few main styles. Below we'll help you decide which works for your situation.

Sleek and rounded

This is the most common style in ice buckets and wine chillers. It's a tabletop piece that often comes just big enough to hold either one or a few wine bottles. It's common to see them in 3-quart sizes with dimensions somewhere around 9 inches by 9 inches by 9 inches. Larger containers might be 5 quarts and around 12 inches high by 10 inches wide by 10 inches deep.

They are usually one neutral shade with some type of complementary trim, often in a sleek metal. Choose this style if you're looking for an upscale piece that can look nice in just about any party, especially ritzy ones. Often, this style is also good if you just need to hold ice alone.


Another common style is some type of hammered metal, meaning there are divots in the metal on the outside of the bucket, giving a more rustic appearance. Hammered metals look better for more casual parties. You tend to see this design in larger, open buckets where you can casually put multiple bottles in a pile of ice so people can serve themselves. You might see dimensions around 7 inches high by 15 inches wide by 15 inches deep.


Some ice buckets go for a certain theme, like they might be shaped like a large martini glass or feature a nautical theme and a rope handle. Choose themed designs if you want a playful or casual look to your party or home. 


Some buckets also have a rustic finish to them, so that they look like an antique type of metal. You can tell them by their faux dark spots or distressed look. Choose antique styles for rustic or country themes.

Some ice buckets and wine chillers actually have a molded section inside. You put the wine in the holders and add ice around the holder sections. That prevents ice from sticking to the bottle and keeps the wine upright.

Segmented buckets and chillers make especially good items if you have the bucket out at a party and want to provide convenience while guests pour their own drinks. As an added feature, some of these inserts are even removable.

As a general rule, the more bottles you want to hold, the more open and larger your cooler should be. That way, you can fill plenty of ice directly around all the bottles you need to chill.

Best Ideas

Gilchrist 3 Qt Ice Bucket in Black

Gilchrist 3 Qt Ice Bucket in Black

Sophisticated and glamorous, this black, retro-style leatherette bucket with polished gold trim is a stunning addition to your home or office bar.

Lightweight at just 3 lbs., it keeps beverages cold and can be moved easily around your home with its matching lid and handle.

The dimensions of the canister are 9'' H x 9'' W x 9'' D, so it easily holds 3 quarts of ice.

Ernie Dark Marble Curved Beverage Tub & Wine Chiller

Ernie Dark Marble Curved Beverage Tub & Wine Chiller

Keep your drinks cold by the pool or at a BBQ with this dark marble cooler. Made of hard plastic, it can easily hold 8 quarts of ice and up to 10 bottles of beer or 6 bottles of wine within its 14'' H x 10'' W x 10'' D dimensions.

The convenient cut-out handles allow for easy transport while still providing a sleek, streamlined design that is compact enough to fit anywhere from the kitchen to your patio.

Whobrey 3 Qt Ice Bucket with Lucite Cover in Polished Brass

Whobrey 3 Qt Ice Bucket with Lucite Cover in Polished Brass

The perfect complement to a Hollywood Regency home bar or mid-century modern entertaining area, your bar cart will get a touch of metallic gold elegance with this unique accessory.

The dome lid features a lucite knob and will cover up to 3 quarts of ice in its 9'' H x 9'' W x 9'' D bale handled bucket. At only 3 lbs., it is portable enough to carry anywhere you need to relax with a chilled beverage.

$31.99 $56.25

Soloman Ice Bucket

Soloman Ice Bucket

You can match this double-walled, condensation-free pail with any décor scheme as it is available in a variety of colors. The insulated interior can keep ice cool up to 5 hours, and it is easy to clean and sanitize by hand washing.

The plastic and vinyl bar accessory is hand made in the USA. This portable and durable bucket is an ideal ice solution for tailgates and pool parties.

Lange Brass Champagne Bucket

Lange Brass Champagne Bucket

Add a touch of elegance to your formal affairs or holidays with this silver polished metal champagne holder.

Weighing under 3 lbs., you can use this 10'' H x 9'' W x 9'' D of interior space to hold common kitchen utensils like slotted spoons or spatulas. Or fill it with ice to impress a loved one with their favorite bottle of champagne during a romantic evening.

$50.99 $110.96

Kaas Led Light Up Ice Bucket

Kaas Led Light Up Ice Bucket

This white, high-tech accessory will light up your night with its LED color changing effects. The included charger gives you up to 8 hours of power to ensure that you never have to find batteries to keep the party going at your night club or back yard.

The overall dimensions of this light-up canister are 10.6'' H x 14'' W x 14'' D so it can fit anywhere at your bar or restaurant, one full charge takes 3 hours, so charge during the day to keep your guests impressed all night.

Binegar 3 Qt Ice Bucket in Spicy Orange

Binegar 3 Qt Ice Bucket in Spicy Orange

The spicy orange color of this 3-quart ice holder will catch your guest's eye the second they walk into your bar.

Made in the USA, the vinyl beverage cooler features a frosted lid with chrome finish flat knob and bale handle, which round out the contemporary style. At just 3 lbs. and 9'' H x 9'' W x 9'' D, it's portability enables it to be used inside and outside the home.

$27.99 $43.75

Reimels Party Station Beverage Tub

Reimels Party Station Beverage Tub

This 30-gallon, 32'' H x 21'' W x 21'' D standing ice tub will be the center of attention at your summer pool and birthday parties and not just because of the 20 bottles of soda and water it can hold.

The copper color and curved black metal frame make this a unique and beautiful accent for your home bar. Store wine bottles under the tub to replace the cold ones as they are consumed. Bar accessories can be placed on the lower shelf, so they do not get misplaced, or remove it and use it as a serving tray.

Hardcastle Double Walled Hammered 100% Insulated Steel Luxury Beverage Tub

Hardcastle Double Walled Hammered 100% Insulated Steel Luxury Beverage Tub

Bob for apples at your Halloween party in this stainless-steel cooler with a copper-colored hammered finish.

The tub is leak-proof, rust-resistant, and lead-free, making it ideal for family gatherings. Able to hold up to 17 quarts of beer, wine, soda, or water, the interior is insulated, so you do not have to worry about water damage from condensation.

It is sturdy at 6.5 lbs. and the 7'' H x 15'' W x 15'' D size makes it difficult to knock over.

Metal beverage tub with stand

Frog Beverage Tub

Art deco beverage tub with floor stand

Art Deco Beverage Tub with Floor Stand

Personalized galvanized buckets

The Best Beverage Tubs!

Cognac Duetto Elevated Ceramic Beverage Tub Set

Cognac Duetto Elevated Ceramic Beverage Tub Set

Double beverage tub. Wrought iron holder, big/deep bowl at the top and a small/falt one at the bottom. The bowls are ceramic and finished in cognac. Very useful by a table, during a garden party or any other celebration inside or outside your house.

Large beverage tubs

Colin Cowie Stamped Metal Beverage Tub with Stand