Kohler Bathtub Colors


There is no reason to just have a white tub anymore. Not when the good people at Kohler have created a series of tubes that come in an array of colors that will suit any taste. Pick your tub, match it to a toilet and sink in the same color, then pair them with the right towel set, and you are ready to show off your new and improved bathroom. Your friends will be jealous.

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Our Picks

Bellwether Alcove 60" x 32" Soaking Bathtub

Bellwether Alcove 60" x 32" Soaking Bathtub

This simply designed, deep bathtub complements decently modern bathroom decor. For easy and safe usage, it is equipped with a treshold step inside and anti-slip surface. It is made of iron with white enamel.

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Timeline showing the years for all their colors these color

timeline showing the years for all their colors. These color ...

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Best bathtub

Best bathtub

Set intended to the bathroom. It is composed of shower, ceramic bathtub with cover of tiles and shower curtain. Shower head, faucet and taps are made of brass. Shower curtain is made of waterproof cloth.

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Kohler bathtub colors

An elegant shower unit that is combined with a graceful bathtub. The space is characterized by small, pretty tiles in a neutral, earthy color. They perfectly match a shower fixture with a brushed nickel finish.

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Kohler bathtub colors 23

This is the idea - but I wouldn't continue the same tile on the floor. I have this idea around the back wall being special and the face of the tub too.

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Mariposa 66" x 36" Alcove BubbleMassage Air Bathtub

Mariposa 66" x 36" Alcove BubbleMassage Air Bathtub

This type of equipment is a high quality, solid and relaxing bathtub that offers a comfortable air massage. The product is equipped with 120 air jets and it has got an electronic keypad that is simple in use.

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Kohler bathtub colors 34

this looks like it would fit in our #master #bath and give me the walk in shower i want

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Tea-For-Two 60" X 32" Drop-In Bath with Reversible Drain

Tea-For-Two 60" X 32" Drop-In Bath with Reversible Drain

Rectangular bathtub designed for installation in the bathroom. The construction is made of durable cast iron enameled. It offers 2 seats. It has a capacity of 60 gallons. Designed for use in the bathroom.

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Mendota 60" x 32" Soaking Bathtub

Mendota 60" x 32" Soaking Bathtub

An elegant and humble soaking bathtub which is made of high-quality materials only. Due to its capacity of 45 gallons it is very convenient to use. It's rectangular-shaped and mainly made of enameled cast iron.

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The unmistakable shine of lucite r will make your entire

The unmistakable shine of LUCITE® will make your entire bathroom ...

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Kohler Bathtub Colors

Buying Guide

Gone are the days of selecting a standard white bathtub. Now, because bathrooms are turning into spa-like retreats, the color of tubs are a priority. Kohler bathtub colors are available in a broad spectrum ranging from plain white to specialty colors. Because there’s such a variety to choose from, we’ve put together this buying guide to help inspire your decisions.

When you’re redesigning your bathroom, your bathtub is the focal point of the room. Therefore, it deserves special treatment. What are the colors in the rest of the room? Does the tile feature an ornate design or is it a uniform color? What kind of metal are you using in the fixtures? Answering these questions will help you determine Kohler bathtub colors that will match up best with the rest of your bathroom’s décor.

Designing a bathroom retreat with color selection is possible. Because the use of white can create a stark and sterile environment, it’s not the recommendation for creating a spa-like retreat. Instead, opt for creamy or muted tones. These colors will create a warm and relaxing place to relax. Here are some examples:

  • Biscuit: pair with sea glass, ocean blue, and coral tones.
  • Sandbar: incorporate creamy vanilla tones, lavender, and mint green.
  • Almond: blend shades of mossy green, burnt umber, and chocolate brown.

If you’re working with new construction, it may be best to select your Kohler bathtub colors first. Then, work the rest of the bathroom’s design around that. In doing so, you can develop the room’s theme, determine the metal for the fixtures, and its overall style. Here are some examples:

  • Modern: honed white Kohler bathroom colors pair well with chrome fixtures, glass walk-in showers, and white cabinetry.
  • Traditional or Transitional: Mexican sand works optimally with traditional or transitional styles that blend with brushed brass fixtures and wood cabinetry.
  • Contemporary: Ice Grey Expressions is a beautiful addition to contemporary styles featuring bold accents, white tiles, black bronze fixtures, and glass walk-in showers.
  • Rustic: any of the biscuit or almond Kohler bathtub colors will work well against the weathered wood tones of a rustic bathroom.

Because you’re making choices for the focal point of your bathroom, it’s a significant investment. You’re going to be living with this decision for the lifetime of your home. Therefore, a lot of care and consideration must be made. Choosing a “fad” color or one that’s too bold isn’t a wise decision because you’ll grow tired of it after a few years. Instead, select something that’s timeless and will remain in style for years.

When you’re working with Kohler bathtub colors, there are opportunities to integrate specialty colors. These are found in bathroom sink vessels and under-mount sinks. When selecting these pieces, it’s critical that they match the bathtub colors. Not only will these designs add flair to the rest of your bathroom’s design but they’ll also add unexpected details.

Best Ideas

Kohler bathtub colors 22

Cast iron feestanding. Color options... Vapour blue, perhaps? Boots too XO

Kohler bathtub colors 38

Well-built 60-inch bathtub constructed from cast iron and finished in a stately creamy white-to-beige color. The shower is also fitted with a left-hand drain and comes with little touches of silver-coated hardware for impeccable accents.

Kohler bathtub colors 1

Standard shaped and sized bathroom decor with a bath that includes an elegant curved apron. Standard white color of this bathtub matches any design. It is durable and provides good comfort of taking a bath.

Bancroft Alcove 60" x 32" Whirpool Bathtub

Bancroft Alcove 60" x 32" Whirpool Bathtub

A beautiful bathtub which has a design that draws inspiration from the simple elegance of early 1900s American architecture. It features eight factory-installed, color-matched plastic hydro-massage jets.

Kohler freestanding bathtubs

Kohler Freestanding Bathtubs

Kohler bathtub colors 4

Iron Works Historic bath Some traditions are worth keeping. And a long, deep soak is on our list.

Colored bath tubs

Superb Kohler corner bathtub constructed from high-end acrylic and finished in a vibrant light green, glossed slightly for an incredible stylish appeal. The tub also comes with a flat bottom for stability and excellent depth to soak yourself in after those long days.

Colored bathtubs

Elongated Kohler bathtub with a beautiful rectangular design and a small footprint. The tub is finished in a beautiful light green palette and its sturdy acrylic construction should last you for years. You can match the tub with other bathroom accessories like sinks for stunning outcomes.

Kohler bathtub colors 29

How cool is this? A selection of @Kohler Co. tubs offers chromatherapy, which features an eight-color sequence to relax both the mind and body. A must-have for every master bathroom. #bath #technology

Mendota 60" x 32" Soaking Bathtub

Mendota 60" x 32" Soaking Bathtub

A magnificent, rectangular-shaped, soaking bathtub which is made from high-quality, cast iron for increased durability, stability and safety. The whole bathtub's water capacity is estimated at 45 gallons.

Kohler bancroft tub

This 60" x 32" alcove bath with integral apron, integral flange and the right-hand drain was made by Kohler Bancroft, which guarantees quality and style. Available in 5 colours, it evokes associations with the old colonial style.

Kohler fixture colors

Large Kohler bathtub designed for the modern bathroom. Finished in a dark grey shade and glossed a little, the tub won’t only give you a nice place to relax after a long day but it will grow to become the most breathtaking bathroom centerpiece in your home.

Kohler bathtub colors 6

Kolhler is a company known to everyone who dreams of a high quality finish in a bathroom. Here were used from the palette of kohler bathtub colors tiled in sand color, with a touch of chocolate, and mosaics in the niches, near white ceramic bathtub.

Kohler bathtub colors 41

Kohler: Consider using contrasting colors for countertops, showers and toilet zones. This will help provide a visual cue to guide users to key areas of the bathroom. Non-slip surfaces for floors are also a must.