Bright Colored Bed Sheets

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If you are a different sort of bedroom decorator and prefer vibrant colors over dark tones, then you will love our collection of bright colored bed sheets. We have a myriad of options to choose from and every single one is vibrant with explosive color. If you want to do something a little livelier for your bedding, take a look at this collection and pick your next set of bed sheets.

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Updated 20/12/2022
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Ultra Soft Solid Color Sheet Set

Ultra Soft Solid Color Sheet Set

Ebern Designs

Understated and minimalistic, these hypoallergenic sheets are woven from high-strength, breathable microfiber. They come in 16 color options, from lime green to ivory, making them perfect for a brightly colored teen bedroom, master suite, or a guest bedroom. No irons or fabric softeners are needed to maintain these sheets or keep them wrinkle-free. Just machine wash cold and tumble dry at low heat.

$23.99 $49.99

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Microfiber Sheet Set with Bonus Pillowcase

Microfiber Sheet Set with Bonus Pillowcase

Wayfair Basics®

Delightfully soft and woven from 100% microfiber polyester, these sheets are ideal for people with allergies. With a huge assortment of colors, you won’t have trouble finding a set that matches your personality. Size options include twin, twin XL, full, queen, king, and California king size sheets, all of which are machine washable. Each set consists of a fitted sheet, a flat sheet, and four pillowcases, other than the twin and twin XL sizes, which only include two pillowcases.

$18.99 $37.8

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Multi colored floral bed sheets

Multi colored floral bed sheets

Pine Cone Hill

Liven up your interior and dress your bed in feminine style with these colorful sheets. A mixture of pretty floral motifs adorns the white background, while a cotton construction allows for easy ironing, machine-washing, and long-lasting comfort. Two matching pillowcases complete the look.

Designer Advice:

This 4-piece bed sheet set delivers just the right dose of color to an all-white bedroom. It isn’t too overpowering, yet it gives a nice boost to minimalist settings. Besides, it’s a must-have for spring and summer when you want something fresh and light. Finish off this charming ensemble with splashes of greenery for a tastefully put-together bedroom design.

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Solid bright colored sheets

Solid bright colored sheets

Williston Forge

Loved for its cheerful appearance and fluffy texture, this warm bed sheet set is made entirely from premium sherpa. It includes a fitted sheet, an extra-large flat sheet, and pillowcases in limelight yellow for the perfect amount of liveliness. 

Designer Advice:

Bright sheets are always an easy, non-permanent way to incorporate color into a bedroom. Take this set, for instance. It instantly uplifts the color scheme of the space and sets the tone with a refreshing feel. Not sure how to style these flamboyant sheets? We recommend using them as a stand-alone focal point or repeating the color through accessories, such as a bedside lamp, flower bouquet, or even curtains.

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Bright geometric bed sheets

Bright geometric bed sheets

Red Barrel Studio®

These bright color sheets don’t disappoint in both style and features. Manufactured from a blend of microfiber and polyester, this set shows off a patterned white and orange combo for immediate visual interest. In terms of practicality, it is hypoallergenic, wrinkle, and fade-resistant and suitable for both summer and winter use.

$20.99 $22.99

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Bold mini check sheet set

Bold mini check sheet set

Martha Stewart

Elegantly subtle with a dash of character, this sheet set draws the eye in with its white and deep red mini checkered design. It is finished in cotton percale for a smooth and crisp feel and comes in a choice of six sizes to fit any bed. 

$85.37 $79.99

Designer Advice:

This set is a superb choice if your bedroom aesthetic leans more toward the feminine side, such as farmhouse and cottage style. Feel free to layer it with complementing throw pillows in red or white for a cohesive arrangement. To add more variety and texture, top off the bed with a fluffy cream throw blanket and place a jute rug underneath.

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Colorful bed sheets with leopard print 

Colorful bed sheets with leopard print 

Rosecliff Heights

This bedding set showcases an unusual but arresting combination of leopard spots and vibrant hues including aqua, lime, pink, and purple. It has a 100% cotton surface that is soft on the skin and breathable, lightweight, and low maintenance. 

$38.99 $42.99

Designer Advice:

These sheets offer a fun take on traditional black and brown leopard patterns and look exceptionally gorgeous in cool-toned bedrooms for a more mature appeal. Picture dark gray walls, solid wood furniture, and black accents here and there. If you prefer something a bit more calming but still playful, use these colorful leopard sheets in a room dominated by soft neutrals and let them steal the show.

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Satin 6 Piece Sheet Set

Satin 6 Piece Sheet Set

Orren Ellis

Smooth, silky, and undeniably sumptuous, these satin-weave, microfiber sheets create a wrinkle-free surface for an immaculately styled bedroom. The high luster sheen on the material of the six-piece sheet set adds eye-catching texture to your bedroom and is ideally suited to urban modern and contemporary décor. The microfiber fabric is also free from azo dyes, so the sheets are safe for use by the entire family.

$33.99 $32.99

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Striped Sheet Set

Striped Sheet Set

Alwyn Home

With a thread count of 400, this sateen-weave microfiber sheet set feels smooth and silky to the touch. Perfect for a master suite or a guest bedroom, the wrinkle-resistant, non-pilling design comes in a subtle tonal stripe pattern to elevate the look of your room. The cool, crisp feel of the sheets makes them the ideal choice for summer. Included in every set are pillowcases, a flat sheet, and fitted sheet with 12” deep pockets to suit most standard mattresses.

$20.99 $69.99

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Geometric Microfiber Sheet Set

Geometric Microfiber Sheet Set

Dakota Fields

Up the hygge factor in your home with these ultra-soft sheets. Breathable, wrinkle-resistant, and crafted from microfiber yarns, these sheets are double-brushed for extra coziness. With a 14” pocket, they’re big enough to fit most mattresses and are available in twin, full, queen, and king sizes. The fabric is independently tested to ensure it meets the highest safety standard making it suitable for everyone in the family and people with sensitivities.

$23.99 $59.99

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Bright Colored Bed Sheets

Buying Guide

The bedding design of a master bedroom is the first thing you see when entering the room’s threshold. It doesn’t just have the surprising ability to set a room’s tone, but it also defines a bed’s comfort level.

To ensure that your bedding design is your bedroom’s striking focal point, here are tips on choosing bright colored bed sheets:

As you’re opting for bright colored bed sheets, your room’s décor must be simple, plain or understated to ensure that your room is a place that’s soothing and relaxing. After all, your bedroom is where you shouldn’t stay alert at all times. It’s your resting place and safe haven, so opt for the colors that work together in creating a beautiful atmosphere.

If your style is simple and classic, white bedding with brightly colored accents is your best option 100% of the time. You'll never go wrong with an exquisite set of puffy bedding with minimal accents; it’ll make for the perfect complement to your room décor. You can also choose a textured option. To add more color to your space, add a cotton yarn throw that’s thick and smooth to the foot of your bed.

You may think simple and classic styling for beds is boring as you want one that’s more dynamic. If so, select a pattern! A honeycomb medallion is one that looks fantastic with a bright color that isn’t too irritating.

For a tropical vibe, choose Indian textiles. If you want scrolled patterns, Italian fabrics are your best bet. An impressionable pattern that’s in bright colors will create a lively, invigorating ambiance. A duvet in botanical silhouette print looks fresh and clean. Blend and be inventive!

For men’s rooms, single-toned, swappable bedding pieces are preferable as they keep the space minimalistic with the bright hue giving an airier feel. You'll also be able to swap out the hues seasonally. Add in decorative throw pillows to give the room pops of color.

The first and most important part of choosing sheets and pillowcases that you should consider is the materials they come in. Each material has its unique and distinct pros and cons, which we'll cover below.


This is a favored material that usually comes as 100 percent cotton. It's known for being breathable, soft, easy to wash, long-lasting and affordable. 

Some downsides are that cotton is prone to wrinkling very easily and may need a few washes to become softer. Also, as with all cotton products, you have to follow cool water washing instructions so that they don't shrink

Some common types of cotton used for sheets and pillowcases include:

  • Egyptian cotton: This product is known for its extreme softness due to the longer fibers. It does tend to be on the high-end scale, making it more expensive.
  • Pima cotton: This is another material that is chosen for its softness; however, it also has a stylish sheen to it.
  • Upland cotton: This has shorter fibers, so it's not as soft as the two options above. However, it tends to be more on the affordable end.
  • Supima: This is a brand of Pima cotton that was made to be soft and absorbent.
  • Organic cotton: This cotton is untreated and woven from cotton plants that are pesticide-free. If you have allergies, are concerned about the environment or have sensitive skin, you will want to look into this option.


If you're going for a luxury style in your bedroom and the upscale feel that goes along with it, choose silk.

Silk is actually a product made by silkworms and the fibers are known for their softness. It's also hypoallergenic. Another common feature of this type of material is that it's gentler on skin and hair. If smooth skin and untangled hair are a priority, consider investing in silk.

The most obvious drawback is that silk is very expensive compared to other materials. It also has very specific washing instructions, as it is a very delicate material.


Satin is a man-made material that was produced to mimic silk at a fraction of the price. You might find satin made out of a variety of other materials, like cotton, polyester, wool or even a blend of real silk. Satin sheets are also known for their very cool and soft texture.

Some of the drawbacks are that they can still be on the more expensive side and they tend to be a bit less durable. Satin can tear while being washed. Because it's known for being a cool fabric, you also might not want to use it during winter in cold climates.


This is actually a type of cotton bedding that has had the fibers fluffed through combing. You might also find it made of wool or synthetic fibers. What results is an incredibly warm sheet that's great for the winter months. It's also resistant to wrinkling and you can find it on the more affordable end.

A drawback is that it's definitely not a material you want to use in the warmer months or in warm climates. After a while, you might also experience pilling, which is when the material gets those rough little balls of fuzz.


You might see this term used to describe sheets and pillowcases in general, but it also pertains to a specific material. Linen is woven out of flax. It's a thick and durable option that can last even longer than other types with proper care. It's also breathable and absorbs moisture. It stays cool in the summer and warm in the winter, making this a great year-round bedding option.

However, it wrinkles easily and may pill.


You might also see this type referred to as microfiber if it's very finely woven. A synthetic material, it ranges all around the quality levels and price points. The main draw is that it is inexpensive. Microfiber itself can be soft and breathable. Some options are made to be moisture-wicking. On top of that, it's stain-resistant and durable. It also holdscolor better for longer, so choose this type if style is a major consideration. It's also wrinkle-free and hypoallergenic: the tight weaves prevent dust mites from finding a home.

While this material might seem like it can do it all, polyester can often be stiff by itself and you might need to find a blend.


It's also common to see blends of different fabrics, with cotton and polyester being the most common. These were often made with the idea of getting the best of a certain type of material, but at a more affordable price. They also might be made with certain features in mind, like being wrinkle-resistant or durable.

A drawback is that sometimes blends can get too cheap. Watch out for sheets that are high in synthetic materials, usually over 30 percent. These can start to feel less comfortable.

You'll often see the terms percale and sateen thrown around, often with little explanation given. So below we'll outline what each is, as well as the pros and cons of each.

  • Percale: Percale is a type of tightly woven, flat cotton sheet with a crisp finish. When you think of the neat, bright white sheets in a hotel room, that's the look percale is going for. If you want a perfect, put-together bedroom, choose percale.

A major downside is that it tends to be expensive and that crispness might translate to being too rigid for some people. It does help you stay cooler at night. It also may require ironing for the crispest look possible.

  • Sateen: These are made with comfort in mind. They have smooth and heavy finishes with an extreme softness to them. The style comes with a slight sheen, making the sheets great for luxury styles in the bedroom. This type of sheet focuses on helping you stay warmer. There is also no ironing required.

However, sateen tends to be more expensive and may not be the best fit for you if you tend to get warm at night.   

As mentioned above, many cotton varieties are eco-friendly. Cotton is a renewable resource to begin with and organic cotton wasn't treated with pesticides. Many brands also focus on harvesting that cotton in sustainable ways. Similarly, you might also find organic hemp or organic linen

Another option is to find other sustainable materials. You can even find sheets made out of bamboo, as an example. Bamboo sheets can be made to be soft, breathable, moisture-wicking, antibacterial, hypoallergenic and durable. It's even known for getting softer the more times it's washed. Bamboo itself is sustainable because it grows back very quickly.  

One drawback is that bamboo sheets & pillowcases can be moreexpensive. You also have to shop carefully to make sure the manufacturing process the company uses is environmentally friendly. Sometimes a lot of harsh processing goes into making sheets.

Another common term you'll come across when looking for organic sheets is Tencel - a material made from the pulp of eucalyptus trees. It's a type of sheet that can take fewer chemicals and other resources to produce. It's durable, soft and antimicrobial. However, Tencel is not as breathable as other options like cotton.

As a general note, not all eco-friendly labels are the same. Make sure the brand is well-recognized as being legitimately organic by doing some online research before you purchase. You also may want to make sure the brand carries some sort of independent verification, like if it's Fair Trade Certified or Rainforest Alliance Certified.

Start by measuring the height of your mattress, including the mattress topper. If your mattress if very deep, you might need to look for labels like "deep" or "extra deep." 

Some brands don't give those measurements, however. You may have to buy a sheet from a place with a good return policy and just try them on your bed yourself. The sheet should fit tightly over the bed, fit fully around all corners and not require too much of a struggle to get on the bed.

Also check what size your bed is, such as a twin, king or queen. That will inform the type of sheet fit labels you look for.

When it comes to color choices, you can boil your options down to a few major categories:


This go-to classic fits into just about any home style. Being neutral and minimalistic, it looks great in sleek, modern and upscale styles, but also adds a fresh, crisp feel to rustic style bedrooms. However, if you tend to eat in bed or are choosing sheets for a children's bedroom, remember that white shows stains, often forever.

Solid colors

Bedsheets and pillowcases come in every color and shade you can imagine. Choose neutral shades such as gray for a timeless, transitional look. Go with bright shades for a colorful artsy area or children's room but remember some colors such as red or orange have a stimulating effect and should not be overused in bedrooms. Any of the myriad blue shades will creates a relaxing feel, and so will all pastel colors. An easy way to choose a color, too, is to match it to the walls or color accents present in a room


A versatile option, geometric shapes look great in a modern, luxury or even classic space. Florals are perfect for traditional and shabby chic arrangements. Leaf motifs bring a natural, organic feel to your beds cape, while themed sheets are a classic favorite for children's rooms.

The choice of a pattern is basically a personal decision as there are no rules carved in stone for that. However, the general recommendation is that bold and busy-looking patterns work best in bedrooms that are otherwise kept neutral and uncluttered.

Another common term you'll see when shopping for sheets and pillowcases is thread count. With amounts ranging from around 100 to over 1,000, it's easy to start stressing about getting just the right number. 

Thread count simply measures the number of horizontal and vertical threads in every square inch. Higher thread counts generally mean softer sheets. Also, higher thread counts can even mean the sheet will wear better when washed over time and even get softer. 

However, you can rest easy when it comes to thread count numbers. Higher is not automatically better, as some manufactures will inflate the number. Other types, like linen, naturally have lower thread counts because the fibers are thicker. Some lower thread counts also might make up for it with nice finishes. 

Some types of materials will also not have thread counts, such as silk, which measures how much the silk weighs.   

In general, 200-count combed cotton from a well-known brand can work if you're on a budget, and around 300 to 400 is a decent thread count range for cotton sheets, as Jim Symmes, vice president at sheet manufacturing company Revman International, told HGTV.

That was a lot of information for something as seemingly simple as bedsheets and pillowcases. However, it's important to find the correct material, style and size for your situation. After all, you sleep on every night. To make it easier, here are some key takeaways:

  • Every material has its pros and cons. Decide on your top priorities (like softness, staying warm or allergy concerns) and decide on materials using those focal points.
  • If the environment is a concern, look for sustainable materials like bamboo, Tencel, hemp or organic linen. Look for independent certifications, like Fair Trade Certified or Rainforest Alliance Certified.
  • Make sure to measure your mattress before shopping for sheets & pillowcases, as that will inform you about which dimensions you are looking for.
  • Color choices should fit with the color schemeof the room and personal preference.
  • Thread count isn't a number you need to stress over: 200-400 counts are generally fine.

Best Ideas

Colorful bedding

A pretty addition for nurseries and children's rooms, in shape of a gorgeous bedding set that sparkles with vivid colors and striking patterns. Designed of nice-to-touch material, the set is very comfy and cuddling, allowing you to wash it in a maching machine.

Bright colored bed sheets

If you know something about tailoring, sewing a bed sheet on your own is a piece of cake. It allows you to fit it perfectly to the colors of bedding you like. The stylization of your bedroom will be more polished with this.

These polka dot sheet sets are perfectly adorable want to

These polka dot sheet sets are PERFECTLY adorable!!!! Want to get these for the girls! :)

Nautical bed sheets

Sheet in the classic form. It is made of pleasant to the touch fabric and decorated with baseball theme. Great addition to the kid's room.

Bright colored bed sheets 2

Hope my future hubby is okay with having this Lilly bedding in the bedroom. Actually, he can deal with it. :)

Bright colored bed sheets

An arrangement of six different bed sheet and pillow cover colors, coming in pink, green, purple, orange, yellow and blue. The covers and sheets are made out of polyester blend, giving them a nice to touch texture.

This is looking like the mix of colours in my

This is looking like the mix of colours in my bedroom. Never thought I would like pink but mixed in with mint greens, blues and yellow... I'm loving it. Cheerful.

Novelty bed sheets 2

Novelty bed sheets constructed from high-quality and easy to clean fabrics. The sheets are dominated by a large white background and touched with little accents of red and black ostrich imprints for that outstanding visual appeal. Perfect for both adults and kids as well.

Paisley duvet set 4

Bedlinen like the Indian palace. Colorful, bright colors - green,blue,white,yellow and red create beautiful shapes on bedding set.Large amounts of flowers, beautiful Indian compositions. They make you sleep like after a good meditation.

I really like this and go with white for everything

I really like this!! And go with white for everything else

Bright Colored Bedding

Bright Colored Bedding

Honey yellow bed sheets instantaneously accentuate warm ambiance of a bedroom, and provide a splash of color at low cost. New, vibrantly colored bed sheets can essentially contribute to refreshed, attractive look of the interior.

Neon bed sheets

Salmon + Rose The warm color palette in this enchanting bedroom begins with the walls. Paint in a deep, dusty taupe with whispers of rose creates a feeling of intimacy, while salmon-color silk taffeta draperies define the window and add sheen. A fl

Sweet jojo designs groovy 3 piece twin sheet set

Sweet Jojo Designs Groovy 3-Piece Twin Sheet Set

Your zone reversible comforter sham set ogee teal sachet

Your zone reversible comforter sham set ogee teal sachet

This set of bedclothes was created for use in rooms owned by teenage girls. It is made of polyester microfiber and a large size provides the highest comfort of use in large beds. This set is easy to wash.

Shabby chic quilt patterns

The gorgeous floral patchwork quilt captivates the details and beautifully looks in every room of the baby's room. Beautiful bright colored details bring joy and optimism to the decor. Great composition caught in the eye.

Bright colored bed sheets

Embellished with vibrant dots, this bright coloured bedding set constitutes a perfect proposition for young people. It comprises a bed throw, linens for the comforter and pillow as well as decorative pillow shams.

Colorful bedding for guest room with grey wall color would

Colorful Bedding for guest room - with grey wall color would be perfect!

Bright colored bed sheets 1

Marni Duvet If the perfect shade of yellow exists, we think this might be it. Paired with our clean-lined white medallion print, Marni adds just the right punch of color and contrast. White fabric-covered buttons.

Bright colored bed sheets 1

Abby Floral Duvet Cover #girls #bedrooms

Lilly pulitzer sheet set

A sea themed bedroom can't do without a sealife bedding. What's worth noticing here is that the quilt and shams are nicely textured. Gradient blue coloring with fish print fits in with the beach / sea theme.

Smoke blue bedding

Let the magic of the colors violet, fuchsia, blue or yellow and boho style absorb your bedroom - in addition, it has a modern dimension, because the bright colored bedding set has also been left white areas, in this way does not overwhelm with its boho style.

Salmon colored sheets

White bedding, turquoise sheets / Apartment Therapy

Girls queen headboard 3

Tutorial: Love this canopy idea from BH & G. It was made from a white queen-size sheet that was dyed periwinkle, framed with fabric strips and ball fringe, and stamped with rosebuds. Fabric scraps were used to whip up matching pillows. Adorable!

Nautical beds

If you like nautical motifs, this bedding collection shall be something for you. White upholstery with navy blue binding creates an elegant combination, that will add style and class to the space.