Oak Murphy Bed


If you want the room for Oak bedding and can afford to put it in your home, it is the grand investment that will last you a lifetime. But if your home is limited on space, a Murphy bed is definitely a great way to go and we have a collection of Murphy beds that are made of Oak. They're very sturdy and will retain their value for as long as you use them. See collection for details.

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Our Picks

Antique oak beds for sale

A magnificent addition for vintage-looking homes. This fine Murphy bed is crafted of solid Oakwood and splashed with a distressed finish; including lovely hand-carvings and a stylishly shaped mirror. It can be quickly unfolded with just one easy pull.

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Wallbeds mission oak murphy bed

Wallbeds mission oak murphy bed

This mission bed is space-saving and functional, allowing you to easily lift it up and press it against a wall. Crafted of solid oak, the unit also offers 4 open shelves, 6 storage drawers, and 1 capacious door cabinet.

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Oak murphy bed

This old vintage murphy bed delights with its marvellous condition, featuring a beautifully maintained oak despite the passing years. Beautifully stained and sanded, it exposes the densely grained wood.

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Fancy antique beds fancy oak upright folding bed murphy bed

fancy antique beds | Fancy Oak Upright Folding Bed Murphy Bed

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Wallbeds Contemporary Oak Murphy Bed

Wallbeds Contemporary Oak Murphy Bed

The steely and very functional oak Murphy bed is a great combination of unique style and form. The whole folded and made in contemporary style captivates. It is a perfect solution for contemporary interior design.

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Very Rare Antique Oak Murphy Bed Dresser Secretary Desk Book Case 1800s

Very Rare Antique Oak Murphy Bed Dresser Secretary Desk Book Case 1800s

Deriving from the 1800s, this beautiful murphy bed constitutes a fabulous piece of furniture. Not only it features a place to sleep, but also a clever secretary desk with a bookcase. Finished in natural oak.

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Wallbeds contemporary oak horizontal twin murphy bed with hutch

Wallbeds contemporary oak horizontal twin murphy bed with hutch

This piece of furniture is a high quality twin size bed that includes plenty of storage space thanks to its upper shelves. This construction is made of wood and it features stability, solidity and original appearance.

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Oak murphy bed 19

Tiger sawn intricately curved oak Murphy bed to transform the look of your bedroom. It is a classic piece of furniture with the 1880s Murphy style. It is made of solid and durable oak. It is an elegant vintage bed that suits every type of home décor.

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Wallbeds Mission Oak Murphy Bed

Wallbeds Mission Oak Murphy Bed

A traditional lifted up bed of oak wood in light browns. It has a simple frame and a recessed support. A wall frame features a moulding top just like side units. One of units has 3 open shelves, the second - a full door cabinet. Each has 3 drawers.

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Oak murphy bed 16

This oak Murphy bed constitutes a perfect proposition for all, who appreciate the functionality and space-saving values. Crafted from solid dark wood, it maintained its beautiful character despite the passing years.

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Oak Murphy Bed

Buying Guide

Murphy beds are so named because of William Lawrence Murphy, an inventor who refined the fold out or pulldown bed by adding a pivot and counterbalance. Mr. Murphy is said to have created the bed because he was courting an opera singer. In San Francisco in the late 1800s inviting a woman into a bedroom was frowned upon, and Murphy was living in a one-room rental. By adding the Murphy bed, he was able to convert his room into a parlor and was thereby able to entertain his lady friend. An oak Murphy bed is a great way to save daytime floor space.

Oak is a popular material for Murphy beds not only because of its durability but also because of its close grain and its ability to take stain.

If you are inventive and handy, you can create your own Murphy bed. Kits are available that contain all the necessary hardware. However, an improperly installed Murphy bed can lead to accidents, so you would probably be better off purchasing one as a ready-made box that is already fully assembled.

European Queen Size Sonoma Oak Bed

An excellent example of a basic Murphy bed is the European Queen Size Sonoma Oak Bed from Maxima House. The unit comes with a medium hard mattress, all the necessary hardware, and the external box. The set includes hardware to prevent accidental unfolding. The box will need to be fastened securely to a wall. When closed, it looks like a part of the wall or a cabinet.

Storage Murphy Bed

Some Murphy beds come with two side shelves. With this unit, the bed looks like the door to a large closet when it is folded away. When folded down, it becomes a bed with shelf units on either side. While a little pricier than the single unit, the shelving does provide storage for small items while disguising the bed unit.

Bed and Desk Unit

The modern bed and desk unit displays a different style of Murphy bed. Instead of folding up vertically, the bed folds to the side. More than that, when it is folded up, it reveals a desk workspace beneath. The desk is positioned so that everything on its work surface remains undisturbed. This clever scheme helps the space challenged modern home-maker to be able to make double usage of the same space.

Convenient Cupboard Bed

Last but not least, we have a combination of the rollaway cot and Murphy bed concepts. By day, it is a pretty cabinet in a variety of finishes. A favorite is the wedding ring style raised trim, but you can also select from a plain cabinet or a cabinet with louvre doors. For night time use, flip open the top cover and fold out into a queen-sized bed.

Best Ideas

1880s antique oak murphy bed open


Oak murphy bed 10

Carved oak murphy bed with mirror. How gorgeous is it?! Swirl carvings create a symmetric pattern on the front. The top mirror is flanked with shelves - for candle holders, perhaps? The item is dated for 1900

Oak murphy bed 21

This 1900s oak Murphy bed comes with a mirror back and intricate carvings. It is made of solid and durable oak wood with a perfect finish. Oak is a popular choice of wood because of its durability and close grains.

Vintage murphy bed for sale

Characterized by a solid hardwood Oak construction and light oak finish, this functional bed looks like a stylish closet when not in use. The bed can be unfolded with one easy pull, white its front panel (the bed's bottom) has a rectangle mirror embedded in the center.

Details about antique oak murphy fold out hide a bed


Oak murphy bed 9

Wallbeds Contemporary Oak Murphy Bed

Antique murphy bed for sale

The large and very well done oak Murphy bed and a desk with lock is a great combination of bed and desk, which will perfectly suit you in small interiors. The beauty of wood and its warm shade brings comfort to the decor.

Oak murphy bed 3

Oak Murphy Bed

Antique murphy beds lot 95012 antique oak stow away murphy


Oak murphy bed height 4 ft 8 in 142 cm

Oak "Murphy" Bed HEIGHT: 4 ft. 8 in. (142 cm) WIDTH: 4 ft. 8 in. (142 cm) DEPTH: 20 in. (51 cm) DEALER LOCATION: Georges Mills, NH NUMBER OF ITEMS: 1 REFERENCE NUMBER: | From a unique collection of antique and modern beds at

Genuine late victorian oak murphy or mantle bed 1306054

Genuine Late Victorian Oak Murphy or Mantle Bed#1306054

Rustic murphy bed

Richly decorated headboard finished with carefully made carvings. It is completely made of wood. Stylish addition to any bedroom according to taste and need.

Oak murphy bed 6

Victorian design for an old-fashioned single sized murphy bed with a small mirror on the top. The murphy bed resembles a small cabinet and is made out of oak wood with a smooth finish and decorative engravings.

Oak murphy bed 20

An antique oak Murphy bed with mirrored cupboards. The bed folds out. EBTH was able to determine the working condition of this item at the time it was cataloged. However, EBTH neither warrants no...