King Size Four Poster Bed

For a classic bed style that will accentuate your own style in the bedroom, a four poster bed is the way to do. And make it king-sized and you have taken the concept to a whole other level. Feel regal as you snooze in you huge bed, with its four attractively lathed posters standing sentry at the corners of your sleeping domain. See collection for what we have to offer.

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Essex Manor Poster Bed

Essex Manor Poster Bed
This glamorous and extremely chic poster bed is a real treat for lovers of luxury and original, unusual things. Impressive carvings and shapes make it look stunning. Made of solid wood and veneer is extremely durable.

New Solid Mahogany Superior Quality King Size Four Poster Bed Last One

New Solid Mahogany Superior Quality King Size Four Poster Bed Last One
A king-size four-poster bed clearly differs from a traditional bed, which can be found in many bedrooms. Especially when, like this one, it is made of majestic mahogany wood with a characteristic color, with carved columns and an accented headboard.

Monarch Bed

Monarch Bed
The big royal bed, which also provides the conditions for a royal rest. First of all, its dimensions are large enough to offer a huge space to anyone who sleeps in it. Even if it is more than one person. And the ornaments, which cause the bed is also a decorative element.

King size four poster bed

A truly phenomenal masterpiece of antique craftsmanship that will transform your bedroom into a medieval royal chamber. Hand-carved of solid wood, the bed oozes with breathtaking sculptures, making you feel like a king of the world.

King size four poster bed frame 1

Comfortable and elegant, this four poster king size bed will surprise you with undisturbed sleep and sturdy construction. Designed of hardwood in a cherry finish, the bed comes with beautifully turned posts, a shapely headboard, and brass metal reinforcements.

King size four poster bed

The large and massive design of this four poster bed canopy makes the bedroom a royal twist. Beautiful details of decoration in beautiful wooden furniture frame intertwine delight and change the décor into a chic one.

King size four poster bed 1

A breathtaking canopy king size bed for large bedrooms that will be, instantly, transformed into marvelous royal chambers. This hand-carved masterpiece is made of solid wood with 10-process hand rubbed finish.

Our advice Buying Guide

A four-poster king size bed might seem like an extravagant purchase, but there is a lot of comfort and style that comes with it. From its sturdy frame and practical features to the attractive style and appearance that you can enjoy, there are many benefits to buying this type of bed for your home. However, how do you know which type of bed is going to be best for you? Considering all the different designs which are available, you might be struggling to find the ideal choice. Let's look at some of the common styles which are available for you to buy.

What are the most common designs of a king size four-poster bed?

  • Fully enclosed four-poster bed. The most commonly-seen design is the four poster bed which is completely enclosed within its frame. This has four tall posts around seven feet high and a 'ceiling' which goes across the top for the fully enclosed design. This is ideal if you are looking for something cozy for your bedroom and you want to feel like you are enveloped by your bed.

  • Four-poster bed without the top. This style is very much like the fully enclosed four-poster bed but doesn't have the top piece. This is a less expensive but also simpler version of this design. You can still enjoy the comfort and benefits of a four-poster king size bed without the top piece. One alternative option is to have a frame of the ceiling around the top of the bed – this is still very different from the design above since the hollow upper frame prevents it from being enclosed. This is a stylish yet simple design for those who want all the elegance of a four-poster bed but without the room feeling too cluttered and enclosed or like they have a bed which is too high or too large.

How to style with a four-poster bed?

If you want something very traditional that makes you feel like you've stepped right back into a medieval castle, consider a vintage four poster bed. An item which is antique or has been preserved down a generation or two can give your bedroom a huge amount of character while also giving you something to brag about! It was traditional to design four poster beds with a lot of ornate detail, so you will often find swirls, flowers, lines, dots, animals and other features engraved onto the frame.

Can a king size four-poster bed fit a modern bedroom?

A design which is very different from others you'll see, modern four poster beds are quite unique in their own way. While some designs are simple, there are more natural designs such as those which use branches to create elegant posts. A light pine wood is used for the bed frame, followed by matching colored branches for the four posts around the bed. This natural effect is created not only with the fact there are branches or faux branches being used, but also since the size and shape is slightly different for each one, going against the typical uniform designs which we are used to seeing.


Antique four poster bed

Beautiful and massive king size bed with four posters is an exceptionally exciting combination that will bring to the bedroom sophistication and elegance. The whole finished in dark bronze delights in detail and beautifully presents itself in classic interiors.

King size four poster bed

King size bed, this is an artisanal four-post large bed frame. It’s made of wood and painted brown. The four posts have very similar vintage designs and can also be hinged and unhinged. This four-post bed is handcrafted.

Mahogany 4 poster bed king

My recent bedroom décor inspirations oscillate around historical furniture... So this king size four poster bed must have been placed on my ideas board... Heavy dark wood bed with oodles of carved details impressed me a lot.

How to make a wood headboard and footboard

Fall asleep like a princess.Wake up like a queen.Everytime feel like someone absolutely special. This wood queen size four poster set made of walnut wood, richly decorated, combines with golden panels at the top, and brown leather elements.

Four poster bed antique

High-quality king size four post bed constructed from wood for longevity. The bed also has a uniquely raised headboard and features impeccable farmhouse-inspired appeal that will transform any bedroom. You get a neatly glossed light brown finish for breathtaking class.

Ii king size poster bed with capopy in silver pearl

-ii-king-size-poster-bed-with-capopy-in-silver-pearl-cool-4-poster ...

Matching furniture available to order

Matching furniture available to order

Four poster bed double

Oak king size four poster bed

King size four poster bed 2

Tuck into a king-sized, four-poster bed. In the morning, the oceanfront balcony just off of the bedroom is a prime spot for sunrise. #TheResidencesGrandCayman #SevenMileBeach #OceanfrontResidencesGC

King size four poster bed 4

Diane Ross 4 Directions Birch Bed

King size batavia four poster bed

King Size - Batavia Four Poster Bed

Mahogany furniture four poster beds carved four poster bed b045

Mahogany Furniture > Four Poster Beds > Carved Four Poster Bed B045

Tudor four poster bed


Four poster bed tudor style 4 poster bed super king


Jacobean four poster bed

Jacobean Four Poster Bed

Breeze four poster bed 103 260 261 262 103 250

... Breeze Four Poster Bed 103-260/261/262 / 103-250/251/262 Size: King

D-ART Java 4 Poster Bed in Real Mahogany Wood (SIZE: EASTERN King)

Oak four poster bed king

The king size four poster bed with wooden construction is a stunning addition into master bedroom. If you trying to find the perfect bed, you should try this one.

Four post bed frame king

The Private Residence at the Crane Hotel offers king size four poster beds and mahogany furnishings along with Barbadian coral stone walls.

Palm Court Low Poster Bed

Palm Court Low Poster Bed

American Heritage Four Poster bed

American Heritage Four Poster bed

Thunder Bay Poster Bed

Thunder Bay Poster Bed

King size four poster bed 2

ゝ。Antique Tudor Style Carved Full Tester King Size Four Poster Bed.。

Soraya Four Poster Bed  

Soraya Four Poster Bed  

King size four poster bed 3

Hellaconia Suite at Kahanda kanda - Mixture of antique and contemporary furniture. Elegant King Size Four Poster Bed. Double Outdoor Showers. Large verandah overlooking the garden

Carved king size bed

The beautiful king size bed with four posters is an exciting way to get a stylish bedroom. The efficient teakwood construction is durable and robust, yet impressively carved. The whole is phenomenal.

Four poster bed classic 2

Four Poster Bed - Classic

King size four poster bed 9

I have this headboard and love it! My favorite piece of furniture.

Mahogany four poster beds

American Federal California King-Size Four-Poster Bed, circa 1820 | From a unique collection of antique and modern beds at

Antique four post bed

Luxury Castle Floor Plans | cabernet sauvignon a king size four poster bed a double

King size four poster bed

Suitable for master bedrooms, this comfortable king size bed with four posters will show you how to sleep soundly every single night. Made of hardwood in a dark cherry finish, the bed is assembled of beautifully-turned, vertical and horizontal posts.

Verona veneza king size pine 4 poster bed frame

Verona Veneza King Size Pine 4 Poster Bed Frame

King size four poster bed 7

| A king-size four-poster bed made of painted iron. The piece has an acanthus leaf wreath in the center and vines climbing up the posts. Brass decorations top each post and the feet of the bed are brass balls. Two bed rails and three matt

King size four poster bed 1

Canopy Beds - Classic Style Bedroom Furniture | Eco-Furniture

King size four poster bed

King Size - Queen Anne Four Poster Bed

Super king size four poster bed

The spacious master bedroom with King Size Four Poster Bed

Small space heres how to max it out refinery29 a

Small Space? Here's How To Max It Out #refinery29 A dark four-poster king-sized bed is a luxurious way to end (and start) your day. Holly Hunt Four Poster King Bed, $5,495, available at Viyet.

Bernhardt vintage patina king size high low poster bed belfort

Bernhardt Vintage Patina King-Size High/Low Poster Bed - Belfort Furniture - Poster Bed Washington DC, Northern Virginia, Maryland and Fairf...

Large post beds

Kins gize bed of old times, has been given the modern dimension of the curious shade of the mahogany wood, from which it was created. This four poster bed, has a nice headrest, covered with a gray fabric. It also has a place for a canopy, and is very spacious.

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King size pencil four poster bed

King Size - Pencil Four Poster Bed

Westwood Poster Bed

Westwood Poster Bed