Art Deco Bedroom Sets

Art Deco is best known as the flamboyant reaction to austerity of World War I. Characterized by symmetry, geometrical shapes and gleaming decor it introduced a dose of glamour into art. To infuse the space with just a bit of that inspiring era opt for Art Deco bedroom sets. See the collection below.

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Art deco bedroom sets 1

A comfortable sleeping and sitting space for users who love original solutions. This unique bed includes a very soft and comfortable mattress based on wooden frame. This frame features some shelves for books and decorations.

Art deco bedroom sets

French style bed made of wood with a finish in warm browns. Its headboard and footboard are identical: they have full bases, rounded sides, central parts in the form of panelling with a rhombic pattern, brass edging and rods in vertical cutouts.

Art deco waterfall furniture

Set of retro furniture to bedroom inspired of art deco style. Every element is wooden and has finishing made of red cloth. Set is composed of chair, night table, bed frame, wardrobe, footstool, chest of drawers with mirror and dressing table.

Beautiful antique art deco waterfall furniture bedroom set full queen

Beautiful Antique Art Deco Waterfall Furniture Bedroom Set Full Queen
With this elegant vanity set your bedroom will blossom with beauty like a delicate rose. The set includes several storage drawers for smaller and larger necessities, and a large, round mirror embedded in a lovely finished frame.

Art deco waterfall

Decorative and practical elements of bedroom furniture. They bring the style of 1930s and 1940s into the house. Practical storage drawers and compartments are capacious. The main element is paired with a decorative and functional mirror.

1930s art deco waterfall bedroom

1930s Art Deco Waterfall Bedroom
This bedroom vanity set has an Art Deco feel to it - antique looking pieces of furnishing always deliver this special vibe to an interior. The vanity table has big oval mirror and particularly eye-drawing composition of wooden layers.

Beautiful art deco waterfall 10 piece bedroom set

Beautiful Art Deco Waterfall 10 Piece Bedroom Set
This original bedroom set includes 10 elements that provide plenty of storage space for clothes and other items. The whole wooden construction is solid and it includes attractive and durable metal hardware.

Our advice Buying Guide

Art Deco is a decor style that can trace its roots back to France just before the break of the World War I. With bold geometric designs and Fauvism colors, it exuberates sophistication and elaborate elegance. No wonder why there are people that love to immerse themselves with such decor. Perhaps you are one of them, and that's why you are looking for Art Deco bedroom sets.

Keep in mind that finding the right Art Deco bedroom set that is right for you can be tricky. This is because Art Deco bedroom sets come in a variety of types. To help clear some of the confusion, this article is going to serve as an Art Deco bedroom set buying guide.


The first thing you need to decide on is the type of Art Deco bedroom set you want. Your choices typically fall into Basic, Expanded, and Customizable.

  • A Basic Art Deco bedroom set will typically include a bed, dresser, nightstand, and headboard. Since the set only includes the essentials, it's a good option if the budget is tight. Also, it's a good choice if you're bedroom has limited space.
  • The Expanded Art Deco bedroom set will typically include a bed, two nightstands, lamps, mirrors, armoire, bench, and chest. If you want the entire package, then this is the option you'd want to get.
  • As the name suggests, the Customizable Art Deco bedroom set allows you to pick and choose the items you want to be included. It's a good option if you don't want the Basic, but the Expanded is also too much.

Bedroom Considerations

Another thing you need to consider is the room where you will be placing the bed set. If you have a small bedroom, then you may need to go for something that comes with a smaller bed and fewer add-ons. What you want to avoid is making the bedroom feel cramped. To avoid this problem, make sure you do proper measurements and make sure the bedroom set is a good fit.

The size of the door is also another thing that needs consideration. The primary concern is that you might have a piece that won't go through the door.

If you are planning to place the bed near a window, then you also need to measure the height between the window's bottom part and the floor. You'd want to make sure that the height of the bed is not higher than the lowest point of the window.

Bed Size

The focal point of an Art Deco bedroom set is the bed. Hence, you'd want to know the appropriate size of your bed.

Below are the common bed size and the measurements”

  • Twin - 39 x 75 inches
  • Twin XL - 54 x 75 inches
  • Queen - 60 x 80 inches
  • King - 76 x 80 inches
  • California King - 72 x 84 inches

As a reminder, you'd want a bed size that is a good fit for the room - one that is not too big that it makes the room feel cramped, and not too small for your needs.


Antique bedroom furniture 1930

This capacious closet is crafted from solid oak wood, ensuring good longevity and comfortable usage. Inside you will find 7 drawers with cream handles, which are going to organize all your sheets, blankets, and beddings.

Deco waterfall armoire wardrobe

Deco Waterfall Armoire Wardrobe
If you looking for a stylish and classic furniture, you need to have this Deco Waterfall armoire wardrobe, which has got four deep drawers and one mirrored door. It is a great piece for your entryway.

1930s art deco bedroom set

1930s Art Deco Bedroom Set

Art deco vanity table

Cozy and sophisticated setup for a large bedroom in a traditional style with a king-sized bed with a tall headboard and footboard made out of vibrant cherry wood with a romantic red tint and a polished finish.

Art deco beds

Phenomenal bed frame in the Art Deco style. It is made of metal and decorated with open work pattern. Gold finish adds elegance. Sophisticated desgin for any bedroom according to taste.

Art deco waterfall 4 poster bedroom set bed dresser vanity

Art Deco Waterfall 4 Poster Bedroom Set - Bed, Dresser, Vanity, Chair

Art deco bedroom suite for sale

The unusual piece of furniture from art deco bedroom set- due to the quality of materials used, alder wood combined with various bronze passes and varnish. The unique wavy shape and oval swivel mirror with tambour compartments.

Art deco bedrooms photos

Dreamlike bed frame in the Art Deco style. Construction is made of wood and finished with carefully made carvings. Elegant design for each bedroom according to taste and need.

Waterfall bed

Antique approach to an art deco vanity dresser in a waterfall style, made out of smoothly polished oak wood with a light tint. The dresser has a bench on it and five drawers, which provide a lot of storage space.

Art deco bedroom set 5

This bedroom set constitutes a good example of the Art Deco furniture. Its rich, wooden finishing enchants with the beautifully preserved natural grains. A real bargain for vintage lovers.

Art nouveau bedroom set

Art Nouveau Bedroom Set
An artistic and functional element of bedroom furniture with decorative items inspired by stylization from 1910-1920s. It provides plenty of space in storage drawers with aesthetic metal handles. This set also includes a mirror.

Art deco bedroom set

If you looking for something special for your apartment, we suggest you the bedroom set with art deco design, which includes bed and two nightstands. It brings the solidity to any bedroom.

Art deco waterfall vanity

Art Deco bedroom. I love how the space still feels soft and feminine despite the hard line movement.

Art deco bedroom sets 3

Art Deco Bedroom Sets

Art deco bedroom set 19

A chic stylish bed of wood in mid browns with creamy geometric insets on a headboard, a footboard and along frame bottom edges. A headboard and a footboard have stepped top edges and lattice onlays on creamy insets. Square posts have flat finials.

Art deco bed

Designed in the art deco style, this king size bed offers unique curved panels that display different kinds of extraordinary wood. The mattress is very comfy, and beautifully decorated with a quality, patterned fabric.

Modern art deco bedroom

If you looking for something special for your apartment, we suggest you the art deco dressing table set, which is painted on the green color. An extraordinary shape and solid construction is excellent for your bedroom.

Art deco bedroom

This element of furniture is very functional and suitable for a bedroom use. It includes two storage compartments with shelves and small tops. This solid wooden construction includes a functional and attractive mirror in its central part.

11 x 14 tree silhouette cut canvas set

11 X 14 Tree Silhouette Cut Canvas Set
Using cut canvas is a new type of decorating your home. This perfect set of 3 based on tree silhouette. The nice mix of black and white colours causes that this accessories fits to more interior styles.

Art deco bedrooms

1930 Furniture Styles | have an art deco waterfall style bedroom set: vanity with ...

Nursery art yellow gray set of 3 i love

Nursery Art Yellow Gray Set Of 3 I Love
The ultra sweet compilation of pictures for the room of the newborn. Perfect present for baby shower. The combination of yellow, white and grey fits both to girl's pink and boy's blue color of walls, so don't worry if a mum still don't know the sex of the kid.

Art deco maple five piece bedroom set bed wardrobe dressing

Art Deco Maple Five Piece Bedroom Set Bed Wardrobe Dressing Table ...

Value pack set of 3 dorm room decor 11 x

Value Pack Set Of 3 Dorm Room Decor 11 X
This 11 x 14'' indoor decoration is consisted of 3 pieces of canvas paintings, perfect for hanging on a wall in your nursery or children's room. Each piece is adorned with an inspirational catch phrase: 1 "be bold", 2. "be kind", 3. "be brave" - all written using a decorative white font.

Art nouveau bedroom furniture

Gorgeous 4 Piece Tiger Oak Art Deco Bedroom Set 1900-1950 photo 5

1930s bedroom furniture

Art Deco Waterfall Chifferobe c.1940 - (hatbox,2 closets,5 drawers) Bedroom: Art Deco 1940's Waterfall Suite: Buy Complete Waterfall Set, Bed, Dresser & Mirror, Mattress & Box Springs, Chifferobe and Desk, $725

Floral painting for home or office 3

Floral Painting For Home Or Office 3
The beautiful composition of paintings on canvas makes the interior becomes beautiful and incredibly cozy. Multicolor flowers on the green background captivate and make the interior joyous and unnumbered.

Waterfall art deco bedroom furniture

Perfect for the extra bedroom!!!!! FULL BEDROOM 1930s 7 piece Art Deco COMPLETE waterfall bedroom set on Etsy, $525.00

Tropical shoreline custom home and

Tropical Shoreline Custom Home And
The effective color composition and unusual shape of this stylish canvas painting delight. The sea beach and sea waves bring harmony and unique atmosphere to the interior. It will perfectly fit in any interior.

Little bird painting birds on wire

Little Bird Painting Birds On Wire
Small paintings will decorate a wall in your house in simple way. The set of three canvases with birds on the wire is ready to hang on the wall. You can hang them next to each other or separately in every room.

Dassi mobili modern custom art deco bedroom set 2

Dassi Mobili Modern Custom Art Deco Bedroom Set

Set of 3 ballerina canvases hand painted 1

Set Of 3 Ballerina Canvases Hand Painted
Triple wall art on canvas with ballet theme. Pastel colors add freshness and modernity to any interior. It is very well appreciated by customers for careful execution and contemporary design.

Art deco bedroom furniture 7

Art Deco Bedroom Furniture 7

Art deco bedroom set

Art Deco bedroom set

Set of 3 citrus design canvas wraps

Set Of 3 Citrus Design Canvas Wraps
Splash your kitchen walls with vivid colors and tasteful images, while deciding on this fantastic set of 3 pieces of citrus images. The set comes with wrapped in white canvas, sturdy wood frames, offering an eye-catching blend of red, orange, and yellow.

Waterfall bedroom furniture

Need to find an old waterfall vanity to strip and stain to match my dresser and chest of drawers...

Navy blue gray black painting home decor

Navy Blue Gray Black Painting Home Decor
An eye-catching modern wall art composed of 3 rectangular vertically arranged panels made of canvas over hidden wooden frames. It's showing black Islamic style calligraphic signs painted against backgrounds in blue tones.

Set of 3 canvases

This set of canvas depicting birds small birds on twigs constitutes a lovely example of contemporary art. Each part of this set complements the other ones. It's a classic example of small form art painting (40x40cm)

Wood art deco style bedroom set of furniture for sale

... Wood Art Deco Style Bedroom Set of Furniture for Sale $600 for set

Deco bedroom set

Silver, black, and white #bedroom. This one is from 2013 The Great Gatsby film set.

Peter pan set of 3 canvas paintings you

Peter Pan Set Of 3 Canvas Paintings You
A set of 3 Peter Pan canvas paintings - a perfect solution for children's room - especially for little fans of the Peter Pan movie. It also glows in the dark! Every child will feel great with such quotation at the wall.

Set of 3 mixed media bird art canvases

Set Of 3 Mixed Media Bird Art Canvases
Bright colors and interesting patterns are the most important advantages of these wall decorative elements. Natural bird patterns of this canvas art set looks very interesting on walls in different rooms.

Conducting 3 Piece Wrapped Canvas Art Set

Conducting 3 Piece Wrapped Canvas Art Set
A set of three artworks with abstract graphic pattern in assorted colors, creating a whole ready to be hanged on a wall. Due to abstract pattern, the art may be hanged horizontally or vertically with no cost to aesthetics.

Art deco bedroom set 17

Art Deco Bedroom Set