Old Fashioned Bedroom Furniture

There is no need to go modern with your bedroom furniture. It's your bedroom, not a catalog page or an expose piece. be comfortable, and if you wish, take it old-school, with old-fashioned bedroom furniture. Classic lines, top-quality craftsmanship, and great looking all around, your bedroom will shine when you put some of their old-fashioned pieces in it.

Best Products

Old World Panel Customizable Bedroom Set

Old World Panel Customizable Bedroom Set
If you love the vintage style, you will probably totally enjoy the design of that bedroom set. It's not only extraordinary original and stylish, but also very comfortable and functional. Check it our and enjoy unique design in your house.

Le Grande Old World Platform Customizable Bedroom Set

Le Grande Old World Platform Customizable Bedroom Set
This set can be customize by choosing its parts and size of bed. This set has a elegant, luxurious design with decorative carves and a marble veneer finish. All pieces was made with attention to details.

Old World Victorian Treasure Chest Styled Wood Trunk

Old World Victorian Treasure Chest Styled Wood Trunk
It is a beautiful piece of equipment that brings a touch of an antique style into the house. This treasure chest styled wood trunk is not very heavy and it is easy to move. It is 16 inches high x 27 inches wide x 15 inches deep.

Venetian Panel Customizable Bedroom Set

Venetian Panel Customizable Bedroom Set
This is a panel customizable bedroom set that is a perfect option to refresh your bedroom area. It has got a solid wood construction and beautiful design. If you looking for perfect bedroom set, you need to choose this one.

Seville Panel Customizable Bedroom Set

Seville Panel Customizable Bedroom Set
You can choose a piece of this set so it'll be perfectly adjust to your needs. All piece are made of durable hardwood and stylized to old fashion look. Handles and decorative part of headboard are made of black, bent metal.

Old fashioned bedroom furniture

This majestic canopy bed will add a sense of exquisite royalness and luxury to your bedroom. Its beautifully ornamented shape shall enchant all fans of antique, old fashioned design. It has the overall dimensions of W209.55 CM D244.47 CM H270.51 CM.

Antique vanities

The old fashioned dressing table with sculptural ornaments made by the cherry wood. Many hidden cubby-holes and shelves allow you to hide the cosmetics, jewelry and the other small things you decide.

Our advice Buying Guide

How do you decorate an old fashioned bedroom?

In order to decorate an old-fashioned bedroom, you'll first need to decide on an era that you want to use as a template. You'll also need to consider your budget and stick to it. It would help if you were also aware that 20th-century furniture would cost you more than furniture from the 1940s or 1950s.

So to start, you'll want to visit your local antique store to unearth some much-needed items. Get creative and turn an antique desk into a dressing table or decorate your bedroom walls with vintage prints to turn it into a centerpiece.

A lot of hidden gems can be found at garage sales, thrift stores and flea markets, and you might even get them for next to nothing. For example, if you find an old lampshade, you can add a customized touch to it to resemble a particular era and add it to your bedside table.

Next, look for bedding and decorative items with a vintage feel. If you cannot source any of these, you're welcome to get creative and make your own. For example, the 1950s American vintage theme included lots of colorful fabrics and large prints of pop-cultural icons for an old-fashioned bedroom.

What is the best color for old fashioned bedroom furniture?

Dark wood finishes like mahogany are the best colors for old-fashioned bedroom furniture. This is because they immediately convey a retro balance between cozy and elegant. Darker bedroom furniture works particularly well against walls in a lighter color and, especially, large rooms.

However, if your room isn’t too wide or you already have dark walls, it might be wiser to choose some old-fashioned bedroom furniture in white or a light wood finish: that way, you’ll obtain a pleasant contrast and avoid creating a heavy feel.

How do I accessorize old fashioned furniture?

Old fashioned furniture can be accessorized in various ways, depending on the style you want for your room. If you have old fashioned bedroom furniture and want to add a more contemporary look, you can reupholster the fabric in a modern color or pattern. You can also mix contemporary artwork with old fashioned furniture to create a more current statement. Try adding abstract pictures with bright, bold colors to achieve this look.

If you don’t want to lose the vintage charm of your old fashioned furniture by refurbishing, you can accessorize your old fashioned bedroom furniture by mixing your antique and vintage pieces with modern decor accents with a similar aesthetic. For example, if you have a classic Shaker bed frame, pair it with a modern jute or seagrass rug and cream linen curtains. This creates an on-trend minimal vibe without sacrificing the elegance of your old fashioned furniture piece.  


Old fashioned bedroom furniture

A stunning, antique and distressed vanity table in an unusual color of pale green. it is equipped in an impressive mirror with a subtle decoration at the top. It comes with a chair with a beautiful, flowery upholstery.

Old fashioned bedroom chairs

This old-fashioned bedroom dresser is a fantastic example of upcycling. The combination of the milk paint, and the oil based poly naturally lends itself to its look. The whole constitutes an interesting proposition for your bedroom.

Elegant antique furniture for your home

Elegant Antique Furniture for Your Home

Old fashioned beds

Why not take advantage of the charm of the noble, antique flesh-colored flower fabric - on a wooden headrest of elegant bed. The ancient, romantic times like in Jane Austin's house - are seen in the carved headboard of a royal bed.

Old fashioned chairs

You can update your room with our old-fashioned bed with hand-turned posts and classic tulip finials made from maple wood. Everything connected to the same taste of style. Grey wall, white curtains and soft wooden floor.

Old fashioned bedroom furniture 1

Stunning bistro table set featuring a counter height rounded table and two low back chairs. The set features a sturdy metal construction all round and while the table is finished in a glass top, the chairs come with foam padding and black fabric upholstery.

Vintage style bedroom furniture sets

Look to patterns, patinas, and pieces from periods past to design vintage bedrooms that are cozy, comfortable and voguish like this old fashioned bedroom furniture set, with neat headrest of distressed bed, in very delicate green shades.

Old fashioned bedroom furniture 4

Old World, Gothic, and Victorian Interior Design: Victorian interior gothic interior

A shabby french cottage by impedance of locomotion

A Shabby French Cottage by Impedance of Locomotion

Old fashioned bedroom furniture 3

Antique Bedroom Furniture Styles

Beige bedroom ideas

Classical beige bedroom will be a temple of your sweet dreams.Universal, timeless class from the bedding till the walls will calm you and make you fully rest after hard day at work. It's good opportunity for small, as well as big rooms.

White vintage style bedroom furniture

Lovely French-ness via Jennelise

Clairee bedroom furniture by lauren ralph lauren at horchow i

"Clairee" Bedroom Furniture by Lauren Ralph Lauren at Horchow. I like this, but may be too old fashioned

Old fashioned bedroom furniture

Chic antique wooden dressing tables beautifully finished in subtle pinks, greens, creams. All feature gently curved frame lines, tall legs with grooving or carvings, decorative drawer panels. Mirrors have curved arched frames with gilt and carvings.

Graham smart technology secretary 1

Graham Smart Technology Secretary

Old bed room

Such a sweet and cozy bedroom with its idyll style. We adore the old-fashioned furniture done in modern colors. Mint green bed completed with beautiful light bedclothes. Wooden floor covered with soft, pastel carpet.

Old bedroom furniture

Tasteful chest with antique finish. Construction is made of wood. It is mounted on wheels for easy movement. Includes oval mirror 5 drawers in various sizes. Suitable for storing clothes and others personal items.

Beige bedroom furniture 6

Bedroom stylization with a large, comfortable bed and four small stools. These elements are made of wood and finished in dark brown color. Simple lines and rectangular shapes are suitable for people who prefer minimal style.

Victorian bed set

Baroque style is an excellent way to create a glamorous modern interior. The dark colors of the armchairs, the vanity chair, the mirror frame and the ottoman blend beautifully with the gray walls and dark floors.

Old fashioned bedroom furniture 2

Old Fashioned Bedroom Furniture Bedroom featuring white bed,

California king fabric headboard

The French style bedroom. The kingsize bed with the beautiful headboard upholstered with the cream material and finished with the shining hobnails. The stylization has been filled with the wooden sidetable painted on beige color.

Vintage look bedroom furniture

Dishfunctional Designs: Don't Fence Me In: Creative Uses for Old Salvaged Fencing

Decopauge maps onto dresser drawers

decopauge maps onto dresser drawers

Tin furniture 15

This bedroom brings together the best of the old and the new. This standout headboard is fashioned from distressed white tin ceiling tiles. The antique look is contrasted by bright green and pinks that act as accent colors throughout the room.

Ascp old white with stained top beautiful

ASCP Old White with stained top. Beautiful.

Beige bedroom sets 23

In this picture we can see an interesting bedroom design with elements of furniture finished in beige and white colors. A bed, nightstand and storage chest feature simple constructions based on clear lines and neutral colors.

Vintage style bedroom furniture

Yellow Dresser. Try different knobs for different looks from Country to Elegant by Barb Knack

Beige bedroom sets 8

Set of bedroom furniture in elegant form. It consists of bed frame with upholstered headboard, 2 chests in various sizes, bench and nightstands. Sophisticated solution for each home.

Could do this in the dining room now i need

could do this in the dining room now! i need an old bench asap =)

Black vanity table ikea

A glamorous set of bedroom furniture in a glittering design. All the pieces are characterized by a silver, high gloss finish that beautifully reflects the light. A vanity table goes with a fantastic mirror in a decorative, silver frame.

Victorian wall clocks 1

A magnificent piece of Victoria art, this grandfather clock boasts of stunning hand-carvings, solid wood construction and distressed finish, adorned with gold floral accents. Includes a decorative working pendulum, and a round dial with Roman numbers and black metal hands.

Old fashioned bed

Ashlynn had this as her closet for many years. Being we lived in an old house, and it was restored to its original layout, she had no closet. The tall door held her hanging clothes and shoes, the drawers smaller clothing. That was before she became a teen

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Positively beautiful

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Antique style bedroom sets

This item is a solid wooden trunk with durable and decorative legs in black color. Its upper area is finished in neutral white color and it offers a quite spacious storage compartment. Its simple shape looks good in any room.

Beige bedroom furniture 14

An outhouse does not have to look ugly and be something to be ashamed of. Just look at the way this one is painted – gives it a very unique, rustic look and actually looks quite nice in a garden.

Make your own platform bed assemble your own platform bed

Make Your Own Platform Bed. Assemble your own platform bed from architectural salvage to create one-of-a-kind cottage style. An old mantel is attached to the wall to serve as a headboard. The mattress platform is fashioned from old doors resting on sturdy

Classy redo paint glaze crackle and glass knobs accented with

Classy Redo = Paint, glaze, crackle and glass knobs accented with roses in silver julip on top!

Wrought iron full length mirror

The metal full length mirror with a classic willow-green wooden frame. It is mounted on the rolling frame, which enable you changing placing angle. A mirror like that will look great in a cloakroom as a pair to the white screen.

Winsome Wood Quilt Rack, Walnut

Solid beachwood quilt rack with walnut finish, featuring six horizontal bars to display and store towels, quilts and/or blankets. It's recommended for a variety of home interiors, such as bedroom, den or the family room.

Modern old fashioned bedroom tips antique white bedroom

Modern Old-fashioned Bedroom Tips | Antique white bedroom ...