Corner Armoire Wardrobe

Another wonderful innovation in corner space usage is this collection of corner armoire wardrobes. So handsome, so fitting for your style, and stainable to fit your existing furniture, if you need more space but the closet is full, a corner wardrobe might be just what you need. There is only one way to find out. Take a look at this collection and see if you could use a corner armoire wardrobe.

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Capacious wardrobe with mirrored front. Construction is made of wood. Suitable for storing clothes and others needed stuff. Provides space saving in all kinds of interiors as needed.

Antique chifferobe beautiful primitive

Antique chifferobe beautiful primitive
Constituting a perfect embodiment of the rustic, down-home design, this beautiful wooden corner armoire will fit smoothly into a country house or mountain lodge. Offers quite an impressive storage space, divided between 4 drawers and tall doors.

Harbor View Armoire

Harbor View Armoire
The charming wardrobe for storing clothes. It is equipped with 2 large storage drawers and cupboard with the rod. Made in the USA. A stable construction is made of wood. Neutral and functional accent to any interior.


This practical armoire is a great piece of furniture to any interior. It has a beautiful metal handles, and the whole was melamine, króre is durable and protects against damage. Perfect for home and office.

Corner armoire wardrobe

Space-efficient solution for a bedroom wardrobe. The wardrobe is made out of oak wood with a smooth finish on the outside and a natural look on the inside, fitted with hooks and an additional drawer underneath.

Corner armoire wardrobe 1

A wonderful corner armoire that is characterized by a shabby look. It is made of wood painted in a greenish paint with a distressed finish. The unit offers plenty of storage space in the top and bottom shelves.

Corner armoire wardrobe 2

This corner armoire wardrobe constitutes a great space-saver and an organizer for your clothes or linens. Its mirrored central panel creates a convenient space, where you can check out your look.

Our advice Buying Guide

Corner Armoire Wardrobes are stylish enough to give a China Cabinet a run for its money. The intricate marquetry, the inlays, carvings and hand forged hinges create a stunning centerpiece. Yet, the corner position ensures that the footprint is contained. Here’s a little help for first time shoppers looking for a corner armoire wardrobe.

What's the history of the Armoire?

Way before closets, cabinets and wardrobes became ubiquitous in our homes, the Armoire occupied prime position. These simple two-door wooden cabinets were versatile enough to store everything from kitchenware to fine linen. It was circa 17th century that these underwent an ornate transformation, as artists like Andre-Charles Boulle created alluring and sumptuous designs for King Louis XIV. Today, the Armoire is trending again as vintage furniture tops the list of desirables for both architects and homeowners alike. And why not?

How much is a vintage armoire?

There’s nothing like an antique Armoire from the mid-17th century or the Art Nouveau period to grab some eyeballs. However, it would leave you poorer by at least $1500 if you are looking for one in prime condition.

Instead, you can easily buy a reproduction or a replica for less than $500. Some of the replicas look so authentic that it would take an expert to spot the difference. It features a distressed finish with shellac, patina on the iron hardware and even tiny imperfections that mimic the handcrafted wood of yesteryears.

If you intend to use it for displaying your ware, then you’d most likely have to settle for a reproduction because it is extremely rare to find an antique armoire with a clear glass panel.

How to determine the right size for an armoire?

Measure the space where you intend to place the corner armoire wardrobe. Make a note of the maximum and minimum available space. Since it will be placed in a corner, the width is of utmost importance lest you want it to jut out like a sore thumb. Lesser is better if it’s a small room. You can always expand vertically.

The size that you choose will also depend on what you intend to store in the armoire. If it’s for clothes, then you’d most likely need hanging space. If it’s for something else, like storing your antique collection maybe, then look for adjustable shelves.

What are armoire wardrobes crafted from?

An antique armoire will most likely be made using a blend of wood. The cheapest types of wood were used for the back and the bases. The front and the frame were made using oak before the 16th century while Mahogany and Walnut became more common after the 17th Century.

Reproductions, on the other hand, will be made from a single type of wood. Solid wood armoires will be pricier whereas MDF will be cheaper.

How to match the armoire design with your decorating style?

Antique designs blend easily with classic décor themes but might look out of the place in modern décor themes. They can easily be identified by the design. 17th Century designs were characterized by the expansive sizes, the use of side doors and drawers. 18th Century designs were mostly minimalistic with two or one doors and the onus was on the artwork, particularly the parquetry and the inlays.


Corner armoire wardrobe

This antique corner armoire embodies what's best in shabby chic style. It wears natural marks of use, serving its role for decades. It will be a real bargain for all who love the charming, rustic vibe.

Corner armoire closet

A stunning corner shelving unit that can serve as a kitchen pantry due to the impressive storage wall behind the full doors. It features an elegant and universal design as well as a neutral color so it will blend with almost every space.

Corner bedroom armoire

IKEA's Pax wardrobe is a world-wide known bestseller in the field of armoires. It offers an incredible storage space and functionality. This corner wardrobe solution is an ideal proposition for those who lack space or deal with irregular room shapes.

Corner armoire wardrobe 8

Providing a bright, warm appeal, this corner armoire will offer an impressive storage space for your clothes, linens or other stuff. Its large surface demands a higher interior, though.

Corner armoire save big on need a corner bedroom armoire

... corner armoire!save big on need a Corner Bedroom Armoire full-sized

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Corner wardrobe 1

Corner Wardrobe

Corner wardrobe closet

Amazing chalk color, made by using ratio of baking soda to paint. This incredibly warm and climatic corner airmore wardrobe looks pretty amazing against light pastel wall. It has drawers for extra storage space and beautiful handles.

I dont want it to look this unfinished but getting

I don't want it to look this unfinished but getting there - chippy corner pantry

A dutch corner cabinet 18th century

A Dutch corner cabinet, 18th century

Pax corner wardrobe modern armoires and wardrobes

PAX Corner wardrobe modern-armoires-and-wardrobes

Amish american economy corner entertainment center

Amish American Economy Corner Entertainment Center

Corner wardrobe

Corner Wardrobe

Small corner armoire

Nice yellow corner wardrobe that can also be used as a cupboard. I really like its oldish sort of a mustard yellow color. And check this cool milky muddy glass. Like from old movies about vampires. Totally must have!

Corner armoire wardrobe

... Look Of Wardrobe Armoire With Mirror Set On Corner And Beige Floor

Corner armoire wardrobe 4

TV on corner shelf, high, with shelf underneath--kids room

Ameriwood Ameriwood Corner Wardrobe Unit

Home furniture designer wardrobe creations

Home Furniture Designer Wardrobe Creations

Corner armoire wardrobe 12

Blackheath - Fitted wardrobes

Cedar cabinets 1

An authentic rustic wardrobe of cedar wood with a worn finish in browns. A crown top has geometric carvings and short grooves, a moulding base - low angular feet. Multiple arched beautifully carved at the top reinforced doors have metal ring handles.

Corner armoire wardrobe

An old wardrobe transformed into a small office space. A perfect solution for small rooms as you can close it once you finish your work! It features a place for your computer and documents. The door wings are used a as an info board.

Corner armoire wardrobe 9

PAX system - Combinations including interior organizers - IKEA

Prices will vary with choice of wood special finishes optional

Prices will vary with choice of wood, special finishes, optional ...

Corner armoire wardrobe 1

GUSTAV STICKLEY: Rare Oak Corner Cupboard. C. 1905. Ht. 69 1/2" W 46" D 24". Descended in the family of the original owners.

Organization storage furniture dressers chests bedroom armoires 15

... Organization / Storage Furniture / Dressers, Chests & Bedroom Armoires

Corner armoire

Corner armoire wardrobe on this picture is made of old mixed wood,which has been painted on the fashionable,pastel color of the azure.Narrow,simple form associated with elegance.At the bottom there is also a drawer,for smaller stuff.Perfect for baby's room.

Corner armoire wardrobe 11

Wall color—armoire on an angle—slip-covered chair (could use your little rust-colored chair from the den)

Tv armoires wardrobe tv combos 7

TV Armoires / Wardrobe TV Combos

White corner armoire

This corner armoire wardrobe constitutes a must have for all shabby chic lovers. It will bring the warmth and coziness, known from cottage houses. Good as a kitchen or bathroom cabinet to store utilities or linens.

Antique adaption sheep hooked rug mat great primitive look great


Corner armoire wardrobe

Reminds me of the lack of closet space in an old farm house. Thus...the need for wardrobes.

Corner armoire wardrobe

Estilo Cabinet - need two as storage cabinet Estilo Cabinet. 40"Wx18.25"Dx60.25"H Teak, solid mindi wood and mindi veneer Metal pulls Two adjustable and one fixed shelf Levelers included Cord management cutout Anti-tip hardware recomm

Corner armoire wardrobe 6

Rustic Reading Corner

Corner armoires

The perfect color mix. The dark jeans blue used in a painting of the wardrobe collated with the dark orange of the deck chair. Such a mix looks the best in the country stylization. Redecorating using old materials allows to cut the costs.

Corner armoire wardrobe 7

Get out of the closet, it's where I hide my secret elves...

Corner armoire wardrobe 1

Salvaged & Repurposed: Vintage Lockers...this one looks like it was painted to blend with the decor, still has an aged look

Corner armoire wardrobe

Would love this for Leila's room, then I could turn her closet into a fun little nook/corner.. Wonder if I could find something like this to refurbish.. ?

Corner wardrobe cabinet

This room reminds me of my childhood. Beautiful pastel colors and amazing white corner armoire tall wardrobe. Beautiful king size bed covered with cool linen and cushions. I love its huge headboard in creamy color.

Corner armoire wardrobe 10

wow & at one time I was thinking that a dining room is redundant & unnecessary...I love this room!

Corner armoire wardrobe 1

Viva Corner Wardrobe in Cherry - Ace Decore

Pax corner section frame ikea 10 year limited warranty read

PAX Corner section frame IKEA 10-year Limited Warranty. Read about the terms in the Limited Warranty brochure.

Collection corner armoire wardrobe closet designs chaos

Collection Corner Armoire Wardrobe Closet - Designs Chaos

Antique corner wardrobe flamed mahogany corner armoire

Antique Corner Wardrobe, Flamed Mahogany, Corner Armoire ...