Jewelry Armoires Ikea

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For all your jewelry storing needs, check out this collection of jewelry armoires from Ikea. With wall mounted options, free standing possibilities, and even some elaborate furniture pieces, your jewelry will be organized and safe, as well as easily retrievable at will. There are plenty of hooks for necklaces, and drawers for earrings and finger rings. Never have to hunt for jewelry again.

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Updated 14/03/2023
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Best for Ikea Furniture
Insertable Jewelry Armoire Tray

Insertable Jewelry Armoire Tray

Perfect For: Saving space

What We Like: Separate sections

What We Don’t Like: Slightly expensive

This gray armoire tray may be understated, but it will help you to keep things organized. Split into sections for rings, necklaces, bracelets, and more, it is designed to slot into a pre-existing drawer space for fuss-free storage. Plus, as it’s made by Ikea, you can be sure it will fit into a cabinet or dresser designed by, too.

Designer Advice:

The felt design of this armoire means your jewelry will be kept safe from damage. As you can also stack this insertable armoire, it’s a good option if you have deep drawers and no space left on top of your dresser or cabinet. However, it isn’t the best option if you have lots of big jewelry due to the limited space.

What Users Say:

Smooth roll out. Easy to install, soft close, fits jewelry trays perfectly.

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Jewelry Armoires Ikea

Buying Guide

A jewelry armoire is something that you should have if you own plenty of jewelry. In fact, even if you don't have a lot of jewelry, a jewelry armoire is still a good idea because of its excellent storage capacity and organization. You probably know about this, and that's why you're looking for one.

Because of the demand for jewelry armoires, the industry has produced countless variations, and Ikea is no exception. Having options is always a good thing. On the downside, buying the right one for you can be a confusing endeavor. To help clear some of the confusion, this article is going to offer you a jewelry armoire buying guide.

Nowadays, jewelry armoires can be categorized into standing, cheval, mounted, and over-the-door.

  • A standing jewelry armoire is considered as the "usual." It stands freely on its own, and with no installation. It's a good choice if you want something that is convenient and portable.
  • You can say that the Cheval jewelry armoire is a two-in-one product. This is because a jewelry armoire comes with a full-length mirror and a storage space for your jewelry. It's a good choice if you have limited space, and your jewelry is not that plentiful.
  • As the name suggests, a mounted jewelry armoire needs to be "installed" on a wall. Typically, it comes with a mirror in front. It's a good option if you are trying to conserve floor space.
  • Over the door jewelry armoires work similar to the mounted type, but there's no need for installation. You just hang it over the door. If you are looking for something that is affordable or you want to avoid the problems that come with installations, then this type may be the right one for you.

What storage features to look for in jewelry armoires?

The ideal way of storing a ring is not the same compared to the ideal storing of a bracelet. Hence, a jewelry armoire usually comes with cushioned ring rolls, trays, drawers, and hooks to accommodate different jewelry type.

Before you buy jewelry armoires, it's best that you assess your jewelry collection. Then, find a jewelry armoire that can best accommodate your jewelry belongings.

For example, if you don't own a lot of rings but you're loaded on bracelets, then you'd like a jewelry armoire that has more hooks than cushioned ring rolls.

Keep in mind that no jewelry armoires will provide you with the same levels of security as a safe. Having said that, your primary concern is the locking mechanism. Make sure that you are confident with the locking mechanism of the jewelry armoires you are planning on buying.

Best Ideas

Manufactured Wood Jewelry Armoire With Mirror

Manufactured Wood Jewelry Armoire With Mirror

Have plenty of jewelry just laying around the house, yet no dedicated place for displaying and storing it when not in use? Why not check out this jewelry armoire, made out of sturdy manufactured wood with a set of six drawers with metal handles, side doors with built-in hooks for necklaces, and a top lid with an embedded mirror which comes in handy when choosing which jewelry to wear.

Jewelry chest ikea

Looking for something special and luxury to your home? We've got something beautiful: the built-in jewelry or lingerie amoire with many shelves and fancy handles and beveled glass cover.

Minimalistic Wall Mounted Jewelry Armoire With Mirror

Minimalistic Wall Mounted Jewelry Armoire With Mirror

A simple yet stylish look for a wall-mounted jewelry armoire with a built-in mirror on the front. The armoire is crafted out of fine Chinese oak wood with plywood elements and is covered in a white coat of paint, paired with an inner lining of green felt and a ring holder in a light gray, giving the piece a sophisticated detail.

Reyes Free Standing Jewelry Armoire with Mirror

Reyes Free Standing Jewelry Armoire with Mirror

Keep your treasured jewels organized and free from tangling with this free-standing armoire. The top compartment flips up to expose a mirror, whereas two exterior side drawers glide to showcase sturdy necklace hooks. All its drawers are lined and have dividers to ease the organization process.

Gannon Free Standing Jewelry Armoire

Gannon Free Standing Jewelry Armoire

Inject a touch of elegance to your space with this freestanding traditional jewelry armoire. The wooden frame beautifully contrasts with gold-toned legs and drawers to create a posh armoire fit for royalty. Features 5 ample drawers to tidily order and house your envious jewelry collection.

Beveled Wall Mounted Jewelry Armoire With Front Mirror

Beveled Wall Mounted Jewelry Armoire With Front Mirror

Coming with an embedded, tall front mirror with a beveled finish, and a locking mechanism with a dedicated key which comes with the piece, this wall-mounted jewelry armoire is sure to bring a traditional vibe to any bedroom or closet. The frame of the piece is crafted out of manufactured wood, and the insides are lined with black felt, fitted with a plethora of assorted compartments for all types of jewelry.

Black Over The Door Jewelry Armoire With Front Mirror

Black Over The Door Jewelry Armoire With Front Mirror

If your bedroom has pretty limited space, consider this versatile jewelry armoire which can be mounted on a door to conserve some room. The armoire itself has a large mirror on the front, as well as a felt-lined interior in a black color, which possesses a handful of useful compartments and racks for jewelry storage.

Ikea armoires

A practical and dignified solution is a white, wooden jewelry armoire ikea. Set in the bedroom will act as a dressing table necessary for every woman, while in the hall it will give you the opportunity to have a look at your appearance before leaving the house

High Gloss Free Standing Jewelry Armoire With Mirror

High Gloss Free Standing Jewelry Armoire With Mirror

Modern and vintage elements are intertwined in this freestanding jewelry armoire with a full-length mirror on the front. The mirror itself has chamfered edges, which provides the vintage vibe of the armoire. The armoire has a set of convenient LED lights around the outer frame, which helps with applying makeup, and is fitted with a lock and a key to keep your valuable jewelry safe from unwelcome hands.

Ikea wall mount jewelry armoire

If you have a jewelry collection, you need to have the Oxford jewelry armoire. It features nine drawers and one shelf for storing ring or earrings, mirror and two spaces for your necklaces. The dark brown color looks elegant and fits to any style.

Jewelry armoires ikea 1

This jewelry armoire has enough space for you to fit your entire collection of valuable trinkets. It has 9 storage drawers of different sizes, with each of it equipped with a cut-out hole instead of the traditional handle.

Jewelry cabinet ikea

This collection includes a vanity tower that provides space in its compartments and drawers. Another important element of this set is a table with small drawer and large mirror. All elements feature solid wooden constructions finished in white color.

Armoire ikea canada

This gorgeous jewellery armoire set from IKEA constitutes a proposition for all elegant woman, who like to maintain the refinement also in their interiors. Ornamental, glittering knobs emphasize the character of the item.

Jewelry Armoire With Mirror And LED Lights

Jewelry Armoire With Mirror And LED Lights

Who would have thought that this free standing floor mirror actually hides a spacious jewelry armoire underneath its front wall? Great choice of furniture for a vanity corner, doubles as a handy makeup mirror with a set of eighteen LED lights that can be switched on and off, helping applying cosmetics without any external lighting.

Ikea armoire wardrobe ikea closet wardrobe closet armoires ikea ikea

... ikea-armoire-wardrobe-ikea-closet-wardrobe-closet-armoires-ikea-ikea

Ikea jewelry box

Rustic design for a tall and spacious jewelry armoire from IKEA made with a high frame and a mirror door. The armoire is made out of light oak wood with no paint and has wrought iron legs on the bottom.

Ikea jewellery stand

As they say - beauty lies in simplicity and this cabinet with mirror is proof that this sentence is true. Due to minimalism it will be fit to every type of interior. It is made of blanched wood and has a lot of drawers in different sizes.

Jewelry armoire ikea canada

jewelry armoire ikea canada

Classic oak jewelry armoire coaster co

Classic Oak Jewelry Armoire - Coaster Co.

Armoire ikea

A fashionable, solid and functional armoire finished in white color. It includes an interesting black pattern that looks like a woman. Storage drawers are suitable for different elements of jewelry. The whole construction stands on four stable legs.

Jewelry armoires ikea

This jewelry organizer is constructed of wood, and painted white. The inside features numerous open shelves, small jewelry hangers, and a fashionable padding made of a nice-to-touch fabric. You'll be able to store and organize every piece of your precious collection.

Jacques Shabby Elegance Wall Mounted Jewelry Armoire with Mirror

Jacques Shabby Elegance Wall Mounted Jewelry Armoire with Mirror

Be an organized goddess with this chic, wall-mounted jewelry armoire. Distressed white paint finish invokes that lived-in look, whereas the exterior mirror comes in handy when dressing up. The black velvet lining protects your delicate gems against scratches and abrasions to keep it glistening for ages.


Murphy Jewelry Armoire with Mirror

Murphy Jewelry Armoire with Mirror

This marvelous cabinet for jewelry, this impressive piece of furniture that perfectly highlight the beauty of any living room or bedroom. Spacious locker room for all your trinkets. Cute execution in the traditional style is unusual.

Hampton bay jewelry armoire jewelry armoires bedroom fur

Hampton Bay Jewelry Armoire - Jewelry Armoires - Bedroom Fur ...