Zen Platform Beds

Pioneered in Japan, these zen platform beds are the perfect addition to a home with an eye on minimalism. Take out the box spring and the frame, and replace it with a traditional zen platform, and your bed will have an alignment with the earth that may just improve the Feng Shui of your bedroom, which has been found to lead to better sleep, and mental clarity.

Best Products

Stromsburg Queen Platform Bed

Stromsburg Queen Platform Bed
This robust and chic queen-size bed frame comes with a 5-year limited warranty and will look perfect in a Scandinavian or contemporary-style bedroom. The manufactured wooden frame holds up to 500 lbs., and has an understated and natural gray finish. This color scheme pairs well with light, airy surroundings and distressed brick walls.

Evie Solid Wood Platform Bed

Evie Solid Wood Platform Bed
Fans of understated, wooden construction and durable design will love this robust platform bed. The natural wood finish will perfectly complement a Scandinavian-style interior, while the solid hardwood frame holds up to 600 lbs. of weight. For added convenience, you can fold this structure in half to move it to another room.

Step One Platform Bed

Step One Platform Bed
People seeking out a platform bed that doubles-up as an ergonomic storage option will love this versatile bed design. The durable wooden frame has a weight capacity of 500lbs., and you can lift your mattress to store sheets, towels, paperwork, and clothes in the hollowed-out structure.

Arianna Storage Platform Bed

Arianna Storage Platform Bed
This striking design will serve as the centerpiece of any bedroom, with its dark, solid wood construction and distressed finish. You can use this bed frame to bring a touch of elegance to a rustic or shabby chic-style bedroom. The robust, pine frame holds up to 500 lbs. of weight and can accommodate mattresses up to 8” thick.


This zen platform bed embodies all that's best in Japanese design. Simplicity and exquisite focus on comfort and pro-healthy measures. Made from solid, densely grained wood, it will fit into modern lofts or apartments.

Alsa Queen Platform Bed

Alsa Queen Platform Bed
A platform bed that is a connection of functionality and attractiveness. It is suitable in different types of decor and stylizations of bedrooms. Its size (66 inches wide x 84 inches long x 28 inches high) provides a good rest to 2 people.

Full Platform Bed with Underbed Storage

Full Platform Bed with Underbed Storage
Stylish and functional full bed crafted of white-finished particleboard. It has a rectilineal shape and is equipped with a slatted foundation. Three roomy underbed drawers have durable plastic glides and bottom cut-out grips.

Our advice Buying Guide

When it comes to your bed, it’s vital to consider all your options before replacing it. After all, your bed is your favorite relaxing spot, so it needs to be as zen as possible.

Luckily, zen platform beds have become quite popular nowadays, and they are the best option if you want to create a peaceful oasis in your bedroom.

But, picking the right bed is not easy, and the whole process can last for a very long time. Therefore, let’s see what you should pay attention to and how a zen platform bed can change your life.

How to design the bedroom with a zen platform bed?

Minimalism and zen often go hand in hand. To make your home as minimalistic as possible, you have to declutter regularly. And, to bring zen to your life, you have to eliminate distractions and potential anxiety triggers. Because of that, many buyers benefit from using a zen platform bed.

This unique design allows you to create a peaceful atmosphere in your bedroom. It features clean lines and simplicity that lets you relax entirely without feeling that your room is cluttered.

A zen platform bed will bring the necessary tranquility to your sleep routine. You can use it with almost any mattress on the market, and the extended platform can also serve as a nightstand. Furthermore, since the foundation of the bed is flat, comfort and a good night’s sleep are guaranteed.

What are some useful tips for purchasing a zen platform bed?

  • Pay attention to the material. Platform beds are usually made of wood or metal. However, if you want to reach the highest levels of zen, wood is the best choice. Natural materials attract good energy, and they have higher aesthetic value and a calming effect on the user.
  • Pick the right size. There’s no need to pick a standard size if you don’t find it comfortable. Therefore, ask if you can try a few of the beds out so that you can determine the size.
  • Don’t forget about the style. Unless you’re redecorating your bedroom, the bed will have to match your other furniture. Hence, it’s best to use photos of your bedroom as a reference. That way, you will not make a mistake, and the bed will blend in seamlessly.
  • Ask if you have to assemble it yourself. Platform beds, in general, are bulky, and in most cases, you will have to construct them yourself. But, if you’re not exceptionally handy, pick a pre-assembled bed or ask if you can hire someone to build it instead of you.
  • Keep it simple. If you want to stay zen, then you should stay away from ornaments. The “less is more” approach will give you the calmness you seek - and it will also cost less.

How much are zen platform beds?

Unlike regular beds, zen platform beds don't use a box spring, which means that the overall cost will be lower than usual. The prices normally start at around $130.

Zen platform beds are an upgrade every individual should try once in their lifetime. Even though their design is simple, the tranquility that you get from using such a bed is well-worth the money.


Zen beds

I wouldn't hesitate to suggest that someone buy this zen platform bed. The low height is an fantastic option to any bedroom. Add a comfort and Oriental style into your home.

Zen platform beds 1

Beautiful and simple wooden platform bed. It reminds of a treehouse bed in the middle of a jungle and it is really peaceful and zen style. It is also very comfortable and will look great in the modern bedroom.

Zen platform beds

Add a touch of Asian style to your bedroom with the Zen platform bed and headboard. It is low, has the bamboo mat bed runner and creates the inviting, clean, and restful interior.

Simple platform beds 5

A simple but large and sturdy platform bed. It's hand-crafted of quite thick wooden planks with tongue and groove joints and fixed to low full length supports. Planks are finished in browns. A bed accommodates most large mattresses.

Zen platform bed

This extraordinary storage bed is excellently made of beautiful wood. All in a stylish modern design, it has an impressive headboard and large drawers on the base, which makes it very functional.

Diy low platform bed

Achieve zen aura in your minimalist contemporary bedroom at last with a platform bed that you can construct all by yourself with a little help of this simple DIY instruction. The bed has side shelves built in.

Sunken bed frame

A low-profile platform bed for your undisturbed sleep, which also brings rustic accents to your master bedroom. Hardwood construction makes it very sturdy, featuring a simple headboard and footboard, and wide legs for stability.

Sunken platform bed

Simplistic, pure form and closeness to nature. This zen platform bed comes from a house in the west coast of France. It enchants with its rough but at the same time designer appeal, ideal i.e. for lofts.

Japanese style platform bed

Do more, for less - it is the essence of the Japanese approach to interior design. Inspirational, right? In the world in love with minimalism, the interest in wooden zen platform bed made of walnut, cypress and cherry hardwood is understandable.

How to make a japanese bed frame

The Japanese-inspired worth platform bed features a low profile walnut hardwood frame with matching symmetrical nightstands. An upholstered dusty white bonded leather headboard compliments this lavish feng shui bed.

Make japanese platform bed

With this zen platform bed you will finally have plenty of comfort during your sleep and will ensure hours of relaxation, while the sublime and simple frame brings an oriental touch to your master bedroom.

Zen platform beds

This stylish bed platform is an excellent way to decorate an original bedroom. Simple wood design allows you to create a stylish interior with a cozy character. The wood base and the refreshing finish of the walls form a beautiful whole.

Japanese wooden bed frame

This wooden platform enchants with its cool and clean, minimalistic design, constituting a marvellous proposition for contemporary bedrooms. It corresponds well to the grays and whites.

Modern zen bed by ign design

Modern Zen Bed by Ign. Design

Ming Style Elmwood Platform Bed - Honey, King

Beech furniture bedroom

DIY Inspiration! - idea for possible platform bed construction, great attached side tables :-: Slatted Tatami Platform Bed - sold on

Build japanese platform bed

Simplicity and elegance at its finest - this platform bed will bring you the serene beauty of an oriental design and will make for just the most fitting option for your bedroom with its king sized structure of the wood.

Zen bed frames

36 Relaxing And Harmonious Zen Bedrooms

Platform bed with side tables

Furnish your master bedroom with this stunning and elegant bed, which is inspired of the Asian style. The solid construction and walnut finish creates the inviting place to sleep.

Platform bed with attached side tables

Practical platform bed without unnecessary decorations. This minimal design looks very nice in any decor and provides comfortable sleeping space for two people. Black sleeping surface and solid wooden base provide comfort, safety and ergonomy.

Love the bed and floating end tables and the closet

Love the bed and floating end tables and the closet doors

Love any bed that my cat cant hide under when

Love any bed that my cat can't hide under when I'm trying to give her a pill.

Diy japanese platform bed

A luxury large low-profiled platform bed of dark brown-finished fibreboard. It has rectilinear shapes and a slatted bottom. Two end tables are attached to sides near a 2-panel rectangular headboard upholstered in elegant white artificial leather.

Zen platform beds

Makers of fine beds, mattresses and bedding since 1855

I wanted to be able to curl up in it

“I wanted to be able to curl up in it,” Aniston says of the master bedroom. Shadley designed the platform bed, which has a motorized television lift topped with Rogers & Goffigon fabric. Of the shag rug, he says, “It’s wool and silk and very lush.

Zen bed

Thanks to this low-profile, platform bed, you can now sleep like a baby in a dreamland. The bed is stable, durable, crafted of sturdy wood and covered in a natural finish. And accepts any type of mattress.

Building a platform bed got questions get answers

Building a Platform Bed - Got Questions? Get Answers!

Platform bed 01 four new design ideas for single mens

platform bed 01 Four New Design Ideas for Single Mens Bedroom

Japanese style bed frame

Which cat owner doesn't need a proper cat bed? Look at this one here – it comes equipped with storage units and places to put the bowls at. Wood makes it elegant and appropriate for every single style out there.

Zurich Bed

How to make a japanese platform bed

The peaceful, rustic bedroom for the minimalism lover. Such place is hard to be cosy, but the high ceiling makes it impossible. Even though this bed look really comfortable and I would like to have such one at my home.

Simple platform beds

Headboard Storage - For a sleek and modern look, look for a hybrid unit that combines a headboard with bedside storage. The ledge of the headboard is perfect for displaying lamps to read by, and the cubbies are fitting for books

Black futons 1

Fancy - Modern Platform Bed by Abubaker

Platform bed side tables

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30 amazing zen bedroom designs to inspire

30 Amazing Zen Bedroom Designs to Inspire

Clean modern bedroom design fabric on walls

Clean & modern bedroom design. Fabric on walls.

Zen platform bed 5

Zen platform bed.

Zen platform bed frame

Platform bed with high headboard. Construction is made of wood. Modern accent for any bedroom according to taste.

Zen platform beds

Modern Greek Penthouse Design Beautified With Nordic Minimalist Influences

Modern high rise by mia rao design

Modern High-Rise by Mia Rao Design

Personalize your space by creating your own color palette red

Personalize your space by creating your own color palette. Red, orange, and brown are all warm tones that go perfectly together even though they are not traditional bedroom colors

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