Low Profile Wood Bed Frame


If you ever have had trouble getting into bed because your bed frame was too high, you are going to want to look at what we have for you here. Our low-profile wood bed frames are perfect for people who have trouble getting into bed. They are very sturdy and only made for the best materials. Great for people in wheelchairs.

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Low profile wood bed frame

If you enjoy the low platform bed, so popular in the Asian countries, this proposition shall definitely attract you. It comes with a mini wooden shelf that serves as a nightstand on each of the sides.

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Low wood bed frame

Egozotic style combines here with modernity. The entire bedroom set refers to exotic beautiful nature. Built with meranti wood, the bed is of a very high aesthetics and has a very low profile wood frame - which is a reference to the wonderful Zen culture.

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Martis camp 246 rustic bedroom san francisco

Martis camp 246 rustic bedroom san francisco

Such a pretty, very classy design for a rustic bedroom with a beautiful view of the snowy forest. The windowed wall makes the room lively and vibrant, and the cosy, plush rug and bedding give it a very comfy look.

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Low profile wooden bed frame

Wooden bed frame with low profile construction. This strong bed provides good comfort and its construction is practical, because it includes two built-in nightstands. Its simple, clean lines look great in any bedroom decor.

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Low profile wood bed frame 1

Low profile and extra-large bed frame designed with thick wooden polls for that sturdy and durable construction. The frame is rustic in terms of how it looks thanks to its distressed dark stain. It literally sits on the floor so it should be great for people with mobility issues.

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Low profile wood bed frame

Bed frame in simple form. Construction is made of wood and fitted with high headboard. Modern design for each bedroom according to taste.

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Chunky wooden beds

Extremely low profile sleek bed frame made of solid reclaimed wood. It features a cleverly sunken space to securely hold your large mattress. The king size bed frame works perfectly with foam, spring, and hybrid mattresses.

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Low profile wood bed frame

Minimalist low-profile bed frame designed from a strong wooden frame and finished in a slightly sealed natural wood grain. The frame sits on four metal legs, each coated with distressed silver for outstanding style. You also get a beautiful rustic appeal to match.

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Low profile wood bed frame

Wooden slay bed frame in attractive brown color with some decorative accents. This attractive low profile bed features a durable construction that is resistant to excessive wear. It has no problems with holding two adult users.

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Low profile wood bed frame 1

Nothing feels as relaxing as lying down on a low profile bed, just close to gravity. This low profile bed is made of solid wood with a nice cocoa finish to perfectly match any bedroom décor. It includes side cabinets on both sides for extra storage.

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Low Profile Wood Bed Frame

Buying Guide

The selection of a low profile wood bed frame involves more than just picking one out for your mattress to sit on and be done with the process. Instead, the selection of a low profile bed frame made from wood can serve as the focal point of your bedroom's decor. Because selecting the perfect bed frame can become overwhelming, we're offering the following information to help reduce your stress and make the process less confusing.

The style of a low profile wood bed frame lends itself to modern and contemporary design in that they feature clean and minimalistic designs. Because these beds don't have a boxed spring, the only requirement they have is purchasing a mattress and bedding. For those who are watching their budgets, this is an optimal choice. An important consideration to keep in mind, too, is that platform beds have extra firmness because they're sitting directly on a wood foundation.

Lending themselves to a modern and contemporary style interior, low profile beds are not limited to these decorating choices. There are many other options available including:

  • Vintage retro chic: this style features chrome legs, light wood finishes, and angular edges.
  • Traditional: featuring dark finishes, carved wood accents, and thick legs, it's possible to bring in classy style and sophistication with this bed frame.
  • Whimsical: why opt for a traditional bed frame when you're working with wood when you can select those featuring unique shapes, textures, and tones.

With its mattress, the standard bed height for a platform bed is approximately 18" from the floor. When you’re getting into a bed with a low profile bed frame, you have to consider the height. Yes, they’re much lower than a standard bed. Because they're so low to the floor, they're not optimal for tall people.

For those who are looking to create a minimalist design in their bedroom, this is the optimal choice. Because low-profile platform beds lack storage space underneath, they’re a blessing in disguise. Not only does this bed frame design prevent the build-up of clutter in bedrooms, but they force users to purge unwanted or unneeded items from their rooms. Here are some additional reasons why they’re beneficial:

  • They create a fresh, modern aesthetic in the bedroom.
  • For those who have a fear of falling out of their beds, their low height prevents injuries.
  • You'll receive a mini workout getting in and out of the bed because you have to squat down and up.
  • There's no need to purchase a bed skirt or box spring, which creates a sleeker design.

Selecting a low profile wood bed frame ensures optimal durability, mainly when it’s constructed from hardwoods. The most common hardwoods include maple, walnut, and cherry. Maintaining these bed frames are also a snap because, instead of using harsh chemicals or waxes, they only require routine dusting and wiping down with a damp cloth.

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