Low Headboard Queen Bed


For your queen bed, you might want a headboard, but do you want a tall headboard? If you said no, then look at all of our low headboards for queen beds. For your bed, there is no need to go crazy with the headboard. Keep it simple, elegant, and maybe match it to your other decor or furniture. These headboards are lovely. See collection for more.

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Our Picks

Low headboard queen bed 3

Simple yet simply packed with comfort as well - this low headboard storage bed is the perfect option for when you just don't have too much space to choose from and still want a full and restful night of sleep.

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Nailhead Upholstered Headboard

Nailhead Upholstered Headboard

The classic queen's bed in standard nude colors. The headboard upholstered with the delicate beige shade finished with the matt nailheads. The room's stylization had been completed with the dark wardrobe and nightstand.

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Low headboard queen

A simple, rustic bed with a thick, comfortable mattress and a simple single pillow on it, but the main point of interest in this one is the minimalistic wooden frame with a sloped headboard, which gives it a refreshing look.

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Low headboard queen bed 9

Well-built low headboard queen bed featuring a slender but equally strong wooden frame, finished in a beautiful light gray shade. The bed measures 66.5 inches in width, 83.5 inches in depth, and 25 inches in height and is a must have for your bedroom.

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Low headboard queen bed

Simple looking, but very comfortable and stylish queen size bed with a low headboard. This element of bedroom design offers comfortable and ergonomic sleeping space for two people. Neutral gray color and button tufted headboard look good in any bedroom.

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Low headboard queen bed 2

Stunning queen-sized bed with a low-profile headboard and sturdy wooden construction. The piece is supported by four lean legs and its minimalist touch should bring outstanding décor value into any bedroom. The piece is finished in a light natural wood grain for amazing appeal.

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Low headboard queen bed 8

Beautiful low-profile headboard bed with a compact design and sturdy wooden construction. The piece is also very low to the ground, making it a great choice for kids. It features a thick frame and slightly curved legs for extra support even for heavy people.

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Low headboard queen bed 2

Beautiful low-profile bed with a lower headboard and a sturdy wooden design. The bed is finished in a slightly glossed dark palette and comes with a superb minimalist appeal that will class up your bedroom. Match it with brightly colored beddings for the best results.

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Beds bedroom room board 1 large drawer low 36 high

... Beds - Bedroom - Room & Board 1 large drawer. Low 36" high headboard

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White leather platform bed with black accents tufted headboard modern

White Leather Platform Bed With Black Accents Tufted Headboard Modern Beds New York

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Low Headboard Queen Bed

Buying Guide

The best height for a headboard is anywhere around 20 inches tall above the top of the mattress. A low headboard is the best option for those who want to hang artwork, photos, and other wall decors above their bed. On top of that, it can make a bedroom appear more spacious. If you’re not sure which height will suit you best, consider purchasing an adjustable headboard.

A low-headboard queen bed is very comfortable—but you do have to know how to use it in the right way. If you like sitting up in bed and reading a lot, it might be a good idea to invest in a large reading pillow to prop yourself up against. Otherwise, a low-headboard bed is no less comfortable than any other—and certainly looks minimal, modern, and chic in the bargain.

If you’d like to create the illusion of a higher headboard behind a low headboard queen bed, there’s no better strategy than to paint a large square or arch behind your bed, or to place a tapestry or large piece of art just above the low headboard.

As another strategy, you could place your low headboard bed in front of a window, and then place dramatic curtains on either side.

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Low headboard queen bed 13

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