King Headboard with Storage

A king-sized bed looks unfinished without a headboard. If you read at night, pencil crossword puzzles, or need a shelf for a candle or booklight, then you need more than just a standard headboard.

King-size headboards with shelves and storage come in handy. They offer a shelf to sit your cup down or a place to store your nighttime reading books.

Before latching onto a lovely king-size storage headboard, take into consideration the type of bed you own. Is it a platform bed or a standard height bed? Does your bed accompany a box spring?

Box springs and foundations change your headboard height needs. Measuring the height of the headboard you need beforehand will guarantee a perfect fit for your already owned bed.

If you are starving for ideas, then look no further because we have ten impressive king-sized headboards that offer the shelves and storage space you need.

Wooden T frame Headboard with Shelves and Nightstands

Wooden T frame Headboard with Shelves and Nightstands

Wooden t-frame headboards like these prevent you from buying separate nightstands because your nightstands are built into the headboard. The low-lying and broad headboard gives the illusion of a wider-sized bedroom.

Shelves are built below the nightstands to hold your nighttime reading and word search books out of sight. These types of king-size storage headboards are perfect for people interested in a harmonious design over a hulking display.

For a softer ambiance, find a t-frame headboard with upholstery. Yes, they do have this option!

King Storage Headboard with Open Bookcase Shelves

King Storage Headboard with Open Bookcase Shelves

The open bookcase is your standard and straightforward-designed headboard. Open shelving allows you to quickly access items and display small décor pieces like reed diffusers, potted succulent plants, books, and more.

You can find king storage headboards with open bookcase shelving in multiple configurations. Choose a headboard with small square shelves to highlight one small décor piece per square shelf.

Statement Headboards with Shelves, Mirrors, and Lights

Statement Headboards with Shelves, Mirrors, and Lights

The most luxurious headboard of all is the king-size headboard with storage, shelves, mirrors, and lights. They come with all the bells and whistles you need for storing and displaying any item.

Statement headboards are majestic and look beautiful larger-sized rooms. Find one with built-in mirrors and add glass décor pieces for a more glamorous vitality.

Inline King Size Headboard With Storage and Lights

Inline King Size Headboard With Storage and Lights

These types of king headboards come with their very own built-in lights. With built-in lights, you save room on your shelves to store other bedtime items.

Inline shelving creates better flow across a bedroom. Contrasting a light headboard with dark sheets or a dark headboard with light sheets will make your king-size headboard with shelves pop even more. 

Panel King Size Headboard with Shallow Shelf

Panel King Size Headboard with Shallow Shelf

Shallow shelf panel king-size headboards are great additions to a contemporary or minimalist-style bedroom. The shallow shelf blends seamlessly into the headboard.

For contemporary style add small and thin décor pieces like picture frames or letters of yours and your significant other’s initials. They are lovely on platform beds. Select a taller panel headboard with shelves for a standard height bed. 

LED Lit Upholstered King Headboard with Shelves

LED Lit Upholstered King Headboard with Shelves

A LED-lit upholstered king headboard with shelves does not reflect light as sharply as polished wood-surfaced headboards. Lights on upholstered headboards convey an easygoing and soothing ambiance.

For an antique, Victorian, or shabby chic style, choose a distressed, white-washed finish. A clean white finish on a sharp-angled headboard is spectacular with transitional or Scandinavian design. 

King Headboard with Shelves that Slide

King Headboard with Shelves that Slide

A king headboard with shelves that slide is both a shelf and a cabinet. These types of king storage headboards are useful for hiding some items while displaying others.

You can find a king-size storage headboard without handles, for a smooth appeal, or with barnyard doors, for a farmhouse feel. Some come with one large center shelf while others have multiple shelves stacked on top of one another. 


King Size Headboard with Shelves and Drawers

King Size Headboard with Shelves and Drawers

Maybe you own two simple nightstands without drawers or storage capabilities. Headboards with shelves and drawers allow you to still store what you need without having to buy two new nightstands.

Drawers on headboards are beneficial for holding smaller and messier items like mini flashlights, pens and pencils, small books, batteries, Chapstick, and jewelry. Make sure your drawers seal tightly so they don’t slide open when you are asleep. 

$999.99 $1119.99

Metal Wall mounted Headboards with Shelves

Metal Wall mounted Headboards with Shelves

Most headboards you find are made of wood, are freestanding, and don’t come with shelves. So, a metal wall-mounted headboard with shelves is exceptionally unique.

For those of you interested in the industrial décor style, we strongly suggest finding a metal headboard with shelves like these. If you purchase a metal king-size headboard with shelves, be careful not to cut yourself on the corners.

Floating King Headboard with Storage

Floating King Headboard with Storage

The floating king headboard with storage types maximizes your available floor space. Built-in nightstands can be used as headboard shelving and finding ones with sliding drawers conceal private items.

Some feature a removable plastic grommet to hide phone chargers and lamp wires. Hang a few same-sized frames inline and above the headboard, for a fuller and taller presence.

Our advice Buying Guide

A king size headboard does more than define the boundaries of your bed. It can be the dramatic statement piece that was missing from your bedroom décor. Or it can be the missing link that brings in coherence and creates harmony with the rest of the furniture pieces.

And it’s not limited to aesthetics either. A king size headboard with shelves can limit clutter and organize the appurtenances that otherwise end up on the side table or even on the bed itself (Eww!)

But with headboards available in hundreds of shapes, sizes, and configurations, it is no wonder that buyers often find themselves at their wits end. Here’s a nifty guide to help you narrow down on the right headboard with shelves for your king-sized bed.

How to pick the right headboard size for your king size bed?

Headboards are available in a plethora of sizes. The most appropriate headboard size for your king size bed would be determined by the size of the room and the number of other furniture pieces in the room.

In a large room with ample space, you can have a headboard with shelves that runs all the way up to the ceiling for all you want. But in a compact room, it is recommended to stick to the dimensions of the bed and a foot and a half above it in height. Anything bigger than that would stick out like a sore thumb.

The shelves need to be deep enough to ensure that you don’t accidentally knock things over when you lean on the headboard. Once again, this will depend largely on the available space. But there are some headboard manufacturers who make 12-inch deep shelves just to be doubly sure. The last thing you need is a bunch of heavy books landing on your face.

What's the most commonly used headboard material?

The most commonly used headboard material is hardwood. It can last for years, can be stained or painted in just about any color and it looks stunning. It will blend right in irrespective of the type of décor theme you have in your bedroom. And there’s no dearth of styles to choose from.

You can customize the shelves to accommodate your books, your glass, a water bottle and even a lamp. You can even have an upholstered backrest with shelves on either side that give you a comfortable reading position. But hardwood headboards tend to be pricey.

If you are shopping on a budget, look for wood composites. These are cheaper and mimic the look of wood. They are not as durable as wood though.

What types of headboard installation are there?

There are three ways in which you can install a new headboard.

  • Freestanding: These usually have some kind of base or legs and come with the hardware you need to install them easily. With some elbow grease, you can easily wall mount these or attach them to the bed frame.
  • Wall Mounted: These are the most versatile ones that can be installed with just about any bed provided you have a flat wall to drill into.
  • Bed Frame: A bed frame mounted headboard will be attached to your bed frame. Just ensure that you have the hardware needed for a clean installation.

What are the available styles of king size headboards with shelves?

There’s no reason for a wooden headboard with shelves to look frumpy. And there are many popular styles to pick from. Classic styles like panels, slat and sleigh can be incorporated into the design. As we implied earlier, you can also have an upholstered section to rest your back against. The caveat is that you might have to loosen your purse strings a little for a completely customized headboard with shelves.


Gloria King Panel Headboard

Gloria King Panel Headboard
Headboard featuring chocolate and zebrano finish and two lights, one on each side. The headboard is compatible with standard bed frames. Additionally, it was made with non-toxic laminated particleboard.

Flournoy Bookcase Headboard

Flournoy Bookcase Headboard
Make your bedroom one-of-a-kind with this unique solid pine wood headboard. The clean lines combined with the unique natural wood finish make for a sophisticated yet rustic atmosphere ideal for a restful space. The Mission-style design elements include miniature sliding barn door cabinets to keep books and decor items protected.

Berjen Wood King Panel Headboard

Berjen Wood King Panel Headboard
Functional and fashionable, this wall-mounted design boasts high-quality solid wood and laminate structure. Two floating shelves offer ample table space for a lamp, while the interior cubby is ideal for keeping books and magazines. The minimalist aesthetic is perfect for modern, transitional, or Scandi style bedrooms.

Mission Bookcase Headboard

Mission Bookcase Headboard
Keep your favorite page-turners close by with this simple and functional headboard. Made in the USA from solid wood and featuring two hidden storage compartments and a central cubby with cable management, this piece is available in a range of different wood stains and gives your space a polished finish and a cozy feeling.

Raphael Panel Headboard

Raphael Panel Headboard
Sleek and minimal, this wall-mounted manufactured wood headboard is a stunning addition to your modern bedroom. With adjustable heights for the floating nightstands, you can be sure this piece is functional with hidden wire management for lamps and electronics and beautiful and cozy.

Revere Bookcase Headboard

Revere Bookcase Headboard
A high quality headboard created for use with queen size and full size beds. It is made of solid wood veneers and has got a nice white color. It includes storage drawers and shelves for books, decorations, etc.

King Size Bed Frame Antique White French Headboard Tufted Linen New Free Ship

King Size Bed Frame Antique White French Headboard Tufted Linen New Free Ship
Headboard and footboard in Victorian style. Frame is made of wood and finished with carefully made carvings. It is upholstered with pleasant to the touch fabric. Elegant design for each home.

Region Upholstered Headboard

Region Upholstered Headboard
Carefully made headboard on a solid wooden frame. It is filled with high-density foam and upholstered linen. Finishing decorative nail heads give an elegant effect.

King size headboard with lights

This king size headboard constitutes a fabulous proposition for one's rustic or traditional bedroom. Classic, wooden finish and functional arrangement will provide space for your books, magazines and even a glass of wine.

King size headboard with shelves

Simple, but functional and solid headboard that matches king size beds. It includes some small shelves for pictures, decorations, books, etc. Simple design matches any bedroom stylization without problems.

King size headboard with shelves 1

Suitable for larger master bedrooms; this impressive headboard is designed, mainly, for king size beds. It's crafted of sturdy wood in cherry finish, offering 2 built-in nightstands and 4 open shelves.

King size headboard with shelves 2

Functional and decorative bedroom element. This king size wooden headboard features shelves for additional storage or display space in a bedroom. This durable construction includes simple lines that match any bedroom design.

Headboard shelf

The gorgeous king size headboard with shelves is a perfect fit for any bedroom. The whole is extremely impressive and very stylish. Perfectly with modern and traditional interiors, bringing coziness and charming style.

Oak bookcase headboard king

A nice piece of impressive functionality, that can be used in larger bedrooms. The king size bed is crafted of hardwood, offering, 2 integrated bookcases with open shelves, underneath storage compartments and 1 headboard with open shelving.

King size storage headboard

Massive headboard storage is a great way to decorate your bedroom. Simple wood form is a great place to store books and other things, and by the way, a decorative element that introduces functionality into the design.

King size linen headboard 2

Unique style and considerable storage space are smoothly combined in this king size bed with trundle. The whole construction features several functional elements, like headboard, built-in side tables and two-tiered storage space.

Beds with shelves as headboard

Sometimes we already have everything, a comfortable mattress, stylistically styled bed but we miss a good wooden king size headboard. This finished in wood veneer with a warm brown color also has two small shelves.

Shelf headboard king

Looking for a bed with additional storage space? This king size headboard right here is just what you need. It’s been equipped with 8 bottom drawers, plus two in the headboard itself – and some additional open shelves on the sides.

Shelf headboard

Designed for king size beds, this fashionable headboard will quickly raise the level of decor in your master bedroom. The main part is wrapped in a stylishly-patterned fabric and integrated with an espresso-finished wood shelf.

Headboard with shelves

Wow! I am so impressed how beautiful and stylish this king size headboard is. It features shelves, natural wooden platform bed and lights above the headboard. Everyone will tell you how cool it looks in your home.

Bed frame rail bolt holes 75

bed frame rail bolt holes: 75"

In mind this is a king size headboard its seriously

... in mind this is a KING size headboard. It's seriously a HUGE shelf

Country Heirloom Bookcase Headboard

Country Heirloom Bookcase Headboard

Queen headboards with shelves

Dramatic dark bedroom was warmed a bit with cozy yellowish lighting and sleek ash wood elements, including king size headboard with shelves. Additional floating shelves above the bed add to storage and display capacity.

Headboards with bedside tables attached

headboard for king size bed with shelf | Woods Finish A Rich Warm Espresso Finish Lends Character To …

Bookshelf bed

I like to keep my favourite books within hand's reach in my bedroom, so this headboard and bookcase combination suits my taste flawlessly. Dark wood is a versatile material that fits many styles, and here it's brightened with some orange bedding accents.

Headboard shelves

Contemporary king size bed headboard with shelves. Fill them up with books or favourite collectibles. The headboard is white, built from wooden solids, its style is sleek and so simple that it can almost be called minimalist.

Completed diy 30 tall king size platform bed with 17

Completed DIY 30" tall king size platform bed with 17" of storage and completed DIY wall headboard with under-shelving lighting. Platform bed has enough storage space underneath for Rubbermaid containers or other storage items. Wall headboard has small si

Headboard with shelves king

Captivating Modern Headboards For masculin men bedroom with lighting and simple bed built in with white nightstand modern and creative headboards for king size beds

White wooden headboards for king size beds 2

White Wooden Headboards For King Size Beds

Bed with shelf headboard

Bed with shelf-headboard.

King headboard with shelves

Oozing with functionality and practical solutions, this pull-out king size bed comes with a bookcase headboard, and fixed stairs with several built-in drawers. Each element is crafted of hardwood and covered in a dark oak finish.

Prepac District Headboard - King

California king bookcase headboard

... Oak Sliding Doors Bookcase Headboard only - E King or Cal King size

Save 678 61 on california king size bed with shelf

Save $678.61 on California King Size Bed with Shelf Headboard in Cappuccino Finish; only $708.27

Bedspreads and comforters king size bed headboards with shelves

... > Bedspreads and Comforters > King Size Bed Headboards With Shelves

Headboard with storage and lights

For lovers of modern solutions this king size offers a great headboard with useful shelves.All in hi-gloss white lacquer structure gives you a place to put your books on one side,and clock or a little flower on another. The bed is created of substantial wood.

King size headboards with storage

California King Size Bed with Shelf Headboard in Cappuccino Finish by Coaster Home Furnishings,

Headboards with shelves

Imagine warm, though in the shades of gray, the Provençal interior of the bedroom. The headboard of the king size bed - reminiscent of the shutters of an old French house.Gray, metallic, shaded color adds modern tone.

Queen size headboard with shelves

Yes! This would get the 8 copy paper boxes of books out of my closet....I might need to do 2 levels of shelves. Now to get the hubs on board.

Mash studios lax king platform bed mounted headboard the lax

MASH Studios LAX King Platform Bed & Mounted Headboard. The LAX headboard from Mash Studios is a sleek wall-mounted box, with shelves inside and sliding, powder-coated aluminum doors. The LAX platform bed has the same clean, unfussy lines as the headboard

Headboard with shelving

Available in maple or oak, with federal crown or face frame crown moulding. Bed comes with 1 footbard or 1 foot cubby, 2 side cubbies, a 3/4" lip on foot and sides, and is fully customizable. Shown with bead panel footboard with drawer and headboard (hea

Shelf attached to bed

King Size Headboard - Broadway Headboard

Bed with shelves in headboard

French Door King-Size Headboard. The French door I used was a 32" x 80" solid wood door with 3 columns of 5 glass windows. I used a 6" x 85" x 1" pine plank for the shelf, screwed it to the door's edge and added a 3+1/2" crown moulding to finish it off.

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King size bookcase headboard with adjustable shelf in

King size Bookcase Headboard with Adjustable Shelf in ...

King size bookcase headboard in espresso wood finish

King size Bookcase Headboard in Espresso Wood Finish

King size bookcase headboard with storage shelves in white

King size Bookcase Headboard with Storage Shelves in White

King size bookcase headboard with storage shelves in white 1

King size Bookcase Headboard with Storage Shelves in White

King bookcase headboard in cherry csh 8445

King Bookcase Headboard in Cherry - CSH-8445