Mirrored Armoire Wardrobe


For a lovely furniture piece for your bedroom, might we suggest one of these elegant, mirrored armoire wardrobe. So tasteful, so individual but easily meshable into the existing furniture set. Put on an item from the armoire wardrobe, then check it in the mirror to make sure everything is straight. Luxury and versatility. See collection for more details.

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Our Picks

Sanctuary Armoire

Sanctuary Armoire

Delighting with its beautiful mirrored fronts, this lovely armoire represents the best features of the antique Victorian style. It comprises two bottom drawers and a big curio cabinet to display your valuable collections.

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Antique french armoire with roses c1920

Antique french armoire with roses c1920

This antique white wooden armoire will fit every stylish sleeping room. Its dark cherry wood makes it look beautiful. Two big mirrors give you an opportunity to enjoy your beauty every single morning.

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Sofia gustavian armoire

Sofia gustavian armoire

This is a stylish, solid and spacious cupboard. It is available in neutral colours and shades that match any decor. It is made of solid mahogany wood and it includes two deep drawers for enhanced storage.

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Vintage distressed red painted country

Vintage distressed red painted country

This beautifully crafted, mirrored cabinet constitutes a real bargain for all retro enthusiasts. Comprising 4 drawers and 2 doors, it offers unusual storage space. Painted with brick red lacquer, will add warmth and coziness to every bedroom.

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Vintage armoire distressed white finish

Vintage armoire distressed white finish

Old-styled wardrobe in a neutral white finish. Its wooden construction is solid and provides storage space in drawers and compartments. Mirrored doors of this construction are very aesthetic and practical.

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Mirrored armoire wardrobe

Mirrored cabinet that can be used as a wardrobe. Its hardwood construction includes mirrored veneers and double-hinged doors. Top cabinet has two drawers and punch-out opening in back panel and the lower cabinet includes one adjustable shelf.

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Mirrored armoire

The beautiful mirrored armoire wardrobe is an excellent way to get a glamor effect in your wardrobe, bedroom or another interior. The stunning elements create a unique composition that delights the details.

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Mirrored armoire wardrobe 2

Designed in old-fashioned French style, this exquisite armoire brings a touch of vintage chicness and feminine accents to any bedroom. It has a large mirrored front door and captivating hand-carvings, with enough space inside for storing your beddings, towels, etc.

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Mirrored armoire wardrobe 1

Wow! Add a fab touch into your home, and choose this sophisticated armoire wardrobe. The mirrored finish and silver Art Deco design create the beautiful piece of furniture. It's perfect for bedroom.

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White french armoire wardrobe

This single mirrored armoire will add a smooth shabby chic touch into the space. Firstly because of its creamy white finish. Secondly, thanks to the intricate silhouette, which evokes associations with the most refined Louis XVI interiors.

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Mirrored Armoire Wardrobe

Buying Guide

Saving space in your bedroom can be done using a variety of tips and tricks, but one of the best ways to preserve your precious space is to buy a mirrored wardrobe. Rather than taking up extra space by moving things around to position a full length mirror, you can find exactly what you need in a wardrobe. A mirrored armoire wardrobe is a beautiful piece of furniture to add to any bedroom, so let's look at the various styles which you could choose from.

A wardrobe which is around two feet wide and seven feet tall with just one door is a popular choice for single people who have smaller bedrooms. This size of wardrobe is ideal for the more confined spaces, and the addition of a large mirror covering the entire door will create the appearance of extra bedroom space while also providing a practical solution when getting dressed.

A great way to create the illusion that you have more space than you really do, a large armoire wardrobe which is covered all around with mirrors can be practical as well as beautiful. You can opt for a rose gold tint or a rose gold frame if you want to add some extra elegance to your new furniture. This style of wardrobe can be most often seen with long rectangular panels running vertically, or various sizes of wooden panels covered with individual mirrors to create the all-mirror effect.

You can easily turn your regular wardrobe into a mirrored one by doing a quick DIY job, so if you have a rectangular wardrobe and an oval mirror you can even create this next look yourself. This style of armoire wardrobe is constructed from oak or pine wood and then covered at the front with a framed oval mirror. While modern wardrobe may have less detail on them, the frame of the mirrors more traditionally included fine details in gold or silver paint.

A popular choice for those trying to save bedroom space, a fitted wardrobe can help you to stay tidy while making the most of tight spaces. Some of these types of wardrobes can be seen with extra detail, such as wooden panels facing horizontally, vertically or diagonally. This is a good style for rooms which do not have much color or detail in them already.

If you want to get your hands on an antique piece of furniture for your bedroom, you can try local or national antique auctions or search online to find antique shops near you. Some of these pieces will be totally unique, so you could find yourself paying several hundreds of dollars to purchase one. These are made from sturdy wood such as pine or alder wood, and may have intricate wooden detail above the doors or around the frame. Along the bottom you may find swirls and other fine details, representing the Rococo and Classical eras.

Best Ideas

White french wardrobe sale

The large and very functional mirrored armoire wardrobe is a perfect solution for bedrooms or dressing rooms. The closet is stylish and modern, and the mirrors add space to the interior. All beautifully presented.

Mirrored antique style robe mirror armoire

Mirrored Antique Style Robe (Mirror Armoire)

Mirrored armoire wardrobe with decorative hinged handles and pointed

Mirrored armoire/wardrobe with decorative, hinged handles and pointed ...

Shabby chic white wardrobe

A single mirrored armoire wardrobe that will add chic touch to your space. It comes in creamy white finish with an intricate silhouette so you can place it wherever you want.

Wardrobe closet with mirror mirrored armoire with 2

Wardrobe Closet With Mirror Mirrored armoire with 2

Venetian mirror armoire

Venetian Mirror Armoire

Mirrored wardrobe

You go into your dressing room and what you see - only yourself! Because of the walls lined with mirrors themselves. Mirrpred armoire wardrobe is perfect solution for small spaces.Mirrors are even on the dresser.

Armoire with mirror doors

Sliding wardrobe doors pictures sliding wardrobe doors – Home & Garden Gallery

Hooker Furniture Sanctuary Armoire in Visage

Wardrobe with mirror doors

A fantabulous armoire wardrobe with a large front door with an oval mirror embedded in it. The wardrobe is made of sturdy wood in an espresso-finish and adorned with floral accents, offering 1 spacious cabinet and 1 bottom drawer.

Antique armoires and wardrobes

mirrored doors in master closet... do antiqued mirror instead.

Wardrobe mirrored

Armoir decked out in DIY Glamour Tinsel

Wardrobe with mirrors

Totally cottage style washed white old-school and retro armoire wardrobe with beautiful mirroder doors. Ideally complemented with rustic, brown table and leather brown sofa. Cool flower decoration on the table makes it look fantastic.

Mirrored armoires

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