Mirrored Armoire Wardrobe

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An armoire is already a practical piece of furniture, but a mirrored armoire wardrobe will make life even easier. The mirror means you won’t have to go back and forth between your vanity and wardrobe when getting ready. Whether you’re looking for something narrow to fit a snug space or a larger statement piece for all your clothes, a mirrored armoire will fit the bill perfectly. Our design experts have picked out a few of their favorites below. 

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Updated 02/03/2023
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Glam Mirrored Armoire Cabinet

Glam Mirrored Armoire Cabinet


Stunning and unique, this armoire cabinet has plenty of storage. Although it is made of solid and manufactured wood, it has a mirrored finish all the way through. Four drawers are featured at the side. Inside, there are three adjustable interior shelves.

$1039.99 $999.99

Designer Advice:

The ultra-reflective surface of the mirror finish will make any room appear larger. This is because light will bounce off the mirrored front and sides. Best for glam décor schemes, we recommend pairing it with textures like crushed velvet bedding for an ultra-luxe look that isn’t too overwhelming. As for colors, blush pink or navy blue would look stunning. 

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Traditional Armoire with Mirror

Traditional Armoire with Mirror

Harriet Bee

Influenced by vintage armoires, this piece has a bright white finish. Constructed from solid and manufactured wood, it has turned feet and a curved apron for a traditional touch. Inside, it features two adjustable shelves, two drawers, and a hanging bar. 

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Farmhouse Wardrobe Closet with Mirror

Farmhouse Wardrobe Closet with Mirror

Measuring seventy-eight inches tall and forty-eight wide, this wardrobe closet has been purposefully distressed. The wormholes added give it a ton of character, as does the black hardware. Made from solid wood, it includes two drawers and a clothing rod. 

Designer Advice:

An excellent option for farmhouse, French country, or coastal chic bedrooms, this armoire is brimming with rural charm. Its distressed whitewashed finish would look great with gray or oak finish furniture for an authentic farmhouse vibe. As for accessories, the black hardware means this armoire would look good with industrial-style furniture, too. However, the mirror is relatively small. 

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Solid Pine Wood Mirrored Armoire

Solid Pine Wood Mirrored Armoire

Latitude Run®

This wardrobe is cleverly designed to accommodate hanging and folded clothes as well as accessories like belts, scarves and underwear, therefore it's an ideal pick for pedantic organisers. It comes with 3 spacious drawers, 2 hanging rods, and 2 shelves (and a possibility for more shelves). You can be sure the solid pine wood construction will withstand the test of time and the natural wood grain colour variation will quench your thirst for authenticity.

$759.99 $779.99

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Narrow White Armoire with Mirror

Narrow White Armoire with Mirror

Orren Ellis

Available in white or oak, this armoire comes with two shelves and open space for storage. It is made of 16mm chipboard with a melamine finish. Measuring seventy-four inches tall, it is just under sixteen inches wide.

Designer Advice:

A great choice for cramped spaces, this armoire is modern and versatile. Despite its size, the mirror is relatively long, meaning you’ll be able to decide on your outfit for the day much more quickly. However, we wouldn’t recommend this armoire if you own a lot of clothes, as it won’t fit as much as a regular wardrobe. 

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Full Cover Mirror Armoire Wardrobe

Full Cover Mirror Armoire Wardrobe

Orren Ellis

The two mirrored doors of this wardrobe mean you won’t want to get ready anywhere else. Available in white, black, and gray, you can pick from two sizes, too. Contemporary and sleek, its clean-lined look is appealing and practical. 

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Wide Mirrored Armoire Wardrobe

Wide Mirrored Armoire Wardrobe

East Urban Home

You can choose from brown, white, or a combination of brown/anthracite and white/anthracite with this wardrobe. Featuring a traditional look, it is made of particleboard. Four doors are included with the mirror in the middle, as well as two shelves within. 

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Minimalist Armoire with Mirror

Minimalist Armoire with Mirror

Brayden Studio®

Coming with two size options, this armoire is crafted from manufactured wood. Featuring two doors, it has six interior shelves and two clothing rods for longer items. It is available in espresso, white, gray, mahogany, or light brown. 

$899.99 $999.99

Designer Advice:

The simple look of this armoire is elevated by its huge mirror. Taking up half of its overall size, the mirror is both decently wide and tall, meaning you can get a full view of your look. Plus, the color options available mean you can match to existing décor, though we think it would best suit minimalist homes. 

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Half Door Mirror Armoire Wardrobe

Half Door Mirror Armoire Wardrobe

Latitude Run®

This armoire wardrobe is available in four colors – white, gray, dark brown, and mid-brown. The frame is made of solid pine wood. Two clothing rods are included, as well as two additional adjustable shelves. Three drawers are slotted at the side.

$759.99 $779.99

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Mirrored Armoire Wardrobe

Buying Guide

Armoires & wardrobes come in all sorts and styles. They are an excellent way to create storage in rooms that do not have hanging places or drawers for clothing.

They are not specific to any era, although there are some truly beautiful antique or vintage models.

Although both armoires & wardrobes provide storage areas, they are different.

Wardrobe: The inclusive term for free-standing storage units that include drawers and a hanging area. The drawers might be displayed beside the hanging area, or both might be hidden behind a pair of doors, giving the unit a uniform appearance. Armoires and chifforobes are types of wardrobes.

Armoire: A type of wardrobe, often ornate and sometimes antique or vintage. It is a free-standing unit with doors and often includes a hanging bar. The first known use of the word is in 1571, according to the Merriam-Webster online dictionary.

Chifforobe: A combination wardrobe and chest of drawers. Often somewhat smaller than an armoire.

Before the days of built-in closets, these furnishings were essential to keeping your clothing and personal items in order. In modern settings, armoires are also sometimes used to conceal modern items such as televisions or computers that might clash with a Victorian or Edwardian setting.

When looking for wardrobes and armoires, pay special attention to:

  • Real Wood

If at all possible, even in modern replicas, try to find items that are made of real wood rather than presswood or other modern manufactured materials. Real wood will hold its shape better, is less affected by dampness, and can more easily be refurbished if wear impairs function.

  • Workmanship

Look for dovetailed corners, drawers that rely on wooden fittings rather than nails or glue. Check the depth of grooves that are intended to hold the edges of the bottom of drawers. Minimal depth gives greater likelihood of the bottom of the drawer popping out.

  • Condition of Exterior

Wardrobes, armoires, and chifforobes are often made of an inexpensive wood that has been laminated with a more expensive wood for better appearance. For example, a unit might be made of pine, then laminated with cherry or maple.

Look for the condition of the laminate. Is it bubbled? Are pieces of it peeled away? Does it seem to be firmly glued? Also, check the condition of decorative features.

  • Presence of Pests

If you are shopping yard sales, flea markets, and similar venues look carefully for signs of cockroaches, bedbugs and similar vermin. While you are unlikely to see any adult bugs, used furniture always has this possibility. It is a good idea to thoroughly fumigate any used furniture before introducing it into your house, and certainly before storing any sort of fabric in it.

  • Maker or Manufacturer Markings

While your goal might be to simply get the clutter in your home organized, it never hurts to know if your yard sale or secondhand store find might be an antique or vintage piece. If you have the good luck to find one, you might need to know how to successfully clean it.

Armoires and wardrobes are usually easy-care items. Their upright nature gives more storage space than a shorter item, such as a credenza, for the same amount of floor space.

Most of them respond well to dusting with a soft cloth sprayed with a dusting compound. With that said, it is a good idea to be aware of the various possible finishes, especially on antique or vintage furniture.

  • Lacquer

Avoid using chemicals on lacquer. It can be cleaned with a damp cloth or deep cleaned with water and mild soap. Avoid getting it wet, and do not clean with spray cleaners that contain ammonia or bleach.

  • Shellac

Can be cleaned with mild soap and warm (not hot) water. Avoid using oil soaps or heavy-duty cleaning chemicals.

  • Varnish

Again, clean with damp cloth. Use mild soap and water for deep clean. Wipe down with a dry cloth after cleaning. Use a solvent cleaner to restore shine to dull varnished items.

  • Interior Cleaning

The insides of a wardrobe are rarely finished – they are usually raw wood, although it is likely to be sanded smooth to avoid snagging on fabrics. Wipe out with damp cloth that has been moistened in a vinegar and water mixture.

If you suspect bugs of any kind, paint the cracks and seams inside the wardrobe and drawers with oil of citronella or lemongrass. You will have a nice, lemony fragrance and fewer pests. For persistent odors, place bowls of baking soda inside the closet part and in each drawer.

  • Rescuing a Vintage Item from the Shabby Chic Craze

Too often a good piece has been painted over either as a hasty makeover or in an effort to create the ever-popular shabby chic effect. Too often the first step is to remove layers of various types of paint.

Test an out of view section with paint remover, shellac remover or even varnish remover before tackling the whole unit. Always work out of doors, and follow manufacturers cautionary directions.

Most of the conditions noted above are going to hold true for new wardrobes. You might have a hard time finding a unit that does not use pressboard or other manufactured materials. Buying new, you are unlikely to need to combat odors from previous owners or insect pests, but you might need to work toward maintaining an aroma of cleanliness.

Children, pets, dirty laundry, and other things can challenge your ability to keep your wardrobe smelling nice. Those bowls of baking soda and a periodic wipe down will usually do the job.

Take Measurements: Measure the space you have available for a wardrobe, and measure any and all doorways or stairs up/through which your new item will need to be transported.

Organize a Way to Get It Home: If you buy from a store, ask about delivery. If you purchase from a flea market or similar venue, think about borrowing or renting a truck.

A wardrobe which is around two feet wide and seven feet tall with just one door is a popular choice for single people who have smaller bedrooms. This size of wardrobe is ideal for the more confined spaces, and the addition of a large mirror covering the entire door will create the appearance of extra bedroom space while also providing a practical solution when getting dressed.

A great way to create the illusion that you have more space than you really do, a large armoire wardrobe which is covered all around with mirrors can be practical as well as beautiful. You can opt for a rose gold tint or a rose gold frame if you want to add some extra elegance to your new furniture. This style of wardrobe can be most often seen with long rectangular panels running vertically, or various sizes of wooden panels covered with individual mirrors to create the all-mirror effect.

You can easily turn your regular wardrobe into a mirrored one by doing a quick DIY job, so if you have a rectangular wardrobe and an oval mirror you can even create this next look yourself. This style of armoire wardrobe is constructed from oak or pine wood and then covered at the front with a framed oval mirror. While modern wardrobe may have less detail on them, the frame of the mirrors more traditionally included fine details in gold or silver paint.

A popular choice for those trying to save bedroom space, a fitted wardrobe can help you to stay tidy while making the most of tight spaces. Some of these types of wardrobes can be seen with extra detail, such as wooden panels facing horizontally, vertically or diagonally. This is a good style for rooms which do not have much color or detail in them already.

If you want to get your hands on an antique piece of furniture for your bedroom, you can try local or national antique auctions or search online to find antique shops near you. Some of these pieces will be totally unique, so you could find yourself paying several hundreds of dollars to purchase one. These are made from sturdy wood such as pine or alder wood, and may have intricate wooden detail above the doors or around the frame. Along the bottom you may find swirls and other fine details, representing the Rococo and Classical eras.

Congratulations on your new wardrobe! Whether you are buying new, refurbished or as-is used, your wardrobe, armoire or chifforobe should be a storage unit that will help you declutter and organize your belongings for many years to come.

Best Ideas

Mirrored armoire wardrobe 2

Designed in old-fashioned French style, this exquisite armoire brings a touch of vintage chicness and feminine accents to any bedroom. It has a large mirrored front door and captivating hand-carvings, with enough space inside for storing your beddings, towels, etc.

Mirrored armoire wardrobe

Mirrored cabinet that can be used as a wardrobe. Its hardwood construction includes mirrored veneers and double-hinged doors. Top cabinet has two drawers and punch-out opening in back panel and the lower cabinet includes one adjustable shelf.

White french armoire wardrobe

This single mirrored armoire will add a smooth shabby chic touch into the space. Firstly because of its creamy white finish. Secondly, thanks to the intricate silhouette, which evokes associations with the most refined Louis XVI interiors.

Vintage armoire distressed white finish

Vintage armoire distressed white finish

Old-styled wardrobe in a neutral white finish. Its wooden construction is solid and provides storage space in drawers and compartments. Mirrored doors of this construction are very aesthetic and practical.

Mirror in wardrobe

Stylish wardrobe with mirrored front. It is made of wood and finished with carefully made carvings. Suitable for storing clothes and others needed items. Application in all kinds of interiors according to taste.

White vintage armoire

Large shabby chic wardrobe with tall mirror mounted in the centre panel. Draws attention with meticulous details, such as ornamental hardware and etched panels. Finished cream, with slightly distressed look.

Armoire mirrored

Rococo style french furniture..

Wardrobe with mirror doors

A fantabulous armoire wardrobe with a large front door with an oval mirror embedded in it. The wardrobe is made of sturdy wood in an espresso-finish and adorned with floral accents, offering 1 spacious cabinet and 1 bottom drawer.

Sofia gustavian armoire

Sofia gustavian armoire

This is a stylish, solid and spacious cupboard. It is available in neutral colours and shades that match any decor. It is made of solid mahogany wood and it includes two deep drawers for enhanced storage.

Alta 2 drawer wardrobe armoire

Alta 2 Drawer Wardrobe Armoire

Wardrobe closet with mirror mirrored armoire with 2

Wardrobe Closet With Mirror Mirrored armoire with 2

Armoire with mirrored front

Phenomenal wardrobe with mirrored doors. Construction is made of wood with antique finish. Elegant design in the French style for bedroom, living room and others interiors according to taste.

White armoire with mirrored door

A gorgeous antique wardrobe crafted of white-finished wood. Its low curved legs, dashy wavy aprons, sloped top edges of split mirrored lockable doors and a showy crown on an arched top feature delicate but intricate floral carvings.

Hooker Furniture Sanctuary Armoire in Visage

Mirrored armoire wardrobe with decorative hinged handles and pointed

Mirrored armoire/wardrobe with decorative, hinged handles and pointed ...

Vintage distressed red painted country

Vintage distressed red painted country

This beautifully crafted, mirrored cabinet constitutes a real bargain for all retro enthusiasts. Comprising 4 drawers and 2 doors, it offers unusual storage space. Painted with brick red lacquer, will add warmth and coziness to every bedroom.

Mirrored wardrobe

You go into your dressing room and what you see - only yourself! Because of the walls lined with mirrors themselves. Mirrpred armoire wardrobe is perfect solution for small spaces.Mirrors are even on the dresser.

Mirrored antique style robe mirror armoire

Mirrored Antique Style Robe (Mirror Armoire)

Venetian mirror armoire

Venetian Mirror Armoire

Antique armoires and wardrobes

mirrored doors in master closet... do antiqued mirror instead.

Wardrobe with mirrors

Totally cottage style washed white old-school and retro armoire wardrobe with beautiful mirroder doors. Ideally complemented with rustic, brown table and leather brown sofa. Cool flower decoration on the table makes it look fantastic.

Wardrobe with mirror and drawers

The white color is very popular for furniture - it always fits to the colorful accessories. Here, a white painted armoire contributes to an all-in-white, restful bedroom. The old style wardrobe looks absolutely incredible in stylization with crystal mirror.

White mirrored armoire

Closet #wardrobes #closet #armoire storage, hardware, accessories for wardrobes, dressing room, vanity, wardrobe design, sliding doors, walk-in wardrobes.

Mirrored wardrobe closet

Abounding with opulent sculptural carvings, featuring arched top and double mirrored doors, this armoire wardrobe is a boon for shabby chic bedroom style in a romantic countryhouse. It's finished off-white.