TV Armoire For Bedroom

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For a wonderful furniture piece for the bedroom to house your TV, a TV armoire is a lovely idea. They come in plenty of styles and colors to match your other furniture pieces for continuity, and they are all very well made and composed of the finest materials. Take a look at this collection to pick yours.

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Updated 07/11/2022
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Distinguished Bedroom Tv Armoire

Distinguished Bedroom Tv Armoire

This armoire is inspired by traditional designs and features wood carving detail with antique hardware. In terms of storage, two drawers are included at the bottom, as well as two shelves and a hanging rod within. A media cable hole is included.

Designer Advice:

The stunning chestnut brown finish of this armoire would look beautiful with a mosaic rug in shades of burgundy and beige. We recommend it for rooms with higher ceilings, as the darker color and tall size means it will overwhelm and make a small room appear even smaller. Place it next to a window to highlight the rich undertones of the wood.

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Simple Bedroom Tv Armoire with Drawers

Simple Bedroom Tv Armoire with Drawers

Latitude Run®

This armoire is made from composite wood with laminate and is available in bright white or espresso brown. Affordably priced, it has two adjustable shelves and four drawers beneath. A media cable hole is included, as is a clothing rod for longer items.

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Clean Lined Tv Armoire

Clean Lined Tv Armoire

Stain, heat, and scratch-resistant, this armoire is crafted from manufactured wood. Featuring a media cable hole, a clothing rod, four adjustable shelves, and drawers beneath, it has more than enough storage. It comes in either a black or white finish.

Designer Advice:

The perfect finishing touch to a contemporary bedroom, this armoire’s clean look is also great for minimalist spaces. If you choose the black finish, pair it with neutral colors for a warm look. Alternatively, we recommend adding a pop of color to your bedroom if you go for the white finish. You can do this with patterned bedding or a rug.

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Diamond Tv Armoire for Bedroom

Diamond Tv Armoire for Bedroom

Crafted of solid mahogany wood with a cherry wood veneer, this armoire has a beautiful diamond pattern. It has English dovetail joinery, two drawers, and a shelf for your television within. Additionally, two cubbies will hold any console extras.

Designer Advice:

The retro vibe of this armoire would be perfect if you wish to recreate a mid-century look. Though the mid-century details are subtle, the diamond pattern and slightly flared legs are the ideal blend of modern and traditional. Emphasize the richness of the mahogany with a burgundy comforter, or opt for a more modern look by sticking to cream.

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Smooth Bedroom Tv Cabinet

Smooth Bedroom Tv Cabinet

This armoire is made of manufactured wood and has been laminated in stain, heat, and scratch-resistant melamine. It features four drawers below, a hanging bar, and a stand for your television. The finish is deep brown with a lined design.

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Distressed Media Armoire

Distressed Media Armoire

Loon Peak®

The mid-brown finish of this armoire has been heavily distressed for an antique look. It has plenty of storage, including a clothing rod, media cable hole, and three slim but wide drawers. It is constructed from solid and manufactured wood.

$2229.99 $5801

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TV Armoire For Bedroom

Buying Guide

You should put your bedroom TV armoire in your bedroom opposite the head of your bed, if at all possible. Think about it: you’ll want the viewing experience for your TV to be as comfortable as possible. You can achieve this by making sure that, if you’re sitting up in bed and looking straight ahead, your TV is naturally in that line of sight.

The exception? If there are windows in your room that allow natural light to fall right opposite your bed in the evening. You’ll likely use your bedroom TV most in the evening hours, so, if you have west-facing windows, you’ll need to invest in blackout shades or put your TV on a wall next to the windows, instead of opposite them.

If you have a TV armoire, you're in luck, because there are tons of uses for them, aside from housing your TV in your bedroom. In fact, you may place your TV armoire in any room of the home where you choose to make use of it.

In the kitchen, use it as extra pantry space for holding pots, pans, and baking trays. In the bedroom, use it as a linen closet for sheets and towels, or turn it into a liquor cabinet by adding racks for your glasses. Install wooden shelves that also double as cutting boards and glass shelves for liquor bottles. To spruce it up, add modern lighting inside.

It may also double as a mudroom locker when you remove the doors and add hooks, cubbies, and mirrors. Need an extra shoe rack? Well, just add cubbies, baskets, and racks and you've got one. The possibilities are endless so feel free to explore as many ideas as pop into your head.

To select the perfect size bedroom TV armoire, you’ll first need to figure out your TV’s size. This includes your TV’s height, width, and depth. After all, you wouldn’t want to accidentally buy an armoire that is way too small for your flatscreen. Most designs can accommodate TV screens up to 46”, but you can find larger TV armoires that can house bigger screens, such as 60”.

Next, decide whether you want your TV to fit exactly into the cabinet or if you’d like to leave some space on either side. Ideally, there should be a minimum of 4-inch clearance between the TV’s sides and the cabinet’s wall. Furthermore, you should leave at least a 2-inch gap behind the TV. This will provide your television with proper ventilation space to prevent overheating and other performance issues.

Your room’s available space is another important factor to consider when picking the right bedroom TV armoire size. Make sure you carefully measure its designated spot so that you don’t end up purchasing a piece of furniture that doesn’t fit into your room.

When you are watching your favorite show or movie on your widescreen TV, the furniture housing the TV is the last thing on your mind. But it doesn't mean they are not important. The TV armoires can add to your TV watching experience.

An armoire with drawers and doors can give you plenty of space to arrange your DVDs, music collection, game consoles, remote controls, and much more. If you have finally decided to treat yourself to a well-made TV armoire, this buying guide will help you choose the best one.

To make sure you don't end up with an armoire that's too small or too big for your TV, measure your TV beforehand. Then, measure the space where you plan to place the armoire.

Do you want your TV to fit snugly into the armoire without much space around the edges? If so, measure the width of your TV as well. Keep in mind that the size of the TV screen is not the width of the TV.

TV armoires seem like a traditional piece of furniture that come in distressed or antique designs. However, you can definitely find a modern version for your eclectic home décor. 

Here are the most common styles of TV armoires available today:

Traditional (wood only)

This includes French provincial, Victorian, Neo Classical, Queen Anne, and Sheraton style armoires that are modeled after historical periods and fashions.

If you love everything old, you'll love the elaborate carvings, detailed moldings, and inset panels that come with these traditional TV armoires. If you want to furnish your room with a piece like this, we suggest a dark wood traditional armoire.

Contemporary (metal, plastic, and wood)

This style is a gorgeous blend of the traditional details, modern starkness, and the laid-back feel of casual design. The focus of this kind of TV armoire is on economy of line and shape. 

Contemporary TV armoires can be made with plastic, metals, stone, and exposed woods in lighter finishes. These armoires are usually cheaper than traditional styles.


If you are looking for something with clean lines and a chic form, a TV armoire with glass or leather accents can be a terrific option. Casual style armoires have that urban look of contemporary and they feature textured elements like softly-curved corners and rectangular insets.

These armoires can be described as "chunky" due to their emphasis on comfort and function, rather than decoration.


Country style TV armoires feature muted colors, comfortable feel, simple lines, and milk-painted woods. Their sub-styles include American country, nostalgic, and cottage.

If you're looking for something unpretentious and casual, you'll love the relaxed detailing and graceful curves of a country style armoire.

TV armoires today come with a plethora of features but it doesn't mean the one with most additional features is the best one. It all depends on your unique needs. But there are a few features we personally recommend for the best TV watching experience:

  • It should be made of solid wood: A TV armoire made of solid wood is much stronger and far more durable than particle board, engineered wood, or a medium-density fibreboard (MDF).
  • It should have foot stabilizers: Do you have a crooked or uneven floor in your room? If so, an armoire with foot stabilizers will ensure that it sits at an even level.
  • It should have an infrared-friendly glass: This allows you to watch the TV with the armoire glass doors closed. This will prevent any dust and dirt buildup around the TV.
  • It should have adjustable shelves: Defending on the height of the items you will store in your armoire, like DVDs and books, you'll be able to adjust the height accordingly.
  • It should have easily-accessible cable management: This will keep your media center neat and organized with a designated location for all your cables.
  • It should have proper ventilation: Yes, even your TV needs to breathe! The armoire should have holes in the back to give your TV some air.

In addition to these essential features, you can also look for something extra, like wide, deep drawers to store your clothes or other items.

You should also consider what type of doors you want on your armoire. A TV armoire with doors that open to 90-degrees will only open straight out.

On the other hand, an armoire with 270-degree (double-hinged) doors can be folded back on either side of the TV. This will allow you to watch the TV without the doors getting in your way.

The above guide seems too much? It's okay, just go through the following points and you'll be ready to buy a TV armoire:

  • Measure the space where you'll place the armoire beforehand; you don't want to end up with a furniture that's too small or too big.
  • Do you want to be able to move the unit around your room or to another room? If so, pick a smaller sized TV armoire that includes casters.
  • Consider the space needed to accommodate the open doors of the armoire. If you are short on space, pick an armoire with sliding or wrap-around panel doors. 
  • An armoire with wrap-around doors will also allow you to have an unobstructed view of the TV from anywhere in the room.
  • If you're planning to store some other items (books, DVDs, etc.) in the TV armoire, make sure it has adjustable shelving.

Best Ideas

Mason Media Armoire

Mason Media Armoire

This is an interesting element that will bring the classic style into the living room or play room. It has got a large TV compartment, a shelf and two storage drawers. The whole element is 48" wide x 24" deep x 67" high.

Mason media armoire

Mason media armoire

A high quality that enhances different decorations used in different interior designs. This piece of furniture is 48" wide x 24" deep x 67" high so it provides a large storage space for different items.

Tv armoire for bedroom 16

Painted in unique turquoise grey color, this rustic wooden cabinet can be your new cabinet for linens or a tv armoire. Features 3 capacious drawers and front doors with shelves in its upper half.

Shaker Armoire

Shaker Armoire

It is very practical and very elegant wardrobe, which is ideally suited to the bedroom. It consists of several diverse shelves, cabinets, and drawers. It is very useful. It is also very calm and subdued visually.

Shaker Armoire

Shaker Armoire

A Shaker-inspired pine wood armoire, this piece boasts adjustable shelves, a clothing rod, and drawers crafted with secure metal slides. Available with either a cherry or an espresso finish, the armoire is compatible with many interior design styles, from traditional too shabby chic. Natural wood grain lends uniqueness to each armoire. Use it either to store your clothing or to accommodate a television up to 32". For easy installation of your multimedia equipment, this armoire includes a cable management system.

Burditt TV-Armoire

Burditt TV-Armoire

The ideal addition to a guest room or study, this durable yet stunning TV armoire can accommodate a flatscreen TV up to 46" across. A cable management system in the back keeps cords and wires hidden out of sight for a clutter-free room. Four smooth-gliding drawers and a spacious two-door compartment with adjustable shelves, allow this TV armoire to double as a wardrobe. With a dark wood finish and light silver-colored handles and drawer knobs, this stylish piece can fit with any interior design aesthetic.

Greenport TV-Armoire

Greenport TV-Armoire

Elegant, with clean lines, this armoire strikes a unique balance between modernized, Shaker-inspired and coastal styles. The two large, louvered doors open up to reveal a spacious compartment with adjustable shelves and a clothing rod. You can use this space either to store clothing and linens or to mount a television up to 39". Two large doors at the base of the armoire provide additional storage. A tip-over restraint is included to keep the unit secure.

Reiter Hand-Painted TV Armoire

Reiter Hand-Painted TV Armoire

Evoking a tropical style with a hand-painted Asian elephant motif, this unique TV armoire is an eye-catching eclectic piece to create a focal point in your entertainment area. Bifold doors conceal a spacious compartment that can accommodate a 43" television with four interior shelves. With ornate red, yellow, and orange detailing, this beautiful armoire is crafted from solid wood. It makes for a unique and sturdy long-lasting heirloom that's sure to become a prized family possession.

Ocean Club Samoa TV-Armoire

Ocean Club Samoa TV-Armoire

This beautifully crafted and functional bamboo armoire in a rich brown Sienna Bali comes with six shelves and four drawers, so you can easily organize and access your clothes, linens, and multimedia items. With smooth opening dual hinge-action wooden doors and a removable central divider, there is ample space for a television up to 52". The doors can fold flat against the sides of the unit to allow a full view of the screen.

Wynd TV Armoire

Wynd TV Armoire

This mid-century modern-inspired TV armoire features sturdy wood construction and clean, minimalist lines. With adjustable interior shelves, this 78-inch armoire offers a wide range of storage options for your TV, digital players, and sound system. But it also makes great storage for extra bedding in a guest room. It is constructed from manufactured wood using a unique folding technique and features solid wood handles and no visible joints for a smooth, modern addition to your home décor.

Lucie TV-Armoire

Lucie TV-Armoire

Perfect for individuals whose interior design is inspired by a classic farmhouse aesthetic, this TV armoire brings country-inspired style to your home. The armoire boasts a pull-out TV swivel so you can maximize your entertainment space. Its cable and outlet center organizes your cords, and raised panel doors feature durable, sturdy piano hinges. Hand-carved seashell motifs and other ornate details are the final touches on this focal point piece.

Bedroom armoire tv

A pretty corner cabinet that captivates with simplicity and subtle elegance. It's a solid and functional wooden piece that offers plenty of storage space in a top shelf with doors and six small drawers at the bottom.

Tv armoire makeover

Old bookshelf, add crown molding and shutter doors - would be cute for craft area. I like to see all my clothes! so if this was a amiore type thing for my bedroom to look perfect. It gives incredibly big storage space.

Entertainment centers corner

If you want to add some warmth and coziness to your living room, this shabby chic armoire will play this role perfectly. Painted gray, it has a cool, cottage style silhouette, concealing big front doors for TV and bottom rows of drawers.

Tv armoire for bedroom

This armoire is one of those items, which will look good both in the traditional as well as contemporary decors. The elegant mirror-paneled front conceals a mini-bar, perfectly for cocktail parties.

Tv armoire for bedroom 1

Love distressed green!

Homelegance Pottery 44 Inch TV Armoire in White

TV armoire in traditional form. Construction is made of wood and fitted with cabinets and 2 drawers for storing needed stuff. Great addition to the living room and others interiors as needed. It is very well appreciated by the customers.

Palladia Wardrobe Armoire Select Cherry Finish

This beautiful wardrobe, a perfect piece of furniture for a bedroom or dressing room. Made of wood has inside the tube for hangers. Underside drawer provides additional space for clothes or other trinkets.

Harbor View Armoire

It is an armoire that has got a salt oak finish, wood construction and two drawers for your clothes. It fits perfectly to casual and classic style and décor in your bedroom, dressing room and other.

Bedroom tv armoire 7

I'm really surprised this pinner didn't have to sand before painting this piece! I like the color against the neutral wall...I'm looking for ways to have a pop of color with neutral walls and I have an old dresser that needs updating!

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