Wardrobes For Hanging Clothes

In a loft room space with no closet, and yo don't wish to hand your clothes on a steel rod? Then a handsome, sturdy wardrobe for hanging clothes is for you. a classic take on the closet idea, before closets were even a thing, the wardrobe gives you a sace cabinet space to hang your clothes, then shut the door and hide them from view. In many styles and colors, get one for yourself, today.

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HomePlus Wardrobe Armoire

HomePlus Wardrobe Armoire
it is very beautiful and very elegant wardrobe, which is ideally suited to the bedroom. The cabinet is very broad and capacious. It fits inside very many clothes. This makes it very practical. It is stylish.


It is an armoire that has got a traditional design and it fits to any style and décor. It has got a black finish and spaces for storing your clothes, shoes, towels and other. You will be impressed how great this armoire is.

Wardrobes for hanging clothes

The hanging clothing displays made of the old pallettes painted in the light brown. The barn, country style, perfectly fits to the denim store. The mix of palletes and chains looks industrial and modern.

Wardrobes for hanging clothes 1

Sliding doors cover this wardrobe’s closet door, presenting a smooth exterior to the room’s occupants. The decorative doors can hide the less tidy aspects of real living to help you present the world with that preferred uncluttered appearance.

Sold wardrobe small burr walnut two door hanging clothes storage

SOLD - Wardrobe, Small Burr Walnut Two Door Hanging Clothes Storage ...

SystemBuild Collection 2-Door Wardrobe Cabinet - Oak

SystemBuild Collection 2-Door Wardrobe Cabinet - Oak

Wardrobe for hanging clothes

Practical portable closet offering loads of space for all your stuff. First, the unit has a smaller shelf at the bottom for shoes and storage bins. The top shelf is relatively bigger and should be ideal for hanging your coats and other clothes. The closet is made from wood and comes with four caster wheels for ease of movement.

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How to determine the right size wardrobe for hanging clothes?

To determine the right size wardrobe for hanging clothes, there are two main factors that you must take into consideration: the size of your room and how many garments you wish to display in it.

Start by measuring your available space so that you know for sure how much room you’ve got to play with. As for depth, you should allow at least 22 inches to let your garments swing freely and be displayed correctly on the rod.

When it comes to your collection, run a quick inventory and select the pieces that you wish to display on the main rod. The easiest way to find the right length is to hang them in your existing closet or any other surface and measure how much room they take up without being squished together.

How to select the perfect wardrobe style?

A wardrobe for hanging clothes is a dominant piece of furniture in any bedroom. As such, the wardrobe style you decide on will contribute to your bedroom's overall taste and theme. So depending on your current bedroom theme, there are timeless pieces and versatile classics to choose from.

High-gloss and contemporary wardrobes would suit ultra-modern bedrooms, while Scandinavian chic or French boudoir designs will suit minimalist bedrooms. Wooden wardrobes are suited to cosy and muted bedrooms, while wardrobes with mirrored finishes and monochrome and metallic frames demand bedrooms with more drama.

What type of wardrobe to choose for a kid's room?

When choosing wardrobes for a child's bedroom, they need to tick more boxes than when choosing a wardrobe for an adult's room. This is because they need to be functional enough to store your kids' clothing and their toys, games, and other personal belongings. They also need to be safe for your child's use, meaning that they should not contain any sharp edges or corners.

Another factor to consider when it comes to safety, is that the wardrobe should not be too wobbly or too tall. Also, consider whether the wood is finished or unfinished to ensure that you avoid splinters. Durability is another factor to consider, especially if your kids will be playing in the same room.

Ultimately, a kid's wardrobe should be suitable in terms of height, space, storage and safety features. Additionally, there are many wardrobe designs out there to match your child's style as well as their bedroom decor, so try to offer wardrobes that come in fun colors and contain interesting silhouettes.


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Good solution if you lack the space in your bedroom to install a built-in closet room. This clothing house rack with wheels on the bottom makes sure you have a place to hang your shirts and suits so they don’t get wrinkly.

How to choose the right wardrobe for your bedroom

How to Choose the Right Wardrobe for Your Bedroom

Wardrobe closet for hanging clothes 3

Coat hanger designed for mounting on the ceiling and floor. It is completely made of metal. Perfect solution for bedrooms, dressing rooms and others interiors as needed. Suitable for residential and commercial premises.

Wardrobes for hanging clothe

wardrobes for hanging clothe

Wardrobes for hanging clothes 19

something I would like to do when my wardrobe is a bit more coherent, with the main hope being that I would become a tidier person...

Clothes cupboards

This tutorial will show you to how to make a tree branch clothing rack for under $10 dollars. This would be great for doing yard sales.

Prepac black 3 drawer wardrobe by prepac

Prepac Black 3-Drawer Wardrobe By Prepac

Wardrobes for hanging clothes 12

Using a tree branch as a clothing rod? I can dig it. Also, those are some pretty clothes.

Wardrobes for hanging clothes 26

a baby’s closet (via design mom: Meta Coleman) - my ideal home...

Wardrobes for hanging clothes 24

build a ladder (or use a reclaimed one and seal it) to display the next day's clothes/ accessories

Wardrobes for hanging clothes 2

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Wardrobes for hanging clothes

Ok- this might be useable in the studio. I'm looking for paper storage that will keep pretty papers visible. Maybe hanging them in groups with clip hangers would be an option. It would be good in a fabric art space.

Wardrobes for hanging clothes 10

30 Amazing Closets to Drool Over

Wardrobes for hanging clothes 1

Love this idea for the basement.

It just occured to me today to use a vertically

It just occured to me today to use a vertically placed EXPEDIT shelf from IKEA, then place a rod for long clothes on one side, and two (for shirts and pants) on the other half of the closet. Inside the shelves, dividers could be used to make smaller cubbi

Wardrobes for hanging clothes 29

Bedroom Designs, Elegant Walk In Closet: Creative Design Comes to Your Space

Like the shelf along the top small width full length

Like the shelf along the top, small width full length hanger section for long dresses (this only needs to be narrow) and then double top and bottom hanging for Simons clothes top hang, mine at bottom hang eg

Hanging wardrobes

photo tour of a bohemian-feeling home. i love how she stores her flats in a basket and her boots above her hanging clothes. gives me hope for my closet situation.

Wardrobe armoire for hanging clothes

#DIY Industrial Pipe Shelving is perfect for houses apartments with little closet space! #home #design

Cupboards for clothes

make something like this that you could wheel your stuff in for craft shows and hang your batiks behind your table

Wardrobes for hanging clothes 1

We have empty eaves and they should do something more useful with themselves, methinks. Like these ones.

Wardrobes for hanging clothes 23

Original clothes rack for the bedroom and others interiors according to taste. Construction is made of wood and fitted with wheels. Includes clothes hanger and open shelves in various sizes.

Wardrobes for hanging clothes 7

If I did this, maybe less of my clothing would end up on the ground! And I could put out my outfit for the next day... ooo!

Wardrobe wardrobe combination diy hanging clothes cabinet simple

Wardrobe Wardrobe Combination Diy Hanging Clothes Cabinet Simple

Hanging clothes wardrobe

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Clothes hanger wardrobe

A warm and cozy bedroom ensemble: metal bed with white ruffles skirt, a floating shelf with a metal bar to hang clothes racks on it. An oval mirror in white frame, some contemporary decor accessories.

Wardrobes for hanging clothes 17

putting an entire outfit on each shelf gives just 3-4 choices of an 'outfit' not individual pieces (maybe will help with arguments about clothes?!?!?)

Hanging clothes wardrobe cabinets

wall shelves and hanging rod in nursery...I want to do a smaller scale version of this above the dresser, but I'm not sure how to hang it on the wall in our apartment without lots of holes.

Wardrobe closet for hanging clothes 1

The repurposed ladder changed into the vintage hang for western style clothes. The hang definitely fits to this type of clothes, it is simple and comfortable in use. The wide rungs protects the clothes against creasing.

Wardrobe closet for hanging clothes

This wardrobe closet for hanging clothes is a smooth solution for contemporary apartments. It allows to save space and fits well into austere, industrial interiors of modern lofts.

Wardrobes for hanging clothes 16

Use an over-the-door hamper on the back of your closet. | 17 Super Simple Dorm Organization Tricks

Range some clothes 732 read hanging is kitchen personalized clothes

range some clothes 732 read hanging is kitchen personalized clothes

Wardrobe to hang clothes

great way to make a "closet" . hang a big rod in the one corner and put some curtains/cloth there as a "door". (use bar to hang scarves) @ cheree dale

Wardrobes for hanging clothes 27


Wardrobes for hanging clothes 18

What a great way to hang singlets. A coat hanger and some curtain rings. This could also be used for scarves, belts, etc.

Wardrobe Moving Box

Wardrobes for hanging clothes 20

Closet as dressing room. Things to remember -throw rug, art, chandelier, even flowers - wall vase if no room for a table top.

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30 Best Collection of Double Hanging Rail Wardrobes

Vinsani triple canvas clothes wardrobe hanging rail with

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Premag portable wardrobe for hanging clothes combination

PREMAG Portable Wardrobe for Hanging Clothes, Combination ...

67 portable 5 tier 6 grid clothes closet wardrobe with

67" Portable 5 Tier 6 Grid Clothes Closet Wardrobe with ...