Wall Mounted Hanging Rack

Having a clothes line for those delicate items that cannot be put in the dryer is not always an option. In this collection of wall-mounted hanging racks, we offer possibilities for that specific drying need, as well as if you live somewhere without a closet, or you just need more hanging space. Keep your nice clothes wrinkle free with one of these attractive wall-mounted hanging racks.

Best Products

Holland Double Rack 8 Hook Wall Mounted Rack

Holland Double Rack 8 Hook Wall Mounted Rack
This wall-mounted rack infuses a whimsical touch with its graceful curves while simultaneously holding your coats, bags, and hats off the floor. Sturdy steel frame safely keeps everything where it needs to be. Two rows of four hooks each afford ample space to corral all your items.

Angeliza Expandable Wall Mounted Coat Rack

Angeliza Expandable Wall Mounted Coat Rack
Elevate your decor with this eye-catching, accordion-style rack. It’s expandable up to 45 inches in length to enable modification to fit your needs and comes with two screws at the back for effortless installation. Manufactured in natural wood, which can be painted to coordinate with the room’s color palette.

Orozco 9 - Hook Wall Mounted Coat Rack

Orozco 9 - Hook Wall Mounted Coat Rack
Its stylish curving silhouette makes it ideal for adorning and organizing the hall or entryway. The rack flaunts a slim design that occupies little space, whilst the 9 hooks provide ample storage solutions. You can choose to mount it vertically, horizontally, or sideways depending on your preferred look. It stores more items when hanged horizontally, nonetheless.

Flip 5 - Hook Wall Mounted Coat Rack

Flip 5 - Hook Wall Mounted Coat Rack
This sleek rack is available in various hues and stylish finishes to fit into your existing color palette. Concealed mounting hardware ensures effortless installation. It comes with retractable hooks that fold back when not in use, so it doesn’t stand out like a sore thumb. It's perfect for a modern or contemporary style.

Classic pine wall mount gun rack hangers

Classic pine wall mount gun rack hangers
These wall mount gun rack hangers sport the handmade structure and are made from the classic pine, ensuring years of use without any problems and maximum durability. They will also easily work in any setting thanks to the neutral look.

Wall Mounted Pot Rack

Wall Mounted Pot Rack
It is a cabinet for pots and pans, which is mounted to the wall. Ideal for functional and practical kitchen. It enables very efficient and useful to organize pots. This looks very attractive and interesting.

Wooden bike hook minimal and simple

Wooden bike hook minimal and simple
For everyone, who doesn't have too much floor space or a convenient place to keep their bike these hooks will do the trick, letting you turn storage into art and originality, while saving up some extra floor room.

Our advice Buying Guide

A wall-mounted hanging rack can go a long way toward helping your organization. The simplest application is a row of pegs on which to hang coats and other items as family members arrive home. More complex applications of a hanging rack include a hanging spice rack, wine glass holders, a rack for wine bottles, mail slots, magazine racks, and even communication boards. Let’s see how some of those things might work.

What different types of wall-mounted hanging racks are there to choose from?

There are numerous types and designs of wall-mounted hanging racks available, each serving a different function around the house or office:

The Coat Rack

A coat rack is a simple wall hanging. Sometimes it is a row of horizontal pegs, but sometimes it is more elaborate. It can require the coats to be hung on the pegs, or it can accommodate coat hangers. Some racks include a space for a hat or other objects to be placed. Having something of this nature in your entryway facilitates keeping track of outdoor gear.

A Spice Rack

Suspended on a rail near the stove, you’ll not have to search for your favorite culinary herbs and spices – they will be at hand. Hang several in a row, or stagger them for an eye-catching arrangement. They will make it easy to keep track of those little boxes and bottles that always seem to be somewhere besides where you want them.

Wine Glass Holder

Suspend is the word here. Stemware is easy to break and hard to keep safe, but if you hang your wine glass holder from the ceiling in a corner that is out of the general traffic in the room, you can keep you fine glassware at hand. They will double as a decorative feature, as will the holder. Incorporate a wild, west theme, or an elegant bit of scrollwork for some added interest.

Wine Bottle Holder

Don’t stop with the wine glasses – add a wine rack, too. With the wine properly stowed on its side in well-wrapped bottles, you are always ready to entertain. All you need is a decorative ice bucket, which can have its own little hanging shelf.

Mail rack

Hang a set of cubbyholes for household mail, and put an end to, “Did you see my blank in the mail?” (Fill in blank to suit yourself.) Make it a habit to sort the mail into items for individuals, house bills, and circulars as they arrive. Be sure to include a bin for recycling. Add a communication board where messages can be written, thumbtacked or fastened with magnets.

Home for your magazines

If you subscribe to magazines that you enjoy, especially if they have how-to articles or crafts that you wish to recreate, a hanging set of magazine slots will keep your collection from becoming clutter. As many readers say, it isn’t having too many magazines, it is not having a place to put them.

You don’t have to live with a disorganized, cluttered home. You can make a huge difference by utilizing wall space or even by hanging things from the ceiling. The more items get put away in a special place, the fewer are scattered, potentially becoming lost.


Wall mounted hanger rack

I am not a fan of open coat racks, because it always generate mess in the apartment. But when you don't have enough place to have a proper wardrobe in your entrance hall - the stainless steel coat rack mounted on the wall could be a solution.

Wall mounted hanging rack

This wall mounted clothes hanger is a great solution to the dressing room or laundry. Simple arch design allows you to hang clothes comfortably, making it a great home storage system. When not in use it can be folded.

Wall mounted hanging rack

This attractive place to hang clothes is the perfect solution for different interiors. Pure iron black tube design is functional and will work well on a daily basis. The whole thing is easy mounting to the wall in any configuration.

Wall mounted clothes hanging rail

Hanging rack suitable for wall mounting. This element of equipment is made of durable metal with shiny finish. It is stable, strong and resistant to excessive wear and damage caused by many different factors.

Wall mount clothes rod

Space-saving and convenient in use, those laundry racks can be easily attached to a wall and unfolded for the drying process. Each of those racks has 7 durable ribs, resistant to rusting and bending.

Wall mounted clothes hanger

A practical handy rack for hanging up to 20 pairs of pants. It's made of wood with a natural finish and constructed of a fixed back board and a round vertical rod with 20 round horizontal swivel rods. It can be mounted on doors or closet walls.

Wall mounted closet rod

An excellent shoe storage idea that lets you organize you large shoes collection as well as your clothes. Shoes are elegantly displayed on metal shoe racks mounted on the wall, next to the hanging clothes, and boots placed on a stylish shelf.

Wall mounted clothes hanging rail

Wall mounted clothes hanging rail

Quikcloset wall mounted garment rack

Minimalistic design for a simple, yet functional wall-mounted garment rack, perfect for small living spaces with no closet. The garment rack easily sticks to a wall and provides a handy place for hanging clothes.

Rail wall mounted screw fix chrome garment rail hanging rack

... Rail Wall Mounted Screw Fix Chrome Garment Rail Hanging Rack 25mm Tube

Wall mount clothes organizer if you dont have room for

*Wall-Mount Clothes Organizer* If you don't have room for a clothes pole in the laundry area, invest in a wall-mount clothing valet. It flips down to hold the hangers as you empty the dryer, then folds up against the wall when it's not in use.

Diy wall mounted drying rack

Need some space for hanging your favourite shirts? Check out this DIY rack. It is reliable, cheaper than any other, and easily replaceable. If you don't need to use it, simply remove the hangers and just use it as a towel rack again.

Wall mounted garment rack

A set of baskets that can be hanged on the wall for extra storage space in the kitchen. They are made of solid materials and they are able to store many types of different items (even very heavy). These products also look very attractive.

Wall mounted clothes rail

Take a look at this drying rack, you can mount on the bathroom wall and save some space in the process. It has 2 movable panels, each with 7 bars to hang your wet clothes on. When not use, it can be pressed against the wall, giving you all the room that you need.

Hang n hide wall mounted garment rack

Hang 'N Hide Wall Mounted Garment Rack

Room storage hanger valets wall mount hanger valet chrome

... Room Storage > Hanger Valets > Wall Mount Hanger Valet - Chrome

Wall hanging clothes rack

Coat rack for saving space in lobby and others interiors as needed. It has 5 double hooks and folded shelf. It is completely made of wood. Simple form and neutral design.

Wall rack for clothes

Wooden Clothes Drying Rack - Wall Rack - 18 ft.

Garments or planning outfits for travel our wall mount hanger

garments or planning outfits for travel, our Wall-Mount Hanger Holder ...

Folding wall clothes rack

An aesthetic simple wall-mounted clothes rack with an open rectilinear frame of grey coated square section metal tubes. It has a hanger rod, a rectangular top and 3 twice as narrower shelves of wooden materials in light browns.

Caraselle wall mounted clothes rail airette hanger in white

Caraselle Wall Mounted Clothes Rail Airette Hanger in White

Hangers arrow instahanger retracting clothes hanger white

... Hangers > Arrow Instahanger - Retracting Clothes Hanger - White

Ioven Wall-Mounted Stainless Steel Swing Bathroom Towel Rack Hanger Holder Organizer (4-Arm)

Wall mounted hanger rack 3

This is honestly one of the cleverest options of storing your bike, while not only keeping the rest of the room free of clutter but also adding a fine addition to your home decor thanks to its originality.

Garment rack wall mounted

Have no idea what to do with the old ladder?Paint it in blue and use it in the laundry as a clothes drying rack! Or use it wherever you need also as a coat rack, for example in the hall,together with other wooden wall mounted white coat rack, with steel hooks.

Clothes rack wall mount

Folding dry rack designed for mounting on the wall. It is made of wood and reinforced with metal chain. It consists of 5 strips arranged vertically. Handy gadget for each home.

Wall hangers for clothes wall mount waved single waterfall hanger

Wall Hangers For Clothes › Wall Mount Waved Single Waterfall Hanger ...

Wall mounted hanger rack 1

No matter how big your garage is,there always seems to be a lack of space.Suddenly you get a new bike-and what now? Hanged wooden shelf - a hanger for heavy objects-such as your favorite two wheels. Perfectly profiled to support the bike,mounted to the wall.

Wall mounted hanger rack 10

I am not pretty sure if everyone would like to have a bicycle on their window, but maybe for some cycling geeks it is a good way to express themselves. The hanger has been mounted on the space between windows, which cannot be used in another way.

Metal wine racks wall


Wall mounted hanger rack 6

Wall mounted hanger rack will help you keep order in your gym. Very solid, provides handy positon of the bars on the gym and some extra training, while hanging them back. Black color makes it perfect match for any decor.

Wall mounted clothing rack

A unique method to store your precious shoes, which you can achieve with this cheap and simple shoe rack. Created of wood and covered in a white finish, the rack is able to accommodate up to 5 pairs of shoes, displaying them by hanging them on a wall.

Wall mounted hanger rack 8

Wall mounted bike hanger made of wood and metal. Includes screw holes for easy assembly. It is compatible with standard bike. Functional design for each place as needed.

Wall key organizer

Key organizer designed for mounting on the wall. It is made of wood and fitted with metal hooks. Functional accent for each home. Suitable for residential and commercial premises.

Clothes hanging rail wall mounted

Laundry rack designed for mounting on the wall. Includes a lot of strips and double hooks. It is made of wood and finished with pastel colors. Functional design for each home.

Rogue r 3w fold back wall mount rack rogue fitness

Rogue R-3W Fold Back Wall Mount Rack | Rogue Fitness

Homcom hallway wall mounted bamboo shelf clothes rack

HOMCOM Hallway Wall Mounted Bamboo Shelf Clothes Rack ...

Rogue rml 3w fold back wall mount rack made in

Rogue RML-3W Fold Back Wall Mount Rack - Made in the USA ...

Shelf pot rack wall mounted pan hanging racks 2 tire

Shelf Pot Rack Wall Mounted Pan Hanging Racks 2 Tire ...

Amerteer retractable clothes drying rack easy

Amerteer Retractable Clothes Drying Rack, Easy ...

Top 10 best wall mount expandable drying racks in 2020

Top 10 Best Wall Mount Expandable Drying Racks in 2020

12u open frame wall mount rack 101 series 16 inches

12U Open Frame Wall Mount Rack - 101 Series, 16 Inches ...

Wall mounted clothes hanging rack bathroom hardware

Wall Mounted Clothes Hanging Rack Bathroom Hardware ...