Wrought Iron Quilt Rack


When you're hanging up heavy quilts, you want to know that the quilt rack you're using will support the weight. That is why having a wrought iron quilt rack might be just the right way to go. You can hang quilts even when they're wet for efficient drying. See collection for details.

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Our Picks

Premier Quilt Rack

Premier Quilt Rack

It is a very elegant, yet modest and minimalist rack for towels. It is made of metal rods. Perfect for in minimalist bathroom that does not have many decors. It is perfect for every modern bathroom. It is simply the best.

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Iron Quilt Rack

Iron Quilt Rack

This dark brown metal rack will impress your guests thanks to its almost ornamental design - intricate detailing divulges historical influences. It is made of wrought and cast iron for optimal sturdiness.

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Iron Accents Quilt Rack

Iron Accents Quilt Rack

Whether in modern or vintage decors, this entryway rack embellished with curly details will suit the place. Alternatively, it may add a dash of subtle charm to an industrial decor - it may fit the theme thanks to iron finish.

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French Chic Garden Quilt Rack

French Chic Garden Quilt Rack

This blanket or quilt rack delights with its mix of ornateness and durability. The unique combination is available thanks to the use of wrought iron, which is a pretty formable material, allowing to create unique forms.

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Tan on java distress painted country

Tan on java distress painted country

Thanks to this practical quilt rack, you can store and display your gorgeous blankets, towels, and duvets. The rack is quite primitive yet durable and stabile; made of 2 wooden ladders that are attached to each other by 3 powder-coated metal hinges.

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Wrought iron quilt rack

The tasteful and incredibly stylish wrought iron quilt rack is a fascinating combination of functionality and exceptional looks perfect for a bedroom. Impressive form and performance with attention to every detail delights.

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Iron quilt rack 4

Iron Quilt Rack

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Quilt rack walmart

Long-lasting and decorative; this fabulous quilt rack looks, simply, stunning, stylishly adorned with eye-catchy scrollwork. Designed of powder-coated worught iron metal, the rack is able to hold up to 3 towels at the same time.

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Rooms and sheets with chain horse clothing organized blanketeasy up

rooms and sheets with chain horse clothing organized blanketeasy up

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Quilt stand

Thanks to this fine quilt rack, you are getting a built-to-last and beautifully-scrolled addition for indoor use. Designed of durable wrought iron, the rack is reinforced with fixed stretchers, and rests on arched legs for balance.

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Wrought Iron Quilt Rack

Buying Guide

A quilt display rack is used for a variety of reasons. You can use them for display purposes, such as if you are running an event or you own a business selling bedding. You can also use them for simple storage uses around the home, keeping your quilt out of everybody's way and ensuring your home looks neat and tidy. Another way to use a quilt rack is for drying your quilts and other items of bedding which may be too large for other racks. Let's look at some of the things you should consider before buying a wrought iron quilt rack.

Here are some popular styles you may come across, and the reasons you might want to choose such a style.

  • Elegant side bars: While many people will focus on the horizontal bars, which should be straight to allow easy hanging of your quilts, the side bars are often the place where the excitement is happening. You will see quilt racks with beautiful wrought iron detail along the sides, which can complement existing furniture if you have other wrought iron pieces.
  • Slim design: A style which is thinner than many standard wrought iron quilt racks can be useful for saving space in the home if you only have single bedding. A regular quilt rack is usually around 3-4 feet in length, while a slimmer quilt rack is often around 2-3 feet.
  • Hanging quilt rack: The iron has to be quite a light material to achieve this style, but rather than having a freestanding wrought iron quilt rack on the floor, you can choose a hanging design. This has its limitations, however, since you need to find a suitable space for the rack to be hung from. It can save space around the home and is ideal for children's bedding.
  • Wall mounted rack: You can find much heavier materials used for the wall mounted racks than for the hanging quilt racks, although a lighter metal is still preferable depending on how sturdy your walls are. A wall mounted rack is useful since it doesn't take up floor space, but it's important to consider that the rack is then static and lacks much flexibility for the future.

Choosing the style is just as important as choosing other features of the quilt rack.

Many wrought iron quilt racks weigh around 12-15 pounds, although some may be heavier if they are larger or made from thicker iron. People often concentrate on the size of the quilt rack and the style before thinking about how much it weighs. This may or may not be an issue depending on you as an individual.

All suppliers should list the weight of their furniture products on their website and also on the label of the product, so finding out the exact weight of your preferred item shouldn't be a problem. You should make sure that you will be able to carry the quilt rack to your home and up any stairs.

Best Ideas

Metal quilt stand

Quilt rack in vintage style. It is mounted on iron base and finished with decorative curves. Includes wooden shelf for storing pillows and others needed stuff. Great addition for each room as needed.

Vintage style wrought iron quilt rack towel rod linen organizer

... Vintage Style Wrought Iron Quilt Rack Towel Rod Linen Organizer

Quilt stand small

Quilt Stand, small

Black quilt rack

Solid and stylish, this intricately designed rack is made from wrought iron, which allowed to create unique, ornate shape. Featuring scrolling patterns, and display bars set at different heights, this beautiful stand will surely catch the attention.

Iron quilt rack

Quilt rack with a solid metal frame finished in traditional black color. Classic design of this rack includes upper decorative scrolls and a solid horizontal support. This rack looks good in any decor.

Iron quilt rack

Elegant Antique Style Wrought Iron Quilt Rack Towel Rod Linen Organizer

Wrought iron blanket rack

wrought iron curtain rods - Towel racks for our small bathroom

Quilt racks metal

... adalynn blanket rack antique gold view now belhurst blanket rack view

Iron quilt rack 9

Being a very original piece of furniture, this designer iron quilt rack from Mecox Gardens will bring eclectically-packed functionality into your space. It can a be a perfect addition to any contemporary space, i.e. some loft.

Iron quilt rack 5

Vintage take on an antique, single-sized bed with a frame made out of wrought iron in an old-fashioned style. The bed is fitted with a colorful set of vibrant beddings with a traditional pattern, providing a complementing look.

4 arm swivel display rack towel quilt

4 Arm Swivel Display Rack (Towel, Quilt &

Iron quilt rack 23

Practical custom made quilt rack, wrought iron, w/ black powder coating. Saves floor space thx to elevated bracket design. Sturdy metal construction holds heavy stuff. Perhaps worth having in a laundry room.

Comforter rack

Cats often save our lives during the flu period or cold evenings. Whenever we do not use them, it would be worth to have their place - like this wrought iron blanket stand.It is low but has a few sticks on which you can hang the blanket.

J&J Wire Scrolled 2-Piece Quilt Rack