Kitchen Soap Dispenser Caddy

A small but fun way to customize your kitchen, a kitchen soap dispenser caddy will keep those kitchen soaps safe in an elegant holder. In metal or plastic, and capable of holding two bottles, with matching dispensers, you will appreciate how these dispenser caddy sets accent your kitchen counter. Look through this collection and pick on that suits your style.

Best Products

Rhodes ceramic kitchen figural book soap lotion caddy

Rhodes ceramic kitchen figural book soap lotion caddy
These soap and lotion kitchen dispensers are literally at home in a kitchen as they're crafted from glazed stoneware (the same material is used for high quality bowls and plates). The dispensers are set in iron receptacle.

Blue pint mason jar soap dispenser

Blue pint mason jar soap dispenser
The bathroom needs to have a unique style. You will get it with this bathroom accessories set. It includes soap dispensers with blue glass jar construction and wrought iron stand.

Industrial home mason jar soap dispenser

Industrial home mason jar soap dispenser
Don’t settle just for any soap dispensers! Check out these two stylish jars, now to be used as soap dispensers. And let’s not forget about the little wooden basket, which adds to the cosy, warm atmosphere!

Pint masons patent fruit jar soap lotion dispenser bath caddy

Pint masons patent fruit jar soap lotion dispenser bath caddy
Pint Masons Patent Fruit Jar Soap Lotion Dispenser Bath Caddy Organizer Set B
Those handmade jar soap dispensers are covered in a durable lead free water and soap resistant lacquer. Both standing in a premium metal basket, creating a beautiful and practical decoration for every bathroom.

Ball mason jar soap dispender with caddy

Ball mason jar soap dispender with caddy
This antique blue 1-pint soap dispenser constitutes a lovely accent for one's farmhouse or cottage decor. It will serve its role both in vintage kitchens as well as bathrooms.

Rustic reclaimed wood caddy gift desk

Rustic reclaimed wood caddy gift desk
A stark rustic caddy having a rectangular frame of reclaimed wood with a natural finish. It has black lettering prints on sides. It can stand on tabletops or countertops and be used e.g. for glass canisters or dispensers.

Rustic modern industrial home reclaimed

Rustic modern industrial home reclaimed
This charming rustic container for various trinkets is made from reclaimed wood which introduces a modern industrial style interior. The whole looks impressive is practical and stylish. The interior has an attractive climate.

Our advice Buying Guide

When choosing a kitchen soap dispenser caddy, keep in mind there is a myriad of options to consider. In addition to the dispenser's appearance, you'll also be considering how often you'll be using it and its design features. Therefore, instead of heading to the store and picking up one that may not best serve your needs, we're going to look at the various options to help you with the selection process.

What is a kitchen soap dispenser caddy?

These dispensers are the same thing as the individual bottles of dish-washing soap or hand soap you purchase from your favorite retailer. However, instead of throw-away containers, they're permanent fixtures on your sink. Under some circumstances, you'll find these dispensers built directly into the architecture of the sink. Because there are hundreds of thousands of soap dispenser caddy options for your kitchen, it can become overwhelming deciding which one is best.

What soap dispenser designs are there?

Just as there are many sizes and materials soap dispensers are available in, you'll find the designs are just as varied. Should you select on that has a hands-free sensor? What about one that creates foam? Here are some design options to consider:

  • Automatic Soap Dispensers: this option fits best in modern decor as they typically feature aluminum bodies with smooth and curving lines. The hands-free options provide a clean and hypo-allergenic way of dispensing soap.
  • Wall-Mounted Dispensers: while these aren't a traditional caddy, they allow you to save counter space while simultaneously providing the product you need.
  • Multi-Purpose Caddies: this kitchen soap dispenser caddy features the soap dispenser on one side and a compartment for a sponge or other cleaning supplies on the other.

How to match the soap dispenser caddy with kitchen decor?

Because you’ll be matching your soap dispenser not only with your needs but also with your kitchen’s décor, it’s essential that you consider the theme of your space. Here are some examples:

  • Country: these dispensers will feature “farmhouse” type motifs including pottery pieces, jugs, and whimsical shapes. Popular materials include porcelain and clear glass.
  • Modern: you’ll find these caddies featuring minimalistic designs, clean edges, and sloping curves. Popular materials include aluminum and stainless steel.
  • Traditional: dispensers in this theme will have decorative accents, details, and ornamentations from years past. Popular materials include black iron and brushed bronze.

How to maintain your soap dispenser?

One would believe that, because it’s soap, it wouldn’t need regular cleaning, but this is quite the contrary. The spout will begin building up with grime, the exterior of the pump will start attracting residue, and other continents could become an issue. Therefore, especially if it’s not a hands-free model, wiping down the soap caddy should occur every few days. Rinse the dispenser nozzle with hot water each time you notice build-up happening.

What's the average cost of a kitchen soap dispenser caddy?

Because these dispensers range not only in size but also features, you’ll notice their prices varying significantly. For example, a modern-style hands-free model could range between just under $17.00 to just over $150.00.


Kitchen soap dispenser caddy 2

Hoosier Soap and Lotion Dispensers with Wire Caddy available at

Kitchen soap dispenser set video 1

kitchen soap dispenser set. Video 1.

Barn vintage blacksmith soap lotion caddy dispenser new bath kitchen


GG Collection Soap and Lotion Caddy

High-quality cast aluminium base in brown and durable ceramic bottles for lotion make this soap dispenser caddy a great addition to one's kitchen or bathroom. The set includes a soap dispenser, lotion dispenser, and caddy.

Soap dispenser with sponge holder for the kitchen

A gorgeous set of 2 soap dispensers and rustic caddy that boasts of unique style. Both jars are made of opaline glass with a functional black lid. The caddy is designed of durable metal with nice scrollwork and 2 decorative stars.

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Kitchen soap dispenser caddy

kitchen soap dispenser caddy

New gg collection ogee g cream lotion set cream ceramic

NEW!! GG Collection Ogee-G Cream Lotion Set. Cream Ceramic Dispenser with Metal Base. $55.99

Teal soap dispenser

This kitchen dispenser caddy constitutes a practical accent in one's kitchen. Made from solid wrought iron, it enchants with its ornate finish, featuring characteristic stars in the middle, encompassed by intricate swirls.

Sherris southern style

Sherri's Southern Style

Kitchen soap dispenser caddy 1

Go for pure style and a modern look with these kitchen soap dispenser caddy that will allow you for a cleaner and more organized look in your bathroom, while at the same time ensuring that you always get the soap at your hand's reach.

Michel Design Works Hand Care Caddy Set, Vanilla Palm

Kitchen soap caddy

Kitchen Soap Caddy

Forma2 liquid soap pump and sponge holder made of clear

forma2 liquid soap pump and sponge holder made of clear acrylic ...

Kitchen soap dispenser caddy

This stylish, slim and very easy-to-use soap dispenser with sponge pad is the perfect solution for the bathroom or kitchen. Contemporary styling captivates with its form and functionality, which makes it suitable for any decor.

Casabella Sink Sider Soap Dispenser with Sponge Holder and Sponge

Designed by Casabella, this sink sider soap dispenser with sponge holder will be a cool, convenient addition to any kitchen's decor. It has the capacity of 3 ounce, measures 6 by 2-3/4 by 7-1/2-Inch.

Kitchen sink soap and sponge holder

The decorations of jars are very stylish at this year. These are perfect to hold the soaps or lotions. They will be great as a kitchen accessories, like salt and pepper shaker, of course without the dispensers.

Kitchen soap dispenser and sponge holder

This beautiful black and chrome soap dispenser set will look terrific in any kitchen or bathroom. Set includes ceramic pump and wire caddy with scrubber. It is made of metal and it will be fit perfectly to modern bathroom.

Soap dispenser and sponge holder 1

This soap dispenser caddy can be a practical addition to both kitchen and bathroom decor. Its clever design offers a nook for the sponge. It is bronze finished, featuring a luxurious woven wire construction.

Dish soap caddy

An aesthetic contemporary set consisting of a cylindrical soap dispenser of stainless steel and a caddy of clear plastic. An easily refillable dispenser has a black plastic cap and a pump head of plastic with a brushed steel finish.

Dish soap dispenser with sponge holder

simplehuman Sensor Pump with Caddy/Lotion Dispenser, 13 Fluid Ounce simplehuman

Kitchen soap caddy organizer

Add cohesion to the kitchen or bathroom décor with this soap dispenser and sponge caddy combination. This space-saving solution keeps everything together in one sleek and contemporary piece.

Sponge and soap holder for kitchen

Elegant and functional, this soap dispenser can be as stylish addition for your kitchen or bathroom, as it is practical. it is made of durable metal in a bronze finish, and it comes with two partings for accommodating 2 sponges.

Soap dispenser scrubby caddy

Soap Dispenser & Scrubby Caddy

Sleuth vintage soap dispenser as dish soap holder by julie

... Sleuth: Vintage Soap Dispenser as Dish Soap Holder by Julie Carlson

Dish soap and sponge holder

Functional and attractive, this sensor soap pump can be as stylish addition for your kitchen or bathroom, as it is practical. it is made of durable stainless steel, and it comes with a matching caddy for storing your sponge.

Kitchen soap pump dispenser with sponge holder contemporary soap

Kitchen Soap Pump Dispenser With Sponge Holder contemporary-soap ...

Learn how to make a simple mason jar soap dispenser

Learn how to make a simple mason jar soap dispenser for your bathroom.

Kitchen soap and lotion caddy

Add cohesion to the kitchen or bathroom décor with this soap dispenser and sponge caddy combination. This space-saving solution keeps everything together in one sleek and contemporary piece.

Kitchen caddy set

Made of ceramic kitchen or bathroom soap dispenser caddy is a perfect combination of functional soap container with sponge space. The whole is very impressive and is a perfect modern solution for every interior design.

Kitchen soap dispenser caddy 5

western kitchen | MS70854) Western Tooled Kitchen Caddy/Soap Dispenser with Scrubber

Bath Set Bath Caddy - 100% Natural Bamboo - By Trademark Innovations

Made of bamboo soap dispenser caddy for kitchen or bathroom, they are refreshing and add exotic style in the interior. Every detail is important - a soap dispenser with a pump, a brush holder or a place to store swabs. Functional and stylish.

Kitchen soap holder

Kitchen soap dispenser with compartment for sponge. It is completely made of plastic. Simple form and functionality for each kitchen.

Soap dispenser with caddy

Do you like crazy modern projects? Pull out your hands, and get the soap right under this modern, chromed kitchen soap dispenser caddy. It has a flexible silicone inside, so it prevents dripping. In addition, it shines and has a streamlined shape.

Double soap dispenser kitchen

Rusticity reaches even the smallest details, even the kitchen soap dispenser caddy stand and for the sponge. Made of iron has an attractive floristic pattern and is very handy, in addition, resistant to moisture.

Konex Kitchen Sink Organizer Detergent Dispenser with Sponge Holder

Soap and sponge holder

Stainless Steel Soap Dispenser & Caddy

Soap and sponge caddy

simplehuman push pump with caddy | Soap Dispenser - simplehuman ® Square Push Pump with Caddy, Chrome ...

Tempo Dish Drainer

Tempo Dish Drainer

Umbra Joey Ceramic Soap Pump and Scrubby Holder Combo, Red

And vanity accessories soap dispensers york soap and sponge caddy

... and Vanity Accessories > Soap Dispensers > York Soap and Sponge Caddy

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