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Add a romantic touch of country charm to your bathroom with a lovely lace shower curtain. Maintain your privacy in subtle grace without losing the light you need for your grooming and bathing needs. Use these to give your bathroom a luxurious country day spa that you can visit every day to unwind and wash away the worries of the day. The collection below will provide you with a myriad of options that are both practical and pretty to choose from.

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Updated 22/07/2022
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White Floral Lace Shower Curtain

White Floral Lace Shower Curtain

Elegant and traditional, this lace curtain is made from 100% polyester. It's lightweight and easy to manage as it’s machine washable. The floral design makes it traditional in style. It is 72'' high.

Designer Advice:

This curtain is lacy and flowing, ideal for a unique traditional style bathroom. It has a vintage feel, so to uniform this look, you can add lace curtains also. White lace is a timeless element, so why not find a white floral bath mat also. You can create a light and fresh look very easily!  

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Embroidered Polyester Curtain

Embroidered Polyester Curtain

This mildew-resistant polyester lace shower curtain has a silky finish. It boasts panels of floral embroidery. It has a classic look, ideal for a retro bathroom. The color is penned as light gray and is 72'' high.  

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Floral And Polka Dot Lace Shower Curtain

Floral And Polka Dot Lace Shower Curtain

This floral and polka dot style lace shower curtain is modern and traditional merged as one! The aesthetic is modern with a floral embroidered panel top and polka dots below. It is crafted from polyester and lace. It is 72'' high. 

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Elegant Silky Lace Shower Curtain

Elegant Silky Lace Shower Curtain

Elegant and with a silky finish, this lace shower curtain is made from 100% polyester. The pattern is a delicate floral finish, ideal for an elegant style bathroom. It is very durable with reinforced buttonholes and mid-weight fabric. It is also 72'' high.

Designer Advice:

The silky finish on this shower curtain creates a delicate balance between modern and traditional. The floral design adds style and the crisp white shade is ideal to bring light into the room. You can add a neutral toned woven bath mat for style!  

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Farmhouse Style Lace Curtain With Hooks

Farmhouse Style Lace Curtain With Hooks

Ideal for a farmhouse style bathroom, this lace curtain is durable and stylish. It’s crafted from polyester and boasts easy maintenance. It is luxurious and elegant with scalloped edging. It is also 72'' high.

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Pearl Mirror Lace Design Shower Curtain

Pearl Mirror Lace Design Shower Curtain

This shower curtain has an embellished pearl and mirror design on the front. This is perfect for a Parisian style bathroom! This is made from 100% soap/scum resistant polyester and includes 12 free hooks. It is 69'' high.

Designer Advice:

This is a great addition to a Parisian style bathroom. The style and embellishment is unique and fun. For some charm, why not add a silver rimmed mirror and a Parisian artwork that is bathroom friendly. You can add a shabby chic element also, with a white distressed wood cabinet.  

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White elegantrose lace shower curtain valance victorian scalloped shower curtain

White elegantrose lace shower curtain valance victorian scalloped shower curtain

Romantic Victorian feel can be brought to bathroom as well, as long as the accessories are bathroom-dedicated, resistant to moisture etc. As for example, this shower curtain looks like lace - delicate white floral pattern printed on clear waterproof polyester.

Feminine shower curtains

A lace shower curtain with a see-through fabric that resembles a window curtain with its traditional, floral pattern design. While the curtain is waterproof, it may be questionable to use as some may feel uncomfortable by the see-through fabric.

Lace shower curtain 1

A charming classy shower curtain crafted of water-repellent semi-sheer fabric adorned with wonderful lace floral motifs. It has wavy both its bottom edge and a valance bottom edge. It has a reinforced top hem with slots for hooks.

Lace shower curtain 5

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Black lace shower curtain

Lace Shower Curtain w/ Decorative Valance

Lace shower curtain 13

not a fan of having a shower that needs a curtain, but if it did need one....this would do just fine!

White lace shower curtain

This traditional lace fabric shower curtain features a lovely floral pattern and an attached valance for an elegant look.

Lace shower curtain 3

This or a lighter weight suzani would make a gorgeous, funky shower curtain for a exotic twinge in your boring bathrooms... Cualli Shower Curtain #anthropologie

Lace shower curtain 36

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Lace shower curtains sheer

lace shower curtains sheer

Ebay this shower easy blue brown shower amp info for

... ebay!this shower easy. Blue brown shower, amp info for shower such

H20 printed lace shower curtain

H20 Printed Lace Shower Curtain

Lace shower curtain 11

Looks like I'm not the only person who has has a notion to put a chandelier in the bathroom! (Other pinners might like the corrugated aluminum backsplash.)

Coastal beach cottage item id 2710

Coastal / Beach Cottage Item ID: #2710

Sheer shower curtain 3

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Peva waterproof bathroom shower curtain white floral lace 1

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Lace shower curtain pink 8 62918

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Black lace shower curtain drapery designs lace shower

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Layered lace shower curtain hallstrom home shabby chic

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Heritage lace seascape 72 in w x 72 in l

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New elegant victorian white lace shower curtain w attached

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Kensie clara polycotton shower curtain with three lines

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