Sheer Fabric Shower Curtain

Now here's a beautiful collection of sheer fabric shower curtains to provide your bathroom with a bit of whimsy or romance. The sheer nature of the fabric makes it easy for light to filter in, but still provides you with all the privacy that you need. These are available in a wide variety of options below.

Best Products

Better homes and gardens sheer jolie shower curtain

Better homes and gardens sheer jolie shower curtain
Add some subtle feminine touch to the bath with this wonderful sheer shower curtain - the perfect way to add a subtle feminine touch. Machine washable, it is made from 100% polyester.

Floral Rose Pink Loretta Embroidered White Sheer Fabric Shower Curtain New

Floral Rose Pink Loretta Embroidered White Sheer Fabric Shower Curtain New
With such a fashionable shower curtain, you are not only getting all the privacy you need, but also a stylish decoration for your contemporary bathroom. The curtain is made of an embroidered white sheer fabric and adorned with a cute pink rose pattern.

Heather Wave Fabric Shower Curtain

Heather Wave Fabric Shower Curtain
This beautifully made shower curtain is the perfect solution for every bathroom. The whole is maintained in both classic and vibrant colors is very elegant and adds the interior a unique character.

White Lace Semi Sheer Fabric Shower Curtain 70 X 72 Washable New

White Lace Semi Sheer Fabric Shower Curtain 70 X 72 Washable New
Captivating sheer fabric shower curtain makes the interior delights. Beautiful decorative details with lace trim create an incredibly pleasant bathroom decor. The whole is perfect for the climatic, romantic decor of the interior.

Royal Garden Shower Curtain

Royal Garden Shower Curtain
This beautiful and very stylish shower curtain is the perfect solution for the bathroom. Subtly decorated with interesting floral, almost royal colors and robust materials make it unique.

Ombre Waffle Fabric Weave Shower Curtain

Ombre Waffle Fabric Weave Shower Curtain
This ombre waffle fabric weave shower curtain looks really great in bright bathrooms. It is very contemporary and functional. This is the coolest shower curtain you have ever seen.

Hillcrest Green Olive White Botanical Branches Leaves Fabric Shower Curtain Nip

Hillcrest Green Olive White Botanical Branches Leaves Fabric Shower Curtain Nip
A green bathroom accent: fabric shower curtain with a large and dense pattern of big leaves and branches in two shades of green, falling in olive tones. Hanged on eyelets. The leaf print comes in other colours.

Our advice Buying Guide

Sheer fabric shower curtains boast of luxurious fabrics that can instantly drape bathrooms with style and glamour. They’re sought-after for their ability to turn bathrooms into lush retreats.

How do I determine the right size for a fabric shower curtain?

If you’re planning to get a sheer fabric shower curtain for your bathroom, measure your shower’s size so you know the dimensions that you should get. You have lots of options in terms of curtain size. Remember that a shower curtain’s size can have an impact as to how it looks when it’s added into the room. The standard dimensions of showers curtains are 1.8 x 1.8 m or 72 x 72 in.

Stall curtains are usually 54 x 72 in or 1.4 x 1.8 m. As for extra-long curtains, they’re 72 x 84 in or 72 x 96 in each. Extra wide curtains, on the other hand, are 108 x 72 in big.

How to up the look of my bathroom with shower curtains?

If you want your shower to open like window curtains and make it feel more luxurious, get two shower curtains made of sheer fabric as they will frame your shower just like a window. If you only want to purchase one curtain but you want your bathroom to have double panel curtains, then simply cut the shower curtain. Hem the edges and then put each one on each side of your rod so your curtains open in the middle. If you’ll be using a liner, you should also cut it and hem afterward.

What types of fabrics are used in sheer shower curtains?

There are different types of sheer fabric that are used in making luxurious shower curtains with the following as the most popular:

  • Silk - Most people consider silk as the best material when it comes to making sheer fabric shower curtains as the material surpasses all other materials in terms of smoothness and richness. Silk shower curtains often have decorative features like flowers and bows. Silk, however, is very delicate, which means it has the tendency to tear. It is advised that you take proper care of a silk shower curtain and don’t let it be exposed to excessive sunlight if you want it to last a long time. The material can be dry cleaned.
  • Polyester and Rayon - A shower curtain made from rayon or polyester is a lot more durable compared to its silk counterpart. You can wash it by hand or machine-washed on a very gentle cycle. Polyester shower curtains are cheaper than silk so they are ideal for homeowners who are budget-conscious. Polyester and rayon don't tear as easily, too.
  • Blends - Shower curtains can be constructed using a blend of polyester and silk to strengthen the sheer fabric. A curtain made of a blend is less expensive compared to silk ones, but it retains the texture and smoothness of silk.
  • Similar Fabrics - Georgette and organza are other types of fabric that are used in making shower curtains. Organza is matte in appearance but it is stiff. Georgette, on the other hand, is thick and it is less transparent. Both georgette and organza are durable and lightweight.


Sheer fabric shower curtain

The sheer fabric shower curtain is a subtle and very functional interior design element. All in white and with delightful dots in the golden shade, it is very well presented in the contemporary interior of the bathroom.

Sheer fabric shower curtain 1

Shower curtain made of fabric and decorated with floral theme. Includes hook holes for easy assembly. Classic form and elegant design for any bathroom according to taste.

Sheer shower curtain

Interesting shower curtain finished in neutral gray and silver colors that look very attractive together. This curtain not only decorates bathrooms, but it also provides protection from negative effects of water.

Sheer shower curtain fabric

The gorgeously finished sheer fabric shower curtain is a romantic and very functional bathroom accent. Lace in the shade of white is light and attractive, bringing a pleasant atmosphere to the decor.

Sheer fabric shower curtain

This extra long fabric shower constitutes a universal proposition that shall match most of the decors. All thanks to its timeless white finish. It measures 96 inches long.

Lorraine home shower curtain sheer white ivy lace fabric knitted

Lorraine Home Shower Curtain Sheer White Ivy Lace Fabric Knitted New ...

Sheer fabric shower curtain 4

Beautiful sheer fabric shower curtain designed to give you extra privacy while letting in as much natural light as possible. The curtain is finished in white and is easy to clean. You also get different sizes to meet the size of your showers.

Home sheer ivy fabric shower curtain

Home Sheer Ivy Fabric Shower Curtain

Steal of the day eileen fisher sheer linen shower curtain

Steal of the Day: Eileen Fisher Sheer Linen Shower Curtain

Sheer shower curtain white

A modest rustic style shower curtain of waterproof a bit sheer patternless crimpy fabric in light beige tones but having darker hems. It has holes (with reinforced edges) for ties made of rope in mid-brown. It can be washed.

Sheer fabric shower curtains curtains blinds shades

Sheer Fabric Shower Curtains - Curtains, blinds - shades

Description this fabric shower curtain is light and airy semi

Description: This fabric shower curtain is light and airy, semi-sheer ...

Sheer fabric shower curtains

This Nicole Miller Sparkle Fabric Shower Curtain features a double layer with sheer overlay in soft ivory. Sprinkled with a touch of silver glitter, the polyester construction is machine

Sheer fabric love

Sheer fabric - love

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Black sheer shower curtain

Bathroom sets contain a sheer fabric shower curtain with matching resin hooks, ceramic tumbler, ceramic toothbrush holder, and ceramic lotion pump. Assorted patterns to choose from!

Sheer fabric shower curtain 1

Thanks to the combination of silver with delicate white adornments, this sheer fabric shower curtain delights with its subtle character. It will add a smooth shabby chic appeal to your bathroom space.

Sheer fabric shower curtain 20

Loretta Fabric Shower Curtain

InterDesign EVA Shower Curtain, Hitchcock

This innovative curtain with a clearance in the upper part is a perfect solution for small bathrooms. The classic form and easy to keep clean gives a powerful combination. Rust resistant grommets make it durable.

Wayside treasures gauze curtains and a gift

Wayside Treasures: Gauze Curtains and a Gift ~

Shower curtain sheer

Romantic curtains made of airy white cloth. Due to little beige material roses these draperies are very glamorous and sophisticated. This type of courtains will be the best in smart living room or bedroom for special guests.

Green leaf shower curtain

White shower curtain with an interesting pattern that shows green leaves. This green and white stylization perfectly matches any type of interior design. Its standard size fits most types of bathtubs and showers.

Sheer fabric shower curtain 9

Shower Curtains | shower curtain add bathroom elegance with a fabric shower curtain ...

Sheer fabric shower curtain 4

Details about FABRIC - Sonoma -White Sheer Stripe SHOWER CURTAIN

Sheer fabric shower curtain 6

Sheer Fabric Shower Curtain Coral Reef Coastal Beach House Decor #BetterHomes #Nautical

Sheer fabric shower curtain 28

Inverted box pleat with hidden tab

Sheer shower curtains

A durable and fashionable accessory for contemporary bathrooms, which will give you all the privacy you need while decorating the whole interior. Designed from repurposed roman blinds, the shower curtain proudly boasts of its open weave sheer linen design.

Sheer fabric shower curtain 5

Handmade White Sheer Curtains Stylish Curtains drapery panels Perfect for Living room, Bed room on Etsy, $84.00

Metallic lavender purple grey sheer striped fabric shower curtain new

Metallic Lavender Purple Grey Sheer Striped Fabric Shower Curtain NEW

Sheer shower curtain fabric 1

Smocked Drape | Pottery Barn - the new drape (I'm only doing one since it's a small window)

Iris Fabric Shower Curtain

Iris Fabric Shower Curtain

Sheer linen shower curtain

This shabby chic ruffled shower curtain is made from a thick, solid burlap. If you are a vintage enthusiast, this is a must-have for your bathroom. Suits particularly well with white arrangements.

Pom pom at home caprice shower curtain

Pom Pom At Home Caprice Shower Curtain

Leaves fabric shower curtain 33

A perfect piece for when autumn is getting closer - this shower curtain sports a beautiful leaf theme of the durable fabric and will make for a nice decor choice for providing a touch of warmth to your home.

Leaves fabric shower curtain 6

Fabric shower curtain with a natural looking theme that includes green banana palm leaves on white background. This fabric adds interest to bathroom decor. It also provides protection from water and moisture.

Sheer fabric shower curtain 7

Pleated White Shower Curtains | Tuxedo Pleat Shower Curtain $26.99

Sonoma berkley sheer fabric shower curtain beige brown white new

Sonoma Berkley Sheer Fabric Shower Curtain Beige Brown & White NEW

Sheer fabric shower curtain 27

Pojagi tutorial...(good seam treatment)

White sheer shower curtain

This is a truly amazing DIY curtain made of bottles. It's a 100% ecological and cheap way of preparing an original shower curtain. The fabric is transparent and shiny, it will be a perfect solution for minimalistic, close-to-nature interiors.

Sheer fabric shower curtain 3

coral reef shower curtain http www zimbio com bathroom curtain ...

Leaves fabric shower curtain 8

Decorative and practical shower curtain with an attractive theme that shows leaves on white background. This natural stylization matches any bathroom design. Its durable fabric is long lasting and resistant to moisture.

Leaves shower curtain 5

Shower curtain made of waterproof fabric and decorated with leaves theme. It is fitted with hook holes for easy mounting. Classic form and elegant design.

Bh rose fabric shower curtain with sheer scarf shower rings

Bh Rose Fabric Shower Curtain With Sheer Scarf & Shower Rings - 70x72