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Adding a sheer shower curtain to your bathroom decor can be an excellent way to create the scene for something bold. Or it can make for a light, airy and neutral nuance. There is no wrong way to use sheer shower curtains, as long as you remember to protect your shower with a curtain liner. Check out our favorite sheer shower curtain designs. 

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Updated 22/12/2022
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Floral Motif Chanelle Sheer Fabric Shower Curtain 

Floral Motif Chanelle Sheer Fabric Shower Curtain 

Astoria Grand

This single-layer fabric shower curtain has a sheer surface with a brightly artistic floral print motif in three color choices - yellow, pink, or gray. The 72” wide by 70” tall curtain has 0.5” spacing for the 12 hook holes and includes a matching sheer curtain scarf.

$32.99 $58.99

Designer Advice:

You get an elegant aesthetic when you add a fabric curtain to your shower. But you don’t get water protection, leaving your floors at risk of getting wet. Not only can it cause a risk of mildew and mold, but it can also create a slipping hazard. You’ll need a sheer fabric shower curtain liner to create a second water-resistant layer.

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Minimalistic, Simple, Sheer Solid Colored Shower Curtain

Minimalistic, Simple, Sheer Solid Colored Shower Curtain

House of Hampton®

Choose from three solid neutral shower curtains - white, linen, or gray. A textured stripe adds a light, delicate nuance that translates a touch of modern style. The 72” height and width will fit standard showers, secured by twelve top holes for hooks. 

$27.99 $45.99

Designer Advice:

When picking sheer shower curtains, you’ll need to know the size of your shower to ensure a compatible size with your liner and curtain. And you can add an extra layer of style by matching your sheer curtain with decorative hooks. Finally, add a dark-colored liner with a light sheer curtain for contrast and to give you more privacy.

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Subtle Neutral Seaside Inspired Sheer Curtain

Subtle Neutral Seaside Inspired Sheer Curtain

Rosecliff Heights

This see-through fabric shower curtain in ecru or white with high translucence features an expansive display of scallop shells and starfish on a fast-drying lace mesh background. At 72” tall and wide, it can fit any standard-sized shower.  

$44.99 $48

Designer Advice:

The sea-inspired decor is common for many bathrooms and comes in plenty of styles. A sheer neutral curtain can be a great background for a beachy ambiance. And embossed symbols of shells and starfish against the translucent fabric offer subtle ocean life inclusion without being too fishy. The neutral light color allows you to go big with your accents.

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Sheer Neutral Polka Dotted Shower Curtain

Sheer Neutral Polka Dotted Shower Curtain

Langley Street®

This neutral white or gray solid sheer shower curtain in a woven fabric has a soft metallic sheen that adds a sophisticated modernization. Dozens of small external dots create a unique texture that can update any bathroom schematic for 72” wide and tall showers. 

$19.99 $29.99

Designer Advice:

Sheer curtains with dimensional designs that create a textural nuance can also cause interesting shadow play between the dots and your shower liner. To get this fun 3D optical illusion, pair the light-colored sheer curtain with a similar light liner - clear or white. Of course, you’ll also need bright lighting that can shine through the curtain to cause the effect. 

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Dark, Dramatic, Semi Sheer Black Tufted Curtain

Dark, Dramatic, Semi Sheer Black Tufted Curtain

House of Hampton®

Create a dramatic, unexpected bathroom fashion with a black shower curtain. This semi-sheer 76” long and wide shower protection adds a unique aesthetic with its bold dark color. And the tufted construction creates an element of modern contemporary mystique. 

$27.99 $42.99

Designer Advice:

Using black in your bathroom color palette doesn’t have to make you feel like a vampire. And it also doesn’t have to be a masculine tone. A shower curtain in a semi-sheer opacity gives you privacy but also can let in light. The simple upgrade of a tufted structure instead of a flat smooth curtain panel softens the use of dark colors.

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Sheer Shower Curtain

Buying Guide

Sheer fabric shower curtains boast of luxurious fabrics that can instantly drape bathrooms with style and glamour. They’re sought-after for their ability to turn bathrooms into lush retreats.

If you’re planning to get a sheer fabric shower curtain for your bathroom, measure your shower’s size so you know the dimensions that you should get. You have lots of options in terms of curtain size. Remember that a shower curtain’s size can have an impact as to how it looks when it’s added into the room. The standard dimensions of showers curtains are 1.8 x 1.8 m or 72 x 72 in.

Stall curtains are usually 54 x 72 in or 1.4 x 1.8 m. As for extra-long curtains, they’re 72 x 84 in or 72 x 96 in each. Extra wide curtains, on the other hand, are 108 x 72 in big.

If you want your shower to open like window curtains and make it feel more luxurious, get two shower curtains made of sheer fabric as they will frame your shower just like a window. If you only want to purchase one curtain but you want your bathroom to have double panel curtains, then simply cut the shower curtain. Hem the edges and then put each one on each side of your rod so your curtains open in the middle. If you’ll be using a liner, you should also cut it and hem afterward.

There are different types of sheer fabric that are used in making luxurious shower curtains with the following as the most popular:

  • Silk - Most people consider silk as the best material when it comes to making sheer fabric shower curtains as the material surpasses all other materials in terms of smoothness and richness. Silk shower curtains often have decorative features like flowers and bows. Silk, however, is very delicate, which means it has the tendency to tear. It is advised that you take proper care of a silk shower curtain and don’t let it be exposed to excessive sunlight if you want it to last a long time. The material can be dry cleaned.
  • Polyester and Rayon - A shower curtain made from rayon or polyester is a lot more durable compared to its silk counterpart. You can wash it by hand or machine-washed on a very gentle cycle. Polyester shower curtains are cheaper than silk so they are ideal for homeowners who are budget-conscious. Polyester and rayon don't tear as easily, too.
  • Blends - Shower curtains can be constructed using a blend of polyester and silk to strengthen the sheer fabric. A curtain made of a blend is less expensive compared to silk ones, but it retains the texture and smoothness of silk.
  • Similar Fabrics - Georgette and organza are other types of fabric that are used in making shower curtains. Organza is matte in appearance but it is stiff. Georgette, on the other hand, is thick and it is less transparent. Both georgette and organza are durable and lightweight.

Best Ideas

Sheer fabric shower curtain 1

Thanks to the combination of silver with delicate white adornments, this sheer fabric shower curtain delights with its subtle character. It will add a smooth shabby chic appeal to your bathroom space.

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Sheer fabric shower curtain 1

Shower curtain made of fabric and decorated with floral theme. Includes hook holes for easy assembly. Classic form and elegant design for any bathroom according to taste.

Better homes and gardens sheer jolie shower curtain

Better homes and gardens sheer jolie shower curtain

Add some subtle feminine touch to the bath with this wonderful sheer shower curtain - the perfect way to add a subtle feminine touch. Machine washable, it is made from 100% polyester.

Sonoma berkley sheer fabric shower curtain beige brown white new

Sonoma Berkley Sheer Fabric Shower Curtain Beige Brown & White NEW

Lorraine home shower curtain sheer white ivy lace fabric knitted

Lorraine Home Shower Curtain Sheer White Ivy Lace Fabric Knitted New ...

Home sheer ivy fabric shower curtain

Home Sheer Ivy Fabric Shower Curtain

Sheer linen shower curtain

This shabby chic ruffled shower curtain is made from a thick, solid burlap. If you are a vintage enthusiast, this is a must-have for your bathroom. Suits particularly well with white arrangements.

Sheer shower curtains fabric shower curtain

Sheer Shower Curtains Fabric | Shower Curtain

Lillian macrame band fabric shower curtain fabric shower

Lillian Macramé Band Fabric Shower Curtain | Fabric shower ...

Sheer shower curtains fabric fabric shower curtains

Sheer Shower Curtains Fabric | Fabric shower curtains ...

Trellis saddle green cream mist semi sheer

- Trellis Saddle Green & Cream Mist Semi-Sheer ...

Royal bath cascading waterfall ruffled sheer fabric shower 1

Royal Bath Cascading Waterfall Ruffled Sheer Fabric Shower ...

Vcny daphne embroidered sheer taffeta fabric shower

VCNY Daphne Embroidered Sheer & Taffeta Fabric Shower ...

Amazon com carmen crushed sheer voile fabric shower Carmen Crushed Sheer Voile Fabric Shower ...

Sheer fabric shower curtain foter fabric shower

Sheer Fabric Shower Curtain - Foter | Fabric shower ...

Extra long fabric waterproof shower curtain panel hanging

Extra Long Fabric Waterproof Shower Curtain Panel Hanging ...

Gray linen textured sheer fabric shower curtain white geo

Gray Linen Textured Sheer Fabric Shower Curtain: White Geo ...

Taupe linen textured sheer fabric shower curtain white

Taupe Linen Textured Sheer Fabric Shower Curtain: White ...

Soft grey sheer stripe textured fabric shower curtain 72

Soft Grey Sheer Stripe Textured Fabric Shower Curtain - 72 ...

Maytex dragonfly garden semi sheer fabric shower curtain 2

MAYTEX Dragonfly Garden Semi Sheer Fabric Shower Curtain ...

Ruffles sheer fabric shower curtain 1

Ruffles Sheer Fabric Shower Curtain

Mainstays butterfly semi sheer fabric shower curtain 70

Mainstays Butterfly Semi-Sheer Fabric Shower Curtain, 70 ...

Royal bath metallic daisy embroidered sheer fabric shower 1

Royal Bath Metallic Daisy Embroidered Sheer Fabric Shower