Shower Curtain Tie Backs 


Lend a dramatic flair to your bathing rituals with shower curtain backs. Offered in sets, they come with two curtains that can be tied back to the sides to frame your shower or tub area. More traditional pieces even come with valance, giving the entire composition a dreamy vibe. More contemporary units have simpler constructions but are still stunning all the same. Paired with a waterproof liner and you’ve got an aesthetically pleasing bathroom with the functionalities of a shower curtain. 

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Our Picks

Shower Curtain with Subtle Patterns

Shower Curtain with Subtle Patterns

House of Hampton®

Elegant and opulent, these shower curtain tie backs feature a set of two tie backs made of 100% polyester, a middle curtain panel, and a frosted PEVA liner. Ruffled edge details and valance lend touches of royalty.

Designer Advice:

Available in nine colors, the cool-toned shower curtain units are perfect for traditional and cottage style interiors. Meanwhile, the darker ones in black, burgundy, and hunter are great for moodier and more dramatic bathrooms. It’s important to note that the curtains don’t come with holes, so it’s best to be prepared with grommet eyelets for installation.

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Elegant Shower Curtain

Elegant Shower Curtain

Madison Industries

Crafted in polyester with solid jacquard woven patterns, these shower curtains highlight a black-and-white color palette. Perfect for traditional bathrooms for a touch of color with a maximalist appeal. The set comes with swag and grommet eyelets.

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Textured Shower Curtain

Textured Shower Curtain

Usher a sense of sophistication with these shower curtain tieback ideas. This set features subtle textured patterns and is detailed with ruffles along the edges of both curtains and valance. Available in seven colors with white liner.

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Floral Shower Curtain

Floral Shower Curtain

Ophelia & Co.

It’s always springtime with these decorative shower curtains with tie backs. Made of polyester, this set includes a waterproof liner, two tie backs, a curtain, and twelve rings. Gray, white, and blue palette lends a fresh and clean look to the bathroom.

$54.99 $73.99

Designer Advice:

A great choice for contemporary as well as vintage bathrooms. For a coordinated look, we recommend choosing a bathroom rug with a dark gray or light blue color to match the shower curtain. It is also a good option for compact bathrooms as the patterns won’t overwhelm the space. Try them on for your powder room and guest room for a cozy flair.

Forest Shower Curtain

Forest Shower Curtain

Union Rustic

This shower curtain tie back set features a minimalist color palette. It showcases a forest scenery in gray and white scheme. Crafted in polyester and comes with twelve clear plastic hooks, a waterproof liner, and two modern vintage tie backs.

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Springtime Shower Curtains

Springtime Shower Curtains

Better Home

Showcasing a floral and teal palette, this double-swag tie back shower curtain set adds a beautiful pop of color and visual texture to the bathroom. Each set includes a vinyl shower liner and 12 metal hooks with resin designs.

Designer Advice:

Primarily in teal, this shower curtain set would look great with a white, gray, or light teal liner. The same can be said with the colors of the shower rug that you will use. We recommend using this for medium to large bathrooms for visual proportion. However, if you want to have a dramatic impression in a compact space, this could also work.

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Shower Curtain Tie Backs 

Buying Guide

Kitting out your bathroom with the right accessories can be lots of fun, and if you have a shower that is in need of a curtain, let's take a look at an interesting design you could use in your home. The tie back shower curtains come in many styles which means you're bound to find something that fits in with your home. It comes in two pieces, and you can pull back the pieces and tie them back at each side of your bath. This creates an elegant and welcoming look for your bathroom and will be sure to attract many compliments.

A set of delicate lace curtains can be bought in several different colors for your shower. A light blue is a popular choice for the bathroom, since it adds color and warmth while brightening it up and even making the room look cleaner and larger. You can pay to buy shower curtains which are made from lace, or you can buy the polyester version which is more resistant to damage. Colored laced shower curtains can also be found with various patterns on them, such as seashells, mermaids, and bubbles.

The contrast of black and white in the bathroom can add an interesting look, particularly if most of your bathroom décor is white. It's not recommended that you buy a black and white shower curtain if you already have plenty of color in the bathroom, since it won't look very effective and can become too much and too busy. There are tie back shower curtains which are plain white with a black edge and black ties. Other patterns are plain white but with a henna-style pattern in black along the bottom. You may also see chequered black and white shower curtains which are bolder and well suited to the modern bathroom.

Tie back shower curtains are a great addition to any bathroom which is being decorated with a nautical theme. Rather than going with a traditional type of shower curtains such as a plain white or blue one-piece, invest in some quality navy shower curtains tied back with strong pieces of nautical rope. The curtains can usually be found made from polyester or other waterproof material, while two pieces of rope on either side allow them to be tied back easily using a series of knots.

Best Ideas



This tieback shower curtain will help you create a neutral, yet elegant appeal, creating a smooth transition between the classic design and contemporary finish. A good proposition for hotel rooms or guest bathrooms.

Elephant curtain tie backs

A very aesthetic and attractive shower curtain, designed of a machine-washable, quality white fabric. The curtain is also adorned with striking black patterns that beautifully contrast with the white background.

Tie back shower curtains 2

Shower curtain no longer need to associate with dull, hanging material.They can take the form of stylized inflated curtains. Like in this bathroom in which were tie back with the same part of fabric. Everything in white color, become a bathroom's decoration.

Sophisticated fabric shower curtains or

Sophisticated fabric shower curtains or

Sophisticated element of bathroom equipment. These shower curtains are finished in black and gold color. Their solid material is resistant to negative conditions and damage caused by water or high moisture.

Curtain tie backs urban outfitters

Double shower curtain for any bathroom as needed. It is completely made of fabric and finished with fringes. Classic form and functional design.

Nautical Cotton Rope Curtain Tie Backs

Nautical Cotton Rope Curtain Tie Backs

Simple to use and a delightful solution to tidy up the shower curtain. The cotton rope brings a nautical sense to your bathroom. Tied to a strong knot, the bright rope is an economical but unique way to tie back the curtain.

Tie back shower curtains 1

Are you searching for a shower curtain that would spruce up your ambiance? This one will be perfect for your needs. It is a tie back curtain with navy color and brown bows. Looks fab in the elegant beige bathroom.

Shower curtain holdback

A finishing detail: an antique crystal starburst brooch used to tie shower curtains back - because your shower can look exceptionally elegant and decorative when you don't use it at the very moment. Just try it!

Made to order custom shower curtain with

Made to order custom shower curtain with

What happens more often with a tie back shower curtain that resembles curtains in the living room. This is an interesting solution with the wrinkling of curtains, in this case it offers a light fabric full of black tiny flowers.

Split shower curtain with valance

The lovely white, gray dots theme on this stylish curtain with tie binding on the sides. The whole is exquisitely presented in a white bathroom with delightful yellow elements. Modern and very functional solution.

Using two shower curtains and a pair of whimsical drapery

Using two shower curtains and a pair of whimsical drapery tie backs, this shower went from ordinary to refined in a snap. The neutral curtains reveal a marble backsplash with a mosaic tile trim.

Tie back shower curtains 6

A free-standing traditional bathtub - in itself introduces a romantic atmosphere. It is heightened by a beautiful ie back shower curtain made of lace in white. Tied with a black ribbon when you do not need privacy.

Shower curtain tie backs 2

Characterized by a fashionable design and nice-to-touch material, this lovely shower curtain is machine-washable, durable, and ensures all the privacy you need. You can easily tie it back to have easy access to the bathtub.

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