Stall Size Shower Curtains


If you have a shower stall versus a full sized shower, the usual curtains are just too big. We give you stall size shower curtains to fix that aesthetic dilemma. These curtains are only big enough to fit your stall shower, and not an inch larger. No wasted curtain. An efficient and pragmatic answer to the issue of having a curtain too big for the shower area.

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Our Picks

Washabe Elegant Design Bold Spring Leaves Shower Stall Curtain Sz 54 X 78 Brown

Washabe Elegant Design Bold Spring Leaves Shower Stall Curtain Sz 54 X 78 Brown

This stall size elegant shower curtain enchants with its gentle appeal, provided by the combination of white background and lavender leaves. It will fit well into modern and traditional bathroom decors. Measures 54 x 78 inches.

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Stall size linen fabric multi colored

Stall size linen fabric multi colored

The stall size shower curtain can be very original, it can optically enlarge the bathroom or blend in with the interior design. This striped curtain on a light background has stripes in all colors, at the bottom they are horizontal.

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Waterproof Stall Shower Curtain

Waterproof Stall Shower Curtain

Elegant though simple curtain suitable for modern bathrooms. It is made of durable and resistant white polyester with a solid pattern. It has reinforced both a top hem and holes for hooks. Easy to occasional cleaning.

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Dots Shower Curtain

Dots Shower Curtain

Why have a dull white shower curtain if you can have this playful piece enriched with a handful of hilarious dots here and there! But don't worry, the coloring scheme of this curtain is pretty sober, and the gray dots will nicely complement modern decor.

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Madison Shower Curtain

Madison Shower Curtain

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Marin aquamarine and brown shower curtain

Marin aquamarine and brown shower curtain

The great shower curtain in attractive colors is an excellent way to make a beautiful finish of the bathroom. The combination of bronze, white and blue has made the aquamarine styling of the decor, giving it coziness and functionality.

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Watershed Prints Stall Bubbles on a String Stall Shower Curtain

Watershed Prints Stall Bubbles on a String Stall Shower Curtain

This string stall shower curtain enchants with the multiplicity of beautiful watershed prints bubbles. Available in Coffee Bean/Aqua, Black/White, and Aqua/Coffee Bean finishes, while each measures 72-inch by 72-inch in size and it is made of 100% polyester.

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Lucia Polyester Shower Curtain

Lucia Polyester Shower Curtain

A shower curtain that looks simply adorable with the lavish and elegant drape and an attractive ruffled texture that all make your bathroom look much more appealing. The piece is made from polyester to ensure you with durability and strength of the fabric.

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Beautiful Peacock Shower Curtain - Hotstyle Peacock Feather Bathroom Shower Curtains Polyester Waterproof 48 Wide x 72 High

With the truly original and colorful peacock theme this shower curtain will accent any possible setting, while the 9 holes are perfect for attaching the rings and the fabric is suitable for cold machine wash.

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Hipster Neutral Grey Brown Strips Shower Curtain Polyester Fabric Waterproof 36" x 72"

Fitting well into contemporary bathrooms, this hipster neutral shower curtain is made from proven, polyester fabric. Its striped grey and brown surface is waterproof. waterproof 36" x 72.

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Stall Size Shower Curtains

Buying Guide

If you have recently transitioned from ‘Tub to shower’ like most homeowners are doing these days, then a stall-size shower curtain would be the icing on the cake in your bathroom space.

  • It ensures that the shower stall, no matter how small the footprint is, gets the privacy it deserves.
  • It greatly improves the aesthetics. Or at least has the potential to do so, if you get the design right.
  • More importantly, you can sing, dance, play basketball or do whatever it is that you like doing while showering, without worrying about water splashing all over the bathroom.

However, a lot of homeowners find themselves hemming and hawing while shopping for these. Here are some factors to consider when you go shopping for stall sized shower curtains.

Did the house come with a shower stall? If it did, then you most likely have a standard-sized shower stall for a curtain that runs 54” x 78”. But a lot of homeowners retrofit a shower stall when they realize that it isn’t as comfortable as they expected to climb over an 18” rail every day to get into the bathtub.

Grab a measuring tape and measure the dimensions of the stall:

  • If you are unsure about which size to pick, measure the width of the shower stall and add 12-18” to it. The extra width allows the curtains to reach the walls on both sides and provides enough flare for those beautiful folds to appear when its pulled.
  • If you buy off the shelf, shower curtains are available in a variety of sizes. Standard sized ones are 72" x 72" whereas extra wide ones can be as wide as 108".

Vinyl with its water resistance and low maintenance makes for a great shower curtain material. But off late, there have been concerns about the plastic-like odor and potentially toxic gases that it might be off shooting.

Fabrics like cotton, polyester, hemp, and linen, on the other hand, are completely non-toxic, machine-washable and easy to maintain. Coat it with a layer of beeswax and you have a child-safe water repellant inner lining for the curtain.

Alternatively, you can buy a separate liner for your curtain. It’s an inexpensive, no-brainer solution that prolongs the lifespan of the curtain.

Luxury shower stall curtains made of faux silk or rayon are elegant and can include embellishments like embroidery, borders and patterns. However, these usually require frequent upkeep and aren’t the best of choices for a high traffic household.

Hookless curtains are ridiculously easy to install. Just slide the large grommets over the rod and you are done.

Tip: Go rustproof when you pick grommets.

Hooks, on the other hand, are available in a mind-boggling array of shapes, sizes, and designs. There are plastic rings, metal ones, plain, colored, decorative and whatnot.

If you aren’t looking to slide down the rabbit hole, go hookless.

There’s a seemingly endless number of designs to choose from. Before you start to rack your brains, decide whether you want the curtain to blend with the existing bathroom décor or you want a new focal point that stands out.

  • Solids are timeless and can blend with any type of décor. Whites in particular are a no-brainer choice.
  • Patterns and prints, on the other hand, need to be carefully picked to coordinate with the vanity or the flooring.

Best Ideas

Chevron Pattern Grey White Waterproof Bathroom Fabric Shower Curtain,Bathroom decor 36" x 72"(Small)

Who wouldn't want a truly durable and waterproof shower curtain that is at the same time stylish and neutral enough in its design to beautifully correspond with any possible home decor, elevating it and ensuring its elegance.

Shower stall curtain 2

A durable and easy to clean, this modern shower curtain can spice up your small bathroom in a second. It is designed of quality material and beautifully embellished with white, gray and purple, geometric pattern.

Anthology tm bungalow shower curtain in teal bedbathandbeyond com stall

Anthology™ Bungalow Shower Curtain in Teal - Stall size.

Interdesign fiore eva stall size shower curtain black 54 inches

Interdesign Fiore Eva Stall Size Shower Curtain, Black, 54 Inches X 78 Inches by InterDesign. $14.69. Flowery design. Made of durable eva vinyl. 54 inches x 78 inches. Rust proof metal grommets. Fade resistant; retains color wash after wash. Add a touch o

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