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For those who were blessed by being extra tall, sometimes the curtain rod is put high to accommodate. For that, you need a extra long shower curtain. No need to have to mop after every shower, and no need to duck under that lower rod when getting in the shower. Set the height where you need it, and add one of these stylish extra long shower curtains.

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Mrk Horizon Stripe Shower Curtain Clearwater

Mrk Horizon Stripe Shower Curtain Clearwater

If your bathroom has a tall ceiling and you’re struggling with finding a matching, long enough shower curtain, take a look at this extra-long one! Goes perfectly with any modern design, and has a gorgeous, striped pattern.

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Iveta Abolina Seafoam Extra Long Shower Curtain

Iveta Abolina Seafoam Extra Long Shower Curtain

Beautiful aesthetic very long bathroom curtain especially suitable for women. It is made of durable and resistant woven polyester with a charming floral-patterned print in delicate shades of beige and green. It has reinforced holes.

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Hampton Hotel Color Block Shower Curtain

Hampton Hotel Color Block Shower Curtain

Heavy jacquard polyester shower curtain with fashionable color blocking pattern. An up-to-date accessory to a bathroom, not only decorative but also useful. No more water splashing all around the floor.

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Extra long clear shower curtain 5

A charming contemporary shower curtain manufactured of durable water-repellent transparent material. It features a beautiful butterflies design in white and grey shades. It's equipped with hook holes.

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Extra long shower curtain 4

This extra long shower curtain can cleverly make your apartment's ceiling look taller. It's a smooth way to optically enlarge the space. Bright, white and yellow colors will bring warmth and coziness.

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Tall shower curtains

A minimalist arrangement of a bathroom with white as a dominant color, which gives it clean, even clinical appearance. An extra long shower curtain in a grey color is an elegant accent of this bathroom.

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Long shower curtain

Contemporary white & gray bathroom with two extra long shower curtains hung close to the ceiling making the bathroom look bigger than it really is. Beautiful bathroom inspiration is contemporary shower curtain in white.

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Extra long shower curtain 2

A beautiful arrangement of a small bathroom. Its most distinctive element is an extra long shower curtain that features black and white stripes. It matches the color of the walls and the cabinet with sink.

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72 x 84 long navy damask shower curtain extra long

72 x 84 LONG Navy Damask Shower Curtain - EXTRA LONG

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Many of the little things needed in a shower can

Many of the little things needed in a shower can fit in a small niche. The low glass shelf doubles the footprint and creates extra room for lotions and potions. by Reaume Const. & Design

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Extra Long Shower Curtain

Buying Guide

Extra long shower curtains are ideal for walk in showers because standard sized shower curtains are typically designed for a bathtub. The shorter length means they are unlikely to provide sufficient coverage for a walk-in shower.

For walk in showers, purchase shower curtains that are roughly 78” long, which are 6” longer than a standard shower curtain. By choosing an extra long shower curtain, you can prevent water from spilling out onto your tile floor, and you’re creating a more polished aesthetic in your bathroom with a correct fit.

Extra long shower curtains also create the illusion of a taller ceiling and increased shower height in your bathroom. Just like curtains surrounding a window, floor-to-ceiling curtain coverage draws the eye in a way that makes us think the space is larger. This can add a sense of grandeur to your bathroom, elevating your home decor.

If you have a freestanding soaker tub or are incredibly tall, you may require an extra long shower curtain for your bathroom.

You’ll need an extra long shower curtain anytime you intend to raise the shower curtain rod above 75” to 77” from the floor, which is the standard height to mount your rod. A standard shower curtain measures 72” x 72”, which won’t provide enough coverage if your rod is mounted above normal height.

So why would you need to mount a rod higher than the average? If you’re taller than 6’, you may need to consider an extra long shower curtain because you’ll need to raise your shower rod height to avoid hitting your head when you get in and out.

You may also mount your shower curtain rod above 77” if you have a freestanding soaker tub and shower combination. In this case, you’ll be mounting your road directly to the wall, and to avoid awkward dead space above the rod and curtain, you might mount it closer to the ceiling.

In general, all shower curtains, including extra-long ones, should just lightly touch the bathroom floor or hover about 2 inches from the floor. Exceedingly long shower curtains can lead to mildew growth, can make wiping and mopping the floor an extreme nuisance, and may cause sudden slipping when walking by or in and out of your shower.

Best Ideas

Extra long shower curtain 3

A minimalist bathroom arrangement in a rustic style. It features a simple wall shelf for the most basic accessories and an unusual box for toilet paper. The shower unit has an extra long shower curtain in a plain white color.

Anthology bungalow shower curtain

Extra Long Shower Curtain - 114x91 - Stripe Sheer Cream - White - JD Designs

Clear shower curtain liner extra long

Shower curtain made of clear material. Includes hook holes for easy assembly. Functional design for any bathroom as needed.

Long shower curtains

Extra long shower curtain made from very elastic and waterproof material. It gets dry very quickly after every use. You can get one to your shower or bath tube. Nice blue and white pattern on it looks refreshing.

Where to buy extra long shower curtain

Long shower curtain drape to hide ugly old tubs until replacement! - Extra high, and extra long, Love how this looks!

Extra long curved shower curtain rod

Hall bath - Wamsutta® Hotel Shower Curtain in Grey or Taupe -

Ceiling to floor shower curtains

To protect yourself and your bathroom from the excess water poured,you should us a showar curtain.Extra long shower curtain - can be also a decorative elements of this very personal home space.Made of natural linen-in light brown color, fits to white interior.

Designer shower curtains extra long

Fresh Floral Extra Long Shower Curtain

Extra long shower curtain 2

extra-long ruffled shower curtain

Extra long shower curtain 3

extra long shower curtain

84 extra long shower curtains harlequin fabric 96 extra long

84" Extra Long Shower Curtains| Harlequin Fabric 96" Extra Long Shower Curtain

Extra tall shower curtains

Custom Shower Curtain -Simplicity in White or Cream with monogram in your colors - can do any color background or monogram

Hometalk diy extra long shower curtain

Hometalk | DIY Extra Long Shower Curtain

Where to buy extra long shower curtains

Extra long shower curtain liner