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Toile products are lovely, and for a shower curtain, they offer a style and elegance that is second to none. This line of products will certainly turn heads for anyone who uses your bathroom. If you are looking for the right shower curtain to show off your eclectic elegance, see collection for more.

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Updated 03/08/2022
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Vintage French Toile Shower Curtain

Vintage French Toile Shower Curtain

This toile shower curtain can be customized to fit four shower sizes and has the option to have a lined or unlined curtain. It looks like a worn oil painting and features a scene overlooking ships in the harbor.

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Two Panel Pink Toile Shower Curtain

Two Panel Pink Toile Shower Curtain

Cotton-made with a vintage vibe, this two-piece toile shower curtain has an enchanting scene with hot air balloons. It features cloth tabs on top and its heavy fabric prevents wrinkles from forming for a crisper finish.

Designer Advice:

Double panel toile shower curtains add an elegant style to your bathroom, and they can be left open to allow light in while you shower. Pair this curtain with light pink window valance curtains and white walls and appliances. Use them in narrow bathrooms to make your ceilings appear taller or in large bathrooms for a grandeur feel.

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French Country Toile Shower Curtain

French Country Toile Shower Curtain

Alcott Hill®

Bold and brilliant, this black and white toile shower curtain also comes in white and blue and yellow and gray. Its smooth polyester fabric is machine washable, and it comes with twelve stitch reinforced hook holes.

$31.99 $47.99

Designer Advice:

Toile shower curtains with bold patterns and spaces strike a nice balance in bathrooms without looking too busy. The dark print on this shower curtain pairs well with black or dark bronze water facets towel hanger fixtures. This curtain stands out the most when it's the only fabric with a pattern on it in the room.

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Toile Shower Curtain With Busy Pattern

Toile Shower Curtain With Busy Pattern

Ellis Curtain

Fitting standard size showers and made of cotton, this French toile shower curtain has a country scene. It has a timeless style interesting to the eye and can be mixed with tier curtains for added class.

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Toile Shower Curtain With Cute Theme

Toile Shower Curtain With Cute Theme

This pink toile shower curtain has kitten and mice printed on one side with the back side a plain white. It is friendly to the environment, resistant to fading, and has three sizes to choose from to fit your needs.

Designer Advice:

If you like French country toile style and have a playful disposition, then a shower curtain with kittens is a great choice for you. The pinkish red tone on this curtain adds a feminine flair to a bathroom. Style it with a similar pink hue toilet lid cover and a kitten print hand towel.

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Novelty style Toile Shower Curtain

Novelty style Toile Shower Curtain

This toile shower curtain takes you on an adventure and is great for a child’s bathroom. It boasts a cheerful and playful pattern with planes, trains, cars, dinosaurs, and sharks in mixed hues of blues, yellows, and greens.

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Toile curtains green

A charming shower curtain in a vintage style. It is made of fabric known as toile, which features a beautiful flowery pattern. The primitive colors of the curtains will suit old-fashioned bathrooms with a rustic spirit.

French Toile Shower Curtain

French Toile Shower Curtain

This is the shower curtain made in the French style. The curtain fully primarily practical function and well in the tests. In addition, however, also plays a decorative role, which is not less well it goes. This is a very elegant and pretty veil and bows add to her charm.

Matine toile shower curtain traditional shower curtains

Matine Toile Shower Curtain traditional-shower-curtains

Toile shower curtain


French country toile shower curtains or

French country toile shower curtains or

Elegant shower curtain made of fabric and fitted with rod pocket. It is decorated with sophisticated ornamentation. Stylish accent for any bathroom.

Toile shower curtain 3

The color scheme and curtains around the tub -love this idea

Toile shower curtain 2

Interesting French country themes that bring some elegance into the bathroom. This shower curtain features an attractive black print on white background. It is resistant to wear caused by weather factors.

French toile shower curtain

A Country Farmhouse: The Farmhouse

Toile shower curtain

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Blue toile shower curtain 1

The Painted Parsonage: Girly Bathroom ReDo...using drapes as a shower curtain...brilliant!

Black toile shower curtain

Toile Fabric Shower Curtain

Toile shower curtain 20

Skylake Toile Shower Curtain | Serena & Lily

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Legacy home aviary toile shower curtain 2

Legacy Home Aviary Toile Shower Curtain

Modern farmhouse shower curtain toile shower curtain beige

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Retrospect red toile shower curtain and matching valance

Retrospect: Red Toile Shower Curtain and Matching Valance

Ruffled shower curtain french country toile

Ruffled Shower Curtain French Country Toile

Extra long shower curtains 3

Extra Long Shower Curtains

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French toile patterned shower curtain

French Toile Patterned Shower Curtain

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