Shower Stall Curtain

If your home has a shower stall, you don't want a curtain that is too big, wasting that extra bit of curtain square footage. You need a curtain specific to a shower stall, that is about half the size of a regular shower curtain. We give you a wonderful and detailed collection of shower stall curtains. All sized appropriately for a shower stall, these are what you need.

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Shower stall curtain 37

Tiled bathroom with shower stall curtain. Large white subway wall tiles create an interesting visual clash against small black hexagonal flooring tiles. Couldn't miss the distressed antique solid wood stool. 9/10

Walk in shower curtain

Shower curtain decorated with sophisticated ornamentation. It is made of waterproof fabric. Includes hook holes for easy assembly. Classic form and elegant design.

Shower stall curtain 40

We love walk-in showers – no glass or doors to clean and no curtains that annoy you whenever you turn when taking a shower. This bathroom has a beautiful, country look to it and the light-blue colour makes it very vibrant!

Shower stall curtain 14

Add a little more privacy to your shower stall with these beautiful curtains. Featuring a stunning white finish, the curtains are accented with a dark blue coat for that superb show of class. They are also built from long-lasting fabrics that will keep the water from flooding your bathroom floors.

Bathroom shower ideas shower stall ideas houselogic bath remodeling 2

Well-built and high-quality shower stall curtains designed to add more privacy in your bathroom. Available in a wide range colors, these curtains will completely transform your bathroom with a superb dash of color and elegance. Perfect for modern bathrooms.

Shower stall curtain 6

This cleverly designed shower stall curtain is a good example of DIY construction. Functional and stylish, it will fit into both traditional and modern interiors, letting you save space.

Stall shower ideas

Transform your bathroom with these stunning shower stall curtains. Available in several different sizes, the curtains are built from long-lasting water-resistant materials. They also feature a two-panel design and a white finish that will match up with the rest of the bathroom.

Our advice Buying Guide

A shower stall curtain is necessary when there is no permanent enclosure on a shower stall or bath tub. Modern stand alone tubs can also benefit from these curtains as a way to maintain privacy.

Consider the surroundings of your bathroom when making your selection so the new addition will be pleasing.

What are shower stall curtains made of?

Some shower curtains are made from material that will resist moisture and water. Others are made from natural material that is fast drying and contains no chemicals.

  • PVC /Vinyl - The classic way of preventing water from escaping a shower enclosure. Also referred to as shower liners, the material is not porous and water is repelled. Made of polyvinyl chloride, they are the most affordable of all shower curtains.
  • PEVA - PVC free and non vinyl, PEVA is today's alternative to a water proof and environmentally friendly shower stall curtain. It is lightweight and non-toxic. 10-gauge commercial grade is the most popular for residential use.
  • Cotton - Outer shower curtains are often made with natural cotton. Cotton is quick drying but does require more care than other fabrics to keep mildew-free.
  • Hemp - Hemp is the new kid on the block that is often mistaken for cotton. Although mildew resistant and fast drying, the price tag is heftier than cotton. This is the down side of any new product.
  • Polyester - Used in many fine hotels, polyester is fast drying and holds its shape better than cotton. Polyester does not repel water, but makes for a beautiful addition to shower stalls.

What are the style considerations when choosing shower curtains?

Shower stall liners can be clear, opaque or frosted clear. A shower stall curtain can be thin or dense, depending on your room style.

  • Wrap Around - Stand alone tubs are making a comeback and make a great statement in a large bathroom. When privacy is a concern, an L-shaped curtain rod can be installed. An extra-wide liner or curtain gives you the extra width that is needed to close completely'
  • Designs and Textures - Cloth shower curtains offer a warm and elegant look to a bathtub or shower stall. Everything from ruffles, fringe or hand-stitched embellishments can create a great shower treatment. Microfiber gives a soothing feel to your bathing experience. High-quality fabrics, like linen or rayon, can deliver a light romantic look.
  • Prints - Stamped prints are the most popular in bathroom shower curtain dressings. If you can imagine it, you can find on all types of material. Geometric, circles, strips, nature scenes and animals are just a few of the delightful pictures that give a bath a little pizzazz. Change shower curtains to correspond with the seasons, holidays, or update a child's bathroom with their growing age.

How to maintain shower curtains?

PVC and PEVA shower curtains should be cleaned 4 to 6 times a year. Place in your washing machine on the warm gentle cycle and add either baking soda or vinegar. This will remove soap scum build-up. Cloth curtains can be laundered with detergent. Always hang dry.


Shower stall curtain 29

Beautiful and extra-long white finished shower stall curtain for more privacy in your bathroom. The curtain is also an excellent pick for people looking to add a little bit of style into their home. It will blend into the rest of your bathroom décor without any issues.

Buy shower stall shower curtains from bed bath beyond

Buy Shower Stall Shower Curtains from Bed Bath & Beyond

Shower stall curtain 25

Excellent shower stall curtain that’s long enough to give excellent privacy without rubbing the ground. The curtain is white in color and comes with durable long-lasting materials that should last for long. Perfect for standard and differently shaped stalls.

Shower stall curtain 18

Excellent shower stall curtains designed to open and close easily. The curtains feature a two-panel design and are constructed from high-quality and long-lasting materials. They are finished in light pink shade but there are many other colors to pick from.

Shower stall curtain 35

You can use this custom made shower curtain made of soft, waterproof fabric, then can pull back and keep open - gives soft feeling to the idea of a large walk-in shower, without hard edges; like window too.

Shower stall curtain 13

Home bathroom shower curtains hitchcock eva stall shower curtain

Home > Bathroom > Shower Curtains > Hitchcock Eva Stall Shower Curtain

Shower stall curtain 39

cast iron shower pan about $1000.Just the untiled pans usually start about 600 so this one is not bad. about 3x3. This is your weightless option for a small space. add that squiggly shower curtain ring/shower head and this thing is virtually non existent

Size shower curtains come in two sizes standard and stall

Size: Shower curtains come in two sizes - standard and stall. Be sure ...

Shower stall curtain 3

shower stall curtain

Shower stall curtain 42

stall showers for small bathrooms | this is our shower door shower glen 37 year member of the porsche club ...

Remodeling 101 could you live without your shower curtain by

Remodeling 101: Could You Live Without Your Shower Curtain? by Michelle Slatalla

Shower stall curtain 23

Hidden Indoor Drying Rod for Small Spaces at #laundry #organizing

Shower stall curtain 36

Gorgeous bathroom. Live the mouldings, the colour and the glass instead of a shower curtain

Shower stall curtain 26

Cost Efficient way to make it look like the whole bath/shower area is tiled when the curtain is closed

Shower stall curtain 27

Its centerpiece is an accordion-style shower stall, with frosted-glass doors that fold back against the wall to make the modest 6-ft. by 7-ft. space seem as generous as possible

Shower stall curtain 17

Building a Walk In Shower Enclosure With Glass Block

Showers for small bathrooms bathroom design tag small bathroom showers

Showers for Small Bathrooms | ... Bathroom Design ; Tag » Small Bathroom Showers , Small Shower Stall

Shower curtains for walk in showers

Just realized that we have a shower stall instead of tub so removing doors isn't an option until we remodel. Love this solution for an ugly shower!

Walk in shower with curtain

Both for tiny bathroom & for cottage ... could be an alternative to shower stall?? Advantage in tiny bathroom - would lose the hard edge of the shower stall wall ...

Shower stall curtain 20

Modern bathroom, narrow but with very big windows and white walls that enlarge the space visually. Instead of a standard bath tub, a big metal washtub was used as a base for a circular shower stall with a cream curtain.

Shower stall curtain 34

Pom Pom Play Shower STALL Curtain

Shower stall curtain 7

Beautiful efficient design in a one room apartment....the tiny bathroom

Walk in shower curtains

Doorless shower stall ( and no curtain) really like this idea, less to clean

Shower stall curtain 11

DIY pallet outside shower I would love to make one of these.

Shower stall curtain 38

Eforgift Floral Printed Fabric Shower Curtain Polyester Waterproof/ No More Mildews Bathroom Curtains with Free Hooks Yellow/Gray /White (72-inch By 78-inch) eForGift

Shower stall curtain 10

I like everything but the shower floor

Shower stall curtain 8

A chic classy shower cubicle curtain manufactured of water-repellent fabric in an off-white shade with delicate beige undertones. It features intricate floral designs and draped top and bottom parts.

Shower stall curtain 24

Buy Wamsutta® Baratta Stitch 54-Inch x 78-Inch Micro Cotton Stall Shower Curtain in White/Charcoal from Bed Bath & Beyond

Shower stall curtain 15

replaced shower door with stall shower curtain

Rv shower stall curtains

Rv Shower Stall Curtains

Shower stall curtain 41

Hitchcock Eva Ecopreme Stall Shower Curtain With Clear Window By Interdesign

Shower stall curtain 44

The Flirty Blog: A tiny DIY Shower for a teardrop style travel trailer

Shower stall curtain 21

[Shabby Chic] Everything about this bathroom is me: the white, the bottles, that CURTAIN!!!

Shower stall curtain 9

Love this idea of using a vintage pocket door in place of a glass shower enclosure. Shower curtain is on the backside. Very creative!

Shower stall curtain 32

love this shower, love the tile, love the shower head

Shower stall curtain 33

Factory windows as shower enclosures  @ Home Renovation Ideas

Shower stall curtain 43

Ultra shabby chic vintage table linens patchwork shower stall curtain in light vanilla on Etsy, $65.00

Love the heavy framing on this detail would compliment the

Love the heavy framing on this - detail would compliment the black ceiling to floor curtains and dark brown beams in the apartment. Reminds me of thick, black eyeglass frames. Interesting.

Shower stall shower curtains bed bath buy shower stall shower

... shower stall shower curtains bed bath buy shower stall shower curtains

Shower stall with shower curtain

shower stall with shower curtain

Valentina Ramos Aaron Shower Curtain

Valentina Ramos Aaron Shower Curtain

Shower stall curtain 45

PLEASANTLY PASTEL upcycled silk scarf shower STALL curtain, boho gypsy decor on Etsy, $55.00