Oval Shower Curtain Rod

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Designed to match with free-standing baths in a traditional style, an oval shower curtain rod will echo the shape of your tub. It will also allow your curtain to surround your bath from all angles so there are no awkward and pesky gaps. From vintage bronze styles to shiny chrome, a freestanding tub rail will help you enjoy a relaxing bath in peace. Our design experts have picked out a few of their favorite oval shower curtain rods below for you. 

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Updated 17/05/2022
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Retro Aluminum Oval Shower Curtain Rod

Retro Aluminum Oval Shower Curtain Rod

Utopia Alley

Available in five finishes, including bronze and black, this rod is constructed from sturdy and durable aluminum. It is also guaranteed rust-free for life, a huge bonus that will save you trouble in the future. It mounts onto the ceiling. 


Designer Advice:

The vintage-inspired design of this curtain rod is perfectly on-trend with the retro comeback currently sweeping the interior design world. For the most authentic vintage look, we recommend opting for the black or oil-rubbed bronze finishes. These two will create the most traditional look, especially when paired with a cream or plain white shower curtain.

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Oval Shower Curtain Rail and Riser

Oval Shower Curtain Rail and Riser

Crafted of solid brass for solid and long-lasting durability, this rod is designed to preserve structural integrity. Understated in design, it has a subtle vintage look and is dark silver in color. It measures fifty-seven inches tall. All necessary mounting hardware is included.

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Affordable Oval Shower Rail for Freestanding Tubs

Affordable Oval Shower Rail for Freestanding Tubs

Choose from silver, black, bronze, or brushed nickel with this shower rail. Rust and corrosion-resistant, it is made of high-quality aluminum with no extra plastic. Additionally, it has adjustable ceiling support. All screws and mounting brackets are included for quick installation.

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Steel Oval Shower Rod

Steel Oval Shower Rod

This shower rod comes in four colors, including black and chrome silver. It is constructed from sturdy stainless steel. Several different sizes are available. Drilling is required, though this means you can cut the rod to the correct length. 

Designer Advice:

The simple design of this shower rod will suit both neutral and colorful shower curtains. Plus, the stainless steel finish makes it an attractive and shiny piece of bathroom furniture. However, if not maintained, steel can rust over time. We recommend treating it with specialist products to get the most use out of your shower rod.

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Bronze Traditional Shower Curtain Rail

Bronze Traditional Shower Curtain Rail

Slim and slightly smaller than the average rail, this rod measures forty-four and a half inches wide. Lightweight, it features an oil-rubbed bronze finish and is crafted of brass. All mounting hardware is included for quick and easy installation.

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Thin Oval Curtain Rod

Thin Oval Curtain Rod

Zenna Home

This curtain rod is available in satin nickel, chrome, or white. Fixed via wall mount, it is constructed from aluminum that’s guaranteed to never rust. Even better, it is easy to install due to the included mounting brackets and hardware.

$56.08 $65.54

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Thicker Circular Shower Curtain Rod

Thicker Circular Shower Curtain Rod


Once again crafted of never-rust aluminum, this curtain rod also features a chip-resistant finish. Adjustable in width, it attaches to the wall on one side and to the ceiling on the other. It measures fifty-eight inches in length when fully extended.


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White Oval Shower Curtain Rod

White Oval Shower Curtain Rod


Made of 100% aluminum, this shower curtain rod has a bright white finish. Extremely lightweight, it can be adjusted in width so you can customize it to your tub perfectly. The mount type is fixed and a shower rod bracket is included.

$53.94 $79.99

Designer Advice:

We love the clean and airy vibe of this shower rod. It would look great in a bathroom that’s all-white, or if you prefer a minimalist look. Plus, as aluminum is rust-resistant, you won’t have to worry about the white finish looking dirty or tarnished over time. For a pristine yet simple look, pair your rod with a white-striped curtain.

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Oval Shower Curtain Rod

Buying Guide

An oval shower curtain rail can work just as well in a small bathroom as it can in a large one, and it creates the illusion of more space. There’s no need to let a small bathroom restrict your sense of luxury and unique design ideas.

If you have a bathtub that is not surrounded on three sides by walls, you’ll have no other choice but to opt for an oval shower curtain to protect your bathroom from getting wet when you want to shower.

The shower rod and curtain’s curvature can create the illusion of a larger space inside the tub and are more pleasing to the human eye than a standard straight rod and curtain. Choosing an oval shower curtain rail can set your bathroom apart and make it a novelty in your home.

There are several mounting options for your small bathroom. Since you may be limited on where to place your bathtub, ensure you choose a mounting configuration that allows you to secure the oval shower curtain rail to a wall stud for added stability.

An oval shower curtain rail is best suited to freestanding tubs. Such solution results in the most pleasing look.  

You should install it directly over your tub to keep your floor from getting wet. An oval shower rail that is big enough to fit around the size of the tub is recommended as it will do the best job at keeping floors dry and also look great while doing so.

When it comes to choosing an overall shower curtain rail, there are lots of factors to consider. Some of the available materials include brass, stainless steel aluminum, and even some plastics.

However, what you need to consider before investing in a shower curtain rail is that bathrooms are steamy and wet environments, so one of the products that you should stay away from is mild steel. This is because they tend to rust quite quickly, meaning you'll need to replace them sooner than you think.

One way to test whether a shower curtain is made of mild steel, is to simply get a magnet and touch the surface of the rail with it. If the magnet sticks, then it's mild steel, and you should not purchase it.

The best alternatives to mild steel include brass, which is highly malleable and durable; stainless steel, which is highly resistant to rust, and corrosion; and aluminum, which is soft and malleable but also lightweight and very corrosion resistant. So our recommendation would be aluminum which is the most favorable all-rounder.

Best Ideas

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Traditional shower curtain rail, oval, crafted of heavy duty steel tubes plated with chrome. For those who need an oval enclosure over their bath. Classic ball joints allow to connect the rail to a wall.

Shower curtain rail round

Beautifully designed shower curtain rail featuring a unique oval shape and a stunning wall mounted construction. The rail also comes with a chrome-plated stainless-steel construction that won’t only last for years but will also add excellent modern appeal to your bathroom.

Circular shower curtain rail

Beautifully designed oval-shaped curtain rail for your modern bathroom. The rail is designed from metal and comes with a stunning stainless-steel finish that will add a touch of modern elegance into your bathroom. It’s mounted on the ceiling for the best results.

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