Oval Shower Curtain Rail

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It might be a design flaw, or a clever bathroom choice, but if you have a tub that isn't protected on three sides by a tile wall, then you need an oval shower curtain rail, lest you get the floor wet. These are easy to mount to a wall or ceiling, will fit an oversized shower curtain nicely, and can be a very nice way to improve your privacy in the shower.

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Circular shower

Traditional shower curtain rail, oval, crafted of heavy duty steel tubes plated with chrome. For those who need an oval enclosure over their bath. Classic ball joints allow to connect the rail to a wall.

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Shower curtain rail round

Beautifully designed shower curtain rail featuring a unique oval shape and a stunning wall mounted construction. The rail also comes with a chrome-plated stainless-steel construction that won’t only last for years but will also add excellent modern appeal to your bathroom.

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Oval shower curtain rail

Manufactured from quality 30mm chrome plated steel tubing, this oval shower curtain rail represents elegance and tradition. Ideal for creating a oval enclosure over your bath, has the size of 1200 x 630mm with the radius of 335mm.

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D shaped shower curtain rail

Well-built shower curtain rail featuring an oval shape and sturdy metal construction. The rail is finished in an incredible stainless-steel design and comes with a glossed look that makes it stand out. It’s also super compact and easy to mount on walls.

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Oval shower curtain rail 2

Superb chrome-plated brass shower curtain rails featuring a superb oval shape design. The rails also come with both a ceiling and wall mount to ensure they are safely attached before use. They are designed to work with a wide variety of modern shower curtains.

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Shower curtains rail

Extra-large shower curtain rod featuring a sturdy metal design and a glossed chrome-plated finish for outstanding elegance. The rail also features a beautiful oval shape and is fitted with two ceiling mounts that should be easy to attach with a few screws. The rail works with all curtains.

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Myson pecos oval shaped shower curtain rail 60 x 28

Myson Pecos Oval-Shaped Shower Curtain Rail 60 x 28 http://www ...

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Circular shower rails

Stunning wall-mounted shower curtain rail featuring a superb oval shape design. The rail is constructed from metal and offers a superb stainless-steel finish for that modern charm of elegant appeal. It’s also easy to set up or install with very few tools.

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Circular shower curtain rail

Beautifully designed oval-shaped curtain rail for your modern bathroom. The rail is designed from metal and comes with a stunning stainless-steel finish that will add a touch of modern elegance into your bathroom. It’s mounted on the ceiling for the best results.

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Shower curtain round rail

Excellent oval shaped curtain rail for your shower. The rail is built from metal and comes with a glossed nickel finish for outstanding elegance. It’s also easy to mount on walls with just a few screws needed. The rail works for all types of shower curtains as well.

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Oval Shower Curtain Rail

Buying Guide

Can you use an oval shower curtain rail in a small bathroom?

An oval shower curtain rail can work just as well in a small bathroom as it can in a large one, and it creates the illusion of more space. There’s no need to let a small bathroom restrict your sense of luxury and unique design ideas.

If you have a bathtub that is not surrounded on three sides by walls, you’ll have no other choice but to opt for an oval shower curtain to protect your bathroom from getting wet when you want to shower.

The shower rod and curtain’s curvature can create the illusion of a larger space inside the tub and are more pleasing to the human eye than a standard straight rod and curtain. Choosing an oval shower curtain rail can set your bathroom apart and make it a novelty in your home.

There are several mounting options for your small bathroom. Since you may be limited on where to place your bathtub, ensure you choose a mounting configuration that allows you to secure the oval shower curtain rail to a wall stud for added stability.

Where should you place an oval shower curtain rail?

An oval shower curtain rail is best suited to freestanding tubs. Such solution results in the most pleasing look.  

You should install it directly over your tub to keep your floor from getting wet. An oval shower rail that is big enough to fit around the size of the tub is recommended as it will do the best job at keeping floors dry and also look great while doing so.

What type of metal is best for your oval shower curtain rail?

When it comes to choosing an overall shower curtain rail, there are lots of factors to consider. Some of the available materials include brass, stainless steel aluminum, and even some plastics.

However, what you need to consider before investing in a shower curtain rail is that bathrooms are steamy and wet environments, so one of the products that you should stay away from is mild steel. This is because they tend to rust quite quickly, meaning you'll need to replace them sooner than you think.

One way to test whether a shower curtain is made of mild steel, is to simply get a magnet and touch the surface of the rail with it. If the magnet sticks, then it's mild steel, and you should not purchase it.

The best alternatives to mild steel include brass, which is highly malleable and durable; stainless steel, which is highly resistant to rust, and corrosion; and aluminum, which is soft and malleable but also lightweight and very corrosion resistant. So our recommendation would be aluminum which is the most favorable all-rounder.

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